"You take great care of our Molly"
- Sherrie & Otto Manulak
02/17/2019 21:46:54
"Y’all were thorough with the exam and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Upon getting our results y’all were so comforting and sincere. "
- Brittany& Howard Stalker
02/17/2019 18:56:07
"Excellent& Caring Of Bella & Holly& Wonderful Loving Doctors Staff Boarding & Grooming💕We Love You & Trust You All💕Great Care💕"
- Barbara &Malcolm Ferguson
02/17/2019 15:30:52
"Got there early, took me in right away. Staff made me and my dog feel very welcome and at ease. Will recommend to others with no hesitation. Only place for me and my furbaby"
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
02/16/2019 22:45:40
"Your office always takes care of my dog, always concerned and does very well with her, she’s not the friendliest of dogs!"
- Dawn Stevens
02/16/2019 21:38:51
"Had all my pets under your care for over 20 years. The care couldn’t be better. My Daschunds Harry and Digger actually get excited when I pull into the parking lot."
- Stephen Taylor
02/16/2019 21:35:22
"Allways enjoy the vist"
- Jake & Carol Ameel
02/16/2019 19:08:46
"All the girls are amazing from check in to check out and all the technician are always so caring."
- Lisa & Bill Plattenburg
02/16/2019 12:50:05
"I have always felt confident bringing our Furry Family members to AHNPR. We've been clients for the last 10 years and have seen how compassionate, knowledgeable and encouraging the staff, doctors and nurses always are! Appointments are always on time and informative. I truly feel like everyone cares about our little boy as much as we do. "
- Deborah & Tony Brougham&Goodnou
02/15/2019 21:49:39
"This was the best experience of my 30 years of dog ownership. Starting with the office staff, to the techs, to Dr Curry. Caring, loving and thorough. A truly professional organization. "
- Timothy & Bonnie Chestney
02/15/2019 21:33:35
- Rollin & Rhonda O'Dell
02/15/2019 17:48:50
"I am happy with all , the treatment, the caring staff, the down to earth doctors. The trouble is trying to get appointments sometimes"
- Barbara Pearce
02/15/2019 00:48:00
"They treated Penny like their own even though she gave them a little growl at first"
- Patricia Potts
02/15/2019 00:32:45
"I thought the doctor and vet techs were great! They let Lucy and Linus run around and just be curious kittens. The doctor did a thorough exam and really took the time to explain findings and possible causes to me. I've found my vet for my babies!"
- Deborah Smith
02/14/2019 18:34:01
"Always been happy with any service ptovided"
- Patricia Johnson
02/14/2019 18:31:26
"Excellent care. Wonderful doctors and staff. "
- Faridah & JP Huller
02/14/2019 16:00:42
"Very good experience. Doctor and staff make for a stess free visit."
- Lynn & Richard Oliver
02/14/2019 14:23:44
"I think everyone is great everyone is so nice I tell everyone how great you are "
- Trudi Gray
02/14/2019 01:25:07
"Very good"
- Susan & Anthony Rodriguez
02/13/2019 21:58:48
"Love ya'll "
- Diana & Gordy Jaks
02/13/2019 21:24:01
"We don't have enough positive words to describe the excellent care of our kitty and speaking and explaining things to us. Thank you for caring about our sweet kitty. "
- Nancy & Paul Sniegon
02/13/2019 21:03:37
"The whole staff's sensitivity and obvious love for animals makes each visit an absolute delight."
- Jo Raley
02/13/2019 20:58:25
"Caring / friendly staff. Listened to my concerns / responded to my questions, without "talking down" to me or making me feel like I was stupid to ask."
- John & Connie Sheppard
02/09/2019 13:51:08
"Great. "
- Mike & Susan O'Hare
02/08/2019 03:19:57
"You are an excellent facility. I wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Debra DeMurry
02/07/2019 01:06:40
"Great techs"
- Tina & Cary White
02/05/2019 21:44:39
"Very thorough and took time with us and our dog."
- John&Danielle Boaz
02/04/2019 19:59:37
"You loved my pet."
- Nancy Kinnunen
02/04/2019 19:34:28
"doing great love the technicans and the staff extremely knowledgable"
- Laura Matthiesen
02/04/2019 14:25:38
"You’re the best. Thank you! "
- Evangelina&Rafae Riera
02/03/2019 22:31:07
"Everything went smoothly."
- James Champlin
02/02/2019 21:55:33
"We are always are treated real good. The staff and Drs. treat us and Nellie real special."
- Darryl & Sandra Kwiek
02/01/2019 23:52:38
"Dot is doing well, she made the trip to Alaska without using any medication (Benedryl) she was quiet and calm. Her care at your clinic is excellent. "
- Janet & Rick Magowan
01/31/2019 19:04:17
"Very pleased with smiling friendly service. My cat was taken care of....and is feeling so much better."
- Nita Moore
01/31/2019 03:42:02
"Very efficient, caring"
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
01/30/2019 20:21:57
"The vet was very thorough in explaining everything to us. She was very detailed."
- Luz & Jorge Rivera
01/29/2019 21:14:20
"I have always had a great experience with Animal Hospital."
- Michelle&Isadore Manzo
01/27/2019 23:23:16
"Medicine for buddy was a higher dose that what he needed so Lisa the nurse cut each of the pills for me That was a terrific help for me. THANK YOU"
- Gizela & Ricardo Bazzani
01/27/2019 22:18:05
"You are doing fine. Thanks for the follow up phone call. Dennis Ewert"
- Eva & Dennis Ewert
01/27/2019 18:41:59
"Kelly is wonderful! She is quick and thorough when grooming my little Yanni. He seems to recognize her name when I tell him we are going to see Kelly....he gets excited and is ready 'Johnny on the Spot'. Actually he is very impatient while I am getting ready to leave...carries his leash around the house while barking (picture that, but he does both at the same time)."
- Jane Yaden
01/27/2019 16:14:56
"Very good"
- Joan Sutton
01/26/2019 21:10:39
"Visit was very pleasant. "
- Richard Numbers
01/26/2019 19:59:23
"Excellent referral. Regardless of outcome issue was explained and carried out quickly."
- Louise & Craig Levine
01/26/2019 16:38:15
"Always feel welcome there and always have pleasant experience."
- Bonnie & Eric Eriksen
01/25/2019 23:27:48
"great staff"
- Mary Bradley
01/25/2019 18:33:04
"Everyone is super nice, helpful and informative. You and your pets are treated special."
- Colleen & Robert Braun
01/24/2019 23:07:23
"We love Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. We take our dog there for all his needs. He goes there for grooming too. All the staff are great. They are friendly and treat our Jake as if he were their own dog. Kelly, who does his grooming is the best. Jake loves her and grooming for Jake is like a day at the spa for him. Anyone looking for a great vet needs to go to Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. Caring and compassionate vets and staff. They are the absolute best!,"
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
01/24/2019 22:25:31
"Smokie is very happy"
- Donna McCracken
01/24/2019 21:50:01
"Dr Presley was just amazing with Earl! Very happy with our visit."
- Neil Freeborn
01/24/2019 20:31:06
"From the experiences that I have had with Animal Hospital of NPR has been good. I have no complaints "
- Arlene Ippoliti
01/23/2019 00:59:49
"Great! Always so friendly as well as taking the time to answer questions. I never feel rushed. My dogs arent afraid to go to the vet and that has to do with the staff. Thank you!"
- Mimi Williams
01/18/2019 21:08:36
"I called for Rocky's medicine and it was all set when I got there to pick up."
- Maureen Johnson
01/18/2019 21:02:28
"Prices are good people are very professional I love to place"
- Don Schnitzhofer
01/17/2019 22:55:42
"There is no bad with your people........Your Animal Hospital is the best on the planet.....The best Vets and the best supporting staff any-where...They are the best and most caring group around.......My honest thoughts....Julius Marsh"
- Lydia & Julius Marsh
01/16/2019 21:49:45
"My dog got kennel cough from a kennel and they got him in promptly and in a secure area. "
- David & Carol Rice-Mc Nabb
01/16/2019 18:36:37
"My dog is well cared for and I am pleased on their care for my dog."
- Val Stauder
01/16/2019 15:29:24
"Pleasant experience "
- Vickie Miller
01/16/2019 03:47:56
"My babies ALWAYS receive the best care possible from Dr. Presley and Dr. Curry! Technicians Samantha, Lisa and Barbara are just the icing on the cake! All have hearts as big as the moon.... I trust and rely on their knowledge and love of animals. I would never trust my babies to anyone else! We are so lucky to be a part of their family! "
- Linda Shepheard
01/14/2019 13:36:37
"The girls are always very Professional and you know that they all really do love their Patients. That's why I have been going there for over 10 years with 2 different Dogs. "
- Geoff Cocks
01/13/2019 14:51:20
"Everyone was great !"
- John Dibble
01/13/2019 14:32:35
- Rob Thalheimer
01/13/2019 01:51:14
"Always a great experience with caring staff."
- Sharon & George Rolfes
01/12/2019 22:35:11
"You guys are a step above the rest. I really appreciate that you take the time to explain in detail exactly what is going on with my pet and every bit of the experience says you really care. Thank you so much. "
- Rick Drinkwine
01/12/2019 22:14:47
"Everyone is very nice and makes the patient very comfortable "
- Dawn & Mark Green
01/12/2019 18:31:17
"I have many vets closer to me, but you guys are the best."
- Kenneth Allen
01/11/2019 15:13:56
"Savvi loves coming in. She is relaxed and happy and the technicians are so gentle and great with her. "
- Donna Boyer
01/11/2019 01:27:26
"Great vet techs and always friendly service."
- John & Annette Barry
01/10/2019 21:42:17
"Everyone on staff was helpful and accommodating and showed gentle concern for the animal. They spotted issues I was not aware of."
- Virginia Lovisolo
01/08/2019 18:00:57
"You're doing great. I like the idea of an all women staff. My dog responds to the girls much better than he would to men. My pets and I won't think of going any place else for annual check-ups and medical care."
- Suzanne Anderson
01/08/2019 14:05:53
"Everyone was very helpful and made room in the busy Saturday schedule for my cat."
- Sue & Steve Carper
01/07/2019 20:44:26
"Roxie LOVES the place and all the people"
- Anthony&Elizabet Bobbie
01/06/2019 14:28:06
"I have no problems with the care Riley received "
- Patricia Riesle
01/06/2019 03:24:35
"Dr. Curry and all the girls are wonderful! Always full of good information and they all take such wonderful care of our animals. Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!"
- Julie&William Buck
01/05/2019 00:51:50
"Everything was great. "
- Debra Cutcliffe
01/04/2019 12:37:17
"Let the truth be known that it’s the first time ever, I needed the help of a friend to accompany me ,taking my two pups 3 minutes away from home, to have their monthly nail clips and see what their other needs are coming up. All I said to them is we’re going to see your “friends “ and my youngest, was screaming to get into my car knowing where their “friends “ are. The screaming was not of fear! It was pure excitement she couldn’t contain. So, I had my neighbor sit in back with my oldest, while she sat up front in her car seat quietly until we reached the building. Amazing the strength of a 7 lb pup when excited! Smart move having an extra pair of hands so my elder 7 lb pup could exit my car in peace and I wouldn’t lose my mind!! I don’t think I’ll ever have to worry about coaxing them out of the car to go into Animal Hospital of NPR, no matter what the visit is for. I really should be grateful! Maybe she’ll outgrow this craziness, I’ll have another chance to find out next month. Great friends, Great care always for my girls. The end."
- Roberta Cohen
12/30/2018 21:20:33
"Always have a good experience with you all"
- Kristen Hofer
12/30/2018 19:51:44
"Always nice and courteous...I really appreciate the phone call to check on my dog."
- Aimee&Scott Ruppert
12/30/2018 17:19:48
"Scheduling on time no waiting. Loves on my dog takes time to listen"
- Dianne & Scott Williams
12/30/2018 13:03:18
"Great, as always."
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
12/28/2018 22:58:28
"Vet techs are the best in the area!"
- Sylvia & Dan Griess
12/28/2018 15:56:52
"I called on Christmas Eve and the front office had the RX ready on the 26th when I could pick it up. They looked up one of my pets shots record and checked dates for boarding. Lisa is our favorite. All the staff is great and care about our fur babies."
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
12/28/2018 00:29:38
"The team is so friendly. I feel like they know me and my dog on a deeper level than you would expect from a trip to the vet. I trust they’re care, and I’m happy to be a customer!"
- Jacob & Mitchell Gonzalez&Dunmire
12/27/2018 21:17:22
"Did a great job checking Ed (cat) out. Explained everything on preventive care as Ed gets older. "
- Fred & Terri O'Dell
12/27/2018 21:10:16
"Excellent service"
- Sandra Koerner
12/27/2018 20:06:56
"Great. Molly even sided up with both the doctor and tech. That made us feel comfortable. "
- Debra & Richard Heffner
12/26/2018 17:41:58
"Great staff. Assistants are awesome. Doctor is really caring"
- Jodi & Keith Sheridan
12/24/2018 21:26:38
"Always wonderful. Especially Lisa!"
- Ron & Roxanna Torre
12/24/2018 16:03:51
"Awesome as always."
- Dawn Uricek
12/24/2018 14:16:41
"Great practice and all involved did a great job."
- Nick DiNicola
12/24/2018 13:03:19
"The way your staff handles Sunshine with a calming affect is amazing because she is not a very cooperative participant "
- John & Maria Birmelin
12/23/2018 11:54:20
" This customer of 29 years calls it the best there is."
- Elizabeth & Bob Catron
12/23/2018 10:52:31
"I wish I knew everyone’s name that cared for our cat, Joey, yesterday. Dr. Presley is the best. Absolutely the best. And her techs are beyond awesome. Joey had such a good time having his claws trimmed! Thank you all so much for being so good at what you do! Debbie and Pete DeCillis, Joey and Samantha’s Mom & Dad. "
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
12/22/2018 12:02:31
"Very professional and caring from the phone call I made to book appointment for my sick cat to the whole medical staff!"
- Valerie & Joe Schaefer
12/20/2018 00:55:38
"The staff are all very friendly. We were taking mediately to a room and didn’t have to wait very long to see the Doctor Who is the best. We love Dr. Presley."
- Kathy Millican
12/18/2018 17:18:51
"Well I switched from a different Vet here in Port Richey. We didn't really know where to go, as we just moved here over a year ago. We kept going back to that original Vet even though we weren't crazy about the place. It all changed when I decided to bring my Yorkie to be groomed at Animal Hospital of Port Richey. I have since brought her in for other issues she had, and i was very happy with the concern that was shown my pet. I now will be bringing her here instead. "
- William & Patty Bizier & Quick
12/18/2018 05:10:21
"As usual I was very happy. Nothing bad to say."
- David Arnold
12/17/2018 23:58:02
"I have never had a problem at any visit, my dog sometimes can be a challenge and they are very good with her "
- Dawn Stevens
12/17/2018 23:30:56
"We are new to the area & I made my choice based on reviews. I agree that the office was so very clean & everyone was so EXTRA nice. But most important was the care & concern they all showed for my pal Wally. Thanks guys"
- Barbara Pearce
12/14/2018 17:44:18
"We did not have an actual visit but only ordered prescription food for our cat. However, the service was excellent and speedy. A follow-up call was made informing us the food had arrived as promised. Thank you!"
- Joycelyn&Chuck Baer
12/14/2018 15:05:12
"I am a relatively new customer but so far I am very pleased with the care my pets are receiving"
- Norman & Karen Goldberg
12/13/2018 23:06:37