"We travel and waited till our return for great care."
- Wendell and Brenda Carver
11/14/2018 12:18:29
"Great! Everything went smoothly!"
- Tommy and Julie Hughes
11/14/2018 04:22:02
"Best choice we ever made for pet care"
- Kenzie Smith
11/14/2018 03:50:14
"I am very pleased with the quality and concern of your staff."
- Kathie & Ed Alonso
11/14/2018 03:04:36
"You are providing very good care for my pets!"
- Regina McConal
11/14/2018 01:52:43
"We love Sabrina! Always so courteous and efficient. She remembers everyone and their dogs by name. Amazing."
- Matt Thompson
11/14/2018 00:48:26
"Y’all are awesome"
- Kanah Bradshaw
11/14/2018 00:13:50
"great experience which means a lot to Charlie and I since we are new to kerrville . Happy Holidays"
- Charles & Anna Brown
11/13/2018 22:53:53
"Best vets around A+++"
- Jason Lackey
11/13/2018 22:35:21
"Everyone at Town and Country are always professional and courteous. "
- Norman and Jan Taylor
11/12/2018 00:24:06
"Again, see previous page, great job, will board my babies there again and only there!"
- Rosie & Dan Dixon
11/09/2018 14:34:05
"Great "
- Robert and Bonnie Courson
11/08/2018 01:27:13
"Love the entire staff! "
- Randy Grove
11/07/2018 21:03:32
"We feel Toby was well cared for during his stay."
- Janice and Dale Tansil
11/06/2018 17:41:15
"You are doing great.. Everyone was polite, pleasant, and efficient. When we call, the person answering the phone has always listened, been polite and very helpful. It's amazing how everyone can be so upbeat and pleasant at nearly 5:00 pm, after such a busy and long day, but you are !!! Thank you.. L. Newman"
- Lila Newman
11/06/2018 13:43:54
"Great no problems sofar"
- Gloria and Bruce Rische
11/06/2018 01:41:13
"The best!!"
- Abby and Terry Howard
11/06/2018 00:00:36
"Pleased, as always"
- Wayne and Pam Este
11/05/2018 18:35:45
"I was a walk in and treated very well...Coffee for me and treats for Rusty...very nice. You folks came recommended several years ago and even though my experience (luck) with my partners has not been the greatest, you guys have been. Thanks for caring and treating me and mine well"
- Dan DaCosta
11/03/2018 12:53:37
"Thank you for taking such great care of our baby! I was so nervous all day that my husband called and checked in on her and we got a quick call back with an update on her. Our whole experience was fantastic and we can't thank you enough!"
- Mary Penz
11/02/2018 21:07:04
"I have no complaints. I love taking my dog to y'all to get her nails trimmed. Everyone is always so nice."
- Christina Lynch
11/02/2018 20:53:52
"I can't think of anything that you could change unless you would like to serve Starbucks lol. But other than that don't change anything. Keep up the good work. If Duke's happy, we're happy. "
- Julie Casteel
11/02/2018 20:52:52
"Everyone was kind and professional. Great organization "
- Carroll & Tom Hon
11/02/2018 16:47:02
"It was good"
- Lisa Darcy
11/02/2018 02:51:18
"Always an awesome experience at Town and Country Animal Hospital. First class customer service and awesome veterinarian (Dr. Chapman) and the techs are awesome as well."
- Kim Baker
11/01/2018 20:21:54
"Appreciated getting prescription filled for Shadow."
- Penny and Donald Horton
11/01/2018 19:23:03
"We can’t thank you enough for taking such good care of Sophia. Your willingness to let her stay on the hospital side seems to have helped. Thank you!"
- Todd & Beth Gaddie
11/01/2018 17:58:04
- Vicki and Robert Love
11/01/2018 12:52:46
"The last contact with your office was via telephone. The call was answered quickly and courtesy. My request for assistance was handle quickly and filled immediately. I made the request to send a medication to me, currently in Maine. It arrived within the time promised. I could have ordered this medication from an online pharmacy; however, I chose Town and Country because of the friendly, professional service provided by all the staff."
- Jerome Shaw
10/31/2018 02:10:11
"You are great."
- Tommy and Karen Underwood
10/31/2018 00:34:18
"Dog had nail clip. All fine!"
- Paula Royal
10/30/2018 09:36:46
"I love this vet! Both times I've taken my pup there, they've worked me into the schedule since I called that morning for an appointment. I was seen very quickly and all members of the staff and the vet are incredibly friendly and gracious. Highly recommend!"
- Vivian Talley
10/30/2018 03:03:57
"I've only be there once but I was impressed by the way Max was examined and tested. It seems allergies were affecting him - he is more himself and eating again."
- Jo Locke
10/30/2018 02:00:35
"I appreciate the friendliness of the staff. Always willing to help & answer questions. I feel like my kitty gets the best care."
- Karen Halsey
10/30/2018 01:11:32
"The price was more than quoted, but still over 1/2 less than Canada. Gunner is active again, feeling better. The reception and way we were treated throughout was excellent....we are not treated this way in Canada."
- Myles Penny
10/29/2018 22:36:10
"Great! And, I apologize! My dog was poorly behaved, and I had sent her in with my niece instead of going myself. Thanks for all you do. Linda Tarrant"
- Linda Tarrant
10/29/2018 20:53:18
"Yall are providing a courteous provessional service to myself and the community. Appreciate yall much."
- Sherman Hopper
10/29/2018 18:43:30
"Fantastic! We always receive the best care for our pets. The staff and doctors are always happy to assist us and are very friendly. They show compassion when situations are tough and they also rejoice at the milestones our pups meet with each visit. "
- April Poissant
10/29/2018 18:34:15
"Everything was 100percent perfect Great staff and vets "
- Kade Burrow
10/29/2018 18:31:42
"Excellent "
- Luke Levien
10/29/2018 15:22:35
"I'm so thankful for your vet clinic. And when Magnus will again let me pet him when he eats, we will be in for his teeth cleaning."
- Wendell and Gayle Bingham
10/27/2018 19:51:43
"Very happy with the timely response of an emergency call."
- Lisa Moran
10/27/2018 14:11:36
"Dr. Chapman and staff are always the best! "
- Matt and Jaime Roever
10/27/2018 02:23:57
"Everything good...delightful experience."
- Lou & Leslie Lagarde
10/26/2018 23:52:52
"I was very pleased with everything the staff did to get GRACIE caught up on everything~I appreciate the care and attention we received. Ya'll are doing great! Five star :). LaNell R "
- LaNell and Doug Robertson
10/26/2018 03:08:44
"The service we have received from the moment Erin answered our phone call has been outstanding! We were greeted in such a way that felt as though we had been coming in for years. However, this was our first visit and we were frantic, away from home, and worried about our pup who had declined very rapidly over the weekend. Jacob was extremely attentive (and patient) during my husband and I trying to explain what had been going on with Hank. He was very clear about what he would need to do next and additional information and bloodwork needed for Dr Chapman. The bloodwork was drawn and analyzed while we waiting in the office! And following the blood results we met Dr Chapman who was extremely polite, informative, knowledgeable, and showed so much care while doing Hank’s physical exam and beyond. He talked with us about possibilities and options...not only that day but afterwards as well. We have had animals our entire lives, seen a lot of veterinarians in different cities and states; but none have ever come even close to what we’ve experienced at your clinic!!!! Outstanding customer service!!! This will now be OUR place for all of our animals! "
- Bonnie Marks
10/26/2018 00:13:33
"Luna's vet is just amazing we love how he interacts with her gets on her level! You can tell this isn't just a job for him! Luna has been treated so kindly and we appreciate it! "
- Elyssa Cosper
10/25/2018 20:01:11
"Your vets and the staff are the best in this area."
- Brenda Skinner
10/25/2018 19:26:44
"called for a refill of meds. No problem. Ready when promised."
- Dr. Fernando & Dr. Dawn Gonzalez
10/25/2018 18:33:46
"We love all of you!!!!!!! You helped us through a really rough time with our beloved Boomer, and we are fully confident our remaining “6 pack” will receive great care. So glad we found you!"
- Paul & Lina Hybner
10/25/2018 01:50:37
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They are ready and eager to answer your questions."
- DuWayne and Debbie Pfeffer
10/24/2018 23:22:33
"The staff at Town & Country Animal Clinic is top notch. Will not take my furry babies anywhere else"
- Robyn Baeza
10/23/2018 23:50:03
"I think everyone there does a great job! I really wished you had indoor/outdoor runs so that dogs who enjoy being outside could go out during the day whenever they wanted to."
- John and Verna Callan
10/23/2018 21:20:44
"Oreo was critically ill with parvo, Dr. Patterson and Vet Tech Olivia met us after hours at the clinic to provide him with the emergency care he needed. They are compassionate caring people and Town and Country is now going to be our family vet for both Oreo and my Service Dog Delilah. My wife and I can't thank them enough. Oreo is alive today thanks to the care he received not only at the time we went but the days following. They are still caring for his illness."
- Tom & Jennifer Sergent
10/23/2018 18:41:18
"very good"
- Bryan & Jennifer Curlee
10/23/2018 17:27:41
"We were well taken care of. I always believe our animals are in the best care. "
- Roland & Renee Michel, Jr.
10/23/2018 11:52:04
"You are family to my family, including my pets. We are so grateful for you all."
- Chad Ketcher
10/23/2018 01:47:15
"pleased with my 3 inside kitties & recently brought in a drop off kittie that I was going to take to shelter and requested a routine check and that was done the same day with the same professional treatment - really appreciate that"
- Kathleen Vasquez
10/23/2018 01:25:06
"Our dogs actually get excited when they realize that they’re going to the vet. Your staff is friendly and always helpful and patient Keep up the good work 😃 "
- Melanie and Art McDonough
10/22/2018 22:46:25
"The overall experience was great. I called to set up an appointment. I had a follow up call to make sure that I knew where I was going and to verify what I wanted. Dr. Crossland called me before both procedures to verify what he saw compared to what I was seeing. When I came to pick up the animals, I did not get sticker shock and I was dealt with quickly and with great service. Dr. Crossland took the time to explain everything that happened and what he saw during the procedure. I am very impressed with how the animals are looking right now and would do it again if given the opportunity. "
- Blaine and Marsha Hahn
10/22/2018 20:43:47
"I cannot think of anything "
- Kyle Van Hoozer
10/22/2018 20:35:46
"all the folks working here are excellent, courteous, love animals and make you feel very welcomed!"
- Scott and Lendon Schellhase
10/22/2018 20:34:10
"Everything was great! Thank you so much!"
- Lacey Petty
10/19/2018 16:12:09
"The staff were very accommodating in getting us worked in for a semi-emergency type appointment. We were in and out in about 30 minutes. Excellent service! I felt very confident that my pets needs were met."
- Scott and Mary Muehlstein
10/19/2018 15:29:29
" Evelyn was superb. Informative and knowledgeable and I could tell she cared."
- Guy Bason
10/18/2018 23:41:22
"As a new client we have been treated like we've been coming to you for years. Always helpful with our many questions since just moved from San Diego to the Hill Country. We will be back and forth between San Diego and Kerrville BUT definitely prefer you as our MAIN vet."
- Jeannie Moore
10/18/2018 20:54:08
"Love coming to such a clean animal friendly clinic. And where we are always treated like family!"
- Bill and Katie Henderson
10/18/2018 19:14:34
"Gold stars for Rob and Dr Symms"
- N/A Shelton Ranches
10/17/2018 23:49:38
"Great facility. "
- Susan Williams
10/17/2018 03:55:35
"Funny you would ask! I was planning to send your office a note of thanks. Dr. Chapman met me at the office on a Sunday evening so he could examine my dog Baby, who was having GI distress. I thought he was awesome and so dedicated to his profession. Can’t thank him enough, as I was facng an 8-hour drive the following morning with a dog suffering with diarrhea."
- David Horsley
10/17/2018 02:20:25
- Laura Allman
10/16/2018 15:14:53
"Friendly,prompt, and caring. Staff are so pleasant and sweet with my dog which is freaking out. Check out is quick and easy. Thanks for a positive experience each time."
- Rhonda Wiley-Jones
10/16/2018 14:37:31
"No complaints. In fact they went out of their way to make our visit good."
- Jody Rhoden
10/14/2018 10:46:31
"Very happy with your support in the care of our dog."
- Patrick Smith
10/13/2018 22:55:17
"Nothing but the best from staff."
- Clara Mendez
10/13/2018 21:53:15
"Ya'all are great and we love you."
- Rick and Dee Hendrickson
10/13/2018 18:07:12
- Reanna Riley
10/13/2018 11:05:26
"We are new to your clinic. Our second yearly is coming up in Nov. We are very familiar with the kennel. The associates are friendly and caring. no complaints. Thanks "
- Mary Baker
10/12/2018 20:22:07
- Stephanie and Kevin Anderson
10/11/2018 23:24:51
"Great experience...no complaints!!!"
- Sheila Ruland
10/10/2018 18:31:50
"Absolutely the best veterinary care we’ve experienced in 44+years of pet ownership!"
- David and Diana Cox
10/10/2018 15:06:49
"Gunnar is very apprehensive of going to the doctor, but y'all do you best to comfort him and give him the attention he needs."
- Tim & Kathy Hufstedler
10/10/2018 14:36:13
"I was pleased with the experience. No suggestions"
- Billy Noah
10/09/2018 21:12:47
"Very impressed by the professionalism of the staff. Really friendly and helpful. I feel like our pets are getting great care. "
- Sally Grassmuck
10/09/2018 12:54:48
"Bailey and Coco did well for the kennel cough --we were greeted and helped to weigh the girls--which the pups were too excited to stand still to weigh--so the tech's weighed them and cuddled the pups for the nose treatment for kennel cough. Thank you again for the prompt and courteous attention to the pups."
- Nancy Seale-Jones
10/09/2018 03:52:16
"Your staff has always been so very kind, pleasant, courteous and compassionate and accommodating...keep doing what your doing!!! 🐾💲😎🤑"
- Cash & Reina Brown
10/09/2018 00:51:28
"All the ladies in the front are very cordial and helpful!!! and I love the vet techs!!! "
- Julie and Marty Prater
10/08/2018 19:12:10
"Are experience was awesome as always. "
- Theresa and Frank Thompson
10/08/2018 15:46:18
"Great, I would not change a thing"
- Mark Scales
10/07/2018 16:47:48
"I have nothing negative to say"
- Dr. Beth Houser MD
10/07/2018 13:27:28
"Everyone was so nice and caring. Thank you for caring for Zeus."
- Virginia Weakley
10/07/2018 00:01:52
"I have been using your facilities for many years. It is a 55 mile trip and well worth it. Keep up the great work with a great staff"
- Warren Wittig
10/06/2018 21:46:56
"Y’all are doing just great. Fresh baked cookies would be amazing. Lol, 🤣🤣🤣🤣"
- Jacqueline Nyman
10/06/2018 17:28:53
"I thought y’all were wonderful! The Kerrville location was great! The staff was so nice and excellent. They gave more answers, more suggetions, and more of an understanding of what could be wrong with my kitten. I’m so glad that I went with my gut and called y’all. Making y’all my primary vet my kitten. Thank you!"
- Jadai Dominguez
10/06/2018 15:42:42
"Staff and Dr.’s are extremely informants helpful with my pets needs."
- Kim Russ
10/06/2018 11:18:52
"I love Town & country vet clinic. Everyone is always so nice and helpful and courteous. Even Peaches doesn't mind going ."
- Brenda Jones
10/06/2018 02:25:53
"Y’all are great a great service and very friendly staff"
- Marisa McGehee
10/06/2018 01:48:52
"Chevy got great care, the tech was friendly and got the job done quickly. Chevy has felt great since her anal gland was cleaned out. We really like Town and Country Animal Hospital"
- Robert and Evelyn Wood
10/05/2018 19:53:58
- Rosendo Jimenez
10/05/2018 19:52:17
"Dr Patterson made a very useful housecall and went above and beyond duty; the whole office is very professional and courteous"
- Kristin & Jonathan Lusher
10/05/2018 19:10:43