"We appreciated the attention to detail and concern shown for our fur babies!"
- Tammy Wren
11/28/2017 00:46:04
"fine and I appreciate your good work and help"
- Morriss Graham
11/28/2017 00:27:20
"I was just sorry that you were already booked thru Christmas when I need to board Skeeter. "
- Mary Sharp
11/27/2017 21:57:47
"Everything and every one was wonderful. Loved that Dr Symm wanted to bring Dr. Chapman in on the diagnosis since it was an mass. Jennifer brought me a hot cup of tea. The techs were wonderful and so caring. I have tremendous confidence in T&C. You so appreciated!"
- Cathy Learoyd
11/27/2017 21:30:14
" great!"
- Curtis and Nancy Williams
11/27/2017 20:43:38
"Fabulous staff, just wish you were closer..."
- Kristine Burkhart
11/27/2017 01:23:19
"Very good job! I am quite pleased. Thank you!"
- Thomas Schall
11/26/2017 03:48:00
"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the care you extended (as always) to my sweet kitty, Elvis, and therefore to me. I called late in the day (4pm) to see when I could bring him in for a very swollen and infected paw and was told "How about now?" Absolute perfection. We came immediately, and after only a short wait, he was seen, his paw was shaved, drained and cleaned, he was given injections of antibiotics, steroids and pain meds, and we were out the door. I brought him home much relieved and he began purring again and bearing weight on his paw right away. No matter which vet is on duty, care is A-1 and the entire staff is caring and attentive. You are all the greatest. "
- Betty Fields
11/24/2017 00:39:01
"Excellent the dvm and the tech were well to work with and a wonderful facility "
- Kade Burrow
11/23/2017 20:45:15
"Long time customers! Love the vets, techs and office help. "
- Henry and Susan Gregory
11/23/2017 19:29:38
"We have nothing but the best and professional experiences at Town & Country. Thank you ."
- Bill and Kelly Groneman
11/23/2017 13:55:34
"You do an excellent job and we will continue to bring our pets there."
- Derrick and Mary Christy
11/23/2017 13:49:12
"Wonderful staff. Focused on the best possible care for our two Great Danes. They always call me by name and make me feel very special and valued as a client. Jennifer is wonderful. "
- Bill Penak
11/23/2017 00:14:56
"Awesome service, friendly staff, and no long wait. Thanks"
- Tom O'Briant
11/22/2017 18:40:37
"We’ve never had a bad experience at Town and Country and have recommended y’all’s services to friends. Thank you."
- Mal and Michael Wally
11/22/2017 18:38:07
"Your crew is the most efficient and caring group I have ever taken my 3 Dacchsunds to. Thank you so much for the excellent and caring service.🐶🐶🐶💕💕💕"
- Jerry Acord
11/21/2017 15:05:13
"Very positive visit for my 2 cats."
- Carol McSpadden
11/20/2017 20:44:43
"Dr. Chapman is the best!"
- Eric Jepson
11/20/2017 20:00:06
"I wish that in the human Dr's office I was treated so well. Nobody calls me sweetheart nor tells me I am such a sweetie when I go there. Lol. Seriously we are very grateful for Dr. Patterson and all of the staff at Town and Country. Thank You. "
- Brenda Gale
11/20/2017 02:38:01
"We love Town and Country. More importantly our babies don’t mind it either. "
- Kyle Van Hoozer
11/19/2017 20:01:41
"Your receptionist was very welcoming along with Brittany the Vet's assistant! We were impressed!"
- Dee & John Elliott
11/18/2017 22:29:24
"Love the staff and Docs at TCAC!"
- Laura Johnson
11/18/2017 21:34:53
"Excellent service, clean, friendly environment, great staff."
- Dale Steinert
11/18/2017 20:29:53
"We love Town & Country Animal Hopsital!!! It's the only place I've tooken my pets for the past 10years. We love how much the vets care for our animals like their own. We never question the quality of care they receive."
- Whitney Cravey
11/18/2017 19:34:29
"Thank you for taking great care of our fur babies!!"
- Melissa Fine
11/18/2017 02:29:07
"I think everything was good. Wish we would have really looked at teeth more on Monday visit and took care of it then. And gave him some fluids sub Q before sending us home. I started to speak up next time I will. As it was had to come back Tuesday cause he was not better but worse. Feel we are on road to recovery . I was not ready to give up on him and think we did the right thing with the teeth. Thank you all the staff is excellent and very helpful."
- Debbie Wilbanks
11/17/2017 00:47:57
"We love it! Always inviting and warm welcoming to us! We always feel wanted and cared about ! "
- Faith & Adam Ortega
11/16/2017 22:28:13
"The staff is wonderful! Very welcoming and helpful and you can tell they truly love animals."
- Sharon Keyser
11/16/2017 18:48:46
"I am pleased with your staff and their professionalism. Minnie seems to like them too. 😊"
- Kirsi Maria Blankenship
11/16/2017 18:12:11
"good job"
- J Fred Hubbs DVM
11/16/2017 17:03:35
"I feel the Dr are very informative. I appreciate their work."
- Delores Dishong
11/16/2017 04:01:06
"Thanks for being there for me and my pets, you do everything right in my book!! "
- Janet Russell
11/16/2017 00:45:55
"I received prompt attention as I entered the clinic and was shown to a room. The vet tech was efficient in gathering information about our new puppy. Dr Chapman examined the animal and answered my question"
- David and Caroline Hanson
11/15/2017 22:23:59
"I was very pleased, as usual, with this latest visit. I complimented Dr. Patterson and Dr. Chapman and their assistant while I was there. Thanks to all the staff!!"
- Ross Schultz
11/15/2017 20:16:59
"best we have ever had"
- Linda Travis
11/14/2017 22:06:07
"Excellent experience and service. I'm so happy we found your vet practice. "
- Kathy Mater
11/13/2017 14:55:41
- Sarah Katherine
11/12/2017 21:10:55
"You are great. I needed pet care immediately, and you were there for me. The office staff are cheerful and helpful. Thanks!"
- Gerry Gentry
11/11/2017 22:57:23
"Love your employees "
- Cheryl Brantley
11/11/2017 00:49:26
"We were very pleased with the through examination our cats received. Our questions were answered to our satisfaction. "
- Janice and John Walker
11/10/2017 21:41:29
"A pleasure doing business with you ! Always a satisfying experience!!!"
- Peter and Sandy Lewis
11/10/2017 18:22:33
"Have always had great experiences. Pongo has been a challenge. He is always well taken care of. "
- Dan and Joan Cortez
11/10/2017 18:10:28
"First visit, so far so good. Very friendly an seemed to care for my dogs as if they were there own. Hope to have a long relationship with ya. "
- Cindy Piper
11/09/2017 17:18:55
"It's great y'all made me switch vet clinics. "
- Kyla Thompson
11/09/2017 15:05:14
"Very attentive and professional service "
- Dianne and Jason Scull
11/09/2017 02:19:11
"Nothing bad to say, all kudos."
- Milton and Beverly Strickland
11/08/2017 23:11:09
"No complaints whatsoever. These people actually "LIKE " the animals and hat makes me feel very good about their care. Very informed staff, each and every one. LOVE having TCAH take care of my pet."
- Carol Lynch
11/08/2017 19:11:00
"Have never had more positive experiences with get. clinics! The staff are all caring, understanding and knowledgeable. Thanks especially to Dr. Chapman, who had to put down our sick cat. He cried along with us.....his compassion made the experience bearable. Thanks to all!!"
- Portia Leuba
11/08/2017 18:13:14
"I’m always impressed with your service."
- Cheryl Anderson
11/07/2017 05:57:47
"You guys are awesome!!! We love Dr Chapman and the entire staff is always friendly and helpful"
- Brandy Bridges
11/06/2017 16:15:07
"The people in front office and the lady that gives Pepper her injection could not be nicer or more pleasant. "
- Wanda Mattarocci
11/06/2017 14:35:39
"You all are great and for as long as I've had my dogs at town and country they have been awsome.they trully care about your animal ."
- Marion and Dawna Kvidera
11/06/2017 13:58:22
"Personnel were extremely friendly. You could tell they cared about my dog. They listened to my concerns and completely explained why they thought my girl wasn't feeling well and procedures to help her."
- Evelyn O'Hara
11/06/2017 04:03:30
"I think you are doing fine. The entire staff in the hospital or boarding have always been wonderful to us and the dogs."
- Ray and Paula Everhart
11/05/2017 17:48:09
"I have trusted them with all my fur babies. The staff is awesome and helpful."
- Judie Diaz
11/05/2017 12:59:59
"Perfect. We couldn’t ask for a batter experience. Thanks for all your help"
- Jacqueline Nyman
11/05/2017 10:23:41
"Great "
- Elton and Ginny Arceneaux
11/05/2017 01:03:53
"You all are doing a great job~and we appreciate you !"
- LaNell and Doug Robertson
11/04/2017 13:39:26
"as far as i know, all went well. thanks, oliver"
- Donna and Oliver Scofield
11/03/2017 16:23:55
"The staff was very informative of the procedures Rosco was having. Very nice."
- Cody Van Kirk
11/03/2017 13:27:43
"Overall excellent customer service and obvious love of animals and what you offer!"
- Kevin and Debbie Cooley
11/03/2017 13:25:04
"Friendly, compassionate, personable and professional!"
- Ted Conerly
11/02/2017 15:38:19
"I would trust no one else except Dr. Symm with our beloved horse Chip!"
- Amy and Wesley Lindner
11/02/2017 02:08:14
"Very helpful "
- Gene Beasley
11/01/2017 16:56:47
"We love Town and Country, the staff and doctors are caring people who seem to want to help our fur babies. We have no issues."
- Judy and Al Hargraves
11/01/2017 15:30:56
"Doing well. We really appreciate your keeping appointments on time (assuming no emergencies, of course). There is something about your place that my normally very calm dog becomes quite anxious, so I thank you for working to get him in and out as quickly as possible."
- Tim & Kathy Hufstedler
11/01/2017 13:44:02
"This was our first visit. All went great. Looking forward to seeing y'all in the future. Thanks!"
- Randy & Dana Hastings
10/31/2017 02:56:58
"I’m impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the staff and doctors"
- Laura and Paul Harris
10/30/2017 17:16:06
"Everyone is so nice and care about our pets , they take real good care when they are examining them , and we do not have to wait very long they call us in and get the job done ,,,couldn't ask for any more than that"
- Jess Hooker
10/30/2017 13:10:36
"Very nice and courteous people. Quick and efficient service. Treated Maggie well and she likes all her attention she received."
- Gary Williams
10/29/2017 17:23:17
"what I like most, is when you open the door, someone greets you by name and always knows your pets names. It is going home."
- Bob Bach
10/29/2017 15:48:37
"Great care for my "fur babies" !"
- Sylvia Nelson
10/29/2017 15:20:18
"Great place !! "
- Tammy Lewis
10/28/2017 23:31:35
"As always, you’re the best!!! Amazing service,,Amazing staff,,Amazing care!!!We Love Y’all!!! ❤️🐶❤️"
- Jaclyn Robinson
10/28/2017 20:09:47
"Took care of everything in a loving and caring manner. Everyone was in a great mood and very helpful."
- Dale Dennis
10/28/2017 13:00:59
"The doctor and aide were very nice and helpful. I felt they did not rush me through, but took a lot of time with me although my dog's problem was not serious."
- Judy Vinson
10/28/2017 03:46:03
"You were great with Pearl on her first visit."
- Karen Evans
10/28/2017 02:35:41
"I am very happy with the staff at Town and Country. I feel like it's the best possible care I can get for my pets. The staff are always super friendly and helpful. Dr. Chapman and Dr. Patterson- top notch!! I have friends tell me other places are less expensive which of course always "sounds" good but this isn't an issue. my pets health is more important than saving a few bucks! Keep up the good work! Also, the reminders about checkups and boosters are very helpful! Ronnie Camp"
- Ronnie Camp
10/27/2017 12:38:03
"Doing great!"
- Teresa and Kerry Brittain
10/26/2017 19:46:16
"Doing great! Glad to have found y'all to offer excellent care for Mae, Callie and HuaHua. Thank you."
- Jennifer Ross
10/26/2017 17:40:23
"You made me and my Buddy feel at home and answered all my questions/concerns!"
- Jeanette Van Ronk
10/26/2017 15:19:10
"Can not think of anything bad - everyone is friendly, quick and takes time to explain treatment and options"
- Sue and George Albro
10/26/2017 14:37:25
"The office staff could not have been nicer or more help. The only thing that we wished that we had learned would have been: Had she been neutered, what type of food would be best since she has bad teeth and what type of shampoo to use since she has bad skin. "
- Linda & Joe McGee
10/26/2017 14:06:15
"Doing great. No issues, LOVE the staff. One suggestion is to get a light outside the door that can be turned on when there is another animal in the waiting area. This will help with those that don't get along with others."
- Teresa and Adam Johnson
10/26/2017 11:56:48
"You are doing a great job, keep it up."
- Lonnie and Gail Schmitt
10/25/2017 14:17:28
"The staff was very friendly and caring the dr. took his time to explain everything to us "
- Roger Benjamin
10/25/2017 14:00:25
"Every visit has been the same. "Top Drawer"!"
- Mike Abajian
10/25/2017 12:44:59
- Cheli Bargo
10/23/2017 14:46:16
"The whole experience was great, the animal care was fantastic. Very good customer service, made me feel very welcomed and in good hands. I would recommend y'all to everyone, I was very pleased the with visit. "
- Michele McCartney
10/21/2017 16:02:24
- Tommy and Julie Hughes
10/21/2017 15:08:02
"I been taking Star to Town and Country Hospital for 15 months, my experience with everyone is being great, knowledgeable, understandable, caring with a great customer service. There is no other place I will trust with my little puppy! "
- Consuelo Smith
10/21/2017 14:30:45
"Chief loves to visit!"
- Mark and Lisa Thompson
10/21/2017 13:53:01
"I like that the staff is very personable and fun. Since I have a weird strange family member known as Skoshi they need lots of humor. They also have great doctors and Tech. staff when trouble comes up. "
- Kim Wallace
10/21/2017 13:47:38
"Fantastic customer service. Knowledgeable staff. Of course great doctors. That's why I drive 2 hours to get to Lamar! I wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Jaime Bragg
10/21/2017 12:44:52
"Max had the best of care and is doing well."
- Tom and Gail Moss
10/20/2017 12:58:29
"You are great with my animals! Thanks!"
- Glenda Miller
10/19/2017 19:09:34
- David Martin
10/19/2017 14:55:09
"I would drive across the state to take a show animal to Dr. Crossland!! The staff, both equine unit and front office, are always friendly and courteous!! "
- Travis Walker
10/18/2017 15:44:58
"Y'all are an amazing group of people. I will. Never go to another vet again."
- Heather Cranford
10/18/2017 12:47:29
"So far, I consider your animal hospital the best in Kerrville. I think you are a little expensive, but I guess you get what you pay for."
- Tommie Campbell
10/18/2017 04:13:57