"Camo’s exam was very professional by all who examined him and gave his shots. We discussed his weight lost (mostly due to shedding puppy fat and increased exercise and training). Dr Chapman pronounced him fit and well exercised."
- David and Caroline Hanson
12/21/2018 13:12:43
"We thought the treatment of our dog was truly excellent. Same day appointment, delivered the immunizations and exam, wonderful rapport with the doctor and the vet tech. "
- Gary Hartjen
12/21/2018 01:43:13
"It couldn't be better and my dog likes going there."
- John & Marie Wilfong
12/21/2018 00:33:52
"Very pleased with care"
- Eva Armsworthy
12/21/2018 00:02:06
"This was our second visit to the clinic (our first was after another of our dogs had an accident and had to be put down in 2016). Both visits we were made to feel like family, and that our dogs were being cared for as if they were a member of the doctor’s family."
- Red & Pam Beers
12/20/2018 22:42:43
"I always receive prompt service when I visit Town and Country Animal Hospital. I am always taken care of and especially if Jennifer is working. She is a outstanding employee and always provides excellent service."
- Richard Mero
12/20/2018 17:32:29
"Outstanding visit with Dr. Chapman, very courteous,polite and respectful! Very in depth with his explanations of everything he does/did...overall great experience!"
- Kimberly Quinn
12/20/2018 14:16:07
"My first visit was so awesome! Very very friendly receptionist & staff. I felt so comfortable and at ease! Will definitely return!"
- Natalie Niemeyer
12/19/2018 23:17:39
"Love this vet clinic! No complaints "
- Alyssa Lutz
12/19/2018 21:39:22
"Great experience! Everyone was helpfull, with lots of smile. Looking forward to working with the medical and the boarding staff."
- Micheal Hendel
12/19/2018 20:12:34
"All Good"
- Jay and Ria Henderson
12/19/2018 02:57:08
"Always been pleased with the service and care received for our animals. We've just been battling a chronic ear infection on our dog that just seems to never get a remedy; frustrating."
- Ed and Jan Stearns
12/19/2018 01:08:56
"I"m very grateful for the medical care and boarding services you provide Henry. "
- Larry Wiginton
12/18/2018 20:01:12
"Very good"
- Scott Mack
12/18/2018 14:21:56
"Love your office staff. Always make me feel welcome. There are other “cheaper” bets in town but the service you provide is far superior. "
- Shelley and Jamie Papesca
12/18/2018 12:06:26
"Great staff! Totally satisfied with your clinic!"
- Gail and Ken Doran
12/18/2018 05:53:47
"Thank you for helping me take good care of all my animals! We love everyone there and couldn’t ask for better help with them. Morgan is so very nice and always most helpful every time we call or come in. "
- Tara Lamontia
12/18/2018 05:15:20
"Y’all so wonderful I have no reason to complain how u treated my dogs with so much attention and cared for them made me feel safe to have brought them there . Dr Crossland and Kaylee I want to really thank u so much for being so attentive and caring I was very pleased I would love to bring my dogs again if need be no question about it HAPPY HOLIDAYS and thank u again."
- Sylvia Mendez
12/18/2018 05:02:58
"Thank you for coming out after hours to help us with the cow. We really appreciate it. "
- Nick and Sara Ahearn
12/18/2018 04:52:29
"Doing everything right"
- Paula & Mike Samolsky
12/18/2018 04:22:00
"I Love all the people at Town and Country! They are always helpful & cheerful! I love how sweet they are to me and my furry pets!"
- Julie and Marty Prater
12/18/2018 03:52:39
"Always get great service."
- John Burkholder
12/18/2018 03:24:10
"I was very pleased with the service and attention Honey and I received at her last visit. Thank you for making me feel very comfortable using you for her care. Have a very Merry Christmas! Ben & Ellen Lucas"
- Ben and Ellen Lucas Jr.
12/18/2018 00:55:39
"Very knowledgeable staff."
- Mary and Ben Sekula
12/18/2018 00:48:36
"it's always a pleasant experience at your clinic. I have no complaints or suggestions...really!"
- Lance and Jill Keune
12/18/2018 00:43:53
"I think you all are wonderful . Every time I come in the office everyone is so cheerful .Keep up the good work !!! "
- Judy and Don Fackelman
12/18/2018 00:15:38
"just fine as you have in the past"
- Sandy Adelman
12/17/2018 23:51:15
"Elliott and mom survive the visit."
- Dale Steinert
12/17/2018 22:18:32
"Appreciate everyone at Town & Country."
- Kelly Dooley Geurin
12/17/2018 22:00:44
"the reason I come there is everyone is great"
- Keith Crosby
12/14/2018 15:19:47
"I never have, and probably never will have a negative comment regarding the treatment of my "babies" and me. I love seeing all the staff and depend on you all to continue to care for my pets with the same empathic professionalism we've always enjoyed. "
- Barsha Thibodeaux
12/14/2018 02:12:29
"Town and Country provides great care for my baby. "
- Kathleen Cook
12/14/2018 02:10:20
"You pet care is excellent! We needed nails trimmed and a coupon showed up for Christmas --so YAY! we came in--Thank you!!"
- Nancy Seale-Jones
12/13/2018 23:32:22
"we are good -Dr Chapman is in tune with Bopding. And the Fish OIl for Bella is working out nicely -her skin is much better."
- Bruce and Rahnee Gladwin
12/11/2018 19:54:32
"Just picked up medication on this visit but always courteous and friendly. "
- Mary Yarborough
12/10/2018 19:26:51
"Doctors and staff are first class!!"
- Cash & Reina Brown
12/10/2018 18:30:02
"We love to bring our pets here when needed. Very courteous staff and wonderful Doctors ."
- Bob & Fritzi Maddalena
12/08/2018 12:47:40
"Great service as always!"
- John and Drew Hayner
12/07/2018 18:17:44
"You did an ecellent "
- Joseph Allen
12/07/2018 06:28:32
"Our two dogs love the kennel. We love the vets and personnel. Such great people!!"
- Diane and Gary Dickinson
12/07/2018 04:01:21
"could not be happier"
- William Garrett
12/06/2018 23:56:06
"Doing very well. "
- David Martin
12/05/2018 22:28:12
"Very pleased with entire staff. Everyone seemed like they really cared. Thank you Bob , Ellen , and Gentry Rain"
- Bob Berger
12/04/2018 14:37:46
"Always very friendly and helpful, even if I call in a scrip"
- Rikki De Los Santos
12/04/2018 13:41:48
"Each and every time we've been there, often without calling ahead, your entire staff has been most accomodating. Y'all are great!"
- Denton Dailey
12/04/2018 02:10:15
"The staff is always polite, prompt, and helpful. "
- Robert and Margaret Bedle
12/04/2018 00:32:11
"Lori at the receptionist desk was gracious and friendly. The tech who took Peaches back for her shot was pleasant and thoughtful as I declined to hold my dog to get her shot. As always, the visit went very well. Thank you."
- Jean Beall
12/04/2018 00:13:12
"Why does vet not innoculate animal in exam room? I don't have a problem with it Just curious , "
- Marilyn and Keith Gregory
12/04/2018 00:01:05
"We appreciated the courtesy of all staff and the honesty of what to expect. "
- Riley & Amy Rector
12/02/2018 03:25:44
"Keep up the good work!!"
- Alexa Robinson
12/02/2018 00:20:11
"Always a good experience!"
- Mark and Kerry Cruse
12/01/2018 13:14:51
"Great job as usual"
- Judy Thurn
12/01/2018 01:07:56
"Always a good experience at T&C. Dr. Chapman is great."
- Jane and Dennis Quein
11/30/2018 23:06:02
"Oh I would be the first to report a bad experience but it never happens!!! Love T&C!!!"
- Alan and Mia Teague
11/30/2018 19:32:00
"Awesomely me"
- Tiffany Wurzbach
11/30/2018 18:43:56
"Town and country Animal hospital is by far the best Vet clinic in Kerrville. I was a loyal customer of another Vet clinic for almost 20 years and due to some gradual constant problems I finally moved to Town and country. They take so much good care of my pets and I wish I would have started here sooner."
- Shawn Ligon
11/30/2018 16:33:27
"Sage and Smokey were happy and well taken care of during their stay, which we had to extend twice due to delays while moving to our new home. We are very satisfied and will recommend your services to others wholeheartedly. Thank you for caring for our fur babies!"
- Amanda & Alex Cabrera
11/30/2018 08:27:21
"great! no problems, friendly fast, reasonable $$$$$$. Buddy loves the treats in all the rooms."
- Richard and Elizabeth Lewis
11/30/2018 04:56:38
"Would never take my pet family anywhere else! Thank you all at T& C"
- Bob and Donnella Tyler
11/30/2018 01:31:44
"From Lori at the front desk to the vet tech and of course Dr. Chapman, your operation is smooth and customer friendly. I will not take my fur babies anywhere else and highly recommend y'all to all my friends and family."
- Jack and Rose Burch
11/29/2018 19:09:07
"Great as usual"
- Jerry Acord
11/29/2018 19:06:11
"You're doing great! We don't have any "bad" to talk about. Have a great day, everybody at TCAH!!"
- Becky Smith
11/29/2018 18:01:47
"No complaints here. Y'all are GREAT!"
- Heather Creekbaum
11/29/2018 17:38:45
"Y’all are the best"
- Yvette and Michael Meleen
11/29/2018 16:44:13
- Suzie & Larry Johnson
11/29/2018 03:38:26
"I always enjoy coming out there "
- Amber Kramer
11/29/2018 02:06:17
"Always friendly and helpful."
- Caroline O'Quinn
11/28/2018 17:43:58
"Best Vets and Staff!!"
- Laura Johnson
11/27/2018 20:11:55
"Always great service and explanatory. Would go nowhere else in Kerrville"
- Butch & Darlene Marshall
11/27/2018 14:16:32
"Every thing is great"
- Gary and Jeanne Hahn
11/27/2018 04:10:17
"Everyone so polite and helpful"
- John and Mimi Philips
11/27/2018 02:58:15
"The veterinarians and staff are all excellent. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Pepper and Zoe. We are particularly appreciative that they were able to stay in the same kennel. Thank you!!"
- Michelle Cassity
11/27/2018 00:26:08
"Awesome "
- Randy & Dana Hastings
11/26/2018 22:42:20
"We transferred our veterinary care to T&CAH because of how poorly the staff treated us at another local clinic--we have not been disappointed at all in both how warm and friendly the staff is and in the great quality of care our pets (aka fur-children) are treated. Keep up the great work!!"
- Janell Dahms
11/26/2018 20:34:24
"There really aren't enough words to describe how great everyone is."
- Lawrence and Amy Toth
11/26/2018 20:24:29
- Larry and Gracie Richter
11/26/2018 19:17:39
"My experience was great!"
- Clint and Donna Dixon
11/26/2018 18:51:18
"Excellent Vet Group"
- Fred and Yvonne Sherron
11/26/2018 18:09:49
"You’re doing excellent. I enjoy the staff, the vets are nice, friendly prompt. The staff are nice to my pets and enjoy them when I bring them in "
- Jeff and Meghan Neal
11/26/2018 17:48:14
"We love Town and Country Vet Clinic, y’all have been our vet since we moved to Kerrville over 4 years ago. Always professional and caring."
- Marissa & Joey Hernandez
11/26/2018 17:39:42
"Called about a refill and meds were there when I walked in."
- Dan Lusardi
11/21/2018 01:08:07
"Loved the call from Dr. Patterson so he could tell me about my cat's ear. Not any emergency, but he took the time to call me. "
- Kathleen Hudson
11/19/2018 15:03:03
"All was good. "
- Mary Sharp
11/19/2018 03:09:34
"Y’all are the best!"
- Butch and Kathy King
11/19/2018 01:25:36
"great service"
- Dalton and Frances Wirtanen
11/17/2018 20:31:55
"No complaints, the Doctor was a bit late, had to wait some 20 minutes but this was thru no fault on his part. I'm very well pleased with the service provided by this office!!….very professional and friendly!!"
- Jesse Briseno
11/17/2018 16:15:15
"I am always pleased with the friendliness, compassion, and professionalism of all the staff in this office. They are the best. "
- Rita Geoffrion
11/17/2018 02:54:58
"i always enjoy our visit to your office. my dogs too. Lucy not so much but Percy is always excited when we pull up. The front office staff is always quick to greet and helpful. The Drs. are excellent and will answer my questions and I never feel rushed to leave. Kudos to all who work there."
- Mike Cox
11/17/2018 00:41:46
"Friendly, courteous, service. Great staff. "
- John Duffy
11/16/2018 22:52:03
"Wonderful experience. "
- Jean and Rusty Hierholzer
11/16/2018 21:54:52
"All our questions were answered."
- Janice and John Walker
11/16/2018 19:43:03
"Prompt, professional & always caring. "
- Elton and Ginny Arceneaux
11/15/2018 14:40:47
"Staff and doctors were kind and professional (as always). I really can't add anything to improve."
- Ralph and Courtney Fritzsch
11/15/2018 02:21:50
"Great experience for us - & our babies. Friendly, knowledgeable, professional & seem to love what you’re doing! "
- Hugh & Della Scanlen
11/15/2018 01:59:57
"We travel and waited till our return for great care."
- Wendell and Brenda Carver
11/14/2018 12:18:29
"Great! Everything went smoothly!"
- Tommy and Julie Hughes
11/14/2018 04:22:02
"Best choice we ever made for pet care"
- Kenzie Smith
11/14/2018 03:50:14
"I am very pleased with the quality and concern of your staff."
- Kathie & Ed Alonso
11/14/2018 03:04:36
"You are providing very good care for my pets!"
- Regina McConal
11/14/2018 01:52:43
"We love Sabrina! Always so courteous and efficient. She remembers everyone and their dogs by name. Amazing."
- Matt Thompson
11/14/2018 00:48:26