"The way the doctors and staff always have a smile, then it's down to business for our furry kids. Breezy and Stormy, our kids, are treated like one of the family. Cheerful and efficient. Really can't say enough positive things for everyone. ! Marilyn & John"
- Marilyn & John Soper
08/06/2017 21:33:58
- Nancy Downey
08/06/2017 17:54:52
"I absolutely LOVE Dr. Presley and staff. I know we got off to a rocky start last year for a variety of reasons....but I am so happy that I returned, and that you are our vet. TyTy loves you, and Presley, one of our kitties, is so grateful for the thoughtful care Dr. Presley took with him."
- RaeAnna Saks
08/05/2017 17:17:00
"Very happy with staff and service"
- Edward & Bonnie Rumbutis
08/04/2017 10:29:10
"Great experience, the dr and entire staff were so friendly and helpful and so loving to Bernie. They all took their time with us and the dr explained everything in detail to help me understand his diagnosis and treatment plan. Will definitely recommend this vet to friends and family."
- Emily & Kyle Laux
08/04/2017 00:41:18
"everyone is so nice and caring. the medical care is great ,,,beyond words,,,it's just somewhat expensive"
- Ralph & Beverly Mc Cullough
08/02/2017 15:50:46
"love you guys. Have been going to you for years. Lady thinks you give great shots"
- Kenneth Allen
08/02/2017 13:30:27
"Very pleased with the care you give Bella, and a very efficient staff. Thank YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENTS WITH BELLA, ESPECIALLY LISA."
- Dennis Yefko
08/01/2017 22:31:28
"Everyone was very nice and helpful. "
- Debbie & Peter Lesando
08/01/2017 19:04:55
"You are doing just fine we wouldn't take Barney anywhere else."
- Joyce & John Brown
07/31/2017 22:57:40
"I Love Lisa she takes great care of my dog Duchess . Thanks for all you do "
- CatherineKenneth Singer
07/30/2017 18:22:03
"We were early they took us right away. Kelley was great with our pup who has trust issues and is not always the best patient. The girls up front are so kind and helpful. It's a really great place to take your pet."
- Tina Velasquez
07/30/2017 16:07:30
"Great staff"
- Melissa Hafliger
07/29/2017 16:59:58
"Lucy and I felt comfortable with the staff and procedures. "
- Jake & Carol Ameel
07/29/2017 10:19:04
"We love the fact that most if not all staff own pets . The love and care we feel that our pets get from your office is wonderful. I see the way the staff handles our "babies"...and it is like they were holding thier own pet..."
- Monique & Shawn Connolly
07/29/2017 10:01:21
"I was so stressed when I arrived with my cat. I thought she would misbehave terribly and that it would be difficult to resolve her problem. Well! To my surprise, and relief, the veterinarian and her techs were like "cat whisperers". It was as though my cat, Samantha, knew they were there to help her. Words can't express how impressed I am with this place. "
- Debbie & Pete Decillis
07/28/2017 18:00:29
"I was very pleased with all the staff. very detailed exam. "
- David Arnold
07/28/2017 13:57:33
"Great service, care, and dedication to my three pets. Everyone is always friendly."
- Sharon & Robert Lichter
07/26/2017 08:07:38
"Absolutely love this animal hospital. We're new to Fl having been here only 8 mos and we are so glad we found them. Our dog is our child and staff treat him with so much love. It's like he was there's. Staff is so friendly, caring and wonderful. We are so glad we found this Animal Hospital and highly recommend it. Our dog, Jake also gets groomed there and we are so happy. Everyone is GREAT"
- Ron & Darlene Rihel
07/25/2017 11:26:10
"You all are awesome!"
- Christine & Jeff Cloutier
07/25/2017 10:42:25
"Very happy with the staff. Very helpful😊"
- Victoria & John Harris
07/24/2017 17:21:42
"Great service and staff!!"
- Ray & Gloria Babcock
07/24/2017 13:05:35
"It's always a pleasure going to the vet!!! I love all the staff and so does my puppy Brutus!!! "
- Kerri Redmond
07/20/2017 10:41:08
"There's not much I haven't said in the past. The doctor, the techs, all the personnel are great. They care, they listen, they love the animals. I refer you to everyone that asks about a vet."
- Kathy & Craig Moore
07/18/2017 10:38:57
"I really enjoy each and every staff member. They are always welcoming and caring to both the animals and humans. And I really am greatful for the "working man" prices for their exceptional care. "
- Kimberly Endonino
07/18/2017 00:09:41
"I love the way you treat my babies like they're just as important to you as they are to me, and the way you explain their problems to me so I can understand it "
- Anna & Tony Mize
07/17/2017 13:23:21
"She is feeling so much better today She is eating her own food now and moving around better. Thank you so much."
- Myra Worley
07/17/2017 09:14:52
"You are the best!!!"
- Charlotte Rance
07/16/2017 20:37:05
"As usual, the techs were all very nice, smiling, and happy. They loved on Maya and made us all feel welcome."
- Donna & Carl Paoletti
07/16/2017 18:32:44
"I love taking my dog Pinky to you always know she is getting great care."
- Val Stauder
07/15/2017 16:50:35
"Thank you for years of great service."
- Jean&Patrick Terkowski&Keatin
07/15/2017 10:30:49
"Wonderful as always"
- Gregory Dellisanti
07/14/2017 11:44:50
"My Molly always gets so much attention. She always loves walking in the door. The Dr always explains everything so I can understand & any course of treatment."
- Melinda Weeks
07/14/2017 11:26:08
"Our dog had had health problems over the years. Diabetes is now a result of other issues. Dr. Curry had been wonderful in determining the best way to treat her and the rest of the staff is always enthusiastic to see us and cheer on our dog's progress."
- Joanne & Jim Kowalski
07/13/2017 08:44:16
"Everyone on staff was very welcoming to Tonka. He was treated with gentle care."
- Ruth & Phil Preston
07/12/2017 20:54:31
"Two words very good"
- George & Linda Westermann
07/12/2017 14:01:29
"Excellent care, informative, no problems from our perspective "
- Will & Dianah Sanborn&Goodwin
07/12/2017 13:32:55
"You have always treated Max and I with the greatest respect and kindness"
- Allen Miller
07/11/2017 17:42:24
"We have been taking Rascal to your practice since he was 8 weeks old. He loves coming there to see everyone whenever he stops by for a Vet or Grooming visit. Keep up the good work."
- Lorraine & Larry Salzman
07/11/2017 09:59:48
"Very happy with employees, customer service and the care they give to my Ginger. "
- Joan Medico
07/11/2017 07:54:35
"Answered all my questions during visit and after visit when I called. Phone calls returned quickly. Everyone very friendly and nice."
- Cindy Lizotte
07/10/2017 19:04:53
"Staff is professional and so nice! Prices are reasonable. I'm so happy that I chose this vet when I moved into the area. So very pleased. "
- Pam Telfer
07/10/2017 18:21:38
"Very kind, knowledgeable and caring!"
- Sharon & Billie Ranges
07/10/2017 17:37:12
"I appreciate the friendly ladies at the front desk and the knowledge that the Vet and Vet Technicians have regarding my 2 cats and animals in general. This building is also very clean and organized and the people move at a great pace when dealing with arriving to paying."
- Gina Cacaccio
07/08/2017 10:40:50
"Always good"
- Renee Willoughby
07/07/2017 18:29:37
"I very much appreciated the last minute illness visit my pet was very uncomfortable and sad now doing much better already"
- Pamela Grundset
07/07/2017 08:22:52
"The professionalism, experience, and compassion of Dr. Presley, Dr. Curry as well as the entire staff is unmatched. We know that our pets are in the most capable of hands. Thank you for always going the extra mile to ensure the health and well-being of our pets. This gives us tremendous peace of mind. "
- Sharon &Santiago Avila
07/06/2017 16:29:52
"Maggie does well on her visits though she is not happy on the way there. She does settle down when she sees the technicians. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Have been going here since 1989 and always satisfied. "
- Jeanne Lohre Sterzinger
07/06/2017 16:20:31
"Everyone is so good there, Chinook likes everyone and they make it easier for him to calm down."
- Vicky & Mark Krajicek
07/06/2017 15:13:35
"I had Dr. Presley and her tech who were sincerely interested in the progress of my cat, Isabel. They did not rush me and answered any questions that came to mind. All my previous visits have been unrushed. Isabel has even been boarded there on several occasions and will do so next month. Can't say enough good things. Downside would be no evening hours or vet on call. "
- Diane & Blase Manzo
07/01/2017 16:55:57
"Your staff is very good. Wish all business were as good as yours."
- Duane Seese
07/01/2017 12:16:34
"Everything was great. The staff is super knowledgeable and very friendly. "
- Breanne & Kevin Monaco &Wicklein
07/01/2017 10:11:54
"everyone was very caring and sympathetic"
- Vicky & Michael Tantillo
07/01/2017 08:34:28
"Excellent care provided for a sick and aged dog. Was never demanded I vaccinate as my dog would not survive the vaccination. caring, understanding techs and drs. Awesome animal hospital. Prices are high,, just like all the rest, so no surprise there. Love not having to wait In Waiting room, always put In Room right away which helps the animal with stress."
- Ronda Glick
07/01/2017 08:30:48
"could not ask for a better veterinary team then the one at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey..... Since I started coming here Vicky and Lisa have been a constant who know my fur babies and are always very professional and make me feel at ease. I would not hesitate and have not to tell anyone looking for a good veterinary practice to go to Animal Hospital of New Port Richey!"
- Karen & Kevin Hicks
07/01/2017 08:20:20
"I guess we started off with some communication issues about my dog but once things were straightened out and my dog was seen I loved the people. The attention and caring they gave my dog. They have continued to be great with the care she needs. Would certainly recommend them to anyone. "
- Rosemary Deming-Hernandez
07/01/2017 07:48:42
"you are wonderful, concerned caring,reassuring and knowledgable. "
- Mary Bradley
07/01/2017 07:18:47
"I think the entire staff does a great job"
- David Martin
07/01/2017 05:56:44
"You had me at the cat entrance and dog entrance. I really hate sitting across from a pit pull or other large dog in the waiting room. Your staff is very caring and friendly, as well as efficient. I will definitely be back."
- Diane & Serge Tetreault
06/30/2017 19:38:19
"So happy that you guys were able to accommodate my cat for a last minute, "emergency" appointment. I was at a total loss when I came home to my cat bleeding all over the house and you guys made me feel comfortable and at ease! Your staff is very personable and caring! You all took the time to explain everything and even call with updates while my cat was staying there for a few days. I sure appreciated the phone calls during that stressful time. It's a pleasure to work with you all and you can't beat the prices. "
- Tracy & Michael Krlin
06/27/2017 10:17:27
"I think you are doing terrific and we love your staff."
- Doreen & Craig Stansfield
06/24/2017 03:56:35
"So far I'm very confident. "
- Richard Numbers
06/22/2017 08:58:43
"We think your office staff is super! Everyone is friendly...but most importantly PET friendly! We feel like we are in good hands."
- Deb & Bill Fairbanks
06/21/2017 19:54:36
"My experience was excellent I would not change a thing"
- Michael & Teresa Nemcik
06/21/2017 17:38:20
"Doing great. Love you guys."
- Andrew Amaral
06/10/2017 13:48:57
" Super nice staff. Always caring always helping. Sam our dog love them. "
- Michaele & Frank Balogh
06/10/2017 12:24:02
"You guys were great to care of chunky and answered all my ? Thank you"
- Christina Kelly
06/10/2017 11:25:05
"Buddy was treated with love and care. I appreciate that. "
- Laura & Thomas Bandini&Rebmann
06/10/2017 11:02:48
"The animal hospital personal are very professional and handle my dog with loving care. The groomer Kelly is excellent who understands my do. "
- Marie Skop
06/10/2017 09:57:38
"You are doing just fine. The care Maya received was excellent."
- Sharon Bowers
06/06/2017 11:28:11
- Nancy Downey
06/05/2017 15:17:23
"I have tried other places in the past and found out there is not a better or caring place for my cats"
- Marvin & Marcy Bowling
06/05/2017 05:05:14
"I have no complaints. Everything is always so easy!"
- Sherrie & Robert Babcock
06/04/2017 17:41:33
"I am thrilled with the service my kitties receive at the Animal Hospital of NPR! Vet is caring and takes the time to listen and spends time with my pets! Doctors these days don't give that much time to human patients ! Just want you to know how much I appreciate the Doctor and staff :) Oh and follow up with calls is great too ! thanks guys !"
- Mira Kalaj
06/04/2017 14:19:08
"From the moment we called the office I knew you would take care of Bernie like you did when we rescued him 8 years ago. Sam,Lisa and Dr. Presley are the BEST. "
- Danielle & Frank King
06/04/2017 10:47:10
"I cook for my dogs, make their cookies and want them to be as healthy as they can be. The doctors and staff at the Animal Hospital of New Port Richey support my endeavors and give suggestions for good healthy foods for them. They are always kind and positive to our dogs. They listen and are never in a hurry when we want to discuss things. They keep excellent records of our pets. Our dogs are so excited when we tell them where they are going!!"
- Stephane&Michael Barrett
06/04/2017 08:24:29
"The staff is great! Always friendly and great with my dog!"
- John & Suzanne Baldetti
06/03/2017 15:58:26
"Always had excellent visits"
- Cindy Jolly
06/02/2017 19:16:24
"Liked the no waiting time and everyone of the staff are friendly, eager to help..a very pleasant experience."
- Jaime & Barry Haines
06/02/2017 17:13:00
"No complaints here "
- Trudy & Jack Pruitt
06/02/2017 15:17:01
"Friendly, professional, answered all my questions. No complaints. Thanks."
- Michael White
06/02/2017 11:53:17
"First time having to leave our kitty and of course he was sick, I felt awful. However, he was so loved and well taken care of I was put to ease. Thank you for all you did for him!! "
- Vanessa Wise
05/31/2017 11:37:36
"i love all the staff, they are so nice and all make a point of saying hello to me and my dogs"
- Beth & Jeff Bredbenner
05/30/2017 07:02:14
"Every thing has been very good for the 20 plus years I have been using your services. It's good to see a lot of the same helping staff all the time an I am happy with the new doctor too. All the staff is great."
- Joan Sutton
05/29/2017 16:11:21
"Very pleased with the care."
- Al Kelly
05/28/2017 14:50:14
"Wonderful care. Moved about 19 miles further from where we used to live and still come because of the care."
- Bruce & Denise Levitt
05/28/2017 11:53:15
"No complaints, great group of people"
- Jake & Carol Ameel
05/27/2017 19:55:28
"Everyone is very kind and caring and have the pets interest comes first I have complete faith in the decisions that Are made for Bandita "
- Elizabeth & John Young
05/26/2017 07:30:08
"Have nothing bad to say feel like you really care about our needs."
- Jodi & Keith Sheridan
05/25/2017 15:56:56
"Can't think of anything to improve :)"
- Kathy & Tom Wetzler
05/24/2017 16:37:15
"Staff is great. office is extremely clean. Receptionists are extremely professional caring and knowledgeable. My cat is well taken care of."
- Laura Matthiesen
05/23/2017 07:57:12
"Dr. Presley and the technicians are all very kind and took the time to explain the problems with my cat. They really seem to care about the animals and their owners."
- Gayle Schmatz
05/20/2017 15:51:16
"I honestly have never had anything bad to say about this office and the staff. (Sure wish human doctor offices were as efficient and nice). Everyone of the staff is nice helpful and love my animals. They really care and I wouldn't take any of my animals anywhere else. Thank you"
- Kathy & Craig Moore
05/19/2017 09:22:31
"very good"
- Marlene & Ray Carwile
05/18/2017 18:58:23
"Pleased with the treatment. "
- Pasco Chancey
05/14/2017 19:21:40
"Paco gets excellent care and staff is friendly and professional."
- Linda & Luis Howard
05/14/2017 18:18:03
"I have no complaints."
- Joyce & John Brown
05/14/2017 17:33:49
"Brought my year old dog for spaying. People there are very caring...you can tell they all love their jobs. My dog came home later that afternoon...all good ! Follow up call by office next morning to check on how Maddi was doing ! Will continue going there !"
- Catherine Arnston
05/13/2017 15:36:18
"The time the professionalism the education the kindness and caring of Dr. Curry and the staff are second to none. Thank You from the pups Maggie ,Riley and Fiona. ."
- Joe & Chris Pirogenia
05/09/2017 18:38:14
"Tiki is lots better. We shouldn't have waited so long to bring her there. Everybody was awesome."
- Phyllis Martz-Krueger
05/06/2017 10:13:46