"Dr. Henderson was very caring with Delgado. He also recognized that my husband and I are senior citizens and chose a less complicated medicine for Delgado's ear infection. Thanks."
- Elaine Adams
08/17/2016 19:06:13
"We always know Marmalade will get the best of care when she is boarded with you."
- Henry Hope
08/16/2016 14:45:50
"I've taken my pets to Memorial Veterinary Pet Care for over 15 years. Dr. Henderson has always given us the utmost care provided. I love receiving the check-up reminders and the e-birthday cards via email. How fun is it to celebrate our furry baby's milestones? Years ago, we moved and the drive usually takes 30 minutes, but I will not anywhere else because of what he and his clinic does for our furry babies. I'm a devoted customer for life!"
- Andrea Minatra
08/16/2016 14:21:54
"I have been bringing my dog to this vet for about 10 years now, and I am never disappointed. Every staff member is always so nice to me, and most of them know me and my dog by name. The doctors here are wonderful, and I know they have saved my dog's life on several occasions. Dr. Jordan has been the best so far, always patient with me and my questions, and always willing to try whatever she can think of that is best for my dog. She listens, she researches, and she truly was meant for this profession!"
- Stephanie Foley
08/14/2016 17:19:21
"Let me put it this way, I wish I were the pet being taken care of. People Dr's don't show the care and dedication, that everyone in your practice over achieves each time we're there."
- Kristina Anderson
08/14/2016 09:28:00
"I think you all are doing great. I always feel like your whole staff at memorial vet pet care gives 110%. Thanks so much for your excellent care for our sweet pups."
- Sarah Dietzmann
08/12/2016 09:46:36
"I always believe Lucky is so lucky to have the care and attention he is given. I do not know of another place that would be as professional and efficient as vets and staff at Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital. Lucky came through his recent surgery with flying colors."
- Sylvia Doyle
08/11/2016 17:24:17
"I have been going to thi clinic for almost 35 years - Memorial Veterinary Pet Care has the best doctors and friendliest staff - "
- Ann Gibson
08/11/2016 15:46:54
"We love you all and are so happy to have you as part of our family!"
- Sarah Austin
08/11/2016 09:20:55
"Thank you for your friendly and helpful staff at the front desk! We love how much Dr. Jordan cares about our kitty cats and understands their medical issues/needs. Dr. Jordan does a thorough job of communicating with us when one of our cats has a health concern. Keep up the great work!"
- Susanne Purvis
08/10/2016 21:48:53
"Always happy with the care Kodi gets."
- Carol Vanderbilt
08/10/2016 13:42:28
"We have been coming to Memorial Vet Pet Care since Dr. Henderson started it 35 years ago. It has always been a wonderful experience! In fact, Dr. Henderson saved our beloved cocker spaniel, Songy, when she had autoimmune hemophilic anemia and she went on to live nine more wonderful years. Again he came to our rescue when Zelda was 7 months old, contracted coccediosis (sp?), and was dehydrated. Those were the most dramatic times, but we have had excellent care and customer service from the girls at the front desk and the doctors helping Dr. Henderson over our total experience. We recommend Memorial Pet Vet Care to all our friends."
- Joe Peddy
08/09/2016 17:08:17
"Dr. Kimichik is always so patient and explains what is wrong. Biscuit always sees either her or Dr Jordan. I love that they treat him so well!! The staff also loves Biscuit!"
- Elyse Kunick
08/08/2016 21:59:42
"We love the fact that our dog, Moe, loves to go to your office and, amazingly, everyone there seems to love him! A win-win situation."
- David Winship
08/08/2016 09:29:09
" I think highly of the staff at Memorial Veterinary Pet Care Hospital and can attest to the high level of quality care they have to my pets throughout the years -some have had challenging conditions and the staff has always been competent and knowledgeable. "
- Elizabeth White
08/07/2016 20:24:24
"We love going to see Deana. She's wonderful "
- Mario Nunez
08/07/2016 19:48:34
"Dr. Henderson and Kathleen are the Best! As well as your groomer!!!"
- Cecie Carson
08/07/2016 19:31:45
"I feel like the doctors and vet assistants really care about our dogs. I am never rushed out the door. Our sweet Bella had issues awhile back and I was completely satisfied with the quality of care given!"
- Martha Chance
08/07/2016 18:13:35
"Myla & I are new to Memorial Vet. Recommended to me by my friend Pat Gooden. Couldn't be happier with the treatment that Myla has received. Her visits started in March. The staff is very helpful & welcoming. Dr. Jordan was able to completely treat & resolve her ear issues."
- Joan Campbell
08/07/2016 15:25:01
"Whenever our dogs have had issues Dr. Henderson and Dr. Jordan have been excellent. The latest issue one of our dogs has lost his hearing. Dr. Henderson took charge of a course of medicines and treatment. Within a day his hearing returned!! Bad infection even though I was treating him on a weekly bases with drops. So relieved!!"
- Myra Whitten
08/06/2016 08:14:06