"We have already shared our excellent experience with family and friends. Thank you. "
- Wayne Morse
05/04/2018 22:50:53
"You are doing a great job, with a courteous and knowledgeable staff. Thank you! "
- Deborah Holihan
04/19/2018 18:01:18
"Absolutely wonderful. Our Siamese cat Lucy is trying to add to this by walking across the keyboard. She was the one treated recently at your facility"
- Richard Buley
04/15/2018 16:22:57
"Friendly, knowledgeable staff. I like the multi-pet discount!"
- Sara Lake
01/28/2018 16:48:24
"Everyone from the front desk (Bernadette ) to the technician(Sue) to the Dr. Violette was very friendly ,informative and helpful.Thank you for your care."
- Cheryll Shockman
01/14/2018 02:53:09
"We had a wonderful experience. As first time dog owners the vet and tech were very patient and answered all of our questions. "
- Nick Riloff
12/30/2017 12:52:50
"Dr. MacNamara was very professional and so knowledgeable. She gave me a great tip and used the "watch and wait approach" which I like when our doggie was in no immediate danger. Thank you!!"
- Sandra Hayes
12/13/2017 20:49:27
"I have always found all of your vets and staff to be very concerning and caring. I feel like you all genuinely care for my animals. I recently had to euthanize one of my cats and you all did everything you could to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. You were so accommodating and made a very hard experience but necessary one tolerable. We thank you for that. You have such nice touches like the birthday cards you send to the pets."
- Joann Sasali
12/09/2017 01:02:46
"Our visit made us very glad we chose Salmon Brook!"
- Peggy Murray
12/01/2017 20:06:51
" Everything about SalmonBrook was superb. Dr. Anne was great my animal was very well taken care of and let’s hope he makes it. I would definitely recommend SalmonBrook "
- Sharyl Marino
11/14/2017 21:47:02
"I appreciate the text and pics of buddy while he was there at kennel in quareteen it made it a lot easier. Thanks for caring for my pup."
- Pamela Brown
11/10/2017 03:56:46
"Because we relocated back to CT after 15 years in AZ, we had to become reacquainted with the organisms which can affect the health of our pets in this area. We used to live in Granby 29 years ago and were clients of Mickey, Davis, and Miller. We were very pleased with the care our Quincy and Cookie received. My only suggestion would be that the veterinary technician be introduced to us because she is an integral part of the team."
- Joan McKitis
11/03/2017 20:06:05
"I really appreciated the call back with lab results the very next morning. Dr. Webber is fantastic. He provided good explanation of my Haflinger's diagnoses and treatment plan. I never felt rushed in any way and had plenty of opportunities for questions. Front desk staff were very friendly and helpful. Great job by all."
- Wendy Kowalczyk
10/30/2017 14:12:14
"Henny is already feeling better. she is even primping her feathers again. we were very pleased with the friendly service. thank you "
- Kathleen Brennan
10/22/2017 13:06:38
"Everyone was very very nice . It felt like everyone liked their job and took an interest in my cat. The dr who neutered him explained a lot and was so so nice. Great experience. "
- Susan Scheibel
10/21/2017 13:03:40
"I have a very nervous dog and everyone was very accommodating. The separate area in the waiting room was great as my dog tends to get more worried with unfamiliar dogs. Denise and Dr McNamara were great and went very slow with my pup and he had a very good first experience. "
- Chelsie Gemme
10/20/2017 13:15:55
"So glad we found you!!! We were able to make an appointment same day and get all of our questions answered!"
- Laura Herold
10/01/2017 12:57:29
"Very compassionate professional doctor and assistant. Thank you for getting us in promptly."
- Marilyn Wardner
09/20/2017 00:26:02
"I've had an emergency visit and the offered to set me up an appointment within 30 mins and I've only wait a couple of minutes inside of the waiting room and had my results for my sick pet within 15 mins I was very pleased and the doctor helped lower my stress level and was extremely well with my little bunny "
- Samantha Avery
08/27/2017 17:12:13
"Very glad to fund a vet to treat a duck. Excellent service all around. "
- Donna Landerman
08/26/2017 19:49:59
"We are new to pets and had many questions, some of which I'm sure we're very simplistic. Both the doctor and assistant understood this, were patient, and answered our questions thoroughly. "
- Jamie Gravlin
08/09/2017 03:26:58
"Fantastic. I will not go anywhere else. "
- Dustin Majewski
07/28/2017 21:54:42
" Very courteous knowledgeable staff. I would've loved to have been present for Sunnys procedure! :)"
- Catherine Bertelli
07/25/2017 10:57:23
"I was very pleased that at last minute, on a Friday afternoon we were able to get our duck Bertha in for an emergency visit! Especially since there are few docs that treat farm animals! Dr. Samantha was sooo great too. And the best part is Bertha is back to herself....laying good eggs and enjoying our pond! I work at a dental office and know that emergencies always come at the worst hour of the day....but we never turn away anyone and I am glad that my pet was treated as good as my human patients! Much thanks! Lori Connaughton and Bertha.🦆"
- Lori Connaughton
07/12/2017 13:01:23
"Thank you sooo much for seeing us last minute. Being away from our regular vet it was so comforting being with people that cared about the health of my fur baby!!! If I lived locally I'd use Salmon Brook exclusively :)"
- Aimee Waters
07/11/2017 11:09:37
" Absolutely no complaints. Q ball develop some minor complications and the doctor kept in some form via phone calls through the whole process. Very impressed with the staff and facility"
- Maureen Houle
07/07/2017 15:58:05
"Your Staff and Vets are not just reassuring to the people but perfectly personable to the pets. I love this place!"
- Sarrena Perry
07/06/2017 21:33:10
"I'm just happy that I found a veteranian that is compassionate enough to understand that funds can be tight at times and was willing to see my dog still and wait on payment. For that, I thank you! "
- Georgiana Hogarth
07/01/2017 17:13:16
"We were very impressed by everyone and everything in your office. Kind, courteous, knowledgeable, compassionate. We could go on and on. Thank you for being who you are."
- Bror Lindau
06/16/2017 14:29:19
"Zero bad feedback to give. Only the highest of praise and thanks. From front desk, to Dr's and techs, and then exit staff... The whole experience at Salmon Brook is just wonderful and we are so grateful to have such good care for our precious little fur baby, Pucci. Thanks again! "
- Kristin Hashmi
06/12/2017 08:46:22
"We were five days new to CT when we brought Wyatt in, concerned about his hip. He has had two major leg surgeries, so we were extremely nervous about bringing him into a new, unfamiliar office. Your staff made us feel welcomed, relaxed, and confident we brought him to the right place. Thank you so much!"
- Lori Price
06/03/2017 21:09:38
"Excellent experience! New customer for sure!!"
- Leslie Pressey
05/26/2017 19:03:35
"This was my first trip here and I couldn't have been made to feel more comfortable. I was referred by my mother in law, who loves your services, and she was correct. I have no complaints! Thank you!"
- Abby Albano
05/19/2017 09:04:52
"The Tech and Vet were very caring and helpful, as were the receptionists. My poor doggie is happy again, and I thought it was a fair price for a Sunday emergency visit and the drugs. Thank you very much. "
- Jason Andrus
05/18/2017 18:51:35
"Great experience, great price and great service. Surgery was unaffordable in other vet clinics. When we found Salmon Brook and I immediately was able to speak to the surgeon, then he told me the price, the decision was easy! The staff was understanding of our situation and even though we weren't clients before, we were treated with the same respect. "
- Cassie Gaskin
05/03/2017 19:11:02
"First time there. Good customer service. Clean facility. Everyone worked together to get you through appointment. I'll be back."
- Lisa Griffin
04/07/2017 13:06:29
"Excellent. Very caring about my cat. Made us feel like we were family, and not just another customer."
- Paul Chase
02/26/2017 14:54:07
"All my questions were answered and they both were very gentle with Oliver. I think Oliver handled her exam better than I expected. Thank you"
- Marilyn Jameson
02/26/2017 12:05:30
"The staff really seems to enjoy the pets."
- Connie Hegarty
01/03/2017 19:05:29
"Great experience with my new puppy:) I've had a few pets go to salmon brook and always a good experience "
- Carissa Desiderato
01/02/2017 10:44:04
"Excellent facility, and amizing personnel. Very professional and top of the line Doctors. All my questions were answered promptly and scientific evidences were given. I do not have any negative feed back or comment at this time"
- Paola Mohan
11/17/2016 12:51:08
"We tried out the massages by Sally for two of our dogs and she was wonderful! She was very friendly, answered all our questions, and was very good with both dogs. Each of our dogs have a distinct personality that is different than the other, but both are not totally comfortable in social situations. Sally knew just how to deal with each dog and their personality and it was great! I think they both ended up enjoying the massages even...wasn't sure what they were going to think of it! :) Great first experience overall. Also just got the "Welcome to our clinic" card. Very nice touch. Handwritten, knew we had two dogs, and that we attended for massage!"
- Kristen Overson
10/19/2016 19:52:48
"We just moved back to the area and were pleased to find a great vet for our kitties! Everyone was super friendly and pleasant and it seemed like a great community. The office was clean and inviting. Our cats were treated well throughout the exam. Beth was amazing, super friendly and informative. Dr. Kirk answered all our questions, we didn't feel rushed and felt that we received valuable information to take care of our cats including diet recommendations and ear treatment. Coming from the Boston area, the cost seemed very fair for the exam and extra testing. We will definitely be back and will recommend to anyone we can! "
- Bridget Bortz
10/17/2016 16:07:29
"Well I have only had 1 appointment so far, but I was very pleased with everyone that I saw and helped me! Thanks for being so caring and kind!"
- Debbie Savino
10/17/2016 08:13:10
"Excellent! I love the care provided at Salmon Brook. Sometimes it's expensive, but that comes with the nature of the veterinary hospitals I suppose! Thanks. "
- Andrew Yanik
09/28/2016 15:37:44
"My visit was an emergency and Dr. Violette and the staff were very nice and helpful they asked a lot of good questions and calmed my nerves. Thank you!"
- Kate Keiderling
09/21/2016 16:47:31
"I am always happy about the care Ziva receives."
- Susan Morton
08/28/2016 14:26:42
" All my experiences with Salmon Brook have been excellent. I have no suggestions or criticisms. Everything's been great !"
- Mary Ann Taylor
08/27/2016 06:02:08
"I am pleased with my visit. The care for my pet was excellent."
- Pam Sickinger
08/27/2016 05:49:30
"We are very pleased with boarding our dog and like all of the vets. "
- Diane Phelon
08/27/2016 05:19:21
"Both the vet and the vet tech were very nice and easy to talk to."
- Karen Hayes
08/26/2016 22:25:55
"Your doing great. My little boy (cat) had to have emergency surgery on a nasty, infected boo boo. We were able to schedule th surgery within the same day, and they took great care of him. Thank you"
- Patty Heinrich
08/26/2016 19:26:42
"Excellent care, vet and vet tech I trust and who know my horse. Excellent job!"
- Deb Lincoln-Smith
08/26/2016 19:00:40
"Dr Groshek cares for my cats and I trust his knowledge and care with my "Boys". Oscar had some kind of skin irritation and he gave him a shot of cortizone and so far it seems to be helping. Everyone is always very friendly."
- Patsy Klotz
08/18/2016 20:01:18
"I always have a positive experience when at SBVH. Everyone is friendly, they love and care for my pets... I am very happy."
- Lana Ferguson EMP
08/18/2016 16:11:09
"You are the most caring group of pet lovers i could ever hope for. When i am scared and upset, you have always been kind and generous with your explainations and time. You get what it. Feels like when we are in pain over a sick pet. So grateful you are our pet's doctors and staff!!!!"
- Karen Herlands
08/16/2016 17:40:27
"Good Doctors surrounded by Good Help equals success, But your not the cheapest guy on the block."
- Margaret Rosenberg
08/16/2016 16:39:49
"Dr Wolfe saw Willow and she was very pleasant "
- John J. Walsh
08/14/2016 14:12:14
"Dr Groschek, Dr Violette and Dr Wolfe are all top notch in my book. From the front office staff to the techs I have never had an issue or bad experience. Kudos."
- Charles Margarites
08/13/2016 11:41:17
" My wife and I really like Dr Miller. His experience, knowledge and the time he spent examining Liberty and asking questions really made us feel confident in his advice. He has rocketed to our number one favorite veterinarian for Liberty. Salmon Brook has an impressive staff and we sincerely appreciate the care and interest shown for our horses and our new dog. "
- Rich Bouffard
08/11/2016 05:20:17
"I was able to get an appointment quickly. Service was courteous. "
- Cynthia Murphy
08/10/2016 22:01:23
"dr weber is awesome. and Jessica the large animal secretary. "
- LeeAnn and Casey Watson*
08/09/2016 11:10:33
"Front desk, nurses and doctors were all embracing and friendly. Great experience and our puppy felt better that evening!"
- Steve Wheeler
08/08/2016 06:46:16
"Dr. Kirk addressed Suzie 's swollen throat,calmed me and did yearly wellness with necessary shots at the time. Love Dr. Kirk and all! That is why we come there from Hampden, Ma."
- Marjorie DellaValle
08/06/2016 15:05:43
"The facility is one of the best I've been to. Everyone is always caring and courteous. Pet care is very expensive so I appreciate being told upfront how much procedures will cost. "
- Jackie Darmofalski
08/05/2016 14:52:31
"Dr Violet spent a lot of time with us and really cares for our dogs. "
- Cindy and Ron Zabinski
07/30/2016 19:44:07
"I appreciate the good care you provide to our dog."
- Louise Hoar
07/28/2016 13:13:48
"Always courteous, always caring!"
- Daniel Escamilla
07/25/2016 11:14:11
"We have been using Salmon Brook Vet for over 20 years. Excellent service! Wouldn't change a thing."
- Carla C. Cordi
07/25/2016 08:18:08
"Friendly staff doctors and assistants. Nice clean environment. Happy atmosphere to bring my pet. Over all good experience "
- Barbara Flanagan
07/24/2016 13:47:44
"Simon was well taken care of by your staff."
- Laura Rivers
07/24/2016 09:56:05
"You have been helpful and very caring. Keep up the great work!"
- Karin Stromgren
07/24/2016 00:59:45
"Very concerned about the well being of my pet.made me feel comfortable to get a call at work to ask questions about him"
- Roy Squires
07/23/2016 20:23:01
"I would never go anywhere else We have 3 pugs and you have been wonderful with them all "
- Gary Johnson
07/23/2016 18:53:05
"Love it here!!"
- Heather Tworzydlo
07/23/2016 18:21:30
"Staff very flexible with scheduling. Always clean waiting room. "
- Ellen Bell
07/23/2016 17:52:55
"There is no "bad" experience I, Rich and Treena have ever had at Salmon Brook Veterinary Hospital. Over these many years you have treated not only Treena, but our late Barney, Fritz and Kirby with the utmost professionalism, expertise and loving kindness for which we have been forever grateful. Treena has no fear of going to her appointments and, in fact, looks forward to seeing "the girls" at the desk who great her with treats and enthusiasm. Keep doing what you're doing. You all are the best! "
- Richard Dudenhofer
07/23/2016 17:28:50
"Very pleased with recent kennel service"
- Andrea Burrick
07/23/2016 15:53:10
"no complaints about the care- your services are top notch- just wish it was more affordable"
- Michele Marin
07/23/2016 15:47:41
"Everything was great from the front desk to the check out. All my questions were answered and things were explained to me in a clear detailed manner. "
- Kimberly Sass
07/23/2016 15:43:31
"Always completely satisfied!"
- Aimee Menapace
07/23/2016 15:30:08
"Best groomer!!"
- Deb Donahue EMP
07/23/2016 14:03:10
"I was able to get one of the vets I wanted to check up on my horse and test results were relayed to me in a timely and understandable fashion."
- Anne Valdez
07/23/2016 13:50:50
"Everything was great! Thanks for the follow up call to check in on how Lucky was doing."
- Lisa Courser
07/23/2016 13:45:58
"Love Salmon Brook!! Everyone is so respectful, polite and thorough!"
- Shana LaPointe
07/23/2016 13:42:13
"Never a long wait for an appointment. And the reception staff are so friendly."
- Tammy Snyder
07/23/2016 12:48:52
"Staff was very friendly and efficient. They always make our dog feel at ease during his check-ups."
- Kim Pitoniak
07/22/2016 20:36:51
"Courteous and friendly staff."
- Karen Somerville
07/22/2016 14:23:41
"I am very happy with the care we receive from you. "
- Wade Raabe
07/02/2016 09:56:08
"Everything was great, and Binx seems good as new!"
- Kathryn Boyer
07/02/2016 09:51:19
"Great job everyone... When I come in with one of my pets or have a horse call at the barn, I feel as though you're part of my family and will always have my pets best interest at heart... and you guys have been to the barn many, many times!! Your kindness and compassion excels!"
- Linda L. Swedo
07/02/2016 09:40:50
"SBVH has always taken magnificent care of all out pets, past and current. I've never had any issues with appointments be they routine or urgent, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They truly care for all the animals in their care - our cat Simon was sick for a few years before passing and we were making bi monthly trips to SBVH for shots to relieve his discomfort. I stopped by personally to tell him of his passing and they took the time to meet with me to offer their condolences and share their grief over the loss of our little 'skin kitty'. Months later I got a card in the mail entailing how they had made a donation in his honor towards further animal care research. I'll never bring my pets anywhere else."
- Bruce Althen
07/02/2016 09:33:16
"Thank you for a great and friendly visit. I even got a follow-up call to make sure that my do was doing well. My pets and I appreciate the care we get at your office. "
- Molly Rivera
07/02/2016 09:20:55
"Very happy, especially Dr. Violet! I was honestly frustrated that we had so many visits to DX Harrys skin condition. On the whole you are all wonderful !"
- Ellen Cazzetta
07/02/2016 09:13:26
"I needed to have Mac weighed in order to purchase the correct dosage of flea and tick chewable a. He was weighed quickly and we purchased the product right away. We were in and out in a matter of minutes!"
- Kelly McDonough
07/02/2016 09:11:22