"Always great service! The staff is prompt in getting the dogs inside and I appreciate Dr. Eastin always taking time to call me with a report on my dogs. He is very thorough in his assessments and care. "
01/06/2023 21:13:29
"Excellent as always."
01/02/2023 17:33:41
"Your team goes the extra mile to accommodate us with our two cats."
12/25/2022 18:10:54
"Our dogs love the doctor! And the staff! "
12/04/2022 03:57:40
"Love the service here! Thank you"
- Brandon Lopez
11/20/2022 02:37:03
"I have been taking my dogs to Sterling Park Animal Hospital for many years and their service has always been great. They care very much about the health of your pet, and thanks to their experience your pet gets the very vest care when at their facility. "
11/09/2022 18:13:58
"You all are friendly and professional. You are a great team."
- Molly Frost
11/06/2022 22:48:52
"It was so nice to see and feel welcomed... My furry child well taken care of by your team.. Thank you for your service and help!"
- Oya Basar
09/19/2022 16:06:22
"You guys are the most caring and kind folks. I know that my lil dog gets the best TLC possible each and every time he comes to your facility. "
- Gretchen Edwards
09/11/2022 22:36:47
"The care of the animals is wonderful!"
- Nat Jansen
09/10/2022 22:15:55
"Everyone at Sterling Park vet takes great care of my pets. Also I appreciate your office team taking the time to review invoices with me before charging my card. Lastly, your facility takes Petassure insurance so we get a discount "
- Meghan Ryan
07/08/2022 16:16:54
"All staff truly care for the well-being of your pet!"
- Nat Jansen
06/23/2022 18:57:18
"I had no issues at all with the visit. Received results in a timely manner"
- Travis Bryant
06/15/2022 22:34:52
"Great job"
06/08/2022 18:33:14
"Dr Easton and the staff have been more than wonderful. Thank you for caring for Dallas 💘"
06/01/2022 22:46:26
"The best understanding and care of my pets"
- Alexandra Orozco
05/23/2022 00:06:02
"Everyone who works here is great! We really appreciate the loving expert care they give Daisy! "
04/29/2022 23:21:50
"I thought it was excellent service that you provide to my Azalea."
- Paulina Villarpando
04/17/2022 22:19:36
"You all do a wonderful job!"
- Nat Jansen
04/14/2022 00:38:16
"I have been very pleased with the care my dog received and with the time the vet was willing to spend speaking with me about potential needs and care. "
- Lisa Sibenik
04/08/2022 02:01:02
"Your staff is compassionate and always tries to find the nearest open time slot for me to bring in my baby. They know me and the baby well so the visits are not overly stressful. Recommendations from the vet are presented kindly. I feel 100% confident in their care for my sweet little boy!"
- Gretchen Edwards
03/10/2022 18:49:46
"We used the grooming service. I felt the staff were friendly and that our senior dog Sadie was treated well. The groomer (Jackie I believe) did a great job… our older gal looked gorgeous. "
- Barry Benishek
03/08/2022 22:28:48
"I am very pleased with your service for Carter."
- James Battle
03/05/2022 22:34:30
"Dr. Eastin and staff are excellent. My dogs love them!"
02/26/2022 23:37:33
"Dr. Eastin is a kind, pragmatic vet that always has our pets' best interests in mind. Thank you!"
02/19/2022 00:40:02
"The staff at Sterling Park Animal Hospital are wonderful! "
- Sandy Swanson
02/15/2022 01:16:12
"We are so pleased with the customer service at Sterling Park Animal Hospital, from the receptionist (Jessica I believe) to Dr. Easton. Dr. Easton takes so much time with each pet/owner and it was great that he remembered our family and background, even after a couple years abroad. Really, really great experience - my husband and I commented several times how much we appreciate Dr. Easton and the vet experience."
- Dianna Palequin
01/26/2022 22:11:18
"Sterling Animal Hospital has always given my cat wonderful care."
- Dorothy Rounsley
01/21/2022 18:34:45
"You guys are great, I’ve never had a bad experience whenever I’ve taken our cat there! Y’all are super friendly and caring!"
- Joe Gaitan
01/09/2022 19:11:39
"I was happy to receive a call after the dental cleaning procedure was done and hear about Neila’s update"
- Yesenia Sorto-Guzman
12/21/2021 17:25:01
"I have always been very happy with the services you provide. The staff is very friendly and cooperative. They take very good care of handling our dog (who is old and not as mobile as he used to be). He has always been very well treated and the doctor has always explained fully the results of our pet's visits to the hospital."
12/20/2021 17:32:15
"I have absolutely no complaints. You are an awesome group to work with."
- Karen Sneed
12/20/2021 13:39:39
"Absolutely first class Doctor and staff and we intend too send Molly along for her holidays in May. Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year. Ray Jane & Molly."
- Raymond Holden
12/12/2021 21:27:49
"I love it everything is great"
- Maria Zamora
12/03/2021 17:10:22
"We have been bringing our beloved dogs here for years! Dr. Easton and staff are awesome! Thank you for caring for our furry family members over the years!"
11/29/2021 01:56:18
"From the booking of the appointment to the care and service of the staff, it is always a wonderful experience with Dr. Eastin and his staff. I have brought my dogs here for over 13+ years and every visit has been consistently pleasant. Sophia and Julie were especially careful and prompt in coming to my car to get my aging dogs. And of course Dr. Eastin always takes the time to personally call me in the car with a complete explanation of their visit. The best vet practice in the area!!"
11/19/2021 21:04:24
"Very nice to actually speak to the vet and get answers to all of our questions."
- Scott Gossert
10/28/2021 16:26:27
"Staff is always so fine and great with ny dog! Jackie does a wonderful job"
- Carolyn Blocher
10/22/2021 19:53:15
"Awesome team!"
10/21/2021 21:15:38
"I really enjoyed our first visit to your facility. I was really pleased with the time the vet took to explain everything to me and took the time to listen to what I had to say about our dog. Really feel like we are in good hands. "
- Kathleen Swanson
10/05/2021 18:10:29
"There my Vet always. "
09/10/2021 17:31:07
"The staff and Dr. Eastin are always so kind."
- Melissa ALVAREZ
09/06/2021 03:02:59
"Both of my dogs needed dental cleaning with extractions and a removal of a mass on the gums. Julia was very good in calling to inform me and update their progress. Sophia was also very helpful in bringing the dogs out to my car during a torrential downpour. And of course, Dr. Eastin is just the best!!"
09/02/2021 16:54:08
"I trust you guys. You helped Tanner during his most difficult time. You told me the honest truth while also giving advice on Bobbi Jo. I couldn't have more respect for this clinic and it's staff. "
- Kris Siegers
08/25/2021 20:06:48
"hi. thanks for the chance to give you feedback. we think your Receptionist was MOST gracious and courteous. we appreciate that. we also HUGELY appreciate the amount of time the Doctor spent on the phone with us (we long for the days when person-to-person visits are restored!) and can hardly believe the personal interest he took in our dog. he spent an unprecedented time explaining what was and could be wrong with her as well as what treatment options there were, and even let me hang up and discuss matters with my husband and call him back during the appointment. unbelievable. in short, we were 'wowed' with the care and will be back. you betcha. thank you so much!"
- Zenda Foy
08/14/2021 17:13:36
"Great care from great people!"
07/27/2021 19:10:21
"This was our cat's first bi-annual visit to Sterling Park Animal Hospital. We were very happy with the treatment she received. They were kind, and very helpful and they carefully explained a problem she had and how to treat it. "
- Raymond Holden
07/12/2021 12:51:16
"The staff and Vets treat my pet just like family! Every single person I have spoken with has been upbeat and friendly. This really matters since my pet might as well be my baby!! We have been coming to the Vet for 3 years and to the Doggy Daycare for over a year. I recommend these places to EVERYONE I know. Smiles!!"
- Gretchen Edwards
07/10/2021 22:48:51
"Professional, courteous & accommodating."
- Mona Dagbe
07/09/2021 11:06:27
"I’m always so impressed with the staff. Kind, courteous and on time. "
- Annie Powell
07/07/2021 19:51:49
"Very well. Good communication "
07/04/2021 20:25:26
"As always, receive excellent care from Dr. Eastin and the staff at Sterling Park Animal Hospital. They all treat our pets with tender loving care. They are the BEST in my book."
07/01/2021 12:39:44
"Excellent! Thank you for squeezing us in!"
- Collin Hartmann
06/05/2021 17:47:16
"If I ever get another animal, I will drive the 100 miles roundtrip to come to you."
- Karen Sneed
06/03/2021 16:14:26
"Neila was able to be seen, even with the doctor having a full schedule. I appreciate the availability you made for us!"
- Yesenia Sorto-Guzman
05/30/2021 19:20:01
"Perfect! Keep up the great work!"
- Gwen Secorsky
05/29/2021 18:05:53
"Great service"
- Julie Kerico
05/26/2021 22:36:05
"We always have a great experience with Dr. Eastin and the staff!!"
- Julie Edstrom
05/12/2021 22:06:28
"Terrible experience. Feel like our pet and the owner’s concern were not being cared. "
- Daphne Twu
05/09/2021 16:53:24
"This was my first pet visit since COVID started. I was uncertain what to expect. The instructions and expectations given to me about the visit were accurate. The staff were very kind and professional about coming out to meet me at my car and call me on the telephone. I appreciate the vet coming out to speak to me about my new puppy. I look forward to my new visit in a few weeks. Thank you for being thorough."
05/08/2021 23:15:01
"I am completely satisfied with the care my pets receive."
- Elizabeth Allbright
05/05/2021 22:03:17
"Out little Chihuahua Shredder and Poodle Tootsie have never had better care!! Dr. Eastman listens well, is frank, knowledgeable, empathetic, and curious. When you find a veterinarian who after years of practice has not lost the natural curiosity in treating disease, hold onto them. He thinks outside the box if the treatment isn’t obvious. Office staff is awesome and Techs gentle and caring!!"
- Marsha Scott
05/05/2021 18:20:54
"Everyone is very personable and informative. Even after Covid, I hope the drive up/drop off system remains. "
- Annie Powell
04/29/2021 19:40:17
04/29/2021 19:08:59
"You took good care of my cat Tux. You found pulled an ingrown nail from his paw and found that he was allergic to his flea collar. You made him more comfortable by shaving him. He walks around the house as if he were a kitten. Thank you."
04/20/2021 11:27:42
"Excellent service and friendly."
04/14/2021 20:00:38
"Despite the pandemic, Dr, Eastin and his staff have consistently provided excellent care and communication with me about the care of my dogs. "
03/30/2021 20:17:08
"Everyone is friendly and professional. Every one of the staff cares for our pets!!!"
- Gretchen Edwards
03/29/2021 22:29:33
"I love the drive up appointments! I don't know if they are good for you guys but as a customer I think they are great! Dr. Eastin and staff are always awesome which is why we have gone here for so many years instead of going to vets that are local and much closer to our house! "
03/14/2021 17:14:02
"Thanks for all you do, especially in these hard times."
03/12/2021 15:00:01
"Great communication, honest, caring - thank you! We recommend you to local friends!"
- Rachel Spivack
03/07/2021 18:50:02
"Dr Eastin and his staff are knowledgeable, compassionate, patient and caring. And to the animals too 😁"
- Angela Seldon
03/05/2021 21:06:58
"I have been taking my pets to Sterling Animal Hospital for over 40 years. It has always been a pleasant experience between the knowledgeable staff and the personal attention they provide."
03/04/2021 22:14:20
"Efficient and effective. Overall a very pleasant experience. I feel my Labrador Duke is getting the very best of care."
- Katharine Fisher
02/26/2021 01:01:55
"They are my trusted veterinarian's "
02/24/2021 01:09:37
"My experience is with the groomer, Jackie. Jackie has been grooming Gracie for several years and as usual, she did and excellent job. Gracie is a senior dog with some health issues and Jackie handles her with care and understanding. I would recommend Jackie to anyone. "
02/23/2021 19:37:47
"As usual, our kids get the best care available from Sterling Park Animal Hospital. "
02/13/2021 20:11:30
"Thank you so much for your help with Gracie. We really appreciate you taking her so quickly when she wasn’t already a patient. She’s doing much better today."
- Debbie Melia
02/10/2021 23:33:42
"Love the friendly staff and quick service"
- Sarah Lampkin
02/09/2021 18:35:39
"The Animal Welfare League of Arlington recommended your services to us when we took possession of a rescue cat and this was our first visit. We were very happy with our first visit and plan to continue using your services. "
- Raymond Holden
01/09/2021 21:56:49
"We had our first experience with you all this week and I was so impressed by the kindness and knowledge of the staff. We’ll be back....hopefully for a wellness visit next time though. "
- Annie Powell
12/16/2020 22:25:34
"Nothing but great things to say about the service and care received from the staff at Sterling Park Animal Hospital. Thank you and Merry Christmas!"
- PAM Ellis
12/16/2020 12:33:44
"Every visit is a pleasure! The staff is welcoming and helpful with getting my dogs from the car due to Covid restrictions. Dr. Eastin takes time to call me in the car and explain his observations and recommendations for care. "
12/13/2020 22:56:08
"Very courteous and professional especially during a pandemic "
- Joanne McDevett-Estes
12/03/2020 00:29:27
"Staff was great and they took good care of my car. They even re-folded the towel in her carrier"
- Mindy Ruth
11/16/2020 01:15:06
"Since it is during pandemic time, I didn't get to see inside the clinic. I think they handled everything pretty well while enforcing safety protocols and social distancing. The doctor answered all my questions on the phone and was really patient and took time to explain things."
- Fatima Mojaddidy
11/11/2020 01:51:22
"Very happy to receive a warm welcome for my cats by Sterling Park Animal Hospital. "
- Patrick Sternal
11/10/2020 00:03:52
"Everything is great, everyone is super friendly and they always provide the best care. "
- Karen Garcia
10/31/2020 23:22:14
"tuxedo's ears are looking good. Thanks for all the help."
- Anne Johnson
10/19/2020 17:44:09
"New procedure during the pandemic works great. Appreciate your service and dedication."
10/15/2020 21:19:39
"Very happy with the care given to our cat Abby. We were very happy with the care that was given to our dog Coco 10 years ago too. Keep up the good work. Thank you!"
- Sharon Crawley
10/11/2020 15:54:12
"Llevar a Rocky a sido bien para el, tiene un control de vacunas y su salud esta muy bien. La atencion es muy buena tratando de comunicarnos tambien en español, eso para mi y Rocky es buenisimo, ahora el tiene ya 5 meses y esta feliz, creciendo y haciendo travezuras como todo cachorro, eso significa que esta muy bien, gracias por estar pendiente de Rocky."
- Karina Bazan
10/05/2020 02:29:57
"Thank you for letting me be participate in Dukes care. Dr Eastin was great!"
- Katharine Fisher
10/02/2020 12:24:03
"They care about my cats as much as do and I appreciate their safety measures."
- Sharon Marshall
10/01/2020 22:03:12
"I love the care Shorty is getting "
10/01/2020 15:27:55
"My husband was the one taking Peter my dog in but he was very complimentary about how much time Dr Easton spent with him explaining the tests."
- Nancy Graves
09/29/2020 23:46:54
"I am extremely thankful for how Neila was treated this past week! "
- Yesenia Sorto-Guzman
09/29/2020 15:53:44
"Appointments are always on time, staff is friendly and efficient."
- Jessica Medeiros
09/28/2020 21:58:06
"Doing a wonderful job! Very nice "virus" set up - feel quite comfortable there and it is obvious the SP Animal Hospital takes the situation seriously. And as to my dogs? They are very good to my dogs and always have their best interest at heart. My dogs love the doctors and staff and we does the rest of the Kibler household."
09/28/2020 20:18:44
"Great job loved my first visit wonderful staff "
- Keith Foreman
08/02/2020 14:12:11