"doing great - love how you remember my kids birthdays"
- Kathleen Vasquez
06/12/2018 00:55:45
"Very pleased with the veterinarians, staff and service"
- Marta Diffen
06/12/2018 00:37:13
"I’m very pleased with the service I get every time I go there. Keep up the great job!"
- Consuelo Smith
06/11/2018 17:11:50
"Dr. Patterson and staff are all amazing and courteous! "
- Melissa Lesack
06/11/2018 00:20:32
- Laura and Chris Twilley
06/10/2018 23:50:41
"It was good"
- Priscila Angeles
06/10/2018 21:29:55
"It’s all good!"
- Steve Linscombe
06/10/2018 17:41:58
"Great place to take your animamls"
- Marisa McGehee
06/10/2018 15:51:40
"Great experience, wonderful staff."
- Carole Walk
06/10/2018 00:01:04
- Charles and Carol Floyd
06/09/2018 20:26:06
"Lori is the best receptionist! Super polite and nice and it was good seeing her! ;-) Wish I still worked there because I would have loved to have her at the front with me! "
- Keila and Jonathan Taylor
06/09/2018 18:45:09
"Sabrina is awesome!"
- Frank & Martha Wolcheski
06/09/2018 18:41:04
"I have nothing bad to say. The doctors and the staff have always been friendly and professional! I have used T&C for a very long time for my dogs and for feral cats and don't want to go to any other vet. You are top notch! Thank you!! "
- N/A La Hacienda
06/08/2018 13:55:36
"Y’all are awesome "
- Joe Venzor
06/08/2018 02:20:25
"The ladies at the front are amazing! Always so friendly, helpful & on top of everything! Any of the staff I have ever dealt with are always so friendly & helpful."
- Rhonda and Kendall Davison
06/07/2018 22:43:42
"I appreciate my injured cat being seen without an appointment or prior phone call."
- Blake Arnold
06/07/2018 22:04:35
"You guys are great! Henry is always excited to come to your facility, so that tells me a lot."
- Larry Wiginton
06/07/2018 19:26:14
"A very positive environment! Love the kindness demonstrated by one and all!"
- Bill Conway
06/07/2018 17:40:55
"Both Marley and Ellie came home with fleas. I wish they had gotten flea baths instead of regular grooming."
- Kathleen Duncan
06/06/2018 16:35:17
"Doing a great job and assuring that my pet is well cared for"
- Richard Mero
06/06/2018 15:54:16
"Quatro is great. Takes his time with you and explains what is going on and what needs to be done. Thank you!"
- Ray and Mary Williams
06/06/2018 14:07:27
"Everyone is very pleasant and courteous; understanding, helpful, kind. Very nice visit both times we have been in. Our first experience was an emergency on a Sunday. The vet was great and relieved our anxieties as well as taking excellent care of our pet. We knew then and there that this would be our new vet clinic (just recently moved here)."
- Jerry and Sherry Gardner
06/05/2018 22:44:22
"We really have enjoyed the TCAH Clinic. We came from Dripping Springs Sunset Vet clinic. TCAH IS Top Notch. Great Doctors and great and friendly Staff. Love this place! So do my Pets!! 😻🐶🤗👍👍👍 Thanks Y’all "
- Dwain Cornelius
06/05/2018 21:59:49
"Always a stellar experience."
- Linda Rose
06/05/2018 21:26:13
"It was our first visit so we only have the one experience but my partner says shes taking her two boys there too for their next dr visit so I think she was very impressed. I must say that I'm hopeful that my girls will be healthy again after speaking w one of your employees on the phone. "
- Febe Valdez
06/05/2018 19:16:56
"You have a nice facility and great staff. I have recommended you to Kay Kyle and Karen Schladoer. I believe that Bill and Kay Kyle have been there already."
- Tim Lamberson
06/04/2018 22:32:56
"You're doing fine - friendly & professional. Thanks! cp"
- Cal Paranteau
06/04/2018 21:52:28
"Excellent care and reassurance for an old dog."
- Patricia Putnam
06/04/2018 12:43:34
"You have been our vet for all our pets and sheep llamas what ever we have on the ranch when I take my German Shepherds in it's like taking them to a pediatrician for a child they're treated with that much kindness. I would never go to any other vet"
- John & Katherine Winters
06/03/2018 22:49:28
"Pepper has experienced a great deal of relief"
- Alice DiBonaventura
06/03/2018 21:28:37
"Nice job on steer and heifer"
- Charles Bloom
06/03/2018 16:56:03
"Everyone is great."
- Rikki De Los Santos
06/03/2018 16:42:11
"No complaints , 😎"
- Callie Lutz
06/03/2018 14:18:52
"Awesome place.... Thank you everyone for your kindness and love you show our pets as well as us too!"
- Vicki and Robert Love
06/03/2018 05:07:13
"Love it!"
- Jayne & Sonny Ellis
06/02/2018 20:37:12
"Very pleased"
- Benji Aldredge
06/02/2018 20:01:31
"I really appreciate how you ALL take care of our fur babies and even us."
- Ron and Helen Lepore
06/02/2018 19:38:48
"All the employees are excellent. I haven't had a bad experience with anyone. And the veterinarians are all very good with Pepper and my mom's dog, Zoe. The care has really been outstanding. Thank you."
- Michelle Cassity
06/02/2018 05:21:53
"Clinic is doing great in diagnosing my Labradors’ problems and are very caring..."
- John and Lisa Medovich
06/01/2018 17:40:20
"Everyone there has been wonderful, remembering Puppet and that I'm his "mom." You saved his life and I am so grateful--and grateful also for the comfort and support I have been given."
- Louise Leahy
06/01/2018 17:03:08
"We are very happy coming to your clinic. "
- Byron and Adonna Dugat
06/01/2018 02:49:25
- Jean and Rusty Hierholzer
05/31/2018 23:41:32
"The best "
- Skip and Bonnie McKenzie
05/31/2018 22:58:58
"First time visit. I was able to get our Boston Terrier puppy in quickly. I didn't even have to wait I was taken right back to the examine room. Vet made me feel reassured and informed me with lot of tips. Thank you so much! My pup was spoiled with attention and doggie treats! "
- Jayce Velasquez
05/31/2018 17:28:39
"T&C is wonderful. They understand that our animals are family and they treat them with love and gentleness. I've never had an issue, and my animals have received great care. Thanks so much!"
- Erin Leshikar
05/31/2018 17:22:01
"Enjoyed the visit with Dr Chapman. Gus didn’t think as much of the experience, however! Ouch,,,,"
- Robert Parvin
05/30/2018 16:26:15
- Karen and Tim Kammer
05/30/2018 02:49:42
"Dr. Chapman is awesome. Heard that from others, and now I agree."
- Kathy Mau
05/28/2018 22:33:29
"Great experience. Staff was wonderful!"
- Amie Carlile
05/28/2018 17:29:24
"always excellent service....friendly and compassionate. great care for dogs and cats and horses."
- Claudia Sullivan
05/27/2018 23:21:08
"Very good Always pleasant "
- Jay and Tamara Graham
05/27/2018 21:11:26
"Everything went well."
- John and Jane Canfield
05/27/2018 18:30:44
"I love the care my babies get when they come visit....and my german shepard loves everyone on the staff and i feel comfortable leaving the fur children in yalls care which i dont feel comfortable leaving them anywhere usally"
- Ashley Allen
05/27/2018 05:41:19
"Our experience with T&C has been very positive."
- Stephen and Jana Drane
05/26/2018 16:45:19
"I have always been so pleased with Town and Country. The vets are wonderful very articulate. They explain our pet's condition exceptionally well. The vet techs are excellent. Our experience has always been exceptional."
- Robert and Patricia Rogers
05/26/2018 16:39:15
"My Australian Shepherd does lots of shedding & these guys do a great job helping me keep it under control! Great staff!"
- Mark and Nelda Scharringhausen
05/26/2018 12:52:08
"You’re all the best. "
- Diane and Gary Dickinson
05/26/2018 02:06:31
"I feel like everyone from reception , tech’s to Dr Patterson truly cares for my dogs health. Thanks to all of you."
- Elsa Roberts
05/25/2018 16:47:09
"Always pleased - appreciate your service."
- Wayne and Pam Este
05/25/2018 13:03:41
"Very polite, well versed in the products I needed, and gave quick understandable descriptions of the medications and new varieties available. Very pleased. Thank you. "
- Billy and Dannette Zajic
05/25/2018 12:46:52
"I was very happy with the service and professionalism shown to me and my cat, Squeeky. I am glad my friend referred me to this animal hospital. "
- Amber Kramer
05/24/2018 21:51:23
"I felt that Dr. Patterson and the technician were outstanding. We were looking to establish a relationship with a new vet since ours retired two or three years ago. The search has been frustrating, seeing several vets but not feeling that Cinnamon Bear was on a first name basis with any of them, and I didn't get a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about them. Dr. Patterson and the staff allayed my concerns."
- Barbara Neal
05/24/2018 20:41:21
"It's always a pleasure dealing with everyone at T and C !!!! Always friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable , except Cuatro, just kidding !! Cuatro has been a good friend and business client for many years...……..."
- Joe and Kerry Connell
05/24/2018 19:28:33
"Service was prompt, courteous and pleasant. Whole visit lasted only a few minutes from entering, my pooch receiving the needed Kennel Cough vaccine, paying the reasonable price, and leaving. All in all, completely faultless experience, no way in could have been improved. Great job!"
- Mike and Cindy Goudge
05/24/2018 15:31:04
"Fantastic "
- Vicki and Robert Cavanaugh-Ellison
05/24/2018 13:56:54
"Flit thanks you. Peeb thanks you for saving Flit. And I thank you. 😊"
- Mary Wilson
05/23/2018 23:38:54
"Great and professional"
- Mike Bridges
05/23/2018 22:43:33
"Doing a great job, the people in the equine division are awesome "
- Keith Hallmark
05/23/2018 22:33:31
"always a good experience"
- Donna and Oliver Scofield
05/23/2018 03:50:00
"I greatly appreciated that Dr. Chapman considered Lulu’s age and scheduled her vaccines for a later date and did not try to give her everything. All of the staff is very cheerful and professional. I felt comfortable right away knowing that we had found a new vet we could trust in our new home. "
- Marsha Baumann
05/23/2018 02:35:30
"Everything was great just picked up dog food."
- Debbie Wilbanks
05/23/2018 01:35:47
"Always very attentive staff. Very compassionate vet assistant and vet. I would recommend your practice to anyone."
- Karen Halsey
05/21/2018 11:06:27
"Love you guys. Everything was thoroughly explained, the follow-up phone calls much appreciated, and Mo returned to me all cleaned up and quite happy and relaxed. I recommend you every chance I get."
- Carol Neiman
05/20/2018 21:14:26
"You were able to get me an appointment the same day. Everyone, including reception staff, vet techs and vets were all helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks!"
- Gerry Gentry
05/20/2018 17:08:13
"Everyone has been great, no complaints "
- Carol Warren
05/20/2018 01:43:46
"Great, as always! "
- Matt & Emily Franks
05/19/2018 16:36:36
"Great! My pets are family and I feel as if Town and Country treats them like family. I am very happy with the service and the staff."
- Pam Taylor
05/18/2018 19:54:56
"Everyone and everything is great, from the receptionist to the Drs. every time I take one of my pets no matter the situation we are greeted and our concerns are always answered."
- Shantal Martinez
05/18/2018 17:27:44
"No complaints"
- Jeff and Joyce Taylor
05/18/2018 05:36:50
"Molly's drug refills went fast and easy. Everyone was quite courteous and kind."
- Jody Rhoden
05/18/2018 01:36:47
"No problems. Everything was clean and appeared in good repair. Staff was very courteous and attentive during our visit."
- Dean Mongeon
05/17/2018 20:38:29
"I was in to pick up a prescription refill and it was ready and waiting, as promised. The person who helped me was pleasant and professional."
- Janell Dahms
05/16/2018 19:42:56
"Our dogs love it there. Everyone is very professional and give us great service"
- Barbara and Houston Bryan
05/14/2018 23:30:45
"Loved receiving full report regarding the behavior of our 3 dogs during boarding. They love going to "Jennifer's House". We know tbey will receive excellent care."
- Paula Schrimsher
05/14/2018 19:22:11
"You all are the best! I can't imagine taking Louis to anyone else. You treat him with such love and care. You treat the human family with so much warmth and kindness, as well. :) Thank you for all you do. It's worth the drive from Austin. "
- Graham Douglass
05/14/2018 16:07:50
"Great staff. "
- Judie Diaz
05/14/2018 11:45:25
- Sally Wall
05/13/2018 21:36:32
- Nan Edmundson
05/13/2018 14:22:35
"We have had nothing but success with our visits. We recently tried a new vet as it was easier than hauling all four dogs to Kerrville. We did not feel the same level of personal care and felt the need to return. Doctor Chapman and Doctor Patterson have always made us feel comfortable with full explanations of exactly what’s going on. We love y’all and thank you. Mal & Michael Wally. "
- Mal and Michael Wally
05/13/2018 10:57:11
"We love the friendly service every time we visit your hospital. Thank you! "
- Leah Robinson
05/12/2018 07:20:57
"Staff is always beyond friendly! I was seen 5 minutes before my appt. was scheduled! Dr. Patterson takes great care of my dog. "
- Maria Ullmann
05/10/2018 18:57:00
"the only thing that was not perfect was that I asked for you to request Sam's records from Alamo Heights Pet Clinic(same as Buddy). I don't know if you didn't request them or they didn't send them. "
- Richard and Elizabeth Lewis
05/10/2018 16:21:11
"The young lady that was helping the doc that night, was amazing you could see the love in her not only for the pets but the passion to help them she will be a fine vet. Someday, the doc was great also"
- Bill Cox
05/10/2018 12:29:50
"Great "
- Don Dial
05/10/2018 11:00:41
"I have a great experience every time I have been in."
- Karen Evans
05/10/2018 01:43:17
"The care is excellent, I always feel free to ask questions, and the care my dogs receive is excellent. The staff is friendly, informed, and more than competent. Thank you for being there."
- Ruth Ann Davenport
05/09/2018 15:52:41
"I have no complaints. "
- Darla Jones
05/09/2018 13:22:18
"Most excellent "
- Michael and Jamie Vavrinec
05/08/2018 13:12:31
"Absolutely the best veterinarians we've ever had in the last 40 years."
- David and Diana Cox
05/08/2018 09:52:16
"Great job!"
- Deborah & Syd Ohlmann
05/08/2018 09:37:21