"Everybody at Williams Animal Clinic are extremely fantastic, friendly & courteous. Thank you for taking such excellent care of Lacey & Leo "
- Dawn Westlake
11/13/2017 21:43:09
"The staff is super friendly and takes care of us promptly indicating the office scheduling is efficient. I appreciate your services and both of my boys - Russell and Roux - are treated with care and concern. Having recently moved here from Mobile, we are delighted to transfer care to Williams Clinic. "
- Patty Scheider
11/13/2017 13:05:19
"I'm very pleased cause not only are we pleased with the service we receive but someone always calls later and checks on Jake. We feel like family and feel everyone there really cares about our fur baby. Thanks so much."
- Sally Vines
11/12/2017 17:57:05
"There doing a great Job.Thank you"
- Mary Mackey
11/10/2017 19:53:13
"I have been a William's patron since '85" with 7 dogs and 8 cats. I can think of no other clinic to trust my animals with."
- David Johnson
11/09/2017 22:57:20
"The vet explained everything very well. The staff was very nice. I was overall very pleased"
- Paul Johnson
11/05/2017 17:11:29
"Keerstin, Jennifer, and Dr. Bosworth assisted me on 10/30/17 regarding my pregnant Husky mix, Lady. Keerstin was super friendly and even came over to Lady several times to pet her and make her feel welcome. Jennifer came out to say that we didn't have to wait much longer. Dr. Bosworth was extremely friendly and informative. She answered all of my questions about my dog's pregnancy and birthing protocol. Lady felt very comfortable around Dr. Bosworth. Lady actually gave birth to 8 beautiful, healthy pups on the next day. I called the office to update them, and they were pleased to hear that Lady and her pups were doing well. Overall, Lady and I had an outstanding experience. I can't wait for the staff to see Lady's pups! "
- Denise Dawe
11/01/2017 14:04:33
":) "
- Carla Kirk
10/29/2017 14:46:06
"very good"
- Frances Burns
10/26/2017 15:00:55
"Very friendly service. Have used you in the past for other pets. Always our go to Veterinarian.. They always treat you like family!!"
- Shari Adams
10/22/2017 21:41:11
"I have used your clinic for the past 25 years. Your clinic is the best one around. I live in DeKalb county and would still go to your Clinic even if I lived 20 counties away."
- Linda Whited
10/22/2017 11:08:51
"I have never used Any other Animal Clinic except Williams.Have been using them for over 20 years. Always have taken Extra Special care of my pets. I have always been treated very nicely and the employees at Williams truly care about our babies!"
- Hal Bridges
10/21/2017 06:38:45
"I was impressed with the organization, friendliness and caring attitude of all the staff."
- Mike Allen
10/20/2017 02:11:08
"Overall a good experience, friendly staff that knew what they was doing, i got no complaints"
- Michael Hoosier
10/18/2017 13:36:26
"Doing great! "
- Karen Jones
10/11/2017 02:00:14
"I love the staff. They treated my little Lug like a king. Everyone is so friendly and knew just how to make my baby feel better."
- Nita Gossett
10/09/2017 00:33:54
"Wonderful service. Prompt response to pet emergency. Very knowledgeable and Super friendly Staff"
- Amanda Wigley
10/07/2017 17:23:39
"We have always had great experiences "
- Beverly Russell
09/29/2017 11:10:09
"Everybody has been good to me to make sure General has what he needs during this illness. That means all staff. Very kind. Helpful. I appreciate all of you for caring."
- Phyliss Stout
09/28/2017 19:40:45
"Great and Friendly team. "
- Richard Erby
09/28/2017 13:38:59
"I want to thank Heather for helping me so much with my high anxiety dog. She really soothes him and makes his experience as well as mine as stress free as possible. I love Williams Animal."
- Senacia Satterfield
09/27/2017 16:30:32
"I love taking my fur baby here cause the service is great & employees seem to really care about their patients."
- Allison Lancaster
09/27/2017 14:27:45
"No complaints here and Sonny seems happy with y'all!"
- Edith Smith
09/21/2017 23:56:03
"Everyone was very helpful and caring when I brought Delilah in. Treatments were discussed and explained as well as alternatives. Delilah is doing much better! Thank you for showing great care and willingness to try and make her feel better!"
- Victoria McLaughlin
09/18/2017 02:37:53
"Staff takes good care of my kitties!"
- Jo Killen
09/16/2017 19:54:31
"Service with a smile!"
- Tony Partida
09/15/2017 20:53:33
"I have used Williams Clinic since 1984, through 2 Rottweillers, a Lab, a Chi-mix breed, and now a Chug (Chi-Pug) , 5 or 6 cats of different colors and breeds. I can think of a better clinic for my pets and I recommend it all the time I talk to people about it."
- David Johnson
09/08/2017 21:15:01
"Very good"
- Mary Mackey
09/05/2017 20:02:39
"Very good experience. Dr was very informative to us. We have a picky eater and we'll take his advice......thanks"
- Robert Jones
09/02/2017 12:54:27
"I was very pleased !"
- Penelope McAllister
08/31/2017 20:12:57
"Friendly folks that care about my pets. Wait time is minimal. No bad."
- Dena Miller
08/26/2017 20:05:30
"I appreciate the care and love shown to my furbaby "21" during his 6 day stay. He was happy when I picked him up and not anxious so I know he was treated kindly. The staff was always polite and respectful and that is HUGE to me. Thank you so much for quality care and compassion to my pet!"
- Cheryl Cummings
08/24/2017 00:30:39
"Friendly staff"
- Mistie Swearengin
08/16/2017 00:03:26
"Overall a good experience. Dr Crowell and Dr Able are both excellent. "
- Becky Phillips
07/26/2017 04:44:11
"Could not be better!"
- Robert Stevenson
07/25/2017 16:37:51
"Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Didn't take long at all. "
- Donna Newman
07/20/2017 20:23:47
"Good friendly people love to come here been going about 16 years with all my dogs"
- Raymond Stapler
07/17/2017 00:12:47
"We boarded our dog, Shiloh, for 3 nights. He seemed well taken care of, although happy to come home, which is a normal behavior. We would definitely use this facility again."
- Rick Johnson
07/16/2017 11:49:21
"Williams Animal Hospital/Clinic employees are so fantastic, sweet and friendly. They know you and your pet individually and have the best customer and pet service!!"
- Willis W Williams
07/14/2017 17:29:49
"I was very pleased with Anna last visit for her annual checkup. Staff and doctors are very nice and knowledgeable."
- Jimmie Ann Sims
07/10/2017 10:16:35
- Tina Helms
07/08/2017 11:20:03
"Keep up the good care"
- Kimberly Johnson
07/06/2017 19:13:51
"I never have to wait very long in the office. When you have questions the staff is very informative. When we pick Gilbert up he looks good and acts great! Other places Gilbert acted skiddish, but never at Williams. Over all we love it here! Thanks for taking care of our pup!"
- Andrian Brady-Evetts
07/04/2017 09:37:08
"Wonderful experience all around. "
- Samantha Brown
07/01/2017 19:09:56
"My husband took Buttons to this visit, and he said everyone was very attentive and helpful with him and Buttons. "
- Kathy Carson Bethune
07/01/2017 16:20:58
"I have used William's clinic since 1995 and they have handle all my pets (4 dogs and 6 cats) with excellent care and professionism."
- David Johnson
07/01/2017 15:56:06
"Done everything right"
- Dottie Townson
07/01/2017 07:05:14
"Your doing great."
- Mary Mackey
05/19/2017 15:39:06
"My dog loves coming in for a visit with you all, and this makes mom happy so I would like to say thank you from our family :)"
- Madysson Goldsmith
05/17/2017 13:34:55
"Super Staff and I am very PLEASED with everything that was done when they fixed my male puppy."
- Harold Owens
05/05/2017 13:53:38
"Heather was fantastic with Scaredy, a semi-feral cat. He had sprayed the crate he was in on the 30 minute ride there, and Heather cleaned him and the crate up before I picked him up. He was neutered, vaccinated, and his boo-boos cleaned up. I may never see him again after releasing him when I got back home, but at least he is neutered and vaccinated. Thanks so much!!"
- Michelle Holland
04/29/2017 15:54:06
"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff."
- Melissa McCleskey
04/27/2017 12:34:27
"I love your facility. I wouldn't want to take miss Cora any where else. Thank you for all that you do. "
- Allison Coffman
04/26/2017 12:51:46
"I will tell everyone about how well my pets and I atr treated my the Williams Clinic!"
- David Johnson
04/22/2017 14:09:44
"I love bringing our pets there, no wait time and great staff!!"
- Duncan Phillips
04/15/2017 13:16:27
"Great, no problems at all"
- Roy Anderton
04/14/2017 19:18:00
"Great experience - really appreciate Dr. Able, Kristie and Kathy."
- Robert Stevenson
04/13/2017 12:46:13
"Kathy is amazing. She rescued my pup. I love how everyone is so sweet to both of my doggies. It makes things go so much smoother!! "
- Kyle Thompson
04/12/2017 20:56:46
"Great job as always! "
- Karen Jones
04/10/2017 11:47:33
"Excellent, you are our 3rd vet clinic we have used and by far the best"
- Mark Allen
04/09/2017 16:34:34
"Very happy with how you guys take care of our babies...and Oliver thanks you, too!"
- Chris McDonald
04/08/2017 19:50:18
"First time visit, friendly staff, knowledgeable team, took time to answer questions. Great experience for my dog!"
- Teresa Smith
04/04/2017 03:23:38
"The visit was amazing. I was visiting family from out of town and needed an emergency "work in". The staff was wonderful and Dr. Symms was absolutely fantastic! They all made a stressful situation so much better!"
- Valerie Yancey
04/03/2017 10:54:39
"My favorite Vet Ofiice by far!! I live in Fort Payne, and it's totally worth the drive for the great care provider! "
- Kayla Dixson
03/31/2017 15:36:14
"I was grateful that you worked Pocahontas in for her emergency surgery due to her prolapsed uterus even though you had full schedule. You guys are awesome "
- Alyssa Cosby
03/31/2017 11:34:16
"I was very happy with my experience. It seems that they really cared about my dog and her many issues."
- Judy Werner
03/19/2017 15:06:48
"You look after my pets well being and thats all I could ask for!"
- Madysson Goldsmith
03/15/2017 14:40:38
"Your staff has always been helpful and personable. I appreciate their kindness. "
- Lynde Mann
02/28/2017 19:52:05
"Takes such good care of my Sadie!!"
- Jo Killen
02/26/2017 17:34:38
"Great care and friendly staff"
- Beverly Russell
02/26/2017 16:15:21
"I have used this clinic since 1984 with five dogs and six cats. So I rate it high!"
- David Johnson
02/21/2017 21:12:11
"Great staff and very polite and helpful! "
- Katilyn Black
02/13/2017 14:54:36
"We had a great yearly wellness visit and after speaking with DR. Crole we scheduled our dental visit and plan on making it a yearly visit as well."
- Tera Flammia
02/13/2017 10:35:54
"Best Vets & office workers anywhere-that's why we drive from Madison to Scottsboro!! Prices best also! "
- Nita Ditz
01/20/2017 17:29:14
" The experience was great the people were very professional great cure for my pets "
- Mark Brock
01/20/2017 13:13:24
"My Labrador (Murphy) was very calm with his first two visits. This was not the case at some previous places I have taken him. This along with experienced DVMs and Vet-techs with good manners are very important to the customer and patient."
- Bob heinisch
01/20/2017 12:18:04
"y'all are so sweet and truly care"
- Kaylynn Gold
01/18/2017 16:28:34
"you do excellent work and are very caring about my animals"
- Richard Coble
01/15/2017 09:27:47
"I have been completely satisfied with every visit. The staff is always friendly and compassionate."
- Dawn Terrell
01/12/2017 13:46:47
"Dr Symmes did an awesome job adjusting Benzer. "
- Debbie White
01/08/2017 15:31:01
"Had a great experience, fast service, friendly and considerate staff. Knowledgeable doctor and assistants."
- Mark Sliger
01/01/2017 10:03:49
"Very professional job! I have never been disappointed by my experience in dealing with the animal clinic over the years.🙂🐾"
- David Moghani
12/31/2016 11:10:04
"This visit was much better than my last visit. Angela is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Lowery was very nice as well. I had not seen him before. Angela is a great employee and always had a smile on her face."
- Stewart Dawson
12/30/2016 10:01:38
"Y'all doing a good job! Great abs nice staff "
- Silvana Noble
12/25/2016 18:40:26
"As always the receptionist is great always eager towel and make the experience smoothly. All the staff is friendly and shows a caring appreciation towards my pets as if they are their own! "
- Sara Burdette
12/25/2016 14:28:57
"The whole staff was attentive, professional and took wonderful care of our dog, Lightning. "
- John Mangold
12/25/2016 12:14:33
"What more can I say, Aubie loves you!!!!!!"
- David Johnson
12/23/2016 10:27:30
"Y'all the best"
- Gerald Argo
12/23/2016 10:16:34
"Great as always "
- Karen Jones
12/22/2016 18:34:38
"Everyone was VERY courteous and helpful. It was a pleasure talking to you all. "
- Donnie Walden
12/17/2016 13:02:13
"Everyone was really nice. No complaints "
- Abigail Beam
12/14/2016 17:08:51
"I had an excellent visit and so did Chloe. They treated us like family and took such grear care for Chloe. The goody bag was absolutely the sweetest! ♡"
- Halie Stewart
12/11/2016 16:09:22
"A very caring staff!! "
- Jo Killen
12/11/2016 15:48:11
"Staff is extremely friendly. "
- Melissa Curtis
12/06/2016 14:30:22
"First time going to Williams Animal Clinic. Y'all were great and affordable! "
- Kayla Dixson
12/06/2016 10:00:58
"Well pleased with the quality and care for my pets I receive from your clinic."
- Monty Hill
12/06/2016 07:08:03
"Yall do an awesome job. no complaints."
- Amanda Mashburn
12/01/2016 23:42:35
"always happy with the staff and services"
- Deb Watters
11/30/2016 19:46:30
"Very helpful very patient great staff"
- Ned Shultz
11/30/2016 13:01:32
"Williams is a great vet clinic. I like how everyone is friendly to the pets and the owners. "
- Daphne Wilkerson
11/30/2016 12:01:58