"20 years of pet care with Memorial Pet Care and Dr. Henderson...why go anywhere else. We've always had the best care for all of our fur-babies and the warm welcomes and attention from his staff make for an overall and very appreciated experience."
- Andrea Minatra
08/04/2017 17:56:15
"I've been a long time satisfied client."
- Jane Fieldcamp
08/02/2017 20:55:48
"Every one at the clinic was nice and we were helped as soon as it was possible."
- Corinne Dekraker
08/01/2017 15:01:46
"Everything is great!"
- Sam Brown
07/28/2017 16:00:45
"I can not express my gratitude enough. Wonderful staff, wonderful doctors. Thank you!"
- John Devins
07/25/2017 18:03:45
"We always receive the finest care and service. Lola's vet, whose name we still struggle with pronunciation and spelling, has always shown her competence, experience and, most importantly, her sincere caring. --- We are delighted that Kayla is now back . Your front office staff is super! "
- Elsie Dodge
07/20/2017 12:00:57
"We always feel good when we drop Marmalade off to stay with you. You take great care of her,"
- Henry Hope
07/18/2017 14:15:46
"I have not experienced anything negative: every one of the staff seem to love pets! I love my vet! She really loves my pet!"
- Karin Stronck
07/17/2017 15:38:29
"I have had 1 dog. and 3 cats spayed there--all good results--no complications. The care is excellent. My cats get good care while boarding there too."
- Sarah Amidei
07/17/2017 09:34:42
"They have done a very good job of keeping Fritz happy at the age of 16. He can run and climb to top of his cat post."
- Jeanette Bednar
07/13/2017 07:41:52
"I've taken pets here for many years and always had a good experience (dogs and a rabbit). So, when I finally got another dog, I didn't hesitate to bring her here. Everyone was very kind and caring towards my new pet. "
- Leah Borg
07/12/2017 20:09:49
"You're doing great."
- Linda Romans
07/12/2017 15:55:30
"Outstanding professionals who's veterinary and people skills are fantastic. You are treated as one of the family and the entire staff is not in a hurry to get to the next patient until you are totally satisfied."
- Zack Chaky
07/12/2017 14:30:56
"Excellent -"
- Jim Clark
07/12/2017 13:50:55
"Experience was great. Communiction was perfect. Fiona is doing well"
- Alicia Clark
07/12/2017 13:38:25
"From the front office staff to the vets to the follow up phone calls - excellent customer service is always given. You can tell that everyone truly cares about your pet!"
- Melinda Hickey
07/11/2017 09:16:07
"I wouldn't trust my pets well being to any vet other than Memorial. Very kind, prompt service without unnecessary expense"
- Kevin Fortney
07/10/2017 16:39:40
"Not really sure what you can do better - free consultations, glass of wine (only kidding). I cannot think of anything."
- Grant Johnston
07/10/2017 16:38:07
"I love you guys! The doctors always answer my questions in great detail and are very patient. Thank you for everything these last 20 years. :)"
- Monica Birtwistle
07/10/2017 16:16:56
"Your record keeping and service is outstanding! Kizmet is a "newbie" and when I need info on her, you can provide it quickly ! Very efficient front desk staff! Plus ya'all have smile no matter how tough your day is! Thanks❣️"
- Jann Johnson
07/06/2017 17:35:39