"You are doing great! We love bringing Coco to you. Everyone is sooo caring and gentle and I thank you for that."
- Rexanne & Ray Vance
11/10/2018 15:36:13
"You are the best that BEST VET clinic around will take Brutus nowhere else!!"
- Kelly & Pete Poulin & Dassler
11/08/2018 17:36:12
"Very welcoming group when myself Maggie and Zoey arrived for our appointment. I feel very confident when I bring my pup kids in for there medical needs. Thank you so very much."
- Elizabeth Simmons
11/08/2018 13:30:48
"As usual you always give good care to both our dog and cat. Very happy with your services"
- Peter & Manuela Rando
11/08/2018 01:17:58
"You are doing great! No complaints."
- Marlene & Ray Carwile
11/07/2018 21:56:49
"animal hospital of NPR is the BOMB.COM and Roxie loves everyone :)"
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
11/06/2018 16:05:24
"Been going here for years"
- Michaelle& Frank Balogh
11/05/2018 20:35:36
"Dr. Curry is our favorite Dr .! She has been the vet for my pets through several different practices for over 15 years. This was our first visit with Dr. Presley and we did like her too! The vet techs and staff are always awesome. The entire staff truly cares and genuinely loves the animals they care for and it truly shows in their treatment of the fur-parents and fur-babies!! :) In the past 10 years I have been coming Animal Hospital of NPR, I have had some sad experiences (part of life with fur-babies) but never any bad ones!! "
- Melissa Wetterow
11/05/2018 18:51:58
"You are all doing excellent. Zoey's pre and post op care was wonderful. Your staff, from Receptionist to the Doctor are very kind and caring personnel. "
- Larry & Lois Mayer
11/03/2018 20:42:53
"Isabelle always comes home from boarding content and happy, I do believe she is given the best care possible"
- Barbara LaPerle
11/03/2018 13:42:28
- Suzanne & Louis Camp
11/02/2018 23:07:25
"Caring people always ready to help. Easy to get appointments."
- Colleen & Robert Braun
11/02/2018 20:57:32
"As with every visit, everyone is very special as they truly care about our animals. Wouldn’t dream of taking them anywhere else."
- Julie&William Buck
11/02/2018 02:18:27
"Always wonderful experience staff and doctors are great and my cat is treated like family would recommend this practice to all."
- Laura Matthiesen
10/31/2018 14:31:56
"Dr. Curry and staff have always gone above and beyond in helping us with our pet care. They treat us like family. Thank you guys."
- Diane & Norm Weizer
10/30/2018 20:00:30
"Wonderful staff. Clean office and kennels. Nothing bad to say."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
10/29/2018 19:52:17
"We brought our dog in and his issue required surgery. It was late on a Thursday. The vet was able to squeeze our dog in for surgery the next day so that he would not have to deal with the pain over the upcoming weekend. We were so appreciative. The vet and staff are awesome. They truly care about their canine patients. We wouldn't think of taking our dog anywhere else."
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
10/29/2018 18:02:01
"there is no bad everything was great. The doctor and all the girls were great"
- Jim Bodie
10/27/2018 13:52:54
"I've taken Molly to you for almost 13 years. I wouldn't take her anywhere else whether the visit is to see a Vet or for grooming. They are all the best ever and Molly loves them all."
- Linda & Richard Haeseler
10/27/2018 00:13:06
"Cannot make any complaint. Everyone was pleasant couldn't be any more informative about Lilly's condition. It all was a very pleasant visit. "
- Susan & Frank Brierton
10/26/2018 12:46:18
"very professional and knowledgeable. caring and courteous. family friendly."
- Bernie & Marlene Swartz
10/25/2018 20:51:10
"Excellent follow up standards. The staff here is all so friendly and accommodating. My little Cosmo is in great hands, and I’m excited to see the vet again for all my future needs!"
- Jacob & Mitchell Gonzalez&Dunmire
10/25/2018 18:53:37
"Everything was great"
- Wes & Judy Mahan
10/24/2018 19:10:15
"Always a great experience at Animal Hosp of NPR ………...Great people !"
- John Dibble
10/24/2018 15:07:57
"Staff was wonderful. My dog loved all the love and attention he received. "
- Jeannette Grubert
10/24/2018 15:02:27
"Never a bad experience. You have been taking care of our animals for over 20 years. We would never consider going anywhere else. Thank you so much."
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
10/24/2018 14:50:52
"The tech and vet went to great lengths to make my nervous dog feel less anxious. I appreciate that very much. They were sincerely concerned about her well being."
- Florise Pfeiffer
10/24/2018 12:18:22
"Excellent all around. Really appreciate how the doctors always take the time to explain everything. Vet Techs are grand, professional but clearly love animals."
- Faridah & JP Huller
10/23/2018 16:50:33
"Mickey and Family LOVE you ladies!!"
- Mark & Jeremi Sliger
10/23/2018 01:56:59
"The doctors and technicians are awesome with all of my babies. "
- Donna Boyer
10/22/2018 22:36:28
"We have been coming to the Animal Hospital for over 25 years. We love you all!"
- Ellen & Ron Thomas
10/22/2018 21:47:32
"Have never had a bad experience. Everyone is friendly aand treats our little Peanut like she deserves. LOL Seriously, NPR Animal Hospital is without a doubt the finest."
- Lawrence&Roseann Fett
10/22/2018 20:43:19
"I think the techs and office staff are excellent"
- Lee & Jim Mc Kinnon
10/19/2018 14:20:58
"Great always ready to answer questions and extremely friendly "
- Karen & Gary Jones
10/19/2018 13:31:37
"No complaints love you guys "
- Kurt & Betsy Pinto
10/18/2018 19:57:32
"The best careand nicest staff. Especially Barb!"
- Lori Christ
10/18/2018 01:53:36
"Great experience as usual. staff is 2nd to none and Doc is the best "
- Jodi & Keith Sheridan
10/17/2018 20:15:01
"Everything is perfect Keep up the good work "
- Craig and Romney Harroun
10/17/2018 17:11:58
"I love the vets and their techs. Even though I have moved to Hernando County, I still bring my precious cats to Animal Hospital in Pasco County. I wouldn't trust my "fur babies" to anyone else."
- Carole & Michael Cupp
10/17/2018 15:14:39
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
10/17/2018 00:56:28
"The best service and care anywhere. I have been to other animal care places and this one tops them all. The best staff and pet care "
- Marvin & Marcy Bowling
10/16/2018 15:32:18
"Doing great. No concerns"
- Gale & Richard Poda
10/15/2018 18:35:38
"Doing great, as always!"
- Andrew Amaral
10/13/2018 17:40:42
"I think you have an amazing vet and aides. My dog Teddy has had many trips to the vet because of his various handicaps, and thus is very leery of the doctors office. Everyone has great patience with him, and that means the world to me."
- Steven & Jennife Bridner
10/12/2018 16:06:51
"We love this vet. Everyone in the office is very nice. Our cats get plenty of attention. Best animal hospital in the area. Prices are reasonable. "
- Claudia & Lee Nowak-Ratay
10/12/2018 11:19:55
"We are new patients and so far the vets and staff are great and made us feel real confident in their service"
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
10/12/2018 00:02:40
"We appreciate the love, compassion and care the staff provides to all of our "kids'. "
- Monique & Shawn Connolly
10/09/2018 19:26:25
"There is no "bad" that I can tell. The front desk, the techs and the doctor are friendly and care about my animals. "
- Kathy Moore
10/09/2018 14:47:23
"No problem with our visits or the care we are getting for Piper."
- Sue & Steve Carper
10/09/2018 13:36:56
"Everything was great as usual."
- Billy & Michelle Dean & Maples
10/09/2018 10:53:59
"Everything went very smoothly. No complaints."
- Michael White
10/08/2018 05:09:47
- Tina Velasquez
10/06/2018 20:43:35
"Everyone was very professional and sympathetic With Chloie, they made her feel comfortable and safe. I will always recommend your facility to others"
- Dawn & Mark Green
10/04/2018 21:41:44
"We always feel we are given the best care possible and all the knowledge we need to understand what our pets cannot tell us. "
- Sandra Koerner
10/04/2018 01:37:16
"Fantastic staff. Been taking care of my pet from the beginning. Treats my pet with love and passionate care."
- Thomas Lang
10/03/2018 20:27:01
"We feel very comfortable bringing our fur babies to Animal Hospital of New Port Richey and lucky that the office is so close to home. "
- Teresa and Al Martin
10/02/2018 17:46:11
"We love your facility, caregivers and staff. Our precious Mr Kitty was cared for there until he was diagnosed with a terminal condition. We are happy to be back with our new rescue kitty Molly and we know she will get the same excellent care. "
- Sherrie & Otto Manulak
10/01/2018 18:47:23
"Gr8 staff who care about their job."
- Troy & Nancy Naquin
10/01/2018 02:20:42
"I love all the staff. They’re knowledgeable caring and attentive. They make us feel like they have a vested interest in our pups. "
- Kathy & Tom Wetzler
09/30/2018 23:12:48
"I am always so pleased with the staff, the groomer and the doctors here. They are all gentle with my fur babies and I would take them NOWHERE else."
- Linda Sacco
09/29/2018 23:06:48
"My pup Molly always loves getting to the vet every month. They shower her with attention. "
- Melinda Weeks
09/29/2018 21:09:56
"The visit went awesome, I can't say enough good. I was so grateful that the Doctor and Technician were very considerate of Frankie's circumstance and sat on the floor the whole time to keep Frankie calm, and she was very calm, I think I was more nervous then she was. I am very well pleased, everyone was very nice, I would have no problem recommending Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. I know Frankie was happy. "
- Shawn Dolan
09/29/2018 20:54:17
"Loved the Doctor, she was great and all the other staff was professional also and made us feel welcome and safe."
- Janet & Rick Magowan
09/29/2018 16:47:19
"The staff is very pleasant. I most appreciate Dr. Presley’s commitment to her patients. When she says we’ll call you tomorrow with results, she calls, no matter how late in the day. I’ve seen how busy the office is, and can only imagine how tired she might be, and yet she gives me all the time I need. Explains everything in detail. I so appreciate her."
- Blanca Bonilla
09/29/2018 13:07:48
"You guys rock .. very pleasant and knowledgeable.. also very reasonable prices.. highly recommended "
- Shelly & Billy Henry
09/27/2018 20:19:32
"Courteous, knowledgeable"
- Gail & Robert Stamey
09/27/2018 18:42:45
"nothing negative. everyone compassionate, helpful in explaining options regarding my dog's treatment. didn't feel rushed."
- Bonnie & John Moschner
09/26/2018 19:54:11
"We received excellent care and advice. "
- Melissa & Jeff Osweiler
09/24/2018 20:41:06
- Heliana & Harvey Brown
09/22/2018 19:57:17
"Great. You love my pets and treat us kindly"
- Sharon & Billie Ranges
09/22/2018 14:37:55
"I am am very pleased with all your staff."
- Dennis Yefko
09/21/2018 21:08:20
"Absolutely wonderful! Everyone is so helpful and friendly!"
- Linda Martin
09/21/2018 20:58:46
"Can't imagine how you could improve have had wonderful experiences Lucy loves coming there she gets excited when you say want to go to the vet! "
- Anna & Tony Mize
09/19/2018 14:15:43
"Great care for Boe"
- Edward Zisman
09/19/2018 02:20:51
"Everyone was very nice and friendly. I don’t have anything negative to say. "
- Cindy & Timothy Jewitt
09/18/2018 22:11:43
"Doing great you always Accommodate my needs "
- Sherry Turcotte
09/18/2018 20:43:20
"Fantastic!, you treated my dog with care and so loving with him."
- Joecelyn Pitre
09/17/2018 15:30:45
"visit went fine"
- Lynn & William Wharran
09/16/2018 18:45:47
"This is the best Animal hospital I've ever been to. The staff is amazing, I feel like they love my pets as their own! Definitely a 10 in my book!"
- Lisa & David Salterio/Thoman
09/12/2018 13:47:57
"Always been happy with your service"
- Patricia Johnson
09/12/2018 00:26:38
"Your doing an excellent job. You care about your animals."
- Lorraine Chadziutko
09/10/2018 10:17:10
"No complaints. Wonderful service, pleasant staff and quick service."
- Maria Semancik
09/10/2018 02:06:44
"You're staff go above and beyond in the love and care you offer your pet clients. You take the time to explain every single treatment before you do anything. And most important to a pet parent. You love and care for them as if they were your very own."
- Daniel Landon
09/09/2018 17:29:55
"The staff was very kind "
- Connie & Pete Murdoch
09/09/2018 17:23:10
"This was my first experience with this facility and I was very pleased with the warmth of the staff. I believe they genuinely love animals as much as I do. I appreciated that the doctor took time to explain what he was doing and why it was being done and that he gave me options as to treatment for the possible outcome of the blood work. I didn't feel rushed. The visit was a bit pricey, but I don't think that it would be any more than any other veterinarian in the area. (I moved from rural Illinois and I expected that I would be paying more here). You do what you need to do when you love your pets. Thank you. "
- Diane Phillips
09/09/2018 16:39:15
"we appreciate the care you have always shown us and our pets/family. it means alot to us. thank you."
- Marie & Woodrow Clark
09/08/2018 13:01:06
"Truly a caring facility!!"
- Gerry & Ronda Fleury
09/07/2018 12:09:29
"When I step through the doors, I immediately relax in knowing that my babies are getting the best care possible, from women who love them!! The staff is family to me and they treat my fur-babies like they are their own. If someone is sick, every possible treatment is discussed and explained to me to the fullest extent.... I trust Dr. Presley and Dr. Curry ....and after years and years of animals and vetting, that means the world to me. I am blessed to have my babies in such wonderful hands!!"
- Linda Shepheard
09/06/2018 13:21:01
"happy with the service"
- Joe & Kathy LeRoy
09/06/2018 12:24:44
"Such a great staff - happy to be part of your family"
- Elizabeth Daley
09/05/2018 23:48:40
"My Punkin is a handful at the vet, scared and scary! You guys handle her very well and with care, keeping her still so you can do your job. She hates going to see you guys but she's always better after going. Thank you!"
- Angie & Gregory Cooper
09/01/2018 14:50:11
"The technician Barbara who was on was very helpful with all my questions and the groomer Kelley is also very helpful with Scarlett "
- Grace Cittadino
08/30/2018 21:54:07
"Visit went well. Everyone involved in drawing blood from Milo was professional and treated Milo with care. We are very happy with the experience. "
- Lynn & Richard Oliver
08/30/2018 20:58:25
"I have been coming here since the 80s. That should tell you I have always been extremely satisfied. Met Dr. Presley for the first time, and I find her to be knowledgable, friendly and caring- I am so glad. My tech Lisa is amazing-always goes above and beyond for me-I appreciate her verymuch. Thank you all!"
- Janet Zimmer
08/26/2018 22:18:39
"Absolutely no complaints. Highly recommend."
- Diane & Blase Manzo
08/25/2018 23:17:29
"Dr. Curry and the tech and receptionist team are amazing. Sam goes above and beyond for tiger lily. I could not ask for a better team to take care of my cats. "
- Nicole Kessler
08/25/2018 19:41:08
"The staff was more than helpful for our first visit. Clarence really like everyone. They really made us comfortable and explained everything in detail. Best place for our fur babies for sure!"
- Nicole Johnsen
08/25/2018 12:13:21
"Only came in to pick up meds but staff was great."
- Lillian & Ronnie Smither
08/25/2018 11:39:07
"Very impressed in the area of our pet on appointment. Assistant took the time to answer all questions with solutions."
- Nancy & Charles Kerr
08/23/2018 22:01:10
"Wonderful staff, clean."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
08/23/2018 19:22:52