"Doing great. Love you guys."
- Andrew Amaral
06/10/2017 13:48:57
" Super nice staff. Always caring always helping. Sam our dog love them. "
- Michaele & Frank Balogh
06/10/2017 12:24:02
"You guys were great to care of chunky and answered all my ? Thank you"
- Christina Kelly
06/10/2017 11:25:05
"Buddy was treated with love and care. I appreciate that. "
- Laura & Thomas Bandini&Rebmann
06/10/2017 11:02:48
"The animal hospital personal are very professional and handle my dog with loving care. The groomer Kelly is excellent who understands my do. "
- Marie Skop
06/10/2017 09:57:38
"You are doing just fine. The care Maya received was excellent."
- Sharon Bowers
06/06/2017 11:28:11
- Nancy Downey
06/05/2017 15:17:23
"I have tried other places in the past and found out there is not a better or caring place for my cats"
- Marvin Bowling
06/05/2017 05:05:14
"I have no complaints. Everything is always so easy!"
- Sherrie & Robert Babcock
06/04/2017 17:41:33
"I am thrilled with the service my kitties receive at the Animal Hospital of NPR! Vet is caring and takes the time to listen and spends time with my pets! Doctors these days don't give that much time to human patients ! Just want you to know how much I appreciate the Doctor and staff :) Oh and follow up with calls is great too ! thanks guys !"
- Mira Kalaj
06/04/2017 14:19:08
"From the moment we called the office I knew you would take care of Bernie like you did when we rescued him 8 years ago. Sam,Lisa and Dr. Presley are the BEST. "
- Danielle & Frank King
06/04/2017 10:47:10
"I cook for my dogs, make their cookies and want them to be as healthy as they can be. The doctors and staff at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey support my endeavors and give suggestions for good healthy foods for them. They are always kind and positive to our dogs. They listen and are never in a hurry when we want to discuss things. They keep excellent records of our pets. Our dogs are so excited when we tell them where they are going!!"
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
06/04/2017 08:24:29
"The staff is great! Always friendly and great with my dog!"
- John & Suzanne Baldetti
06/03/2017 15:58:26
"Always had excellent visits"
- Cindy Jolly
06/02/2017 19:16:24
"Liked the no waiting time and everyone of the staff are friendly, eager to help..a very pleasant experience."
- Jaime & Barry Haines
06/02/2017 17:13:00
"No complaints here "
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
06/02/2017 15:17:01
"Friendly, professional, answered all my questions. No complaints. Thanks."
- Michael White
06/02/2017 11:53:17
"First time having to leave our kitty and of course he was sick, I felt awful. However, he was so loved and well taken care of I was put to ease. Thank you for all you did for him!! "
- Vanessa Wise
05/31/2017 11:37:36
"i love all the staff, they are so nice and all make a point of saying hello to me and my dogs"
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
05/30/2017 07:02:14
"Every thing has been very good for the 20 plus years I have been using your services. It's good to see a lot of the same helping staff all the time an I am happy with the new doctor too. All the staff is great."
- Joan Sutton
05/29/2017 16:11:21
"Very pleased with the care."
- Al Kelly
05/28/2017 14:50:14
"Wonderful care. Moved about 19 miles further from where we used to live and still come because of the care."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
05/28/2017 11:53:15
"No complaints, great group of people"
- Jake & Carol Ameel
05/27/2017 19:55:28
"Everyone is very kind and caring and have the pets interest comes first I have complete faith in the decisions that Are made for Bandita "
- Elizabeth & John Young
05/26/2017 07:30:08
"Have nothing bad to say feel like you really care about our needs."
- Jodi & Keith Sheridan
05/25/2017 15:56:56
"Can't think of anything to improve :)"
- Kathy & Tom Wetzler
05/24/2017 16:37:15
"Staff is great. office is extremely clean. Receptionists are extremely professional caring and knowledgeable. My cat is well taken care of."
- Laura Matthiesen
05/23/2017 07:57:12
"Dr. Presley and the technicians are all very kind and took the time to explain the problems with my cat. They really seem to care about the animals and their owners."
- Gayle Schmatz
05/20/2017 15:51:16
"I honestly have never had anything bad to say about this office and the staff. (Sure wish human doctor offices were as efficient and nice). Everyone of the staff is nice helpful and love my animals. They really care and I wouldn't take any of my animals anywhere else. Thank you"
- Kathy & Craig Moore
05/19/2017 09:22:31
"very good"
- Marlene & Ray Carwile
05/18/2017 18:58:23
"Pleased with the treatment. "
- Pasco Chancey
05/14/2017 19:21:40
"Paco gets excellent care and staff is friendly and professional."
- Linda & Luis Howard
05/14/2017 18:18:03
"I have no complaints."
- Joyce & John Brown
05/14/2017 17:33:49
"Brought my year old dog for spaying. People there are very caring...you can tell they all love their jobs. My dog came home later that afternoon...all good ! Follow up call by office next morning to check on how Maddi was doing ! Will continue going there !"
- Catherine Arnston
05/13/2017 15:36:18
"The time the professionalism the education the kindness and caring of Dr. Curry and the staff are second to none. Thank You from the pups Maggie ,Riley and Fiona. ."
- Joe & Chris Pirogenia
05/09/2017 18:38:14
"Tiki is lots better. We shouldn't have waited so long to bring her there. Everybody was awesome."
- Phyllis Martz-Krueger
05/06/2017 10:13:46
"Excellent! Outstanding care, Doctors and staff most helpful"
- Will & Dianah Sanborn&Goodwin
05/05/2017 16:32:04
"I am very happy that you take great care of Pinky"
- Val Stauder
05/05/2017 09:20:46
"Staff was kind to my cat. Handled him with care and concern for his condition. "
- Connie & Pete Murdoch
05/04/2017 17:10:21
"you guys take good care of Jersey"
- Tina Velasquez
05/04/2017 13:10:01
"I'm so happy with the care of my 'Cuppie' . I will not go anywhere else"
- Dawn Clark
05/04/2017 13:08:45
"Dr Curry & her staff are very friendly and efficient at dog care"
- Brian O'Shaughnessy
05/04/2017 10:18:02
"Very caring and loving doctors and staff."
- Martha Dexter
04/30/2017 13:41:11
"Seriously? If I got the care, love and attention my little pup Shai gets, no matter what she needs, for my health care? .... I'd jump in the car all excited to go too! Treats? I don't even get a lollipop! I hope that answers your question😊"
- Roberta Cohen
04/30/2017 10:20:26
"Your people are thr best on the planet......There no better vet people anywhere.....J.Marsh"
- Lydia & Julius Marsh
04/29/2017 17:02:04
"Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, kind, efficient. Don't have anything bad to say."
- Janet Lucht
04/29/2017 12:55:32
"as always very impressed with her thorough exam and staff kindness and friendliness"
- Arthur&Genevieve Ginsberg
04/29/2017 05:15:31
"Everyone is doing great job."
- David Martin
04/28/2017 12:29:00
"I'm very satisfied with the quality of care, compassion and professionalism. Very friendly and happy atmosphere."
- Jean&Patrick Terkowski&Keatin
04/26/2017 15:49:17
"All the staff and Doctor Presley are friendly and caring. The facility is very clean."
- Vicky & Michael Tantillo
04/26/2017 15:48:17
"Fantastic as always!! Sheba and Skye say thanks"
- John Micciche
04/26/2017 14:33:22
"I've ALWAYS liked bringing my dog to y'all. I think your staff goes beyond caring for the animals. I will miss y'all! Van Geaux"
- Danny & Allison Pearson
04/23/2017 17:44:28
"Have always been pleased with care and handling of mozzie. Always recommend this facility to all my friends and family "
- Bonnie & Eric Eriksen
04/23/2017 06:53:45
"I like the vet techs. The girls are very kind to my dogs. "
- Karen Cuff
04/22/2017 15:31:44
"I have been using this facility since moving to FL in 2003. We have always been more than satisfied with the caring, professional attitudes of the doctors and staff. "
- Lorraine & Larry Salzman
04/22/2017 12:15:05
"I am very satisfied with the service. Nice seeing some oldtimers and meet new ones. Pleasant atmosphere and people. I have been using Animal Hospital since 1989 and always have good experiences for my dogs."
- Jeanne Lohre Sterzinger
04/21/2017 15:48:36
"My experience has been fine. Everyone has been very professional and interested and keeping my cat in good health."
- Sue & Steve Carper
04/21/2017 13:16:08
"All is good - otherwise we would go elsewhere🐶🐶"
- Charlie & Joanne Riddel
04/21/2017 07:46:16
"The professional and office staff are friendly, competent, and efficient."
- Carmine Bell
04/20/2017 20:13:53
"My experience with your company has always been excellent. There are always lots of love and smiles directed towards my pet so that he is completely at ease with them (even though I caught him looking at me a few times, just to make sure I was there). We have truly bonded. He actually enjoys our visits to you facility very much. The vet and techs are very knowledgeable and are very helpful in assuring that I know what and how to care for my pet whether it is daily care or special instructions. Keep up the good work!"
- Jane Yaden
04/20/2017 14:46:30
"Everyone is always very caring of Muffin and polite."
- Mary Funke
04/20/2017 13:54:03
"Love bringing my critters here! You can tell everyone loves their job and animals. You know they really care. "
- Jennifer&William Ford
04/18/2017 17:56:04
"best care my dog ever had"
- Kenneth Allen
04/18/2017 08:55:24
"Always a good visit. Staff friendly, professional and knowledgeable."
- Virginia Lovisolo
04/17/2017 18:57:29
"Truly professional caring staff! The doctor was great and gave me updates as how my Lucy was doing. "
- Betty Herz
04/16/2017 16:29:22
"Excellent and caring staff and doctors helps eleviate any anxioty on part of pet or owner."
- Nancy & Charles Kerr
04/15/2017 08:28:45
"Socks is doing just fine! When its Busters turn, we will see you then! Thanks!"
- Charles &Colleen Kapp
04/14/2017 08:56:36
"No complaints. Haven't had the kitties in in awhile, but I have always been happy with the level of care"
- Marianne Mc Guire
04/13/2017 18:30:42
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff"
- Dennis Gallagher
04/11/2017 15:45:32
"You're doing fine. You've been taking care of my animals for over twenty years and I have never had a complaint"
- Sandi & Andy Kelleher
04/11/2017 13:36:28
"My first visit with Maggie & Zoey on Saturday was great. The staff seems very nice and knowledgeable. I really liked Doctor Presley. I finally found a great place for my doggies to go."
- Elizabeth Simmons
04/10/2017 12:05:03
"Great place, great staff... "
- Debra De Murry
04/08/2017 12:20:50
"The care was excellent. I felt like my dog was in carrying knowledgeable hands the whole time. Even though this was bit of an emergency they stayed cost conscious the whole time. Wonderful veterinarian and staff. Thanks"
- David & Renee Hicks
04/08/2017 06:42:39
"Everything was fine"
- James & Kathy Champlin
04/06/2017 19:30:04
"Vander with taking care of very well I'm happy that have chosen this is veterinarian I look forward to more work done with vader and the new future"
- Wilfred Nieves
04/06/2017 12:24:19
"I feel the service is as expected, top rated. Prices could be more affordable, but then I know, you are in line with others in the area."
- Deanna & John Teddy
04/04/2017 03:46:23
"I'm very happy on how you handle my pets. You care."
- Danielle & Dawn Bomin &Benedetti
04/02/2017 19:31:51
"You're doing great! Best vet hospital and care around, period. Love you all!"
- Andrew Amaral
04/01/2017 18:58:26
"I stopped in to get some dental cat food -which Nicky LOVES! As usual, always greeted by the staff in the most friendly and helpful manner. I had recommended some friends whose black cat Max was probably close to death with diabetes. They couldn't be more pleased with your staff and the significant improvement in Max's overall health. Your staff showed me a young female cat (Sweetie Pie) which, if still available, my hubby and I will come and look at. Your vets, staff and ongoing concerns for our beloved pets are so very much appreciated. I will continue to recommend your office."
- Maryann &Richard Knight
03/31/2017 12:27:14
"Love the new groomer! Fauna has never looked so pretty as she has the last 2 groomings!! "
- Ellen & Ron Thomas
03/30/2017 16:01:26
"I have been coming in for almost 20 years and it has always been good."
- Joan Sutton
03/30/2017 11:28:54
"Dr. Curry is excellent and knows my pup well. Lisa and the other vet techs are a pleasure. "
- Lawrence &Heidi Hochman
03/29/2017 12:34:11
"all the staff is great. it is very nice to feel so taken care of. Sadie and i love coming to visit"
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
03/28/2017 15:19:05
"Very happy with everything. Staff is excellent"
- Carolyn Collins
03/28/2017 05:50:03
"Last visit for for grooming and a skin check. All staff are friendly and pleasant. They treat our Jake as if he were their own. Groomer is excellent, you can tell she likes her job. Jake enjoys going and she is great with him. Jake is particular about who he likes and he loves all the staff. We are new to area, having relocated from Pennsylvania and we feel so lucky to have found the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey. We found a treasure when we found them !!!"
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
03/27/2017 20:31:19
"Great staff. Best pet care in the area."
- Thomas Lang
03/26/2017 15:35:51
"The thing that strikes me most about the entire office staff is the friendliness and genuine care and concern that they give our pets! "
- Deb & Bill Fairbanks
03/26/2017 12:32:18
"Coming from another vet we can already see that the staff has a great sense of true compassion and love for the pets they see....we noticed this right away."
- Monique & Shawn Connolly
03/26/2017 12:08:52
"Just fine. very efficient, enjoyed the visit."
- Rob Thalheimer
03/24/2017 19:21:50
"You guys are awesome, we have absolutely no complaints. Savannah loves coming there!"
- Diantha & Eric Higdon
03/24/2017 16:47:05
"no problems . everything was perfect. cannot complain."
- Pat & Vince Anderson
03/24/2017 11:34:52
"Have been a client for 15 years . Always love your staff"
- Colleen & Erik Suojanen
03/24/2017 07:28:24
"There is no bad. We have always had the best of care from everyone at the clinic. You treat our animals as if they were your own."
- Vivian & Ron Egyed
03/23/2017 19:28:03
"I honestly feel love and compassion for my babies from the whole staff!!! I know they are doing everything in their power to make sure my Meeko gets the best of care. This visit was very traumatic for me....I have been so lucky the past several years, Meeko has been incredible healthy and thriving..until several days ago......hopefully once doc gets back the rest of the test results....it will be something minor. I know my furbabies are in good hands and I appreciate it with my whole heart!!!! <3"
- Linda Shepheard
03/23/2017 12:43:00
"Just came in to get more Apoquel but staff are always so friendly and helpful. Love coming here."
- Sharon & George Rolfes
03/23/2017 10:00:53
"not done yet but great so far."
- Herbert Ryan
03/23/2017 04:42:15
"I am pleased with the way the staff love on Purrcilla when she has to come in and I'm very hopeful we have the final diagnosis on what has been wrong with her."
- Betty Groves
03/22/2017 18:55:21
"doing fine"
- Gale & Richard Poda
03/20/2017 14:17:36
"Always excellent visits"
- Cindy Jolly
03/19/2017 17:20:47
"very happy with the quality of service"
- John & Luann Burchick
03/18/2017 08:03:51