"your employees are always courteous and helpful. I rarely have to wait. Peaches doesn"t even mind going there. "
- Brenda Jones
04/17/2018 15:16:43
- Lenell Deane
04/16/2018 13:56:15
"Friendly, attentive staff. Thx."
- John Duffy
04/15/2018 22:39:26
"Y’all are doing a great job. Your technicians showed a personal interest in each of our three dogs we brought in. Dr. Chapman was his usual jovial self and checked out each dog and gave them their shots etc while showing genuine kindness to each one. "
- Melissa Logan
04/15/2018 19:13:26
"I love the office staff who greet not only me, but my dog. then i am taken into an exam room or they take just C.C & again with promptness, politeness & a feeling being given to me that my dog is the most important dog that comes in the door. I have grooming done at Kerrville vet but can not get past the office there to even find out if the vets are good."
- Eva Drost
04/15/2018 16:33:46
"We've only had great experiences since we started bringing Squirt to y'all. We appreciate you all so much!"
- Debi McGill
04/14/2018 19:22:29
"Maggie loves all the doctors at Town and Country. We love the practice because they are practical--we feel they give good, honest advice without pushing expensive treatments and alternatives. Would highly recommend all the vets in this group."
- Mari and Dave Samuel
04/14/2018 18:11:41
"Everyone is very helpful to me and Betsy, my Yorkie."
- Kathryn and Gene Snyder
04/14/2018 16:38:16
"Been coming to you for 30+ years. You pleas me."
- Ralph Langley
04/14/2018 16:37:59
- Jeff & Sharyn Goldman
04/14/2018 15:11:33
"I've always been greeted cheerfully, professionally, and promptly. That doesn't really matter as much as the fact that you treat my dog like he's a king and he's part of the family. Thank you so much"
- Julie Casteel
04/14/2018 13:00:25
"We think Charley is getting excellent care and he likes the staff. We are very pleased."
- Gary Hartjen
04/13/2018 19:44:50
"We've only had good experience's with everyone also in the kennel all good, and Lady Grace likes everyone also"
- Dianna Crabtree
04/13/2018 16:33:55
"Love y’all "
- Gary and Sherry Wootton
04/13/2018 16:22:10
"My pets have been taken care of by Town and Country since 2005, simply because they care about my animals. They are very nice and professional. I always refer any friend of mine to them."
- Tim Wilton
04/13/2018 13:13:25
"Always great. Very friendly "
- Neal and Vanette Felton
04/13/2018 12:13:22
"Everything was fine, no complaints."
- Ruben and Diane Johanson
04/12/2018 19:32:04
- Tommy and Julie Hughes
04/12/2018 17:16:56
"I appreciate how much you all care about animals. Makes a world of difference. I also like the patience and explanations you give a concerned or down right scared pet owner."
- Kristine Burkhart
04/12/2018 17:02:45
"Awesome people! They take very good care of our pets"
- Laura and Wes Wagner
04/12/2018 16:33:38
"very good and courteous"
- Don and Nita Brown
04/12/2018 03:26:40
"It's all good! I've been coming to Town ad Country for many years and all the people who work there are so great even when my animals health is not good. Thank you!!"
- Steve and Michelle Price
04/09/2018 21:00:42
"Excellent Service!"
- Art and Elizabeth Brown
04/09/2018 18:55:03
"The staff that we dealt with were super friendly and very professional. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing vet services. Appreciate all the information provided and thank you for making Hondo feel at home!"
- Karen Flores
04/09/2018 16:41:23
"I’ve never had a bad experience..vet and staff are wonderful! Very satisfied "
- Sheri and William Sturges
04/09/2018 15:40:54
"T&C has been the vet I use personally and for the feral cats where I work for many years now. On this last visit, staff were (and always are) so friendly, professional and accommodating. I do my best to manage the colonies here where I work but it is hard to find time. I appreciate that you are always willing to work with me and fit the cat(s) into your schedule Tuesdays-Thursdays. I've worked primarily with Dr. Patterson and Dr. Chapman over the years but all the doctors of T&C that I've had the pleasure of seeing personally and for my job are top-notch! Thank you!"
- N/A La Hacienda
04/09/2018 14:05:11
"I was not present during the exam and procedures for my cows, but, it appeared to be done in a timely fashion, and animals were handled with care"
- Jamie Mattison
04/08/2018 16:31:56
"Good experience and very friendly staff"
- Julie Reina
04/08/2018 14:34:05
"We totally trust your staff to take the best of care for our 4 legged family members."
- J N and Riva Johnson
04/07/2018 22:35:11
"I took our Aussie in for grooming and update on shots. Everything was done very professionally & in a courteous manner. Excellent job."
- Mike Abajian
04/07/2018 19:35:12
"Best experience I have ever had with all staff and doctors. Thank you for your assistance with the details of my dogs illness."
- Annette Schonhoeft
04/07/2018 17:05:40
"I know that my horse and dog are being cared for by the best. Everyone cares. You can be sure they will do everything possible to provide for your emotions, and your animals pain ,or problems. They are family and give it their all always. Compassion,professional, and great serviceis the total package at this vet hospital. Suzie Heywood"
- Charlotte (Suzie) Heywood
04/07/2018 14:24:46
"we love the home visits and the excelent care."
- Linda Travis
04/06/2018 23:23:05
"Grateful for the great service we get!"
- Linda Rose
04/06/2018 20:45:44
- Linda and Glenn Merrill
04/06/2018 16:10:51
"Town & Country is Great! Always helpful, understanding, kind and courteous. I love my animals like my children and I feel that they do too ❤️"
- Larry & Tricia Blundell
04/05/2018 18:01:19
"Loved dr! Chapman. So enthusiast about his profession and saving me money. What’s not to love!"
- Karen Johnson
04/05/2018 12:41:39
"Courteous, friendly, professional...5 stars"
- Terry Garrison-Mitchell
04/04/2018 12:43:31
"Sevice has been great each time that we have some in. Glad we made the switch. "
- Jeremiah & Cindy Zastrow
04/03/2018 17:35:49
"Great vet and boarding services. Very happy."
- Paul & Jane Edwards
04/03/2018 00:25:08
"I am grateful that your groomers were so alert to Oreo's dental situation. She asked if I wanted a doctor to take a look. Well, yes. If it was serious enough for her to call me, then he prob needed knowledgable eyes on him. Thanks for everything, Grant Collins."
- Grant Collins
04/02/2018 21:55:02
"Your technicians are very considerate and helpful...Dr. Patterson provided excellent answers to our questions, did a comprehensive exam of Sunny, and gave useable advice regarding concerns for his diet and weight issues. We continue to be confident of the skill and concern of the staff at TCAH! "
- John & Marie Wilfong
04/02/2018 15:53:26
"Everything is OK for me."
- Tim Lamberson
04/02/2018 01:09:08
"Everyone is friendly and efficient! Top notch service!"
- Rhesa Lang
04/01/2018 21:26:33
"Excellent and speedy care"
- Barbara and Darrel Young
04/01/2018 16:38:00
"You guys are the best!"
- Shannon and Chris Treiber
04/01/2018 15:33:16
"We love y’all!❤️"
- Sarah and Junior Hilburn
03/31/2018 15:43:36
"very good"
- Jane Robillard
03/31/2018 14:43:10
"Got in and out. The goats never got stressed."
- Ruben Gonzales
03/30/2018 23:43:35
"Doing a great job "
- Beverly McKinnerney
03/30/2018 21:20:58
"You are always prepared for Rocky at his appointment time and this is highly appreciated."
- Raymond Aitken
03/30/2018 18:41:29
"Dr. Chapman is awesome. He explains everything in a very simple manner and his genuine love for animals is obvious. He is a vet that I would recommend to anyone."
- Abby Flores
03/30/2018 17:13:33
"You always take such great care of my family, including my pets."
- Chad Ketcher
03/30/2018 13:56:10
"Very pleased. Thank you for taking care of Sophia."
- Todd & Beth Gaddie
03/29/2018 21:46:13
"You have been very good with my pets. "
- Glenda Miller
03/29/2018 19:42:01
"We are very pleased with your services.,"
- Sherry Whitton
03/29/2018 19:06:12
"Doing great!!!"
- Charles and Carol Floyd
03/29/2018 17:53:44
"The staff at Town and Country are excellent. Always willing to help. One of the best there is Jen. She always very friendly and always willing to help"
- Richard Mero
03/29/2018 14:59:57
"All is good! Thanks!"
- Stacy and Tamra Hartman
03/28/2018 20:38:59
- Sandra and Joe Hosmer
03/28/2018 19:49:31
"Fine - both Nappy & Bella needed their itchy shots. Almost no wait time - fast service all that is needed is a drive thru lane(just kidding). Place is clean and nice to see smiley faces...."
- Pierre Mendicino
03/27/2018 18:56:33
"Y'all were great, very fast "
- Daniel Kuykendall
03/27/2018 14:56:23
"Always excellent. Our Australian Shepherd dog was bitten on the nose by a snake and had severe swelling. We took her to Town and Country veterinary Hospital and they took care of her immediately. She survived and is doing well. Thank you Dr. Simm and the Town and Country veterinary hospital. You Rock!"
- Dr Bill and Chris Booker
03/27/2018 13:31:42
"As always our experience was top notch! My Hanna received loving care and understanding of her fear strangers. And I always feel secure in the fact that my girls are in the best of hands. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my Hanna!"
- Jaclyn Robinson
03/27/2018 02:28:13
"Great care for my pets! "
- Sonja & Ryan Grove
03/26/2018 20:38:39
"You all are the best. You still, though, need to remember how to pronounce Tood's name. Sounds like Good."
- Joyce Owen
03/26/2018 20:09:05
"The staff is great.. they’ve always cared about our pups since day one, when we brought them in for their first round of vaccinations.. since then every time that I’ve taken them in they take care of the pups, Oreo and Blue.."
- Adrian Dimas
03/26/2018 17:39:05
"always have a great staff and always friendly and loving our pets!!! "
- Scott and Lendon Schellhase
03/26/2018 16:13:07
"Great job! Love the care you show our animals."
- Lisa and Jonas Hopson
03/26/2018 13:38:59
"Staff is always compassionate and patient - with my animals and with me!!"
- LouAnne Smith
03/25/2018 15:55:48
"Very friendly and prompt!"
- Lori & David Payne
03/25/2018 12:29:06
"We are very happy with TCAH. we have been you for years. Many of the staff know us by sight and are always polite, and professional."
- Suzanne and Richard Browning
03/25/2018 11:56:23
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My dog is very afraid when she is there, which is understandable. But, everyone tries hard to make her feel at ease. I'm very comfortable taking her to TC."
- Jayne & Sonny Ellis
03/25/2018 04:51:46
"Very pleased!"
- Art & Donna Lenard
03/25/2018 04:19:43
"We are happy, no complaints"
- Sherry Rhoten
03/24/2018 13:53:08
"We are new to the area and our first visit to the clinic. We felt very welcomed and our fur babies were treated as family. Thank you for the care and concern with our elderly baby Jo."
- Denise Taylor
03/24/2018 02:11:43
"Doing great!"
- Melanie and Art McDonough
03/24/2018 01:00:24
"All I can say is the help and treatment I get is a lot better than I get at the Hospital Emergency Room for people . Thanks keep it up. DarleneDavis"
- Don and Darlene Davis
03/23/2018 22:29:55
"Absolutely loved the visit. Team was very kind and very pleasant to deal with"
- David Squires
03/23/2018 21:51:29
"You always do a great job!"
- Marvin and Sammie Sanborn
03/23/2018 17:06:13
"Love Love Love TCAH 😁"
- Brittany Clark
03/23/2018 16:57:23
"We have been with Town & Country for 11 years through one generation of cats and dogs and now starting another. Wonderful doctors and staff. Up to date in training and kind and sensible in their treatment advice."
- Barbara Gaddis
03/23/2018 16:41:06
"There should be some kind of companion animal insurance available to offset expensive visits. We all love our animals and want to give them the best care when they need it. Pets add so much to the mental well being of most who them as part of their families "
- Robert and Jacqueline Fearon
03/23/2018 14:57:05
"I live the clinic. Everyone is friendly and accommodating. "
- Diana & Steve Person
03/23/2018 14:53:17
"You all care for my pets just as much as we do. We could not ask for a better vet clinic. "
- Cecily and Brian Iselt
03/23/2018 13:59:01
"We love TCAH! Wonderful vets that are always helpful when you need it! "
- Audra Moore
03/23/2018 13:33:14
"Awesome team and I trust the vet dr"
- Rosie & Dan Dixon
03/23/2018 13:14:27
"We love everyone at TCAH, but Lori is (always) especially helpful and always competent. "
- Karen and Richard Jones
03/23/2018 12:45:25
"Friendly, fast"
- Charles and Sandy Domingues
03/23/2018 12:41:54
"Dr Chapman and staff could not be any better. Chili and I are very pleased with the service provided. Thanks!!"
- Ross Schultz
03/23/2018 12:21:26
" great!!!!!!!"
- Sandy Prout
03/23/2018 12:04:30
"No problems. Always a good experience. "
- Diane and Gary Dickinson
03/23/2018 11:50:34
"We are always extremely happy with the care our pets receive and the services you provide. We drive from Bandera just to continue using Dr. Chapman, Dr. Patterson and your whole team. "
- Nicole & Michael Davis
03/23/2018 10:56:17
"Doing good."
- Amanda and David Tabah
03/23/2018 04:58:47
"No problems whatsoever. Whenever I've needed anything from a last-minute emergency appointment or even just to call and ask for advice, Town and Country has been there for me and my dog and provided a lot of comfort and peace of mind. The doctors know what they are doing and the vet techs are incredibly kind and patient. A+ all around guys! "
- Kanah Bradshaw
03/23/2018 04:50:43
"The diagnosis was quick and thorough, results kind of what I was expecting. Need to book Senior check-up for Hudson!"
- Sandra Janney
03/23/2018 04:43:38
"Staff went out of their way to help me with Gigi. "
- Nancy Kuhlmann
03/23/2018 04:32:46
"Our family has been looking forward to bringing in animals to Town & Country. It is has been a pleasant experience and we don't feel like we are in the hot seat when we share what is going on with our animals. We had a bad experience with our previous vet clinic so this is like a walk in the park coming to you all. Thank you for being attentive,upbeat, informative, and non judgmental."
- Marianne Stolz
03/14/2018 21:39:19
"I have a grandog living with me now. Town and Country were extremely helpful to me in answering my questions, pills, spading, and etc."
- Sally Justice
03/12/2018 11:07:57
"Dr. P and assistant were professional, knowledgeable and friendly"
- Deloris and Paul Sellin
03/09/2018 21:42:06