"You are doing great - as always. We have been clients for over 30 years and always been happy with your services and professionalism. Our last two dogs lived until 17 years old. I think that is a great indicator of the level of care you have given to us and our animals."
- Paul Sperber
04/29/2018 10:36:11
"We had a very good visit with dr Stacey K. As always, very professional and ver helpful."
- Carlos Perez
04/27/2018 20:20:11
"I have no complaints to report. Each doctor who sees Pooh Bear shows care and compassion with him. I truly appreciate their going the extra mile to try to figure out his issues. As a first-time dog owner, I don't always know what to expect with an aging dog, and so their expertise helps to calm my fears."
- Walter Gardner
04/25/2018 12:14:32
"I cannot think of anything bad. We have had nothing but professional, thoughtful and caring treatment for our dogs and rabbits. Dr Yacowitz was willing to try unconventional medicine for Ellis who suffered with cancer which gave us an extra year with him and it was a healthy happy year. He wasn’t just alive. He treated Maizey with acupuncture that helped her after a devastating accident, most important to us beyond their medical ability and their staying current on medical procedures is the compassion the entire staff shows when our beloved pets sadly go to the rainbow bridge. That compassion is so comforting , thank you doesn’t really seem to say enough. "
- Linda Babeuf
04/21/2018 11:53:09
"Dr Stacy is so great with Tiggy and I love her sense of humor "
- Cindy and Ed Diamond
04/20/2018 21:15:24
"Dr. Yacowitz is the best. He always makes me feel better. My dog is experiencing anxiety along with other symptoms and he always spends time explaining everything to me and shows me techniques to use with him. I recently moved to your hospital. It is much further from my home than my old vet was, and I am so happy I made the change. I trust Dr. Yacowitz in every way and know that he will do everything he can to help my dog. My second dog will be coming soon too! Thank you... the techs are amazing also!!!"
- Beth Fromkin
04/20/2018 02:18:07
"We love bringing our two dogs to Little Silver Animal Hospital! Each of the doctors are thorough, passionate, and knowledgeable. "
- Ted Breitowich
04/19/2018 18:02:24
"Everything. is always so good and friendly each time I come."
- Mary Sandilos
03/12/2018 13:33:07
"Our Tech, Dale, I think, was great. Nicolle was very patient and, of course Dr. Regan, was great. Really, the only reason we may go somewhere else is the exorbitant costs: double the price of vaccines elsewhere, $60 (pre-paid), for a Urinalysis for which I have to collect the sample, etc.... My usual charge is about $600-700! This time I had vaccines done elsewhere and it was “only” $363.09. (Still pretty steep). Anyway, Since you asked.... "
- Jennifer Noble
03/08/2018 02:29:06
"very attentive and explained everything with prompt follow up phone call regarding lab work"
- Kim Willemstyn
03/07/2018 21:56:57
"LSAH truly is the best veterinary hospital around. All of the doctors and staff are competent and truly caring. Not to mention just how much you have done for me and all of my cats over the years. I would never have had the pleasure of Hopee, Dickens, Peeperman, and (who could forget Devo) without you."
- Shannon Symons
03/07/2018 20:16:40
"when you are called to your appointment on time everything just works better."
- Lyman Spalding
03/06/2018 00:17:26
"The care that Pooh Bear receives whenever he visits is always good. The doctors and staff treat him as though he is a part of their family. The issues presented are thoroughly examined so that the proper treatment can be administered. Very pleased with the service provided."
- Walter Gardner
12/17/2017 11:38:44
"I have been coming with my pets to you all over 20 years. Same wonderful team and service. Always smiles and concern for out fur-babies. Thank you!"
- Linda Hassler
12/14/2017 22:45:50
"Love the doctors and the staff. I always know that my two boys are getting the best care. Reception is also wonderful and I appreciate their alerting me when my dogs are overdue for vaccinations and such."
- Laura Wallace
12/14/2017 16:05:57
"Your veterinary services are excellent. We feel you treat our pets As you would treat your own."
- Fred Bauch
12/14/2017 02:17:29
"My visit at LSHA was very good. Our dog needed immediate care and the staff was able to arrange an appointment right away with the doctor. Very helpful!"
- Joe Fragale
12/10/2017 23:11:18
"I am always pleased with my visits to LSAH. I am greeted promptly by the staff. My visits with vets are always pleasant & informative with all my questions being answered. I feel it is a great facility & recommend it highly!"
- Mary Ann Minor
12/10/2017 23:08:09
"Always a great experience from start to finish "
- Rachel Hooks
12/10/2017 18:49:47
"Yesterday when I came home, I found Ellie with a torn dewclaw. The nail was hanging off and she was licking it - i could tell it really hurt her - holding her foot off the floor. I called your office and was told to come in an hour later. I was thrilled that you would fit us in, in such a timely manner. She was cared for quickly and with great precision. She is doing well today and ate her antibiotic pill happily within a glob of peanut butter! My wait time before being called into a room was only a matter on a couple of minutes. I absolutely appreciated your services! No complaints!!!"
- Elaine Feyereisen
12/08/2017 17:55:16
"The service has always been great for my pets, I have been coming to you for over 20 years, first with my cats, then with my dog "Duke". I have always been able to get an appointment when I needed one, and both the Doctors and techs have always treated my pets with care and patients."
- James F Grant
12/05/2017 22:19:18
"We love coming to LSAH. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and considerate of my time. We have been at other facilities to see specialists and they are so chaotic and uncaring. Please don't change!"
- Michele and Ed Carrano
12/05/2017 12:39:03
"From the moment the phone was answered through the entire visit was seamless. The staff and doctors where all kind and responsive. Great care and great people."
- Caren McCormack
11/29/2017 18:40:02
"I am very happy with LSAH and it's hard to think of anything that could improve!"
- Debbie Elsinger
11/29/2017 12:39:16
"Sharon, as always, is so helpful and a friendly face to engage in conversation. Makes visits more about the Little Silver Animal Hospital as a community as opposed to just a place to bring pets. "
- Nina D'Urso
11/29/2017 00:44:45
"Both Dr. Stacey and the technician were patient and informative with our many questions. "
- George Hunt
11/28/2017 20:06:19
"LSAH is the only animal hospital I'd go to. I've been to others and none of them are as good as they are. At Little Silver Animal Hospital you get the best of vetinary care, and the friendliest and warmth from the entire staff as if you are all part of a family. My pets are well taken care of there ! I honestly can't say enough good things about LSAH!!"
- Kathy Kerbs
11/23/2017 20:19:39
"You have a very comfortable, comforting place to take our babies when they're sick or just need a check up. The entire staff is super friendly and CALM. Dr. Reagan is excellent. Howie and Tumbles are very pleased with her care, as am I..."
- Barbara Hoerl
11/22/2017 17:53:59
"Always perfect, attentive and responsive. We consider ourselves so lucky to have you. Dr's Stacy and Regan are tops. "
- Karen Gornto
11/19/2017 18:00:53
"I've always had a good experience at LSAH. The staff is professional, courteous and understanding. The doctor's I've seen are both knowledgeable and very caring. "
- Robert Lomas
11/19/2017 13:58:52
"I and my pets are always treated very well by all team members. Angelica and Peter took very good care of Aspen."
- Debra Williams
11/19/2017 02:02:24
"Amazing. So friendly and helpful "
- Tara Romano
11/16/2017 18:44:34
"I have been very pleased with your animal hospital. Dr. Scott has been our doctor, and we couldn't be happier! He answers all questions and gives us so much valuable information as we have a puppy. He is gentle with our dog and very professional. It is obvious that he takes his job and love of animals very seriously. Your support staff are friendly and very professional as well. We feel very confident in choosing your facility to take care of our pet. We also had our first grooming experience with Lisa, and she seemed to do a very nice job."
- James Funck
11/15/2017 22:20:23
"Trust these doctors implicitly! Very thorough, knowledgeable, and friendly "
- Caryn Ciccone-Owens
11/14/2017 21:46:15
"I am so grateful that LSAH was able to see Luca n Saturday when they had so many emergencies and asked Dr. Scott to come in and help. Thank you so much!"
- Donna Hession
11/14/2017 17:41:27
"I feel like my cat and I are visiting with family members. Who couldn't be nicer than Dr. Scott?"
- Janet L Slavin
11/08/2017 23:39:25
"I always have a good experience. I trust you with my pets. I love being greeted at the door & as technitions & other employees come to the front desk & move around the office they greet me my name & give attention to my pets. "
- Christina McSherry
11/05/2017 11:08:10
"My family has always found the staff at Little Silver Animal Hospital to be very nice, and professional. The care for our dogs over the years has been great. We are very pleased with all the Doctors and staff, and continue to take our dogs there."
- James Bastan
11/03/2017 14:26:02
"Great experience! Thanks to Dr. Stacey, Shauna & Suzanne in front for all your help~"
- Mary Ann Minor
10/11/2017 18:01:29
"You guys are super professional and go beyond to make life for pets extraordinary. Thanks "
- Arthur Ochse
10/07/2017 18:37:52
"All of your doctors and staff are terrific! We were worried about our dog since she just got back from her first boarding experience and is sick; you were able to squeeze us in last minute yesterday. Dr. Yacowitz was so nice and answered all of our questions about what to do for her. Thank you so much! We will continue to come to you guys for years to come!"
- Megan L'Heureax
10/03/2017 19:31:50
"All my animals have received the most excellent care over the last decade. The vets are caring as are the techs. I cannot say anything but but I am plesed as p unch to be their client. Danice Casper"
- Danice Casper
10/03/2017 17:16:25
"The entire team is caring and supportive. The vets have helped us immensely in planning for he healthcare of our recently adoped rescue beagle. This is absolutely the best vet practice we've ever encountered."
- Gail Byrnes
10/01/2017 11:03:47
"The Dr and staff are very nice and all questions answered well"
- Lisa Dumont
09/28/2017 02:26:01
"Everyone there is caring, supportive, found a time for me to bring in my pet with little notice. I'm very grateful. :)"
- Kimberly Newsome
09/27/2017 22:34:20
"Emergency visit, but everyone was great. Definitely where I will be coming from now on."
- Lianne Pragosa
09/27/2017 18:34:42
"Lilly loved you guys! we are so happy we came to you! "
- Kailee Richards
09/27/2017 16:22:11
"Excellent meds purchase interaction with Suzanne."
- Charlie and Joan Bierly
09/26/2017 16:42:13
"You are excellent. The doctors, technicians and staff are always very caring."
- Kimberly Reddan
09/24/2017 16:31:04
"You are doing great! I always tell everyone how wonderful LSAH is and how well and how warmly everyone treats me AND my pet. The doctors ate top notch and friendly and warm. I can't say enough good things about LSAH!!"
- Kathy Kerbs
09/24/2017 16:06:46
"The ladies at the front desk are excellent and always help getting appointments convenient for me and my frequent phone calls (I'm a nervous fur-baby mom.) The techs are so good with the animals and handle difficult situations easily. The only MD I saw post-op so far was Dr. Scott. (Dr. Yackowitz did the surgery and we usually see Dr. Regan.) He is always so thorough! He explained the surgery to me, precautions for my Sampson to follow, and his multiple Rx's. He is such a kind and caring person and knows how sensitive I am about my dogs. Plus, you gave me a discount as Sammy was a rescue I adopted. You are the best vet office ever!"
- Andrea Krasno
09/23/2017 21:40:39
"Ziran will be 13 years old in Nov. ( ' God willing and the creek don't rise.' ) LSAH has been the only one providing his care. We moved to CT and the research began finding another verternarian. There were such extreme mixed reviews of vets in the new area, my heart could not put Ziran though starting all over. To be truthful, I was reluctant too. Yes, we all have off days, we are all human. . . Ziran was suddenly limping severely. And I wanted him to be at a place he would feel safe, respected and thoughly cared for, especially as a senior dog. And the only place for him is LSAH. The care Ziran received was exceptional. The receptionist, technician, and Dr. we're all attentive, kind, reassuring and professioal. I KNEW he was in good hands and at the best place for him. I know life can change in the blink of an eye, and it is great comfort to know LSAH is there for us as changes happen for Ziran. Thank you!"
- Mary Rose Martini
09/22/2017 18:13:06
"Always a good experience "
- Elizabeth Curley
09/22/2017 16:30:59
"I had my first visit at your facility on September 13th and was very impressed. I was very pleased with your friendly staff. My puppy was treated with great care and compassion. I was so happy to get an information folder and learned a lot that day. I also liked Dr. Scott."
- James Funck
09/16/2017 19:34:17
"Both Dr. Izzo (Muffy) and Dr. Stacy (Sparrow) were great - very empathetic and caring, and didn't push us into a lot of work that might have been costly."
- Michelle Wise Wag On Inn Rescue
09/15/2017 20:07:14
"We are always confident that our cats are in good hands at Little Silver Animal Hospital."
- Diane Steets
09/14/2017 21:04:57
"It's hard to find a vet that takes care of birds. I feel so comfortable bringing my conure here for checkups and grooming. They know how to take care of birds!!!!"
- Janis Skolinck
09/13/2017 16:32:07
"I love Little Silver Animal Hospital. The staff are all super friendly, they take you on time and the doctors are all super thorough and spend a lot of time with you and your pet."
- Kara Cooney
09/06/2017 12:49:37
"I really like bringing George to Little Silver Animal Hispital. The Doctor's are kind, caring and really listen to your concerns and questions. The Staff is wonderful too. I have a tremendous confidence that George is receiving the best care. Sincerely, Janet Slavin"
- Janet L Slavin
08/31/2017 22:52:32
" You were great with our kitty Squirt! He was deceptively calm and quiet while he was in the crate, but he went absolutely nuts when it came time for the examination. He was yowling, clawing, and trying to bite, and your technician and Dr. Izzo were both very kind, gentle, and patient with him. He is generally such a sweet and docile cat, and it was our first experience with him at the vet since we got him from a rescue. We didn't know what to expect, and your staff handled him with great care and tenderness. (We are great fans of Dr. Izzo, as he has cared for two of our previous cats...). All in all, everyone on your staff could not have been nicer."
- Cynthia Gaston
08/31/2017 20:05:03
"Little Silver Animal Hospital is the best! Wouldn't go any other place for my animals. The staff goes above and beyond. The vets and techs are true professionals, providing the best care for you and your pets. "
- Lorraine Valverde
08/26/2017 09:53:43
"We actually feel like family when we come in, with or without our little girl, Cinnamon. The ladies at the desk are always friendly and helpful, the techs recognize us and our pet, and Dr Stacy is great, and she explains what is going on. We're thankful to our old vet, Fr Voynik for recommending LSAH to us."
- Debbie and Rob Kirkwood
08/19/2017 14:04:03
"Everyone there is wonderful, vets, techs and reception employees! "
- Carolyn Rittenhouse
08/18/2017 20:20:49
"It was a great experience. Dr. Stacey was very informative & very thorough. "
- Debbie Ades
08/18/2017 18:24:54
"Plenty of interaction with our dog while getting the exam done. Truly feel the love of animals"
- Chris Lucid
08/18/2017 00:09:15
"Dr. Reagan has always been kind and caring when treating our three cats over the past 13 years. She is an excellent doctor who genuinely cares. The entire staff from the technicians to the front desk ladies are always pleasant and helpful."
- Jean Kahn
08/17/2017 22:57:24
"Great! Warm, caring, informative "
- Kerri Weiss
08/17/2017 20:08:00
"Love Dr. Scott. He is patient and gentle with our hounds. They are our babies and we appreciate the professional manner with which the staff works with us."
- Kimberly Dalton
08/17/2017 19:47:10
"Dr Scott is the best - I trust him implicitly - Molly and I are literally in his hands - Thanks Dr Scott"
- Marilyn Blum
08/17/2017 19:45:32
"Dr Scott is the best bet ever! He really took his time with my dog and cat and I am so grateful. I never felt rushed. Dale was so friendly and helpful and I am so happy I found this office!"
- Meredith Koseoglu
08/15/2017 18:01:31
"I was pleased that there was no wait time - Ellie and I were called in within a minute or 2 of the appointment. Dr. Scott provided clear information regarding Ellie's immunizations and overall health. "
- Elaine Feyereisen
08/09/2017 20:18:51
"Our furry children always receive the best care and attention at LSV. The entire staff is knowledgeable and sensitive, in any and all situations. Highly recommended. "
- JoAnn Lindemann
08/08/2017 18:39:00
"The care our pets receive is excellent always. We have nothing to complain about. We travel 45 min each way to bring our dogs to Little Silver. There are closer vets but we don't feel the care our dogs have recieved elsewhere was as thorough and caring. The staff knows our dogs. The staff stays on top of the issues our dogs have and I trust the recommendations for treatment as a result. "
- Shannon McGinn
08/08/2017 18:16:31
"Dr, Scott is so patient and kind, as is Matthew. I know my dog can be a handful but they handled him very well and put me at ease!!"
- Isabel Kupilik
07/25/2017 16:26:48
"As soon as we walked in with our new pup we were greeted with smiles and welcoming faces. I even had my 3 very hyper kids with me so i was waiting for the looks and eye rolls but......everyone was very nice and understanding. Our visit with the vet and assistance was really great and informative and Ginger did great too she was such a good puppy "
- Traci/Roberto Lombardi
07/25/2017 11:56:54
"Courteous and knowledgeable office and the doctor care is fabulous "
- Tracey Brown
07/16/2017 20:28:28
"Little Silver Animal is always a great experience. Thank you for taking such good care of Watson!"
- Robert & Carol Cofone
07/15/2017 11:33:08
"I love Little Silver Animal Hospital:) The front desk staff are all professional, cordial, helpful and accommodating. In addition the Vet Tech are equally professional and helpful. They always approach and handle my cat with care. I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Stacy. She is highly competent, knowledgeable and professional too. Dr. Stacy is caring and very reasonable in addressing my concerns and solutions for my cat's medical issues."
- Linda Roma
07/15/2017 07:54:57
"Woof.. we are LSAH paw-pals for ever!! Xoxo Hux"
- Scott Dille
07/14/2017 16:47:13
"No complaints! The doctors and staff are all wonderful. Thanks for taking such good care of all my kitties!"
- Gina Navon
07/11/2017 17:36:20
"I had a great experience! Dr Stacey was so sweet w my dog-- she gave her so much love before her exam!! Dr.'s assistant was so kind too and the office staff is quite efficient!"
- Amy Greenberg
07/11/2017 07:30:49
"we feel so fantastic about the care provided by everyone there - complete trust and confidence"
- Debbie Esserman
07/10/2017 20:29:53
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful from the girls at the front desk to the techs and doctors. I feel like my new buddy is in very good hands. "
- Diane Hubeny
07/07/2017 14:05:58
"You are the best!"
- David Flook
07/07/2017 13:47:17
"Such caring staff - Doctors always spend time with you and pet. Keep doing what you're doing!"
- Melissa McGuire
07/07/2017 07:54:44
"Love the care everyone has for my dog! Everyone from the Front desk staff, the tech, and the Vet truly seem to care about my pup. They even follow up a few days after to ensure all is OK!"
- Tara Mattiello
07/05/2017 07:21:42
"Very responsive to my dogs special needs!"
- Carol Davis
07/03/2017 06:54:55
"We travel 30 miles from Staten Island to see Dr. Stacey. We have been "patients" of hers for 17 years we followed her from SI to NJ. I have to admit that there had been times in those 17 years when I was on the fence about switching to a more local vet. However, last summer when our beloved Lexy crossed Rainbows Bridge, the outpouring of love and support we received from Dr. Stacey and the staff at Little Silver Animal Hospital confirmed my decision that I will cross bridges and travel in traffic to have my fur babies cared for by Dr. Stacey and Little Silver Animal hospital. She's always available to answer any questions or concerns I have and I value her opinion and care. She truly loves her patients and because of that we will follow her anywhere. "
- Patricia Bommarito
07/02/2017 07:35:25
"Always a wonderful experience at LSAH from the desk to the tech and of course Dr. Stacy through gentle informative exams. Explanations are clear, concise and plenty of time for questions. I am encouraged to be involved in my 4 cat's care "
- Denise Kornblatt
07/02/2017 07:30:21
"I especially appreciate your accommodation of Lexie with morning appointments since she's not very good with other dogs. Also, can't say enough positive things about Dr. Stacy."
- John Weidle
07/01/2017 21:57:01
"Fabulous and caring experience! You all took so much time with us. "
- Patricia and Todd Gunerman
07/01/2017 20:31:15
"Doing great and Maggie is already so much better! Thank you Dr. Stacy!"
- Katie LeVan
07/01/2017 17:51:24
"Everyone is amazing and great with cookie. You had patience with her when she was stressed out and scared. "
- Linda Shayo
07/01/2017 17:24:08
"It's greatly appreciated that Stinky gets love and care at Little Silver Animal Hospital. She is 11 years old now, and doing so well despite having diabetes. I never would have thought a cat could get diabetes, but Stinky has the right Doctor and Animal Hospital to help handle it. I can't thank you all enough for the care, concern, and love that you've shown to Stinky. Thank you for going the extra mile, and then some. It will never be forgotten."
- Linda & Gennaro Forgiarini
06/18/2017 10:29:40
"Staff and doc were compassionate, professional, knowledgable, and courteous. Time for questions and concerns and answered professionally. Appt was on time and I got out in a reasonable timeframe. "
- Janet Freed
06/16/2017 20:47:24
"The staff is always friendly and very nice. My last visit my dog was looked at by Dr Scott he was very thorough and great with my dog, I felt very confident in him. "
- Michele Roman
06/16/2017 20:10:45
"I was very happy with the care and treatment Bagel received. Dr. Izzo was very caring and professional. Thanks."
- Nick Lembesis
06/16/2017 16:37:58
"We came to you for a second opinion but Suzi has only had one month to live and the day we came to see you all that was it, but everyone was so nice out of there way for Suzi and I couldn't thank them enough and gave me more options and we have more time with her and we have seen a difference in her since we have left with the meds thank you all hugs "
- Janet Misiur
06/16/2017 16:18:21
"an excellent visit. no wait which is unusual. friendly staff as always."
- Lyman Spalding
06/16/2017 15:24:49
"The staff was very welcoming and I felt Rosie got a good check up."
- Ellen Davis
06/12/2017 11:48:49