"The equine staff are always prompt, pleasant and accomodating. Would not go anywhere else!"
- Misty Blevins
02/08/2018 03:15:25
"We always enjoy the personal touch and conversations along with the thoroughness and professionalism of the appointment itself."
- Bob and Virgina Jasperse
02/05/2018 21:42:10
"The Equine part is always top notch!"
- Roland & Renee Michel, Jr.
02/05/2018 12:56:22
"Nothing bad; all good. Everyone friendly & helpful. Rob, the tech, was most efficient. Enjoy coming to TCAH."
- Lou & Leslie Lagarde
02/03/2018 20:56:59
"Never have had a complaint after more than 5 years."
- Roger & Josie Holt
02/03/2018 19:22:15
"We brought in 8 week old havanese-Bailey. We had a great first experience for her well checkup. Thank you!"
- Nancy Jones
02/03/2018 17:52:07
"I was very impressed with Dr. Patterson. My dad was a veterinarian for over 60 years. I grew up working at our Animal Hospital. One thing I’ve found lacking in Veterinarians since my Dad’s passing is COMMON SENSE. And what is too plentiful is greed, ordering unwarranted tests and a complete inability to communicate with pet owners. Dr. Patterson restored my faith in small animal practitioners. "
- Ricki Driffill
02/03/2018 00:48:37
"We are from out of town staying across at the Yogi Bear Park for the winter. We were very pleased in how Spanky was cared for. "
- Richard & Teresa Weaver
02/02/2018 02:25:30
- Sarah and Junior Hilburn
02/01/2018 04:05:37
"You are great"
- Tommy and Karen Underwood
02/01/2018 01:20:08
" everything was great"
- Rosemary and James Stahlnecker
01/31/2018 23:14:03
"As always, the experience is great, that's why we keep bringing Chevy for your care"
- Robert and Evelyn Wood
01/31/2018 18:05:09
"very good. My Callie passed away on the weekend and Dr Patterson had to have tucked her very gently and with dignity into the bag. I brought her home Monday to bury her and just could not resist to see her one more time and say goodbye and hold her. I was so surprised that she looked like she was asleep. Thanks again, I know they did all they could "
- Keith Crosby
01/30/2018 12:37:39
"Absolutely wonderful. "
- Janet Dugart
01/29/2018 23:16:52
"I have no complaints . You guys are awesome!"
- Callie Lutz
01/29/2018 18:45:29
"We recieve great care from everyone at Town and Country. Obviously we didn't know what to expect from our first visit or our first kennel stay for our Pup. But she gets excited to be there and when we pick her up, she looks great. We kennel about 3 to 4 times a year for the past 6 or 7yrs. "
- Patrick and Anna Mesa
01/29/2018 18:19:47
"Great service!"
- Olivia Krehbiel
01/29/2018 15:41:11
"In our opinion, our dog, MacGyver, would possibly not be with us now if not for Dr. Chapman and the fine and caring vet techs and support staff at Town and Country. They all really care and seem to develop a bond with animals in their care. The doctors and all other folks really care about not only your pet but also the pets “parents” as it were relative to the emotional ties you have as well as the financial aspect of care and the long term well being of our pets. Melissa and Jim Logan"
- Melissa Logan
01/29/2018 15:31:43
"Just keep on doing what you are doing."
- Sue and George Albro
01/28/2018 19:11:53
"Have been coming here for 13 years. This is year 14. I am greeted by familiar faces when we're there. That says volumes in and of itself. The love on their faces for my kids is obvious. Just keep it up."
- Daniel and Anadele Roulain
01/28/2018 03:22:13
"We love the way you treat us and our dogs. You have always been very accommodating. Even boarding on emergeny situations."
- Ray and Paula Everhart
01/27/2018 23:34:12
"Doing great!"
- Mike and Kay Batchelor
01/27/2018 22:34:14
"We’ve never had an unsatisfactory visit at Town and Country Animal Hospital. "
- Mal and Michael Wally
01/27/2018 19:48:03
"Friendly, professional outstanding service as always."
- Larry and Janet Eskridge
01/27/2018 14:13:15
" It’s all good! As always, everyone was super!"
- N/A Wagon Wheel Ranch
01/27/2018 03:55:28
"Excellent "
- Paula Kimpel
01/27/2018 01:24:39
"It's all been great...Sky is doing just fine 😊"
- Rachael Carruthers
01/26/2018 21:16:44
"We wouldn’t go anywhere else. The front staff treats us like family. They literally held our hands when we had to put a dog down. We’ll never forget that."
- Chad Ketcher
01/26/2018 18:07:18
"We enjoyed the job y’all did for us!"
- Julie and Marty Prater
01/25/2018 18:56:44
"Y’all are doing a fantastic job! I’ve always had a pleasant experience while there! 😊"
- Sheri and William Sturges
01/24/2018 20:58:45
"Love the entire staff. Amazing!!!"
- Sonja Grove
01/24/2018 16:49:20
"Dr. Chapman is the best! He's always very thorough and great with my female Heeler Belle. That dog has been with me for 10 wonderful years and I feel like he's part of the reason why. Erin is awesome! So friendly and also very thorough and helpful. She always greets us with a smile and is so nice to Belle, who really loves her. I actually look forward to going there just to say hi. And Sabrina is also a pleasure to work with. Whenever I have to leave Belle in the kennel I know she's getting the best treatment. Sabrina answers my emails when I'm away and always keeps me up-to-date with how Belle is doing. Thank you all for the care you've given my Belle. Matt Thompson 203 Candice Dr. Kerrville, TX"
- Matt Thompson
01/24/2018 00:09:23
"Everyone I've meet has been professional and happy in their work. Please keep educating us so we may better care for our beloved pets. Maybe let us know how we can help the animal/pet community...."
- Kristine Burkhart
01/23/2018 00:14:22
"Sarah is fantastic, very helpful and friendly. "
- Karen Fisher
01/22/2018 22:32:31
"Good job as usual"
- Les and Denise Ferguson
01/22/2018 17:39:15
"If i didn’t think y’all were caring for us properly, i wouldn’t return. I’m very comfortable with your Doctirs and staff."
- Katie Porter
01/22/2018 15:24:28
"I highly recommend TCAH to anyone with pets! Quatro is a great doctor, and the entire staff on both the medical and boarding sides are always friendly, helpful and extremely caring with my boys!"
- Sherry Williams
01/22/2018 14:54:21
"We were greeted when we came in the door and offered a beverage. The tech and the vet were very friendly to us and our pet."
- Tom and Raydell Givens
01/22/2018 13:59:45
"Impressive staff. Better than most human medical facilities I have frequented. No one seemed in hurry on triple-booked Saturday. "
- Martha Wood
01/22/2018 13:48:01
- Linda and Garry Abrahamson
01/22/2018 12:39:41
"We are very pleased with every one at the vet hospital every one is so nice and they treated Billy Bob so good he didn't want to go home. Really y'all are the best."
- Jess Hooker
01/21/2018 20:43:32
"Experience was great! We just needed annual blood test for heart worm. Very quick and easy!"
- Diana & Steve Person
01/20/2018 22:28:46
"Good experience. We always appreciate the staff in your office. They are competent and well trained. "
- Mike and Patsy Mullens
01/20/2018 21:48:38
"Super friendly and always on top of everything to make sure our pets stay healthy an taking care of I have 3 doggie babies an I take them all here!"
- Amanda Uecker
01/20/2018 00:18:15
"Love y'all for all y'all do! "
- Brittany Clark
01/19/2018 23:36:35
"You're doing great. I couldnt have been more pleased. Ace had a seizure and the doctor got his bloodwork to rule out any medical problems. He went over the results carefully with me. I was really satisfied with the care provided by the staff. They do a great job keeping our little friends healthy."
- Helen Henwood
01/19/2018 19:04:07
"I have been pleased each time I have visited and haven’t had a bad experience yet. "
- Melanie Buegeler
01/19/2018 03:57:12
"Friendly staff, Puppy friendly. Efficient Thanks"
- Roger Gibson DVM
01/18/2018 15:56:19
"VERY efficient office staff -- Wonderful vet assistants and vets"
- Don McDaniel
01/18/2018 15:23:12
"My recent experience at TCAH was very good. No complaints."
- Denise Pipkin
01/17/2018 01:52:31
"Everyone we interacted with was extremely nice and accommodating. The Vet discussed everything with us and explained all our options. We could not ask for better customer service or care for our sick kitty. "
- Susan Roberts
01/16/2018 19:18:47
"Our pet is always enthusiastic about going to T&C which tells us all we need to know. T&C is always very accommodating and ready to answer our questions and needs."
- Tom and Penny Deupree
01/16/2018 18:08:43
"In thirteen years with Eva's vet, though they were good, your entire office was stellar. You cared for Eva AND me! I am ever grateful."
- Linda Rose
01/16/2018 15:26:45
"Zoey was treated very well the staff was awesome very friendly and showed us just how much they cared. Thank you Rebecca Alexander"
- Rebecca Alexander
01/16/2018 04:08:32
"sometimes i am an old grunt, but your front office always keep a smiling face and stay positive. thanks, oliver"
- Donna and Oliver Scofield
01/16/2018 03:17:16
"The visit was really good, everyone at the clinic is super friendly and nice. I’ve never seen Nena let anyone handle her or pick her up, the staff made sure she was comfortable and kept communicating with us. Overall excellent experience."
- Shantal Martinez
01/15/2018 22:30:15
"We are so happy we found you to care for our pets. Thank you for being so compassionate, it is so so hard to lose one of our furry friends. You made it easier for us. Thanks again. "
- Bob & Fritzi Maddalena
01/15/2018 21:45:41
"Everyone that works there is always very friendly and take good care of our pets when we bring them in."
- Jim and Diane Sandell
01/15/2018 21:26:50
"Service is great! Might keep in mind that when a customer is waiting in an exam. room, all they have to do is look around, which means that if the room is dirty, it's going to be seen."
- James and Anita Grisebaum
01/15/2018 21:19:15
"All was good. Thank you. "
- Jack & JoAnn Seefeldt
01/15/2018 18:59:10
"I have no complaints! I think the exam rooms are super hairy and smell like dogs, but what can you do?!"
- Courtney and Amos Barton
01/15/2018 18:26:47
"Everyone is awesome. I would not trust my fur babies with anyone else."
- Judy Thurn
01/15/2018 17:46:31
"Staff knowledgeable and friendly. "
- Sandra Kitchen
01/15/2018 15:00:55
"Just love everybody there.. everyone is nice and makes you feel they are glad you came in.. everyone is always willing to help.."
- Robin Dean
01/12/2018 11:16:44
"we are very pleased with the service you all provide."
- Ed and Wende Fitzgerald
01/12/2018 01:31:15
"Keep doing what ya'll are doing. We love coming in even if it's just for our monthly trifexis or dog food! "
- Cecily and Brian Iselt
01/10/2018 16:17:03
"Excellent service and friendly staff "
- Angie Morris
01/10/2018 01:49:01
"Always great service! Amazing doctors, nurses and staff. Friendliest around!"
- Brandy Bridges
01/09/2018 14:41:43
" someone is readily available to answer questions or help at all times. very friendly and cheerful staff."
- DuWayne and Debbie Pfeffer
01/09/2018 02:47:33
"wonderful, such a pleasant staff. PERFECT"
- Sandy Prout
01/09/2018 01:34:04
"Both vets we've seen have been excellent. We've been taking our dog there since she was a pup and wouldn't consider taking her anywhere else. Thanks! Milton & Beverly Strickland"
- Milton and Beverly Strickland
01/09/2018 01:08:33
"You are all friendly, knowledgeable, and have reasonable rates. What more could you ask for!!"
- Jeanette Van Ronk
01/09/2018 00:05:46
"always take of my pups, !!!"
- Sylvia Nelson
01/08/2018 22:03:53
"You have always treated Hank as if he were royalty. We appreciate it and the proof is that he never considers "going to the Vet" anything but good fun. This goes for his owners as well! Thank you."
- Conrad and Genevieve Wilmar
01/08/2018 20:36:33
"always happy with the professional and courteous treatment my pet and I receive at our visits to your clinic! "
- Ronnie Camp
01/08/2018 19:37:23
"Excellent tech & vet. "
- Susie Ross
01/06/2018 17:58:48
"Great Job!!"
- Kris Heimann
01/06/2018 15:28:47
"Since I was a walk-in, no appointment, and was told there was only one doctor 'that day', I can't complain about a somewhat lengthy wait."
- Paul Adkisson
01/06/2018 13:31:54
"Technician came out to my car to give my 2 lab’s their monthly injection...great help to me since loading them in and out of the car is difficult...."
- Louise Lambert
01/06/2018 12:36:49
"Our dog was treated immediately and scheduled for ear and teeth cleaning. The procedure was explained in detail. After surgery, Dr Chapman described the results and recommendations. We are to return in 7 - 10 days. Very pleased."
- Larry and Charlotte Petty
01/06/2018 03:06:07
"Sadie gets her nails down there regularly. Even though she climbs up me when she see's ya'll come out, she always seems happy once she comes out and is down. She probably wouldn't be that good for me in doing this! We appreciate your help in keeping her clipped! "
- Byron and Adonna Dugat
01/05/2018 21:45:26
"Keep up the good work"
- Vaughn and Cathy Casey
01/05/2018 19:45:12
"You all take pride in making our family and furr babies feel important and wanted. You ho above and beyond. "
- Selena Sheets
01/05/2018 19:41:15
"The staff is always friendly, professional, and gentle... always ready to help when they can. The doctors are always willing to take the time to explain and answer any questions. "
- Rita Geoffrion
01/05/2018 18:37:33
"If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it."
- Karen and Frank Walker
01/05/2018 18:20:37
"I have nothing bad to say about Skoshj's favorite place to stop. We are treated like family. Best place ever."
- Kim Wallace
01/05/2018 14:47:59
"Excellent Jacob was so informative on sugar cleaning. And the other staff very cheerful"
- John and Mimi Philips
01/05/2018 02:11:14
"We sincerely could not have been happier! Thanks y'all so much for the time you took and the excellent care . "
- Dennis and Shann Gary
01/04/2018 05:55:35
"everyone was wonderful!"
- Suzanne and Curry Harston
01/03/2018 00:58:44
"Very good staff, polite, friendly."
- Reanna Riley
01/02/2018 23:10:18
"The girls in the outer office were very pleasant and helpful, the who gave the pedis were nice and helpful and the doctor was good with the animals and made me comfortable"
- Mae Marksbury
01/02/2018 21:23:28
"Best Veterinarians we've ever had the pleasure of dealing with."
- David and Diana Cox
01/02/2018 21:19:28
"you guys are always fun, great with the animals as well as the humans, lol, You all make the VET experience wonderful. "
- Scott and Lendon Schellhase
01/02/2018 21:04:32
"DR Paterson listened to my concerns for Bopding -ran tests and was able to compare Bop's last blood test in August 2017 with the blood test taken that day to find his Kidney issue. We went home with KD food and he is responding well. What more can a dog parent want. :-)"
- Bruce and Rahnee Gladwin
01/02/2018 21:03:35
"We had a great experience and so did our dog, Molly. She was nervous at first but when another dog came in she decided it was going to be okay. She didn't even feel the shots Dr. "Cuatro" Patterson gave her. She enJOYed a couple of treats and all was well. This is her 2nd annual wellness check/shots at TCAH and both times it's been easy for her and for us. We will recommend you to everyone who asks. We appreciate TCAH's doctors and excellent staff. Many thanks!"
- Becky Smith
01/02/2018 20:35:11
- Lindsey Jex
01/02/2018 19:58:41
"You guys are the best. Thanks for all y’all do. Excellent staff and docs. "
- Sharlotte Johnson
01/02/2018 19:02:53
"We had our leased bull in for fertility and trichs testing. Despite the holidays, they were able to work us into the schedule right away. They also kept our bull overnight for a very minimal fee so that it could be there for the testing the next morning, and we would not have to unload and re-load it the next day. Great experience!"
- Scott and Mary Muehlstein
01/02/2018 16:02:38
"All good"
- Bob Bach
01/02/2018 15:07:58
"No complaints or suggestions at moment"
- Jody Rhoden
01/01/2018 00:03:43