"As always you guys are the greatest when it comes to customer and pet service. Nothing else needs to be said. Thanks for taking care of my blue heelers.."
- Adrian Dimas
06/03/2019 14:47:59
"LOVE YOU GUYS - EVERYONE FROM THE FRONT DESK TO THE TECHS TO THE VETS ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!! We have been clients for almost 20 years. "
- Henry and Susan Gregory
05/28/2019 16:11:10
"Brought sick kitty in on Saturday without appointment and seen within 15 minutes. Dr and staff were very courteous. I am impressed and will recommend to other pet owners. Thanks!"
- Denton Dailey
05/27/2019 18:49:04
"Number one: I have never had a bad experience at Town and Country Vet, regardless of which doctor was seeing my pet. I wish I could say the same about other companies with whom I do business. This is certainly why I have brought my dog here for roughly 17 years. Thank you for your caring attitudes."
- Jean Beall
05/27/2019 02:06:29
"Do not know what is better than excellent but what ever it is you have it"
- Warren Wittig
05/26/2019 10:56:32
"So fortunate to have such a world class facility here! Thank you!"
- Rebecca and Herbert Williamson
05/25/2019 15:35:56
"I appreciate the care given my cat. They are caring and gentle. They don't push you off but try to find the sickness the cat us dealing with. They will take time to explain the findings to me."
- Delores Dishong
05/24/2019 14:31:57
"The reason answer so many of the survey is because I keep taking Lilly and Skeeter back to town and country. I also say this every time I’ve been going there since 2004 of the quality of the care and caring of the staff has not gone up or down. It has always been stellar"
- Daniel and Anadele Roulain
05/23/2019 11:17:47
"Came in first thing on Monday AM (0800) without an appointment. Gunther had a wound on a front paw that had become very nasty looking on Sunday. We were fitted in, seen promptly and G was examined, antibiotic prescribed, etc. As always, great service, very professional. Thanks.!"
- Larry and Janet Eskridge
05/21/2019 12:38:07
"Love the straight forward and truly concerned doctorsand staff. You kindness went a long way when dealing with my old guy being ill. Thank you for working him in and easing my mind. "
- Lisa Cannon
05/20/2019 22:45:52
"I have never had a negative experience. I don't even have any "constructive criticism". Town & Country has provided care for my personal animals and for the feral cats where I work for many years. The staff at the front, the vet techs and the veterinarians are in my opinion, the best of the best. Thank you!"
- N/A La Hacienda
05/17/2019 19:10:33
"If I was not pleased I would not still be coming back for 50 years. RKL"
- Ralph Langley
05/17/2019 19:03:13
"You're all great. I will not trust my babies to anyone else."
- Judie Diaz
05/15/2019 00:02:40
"All the girls & Quatro are amazing!"
- Mark and Nelda Scharringhausen
05/14/2019 23:58:14
"All of your employees are the greatest!"
- Steve Stoutamire
05/14/2019 14:19:05
"The staff takes excellent care of Zeus!! Thank you for making his experience a positive one!!"
- Virginia Weakley
05/13/2019 21:57:52
"I can't complain at all the service and care has always been great."
- Tom & Jennifer Sergent
05/13/2019 19:44:02
"We love all the vest at Town and Country, we know that our dogs get the absolute best care there!"
- Jennifer Sanchez
05/13/2019 13:53:43
"The doctors and staff are always friendly and kind and professional. "
- Rita Geoffrion
05/13/2019 02:31:06
"You are always the best!"
- Karen Evans
05/12/2019 19:25:50
"Awesome care & knowledge "
- Elton and Ginny Arceneaux
05/12/2019 15:32:50
"very good"
- Steve Linscombe
05/11/2019 17:21:06
"Love T&C! "
- Karl & Natalee Peppitt
05/11/2019 01:17:30
"We are relatively new to the clinic but Stella and I are very content. We would refer others given the opportunity!"
- Linda Dubose
05/11/2019 01:04:37
"Always quick to get Tiana in when I call. Always very nice and loving to my baby when I bring her in. "
- Karen Freeman
05/10/2019 20:48:38
"Brought pet in for shots, and everything was fine. Also ordered pet food that was ready when I checked out. "
- Lynne and Dick Powell
05/10/2019 19:56:54
- Trisha Love
05/08/2019 03:45:59
"Excellent & caring staff. They look after the welfare of your pet like it was one of their own. "
- Mike Abajian
05/07/2019 18:09:33
"Quick and easy trip to pick up HW and flea prevention for my dogs. While I didn’t see Dr. Chapman, I do want to say that he is hands down the most excellent vet I have ever had. "
- Susan Hunter
05/07/2019 02:13:11
"All is well!"
- Sandra and Joe Hosmer
05/07/2019 01:40:24
"Old old dog but Docs thoughts were right on the money and symptoms cleared right up."
- Patricia Putnam
05/06/2019 22:14:31
"We are always pleased that our animal(s) receive the best care possible. Recommendations are straight forward and helpful."
- Glen and Irene Caldwell
05/06/2019 20:38:08
"You all take such great care of the animals. I feel 100% confident and comfortable leaving Mia in your hands."
- Beth McLaughlin
05/06/2019 16:52:22
"I trust and RELY on your,staff and practice"
- Sandra Janney
05/06/2019 14:59:14
"Y'all are Wonderful. Keep up the great work."
- Deborah & Syd Ohlmann
05/05/2019 00:41:46
"I love the two vets that have worked with us with our German Shepherd. Dr. Patterson and Dr. Chapman. Dr. Chapman loves Rika because she is so friendly. Which we have worked diligently at socialization. They are both the best. "
- Debbie Hayes
05/04/2019 23:30:08
"You are doing and awesome job! From the minute we walk in, until the time we walk out, everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcomed. We are always given time to ask questions, and we never feel that we are being rushed in and out. Keep up the great work."
- Red & Pam Beers
05/04/2019 21:23:41
- Martha Dickens
05/04/2019 18:53:57
"Always courteous and professional "
- Judy Thurn
05/04/2019 17:45:35
"I have always been impressed with the customer service."
- Jeff Mitroff
05/04/2019 16:09:47
"Everything was great."
- Charley Moran
05/04/2019 05:22:54
"You guys are awesome. We drop in unannounced all the time and you are always accommodating. Thank you! "
- Clara Mendez
05/03/2019 21:08:34
"Great and responsive care for our puppy who swallowed a pill. No harm to him due to fast work at TCAH!"
- Kristin & Jonathan Lusher
05/03/2019 19:46:35
"I love this vet!!!!"
- Lacey Petty
05/03/2019 19:44:52
- Todd Buckman
05/03/2019 16:24:38
"Overall very good first meet, know our pets are in very good hands. "
- Grace & Wendell Langdon
05/03/2019 02:40:05
"I think you guys are all wonderful. You take care of the animals like they were your own. Love that about you! "
- Judy and Don Fackelman
05/01/2019 23:16:33
- Amber Longenbaugh
05/01/2019 18:07:10
"I don't have any "bad" to contribute here. TCAH is the best animal hospital we have ever taken our pets to and we have always been pleased and grateful for the treatment of our dogs and ourselves. TCAH is great. And Molly is doing great. Big thanks to everyone at TCAH! We love and appreciate all of you."
- Becky Smith
04/30/2019 19:15:19
"Great service. Thank You!"
- Marsha Baumann
04/30/2019 16:36:22
"Everything is great! My dog is well taken care of by all at Town and Country!"
- Harriet and Marion Lewis
04/29/2019 19:53:24
"We are so happy with your veterinary clinic and it’s staff. Thank you for the awesome care you are providing our pets. "
- Kathy Mater
04/29/2019 18:47:13
"Keep doing what you’re doing. That’s why I have been bringing my pets to you for 16 years."
- John Havens
04/28/2019 16:28:50
"Cookie is healing well!!!"
- Micah Bruner
04/27/2019 20:49:45
"Very pleased with service and expertise."
- Jim and Mary Lou Aylesworth
04/27/2019 17:05:34
"Excellent office staff and vet techs.! "
- Robert and Crickett Olmsted
04/27/2019 16:57:14
"You guys are the best! The service is excellent. The front desk staff is always friendly in person and over the phone and we come all the way from Pipe Creek to see Dr. Chapman! He is the best! "
- Kayla Sheets
04/27/2019 14:17:13
"Great "
- Gordon and Becky Purl
04/27/2019 03:11:13
"Terrific - couldn't ask for any better"
- Bonnie Weaver
04/26/2019 23:45:06
"All was great!"
- Darcy and Shelby Presley
04/26/2019 13:34:23
- David Chance
04/25/2019 22:27:59
"Perfect in all ways. My dog loves everyone from the desk people,the techs, and Dr. Chapman. Special people and special service always."
- Charlotte (Suzie) Heywood
04/25/2019 22:13:37
"This was our first visit. My dog had a seizure and I was told I could bring her in right away. We were seen immediately by Dr. Chapman. He explained everything and treated Abbey like she was his own pet. He was awesome! The staff was so friendly and made us feel welcome. The next day I called with a question and Dr. Chapman talked to me personally and helped me with medications for Abbey. It is comforting to know that Town and Country cares as much about Abbey as I do. Thank you for all you do!"
- Theresa Standage
04/25/2019 21:20:48
"I have never had a problem or issue using Town and Country Animal Hospital. I am very pleased with the care provided for my goats (babies). "
- Jennifer Harrison
04/25/2019 20:57:14
"I have always had great customer experience always greeted immediately. The staff is friendly and makes you feel your pet will be treated as if they were their own."
- Thomas and Brenda Jeffers
04/25/2019 19:27:58
"Great experience & will definitely be back!"
- Laura Evans
04/24/2019 23:16:42
" excellent experience everyone said hi and were so kind. Veterinarian was very patient answered all of our questions and was very informative thank you for such a great experience I will be back."
- Isaac Eckstein
04/24/2019 21:15:35
- Shay Cowden
04/24/2019 20:31:27
- Richard and Elizabeth Lewis
04/24/2019 19:14:30
"Very Good"
- Daniel and Mij Tresnak
04/24/2019 18:16:05
"My family and furbabies love Dr. Chapman!! He is just a pleasure to talk to and I can definitely tell he loves animals as much as I do! We won't take our babies anywhere else! ❤️"
- Elyssa Reynolds
04/23/2019 20:49:05
"Truman was treated very well as was I. As always"
- Marion Watson
04/23/2019 18:56:59
"I was greeted immediately and was able to get my dog’s heart worm medicine quickly."
- Diana & Steve Person
04/23/2019 16:35:21
"Excellent service. The tech and Dr were very nice and explained everything."
- Cody Van Kirk
04/23/2019 01:11:00
- Tony Navarra
04/22/2019 20:07:22
"all are good and professional"
- R Mark Perhamus
04/22/2019 19:58:22
"Outstanding service thanks for the help on my call sat 4/20/2019, on my wife's cat.!!!!!"
- Phillip Durham
04/22/2019 19:04:35
"Everything went fine...staff was personable and friendly. Although the cost seemed excessive for what was done with Charlie."
- Anthony Franklin
04/22/2019 18:22:01
"Staff and doctor were great"
- Laly Garcia
04/22/2019 18:02:30
"The experience was great. Everyone was friendly and made me feel that mine and Toby’s welfare were upper most in mind. "
- Ralph Kutzer
04/21/2019 15:36:48
"Always courteous staff is a pleasure to see each visit."
- Sally Gunn
04/19/2019 21:49:02
- Heather Dipetrillo
04/19/2019 19:40:19
"I love it "
- Isabel Castaneda
04/19/2019 03:21:47
"The overall experience during all visits has been exemplary. "
- Karen and Frank Walker
04/18/2019 20:06:42
"Dr. Patterson told me Murphy did not need a dental this year for the first time. That was good news. He could have said, "let's do dental surgery" and cost me more money. I like the honesty of a doctor. He "shamed" me (:-) for buying HEB brand dog food. I'm happy to change brands for Murphy. The vet tech is always a pleasure to work with. He is informative, doesn't assume I remember what needs to be done, but restates it for me, which I appreciate. The women who work the front are ALWAYS cheerful, warm and inviting to Murphy and helpful and efficient with me. An all-around good experience. Thanks T&CAH!!!"
- Rhonda Wiley-Jones
04/18/2019 17:33:38
"Very pleased"
- DJ and Jo Carol Smith
04/17/2019 21:54:26
"Great! Professional and courteous service!"
- Jim Edenfield
04/17/2019 17:26:36
"You are informative and friendly with reasonable prices"
- Jeanette Van Ronk
04/17/2019 12:28:11
"We were beyond happy with the treatment of our cat that was in duress and handled her gently and were thorough in the diagnosis plus answered all the questions we had. They went out of their way after hours to assist on an emergency situation. We are very happy with this veterinary hospital, Dr. Chapman as well as Evelyn who followed up with a follow up phone call the next day."
- Patrick and Suzanne Palmer
04/17/2019 02:26:12
"you are the best!! The staff is excellent and courteous . everyone makes us feel like family, the dogs love all of you 💕"
- Bob & Fritzi Maddalena
04/16/2019 14:50:22
"Emergency visit. Dr Patterson saw us quickly, explained everything, got meds. Sunny felt much better and so did we. "
- Ronnie Lohr
04/16/2019 13:12:19
"Class act"
- Kenneth & Beverly Wilham
04/16/2019 12:34:41
- Dawn & Coby Large
04/16/2019 01:33:03
"couldn't find a better group of doctors and staff"
- Sandy Rios
04/16/2019 00:44:04
"Great Vet for a traveling pet. We have always liked your personnel and service even though our base is in North Texas. We winter in this area and hope to never have to change from your service."
- Wendell and Brenda Carver
04/15/2019 17:28:59
"Brought dog in for annual and vaccines. Dr Patterson reviewed last visit and recalled dog had bad response to vaccinations last time. Ordered and administrated medication prior to vaccines this visit, and dog did tremendously better. Impressed with care and with Dr Patterson’s concern for my dog’s comfort. Very thankful!"
- John and Nicki Carlson
04/15/2019 17:23:56
"Great treats, helped my dog relax. Love that you are offering 6 month hearth worm shots and that you will remind me when he is due."
- Mary Baker
04/15/2019 14:28:27
"Was very pleased that I was able to get a timely appointment. Staff was very friendly, courteous, and caring. Medical care was top notch. "
- Claudia Hilzer
04/15/2019 14:24:36
"I love Town & Country vets and so does Peaches. Everyone is always so polite and helpful. I always tell my friends and relatives about you and recommend you to them."
- Brenda Jones
04/14/2019 12:05:41
"Doing great!"
- Donna Garrettson
04/12/2019 16:40:42