"Warm, professional visit."
- Dorian Parkinson
03/18/2019 16:36:49
"Cat was very sick with urinary tract infection, vet and assistant met us on a Sunday, thank goodness, and provided care for cat, which soon improved condition."
- JoAnne Ellis
03/18/2019 13:58:20
"The staff is always, warm, welcoming, and makes me and Doc The Great Dane feel special. We always get The Rock Star Treatment from everyone including the Soctors, Vet Techs, and the lovely ladies that manage the front office. "
- Bill Penak
03/18/2019 00:35:06
"Love you all. Hope Dr. Chapman got my inquiry regarding my cat. First time I called I think the message may have been overlooked. "
- Tamara Ruby
03/17/2019 21:22:27
"We have tried other Vets and for many years and 3 boxers, we won’t even consider going anywhere except T&C. We constantly are telling others where we take Dusty and always recommending T&C for vet services. Thanks for being there for Dusty."
- Roy and Phyllis Riley
03/17/2019 17:47:46
"Love you guys!"
- Henry and Susan Gregory
03/17/2019 17:29:07
"great service for 14 yeas"
- Fred and Mollie Jeffries
03/17/2019 00:56:46
"The time spent was greatly reduced since my last visit. I was impressed with the speed of service."
- Raymond Aitken
03/16/2019 20:42:20
"I recommend y’all to everyone!"
- Lisa Tippette
03/16/2019 17:16:00
"Y’all are great! I was able to get an appt promptly, my wait time after arriving was minimal, the vet assistant was amazing and Dr. Patterson spent adequate time with me during Chet’s exam and consultation. We love you!"
- Toni and Michael Buck
03/16/2019 12:23:58
"Always friendly and prompt."
- Robert and Margaret Bedle
03/16/2019 12:11:45
"Very friendly and personable"
- Jeff and Caryn Talarico
03/15/2019 18:30:53
"Wonderful, pleasant, I don't have enough words to describe how I & my dog C.C are welcomed & treated."
- Eva Drost
03/15/2019 16:33:38
"Lori was very helpful in selling us medication for Gabe. "
- Jan Youngblood
03/15/2019 15:49:28
- Suzanna O'Briant
03/15/2019 15:00:20
"Outstanding service"
- Dan and Joan Cortez
03/14/2019 21:05:13
"DR'S don't try to run up the bill Trust what Dr's say. Experience abounds there. "
- Betty White
03/14/2019 19:22:29
"Everything is great so far!"
- Colton Tucker
03/13/2019 17:08:24
"It was a great visit with Dr. Patterson. Sheba didn't mind too much - at least she didn't bite anyone, even during the rabies shot!"
- E.H. and Miriel Bresett
03/13/2019 16:57:09
"Dr. Chapman is the greatest.. he always willing to help and all three of my dogs love him.. the staff is always friendly and willing to help.. always recommend ya to my family and friends.."
- Robin Dean
03/13/2019 16:30:38
"Your staff is always great!"
- Gail and Ken Doran
03/10/2019 21:23:33
"I need lots of help and I get it at your place. Thanks, Naoma "
- Naoma Ross
03/10/2019 19:43:30
"I think you are doing just great! I wish our pet felt the same, she gets very nervous, but am hoping that will settle down in time."
- Don and Trish Butler
03/10/2019 16:03:46
"We are very happy with your services. We feel that our elderly dog is getting great care."
- Marsha & James Reeves
03/10/2019 02:46:42
"All was great"
- Jessica Hernandez
03/09/2019 22:49:58
"Staff is always helpful and do it with a smile! Grateful to Dr. Patterson for conscientiously taking of Gigi."
- Nancy Kuhlmann
03/09/2019 21:04:25
"We feel like family and everyone knows my dogs are my babies so a little anxiety when one of them has to be put under."
- Carol & Stephen McCarrick
03/08/2019 22:48:54
"Everyone in our household seem to be doing fine. Katie, Niki, and Carrie all seem to be healthy and happy. We need to get them in for their wellness exam, and Niki will definitely need his teeth clean, as Carrie also does. I will be in touch."
- Barbara and Mike Hoskins
03/08/2019 19:31:58
"Good care but a little expensive."
- Ruben and Diane Johanson
03/08/2019 04:12:04
"Dr. Patterson was wonderful! I didn't feel rushed and he answered all my questions."
- Paula Pugh
03/07/2019 21:56:35
"Great job....wonderful response time....reasonable prices."
- Lee Spaulding
03/07/2019 20:17:52
- Kathy Freeman
03/07/2019 19:12:46
"We have always had excellent, caring and compassionate service at Town and Country. This last visit was no exception. All our concerns were addressed and treated. All personnel were professional and kind to our pets. We appreciate that so much."
- Michelle Cassity
03/07/2019 18:44:01
"Quick but efficient no complaints. My fur baby, Nicky does not like strangers touching him, but everyone did a good job to make him comfortable"
- Billy and Dannette Zajic
03/07/2019 16:54:55
"Wonderful. Ver thorough and kind to my Bella. Very knowledgeable thank you"
- Alice McLinden
03/06/2019 22:58:44
"We had to pick up a six month packet of trifexis for our dog. The transaction was prompt and correct as usual."
- Tommy and Shelley McElhannon
03/06/2019 21:08:02
- Glenn Modgling
03/06/2019 20:43:21
"We have enjoyed bringing our dog into your clinic. We're "winter Texans" but wish we had access to your clinic for the entire year. We've always felt like we are the most important visitors to the clinic. "
- Kurtis Kindschi
03/06/2019 19:34:49
"Morgan and Jazzlyn are always so great about answering all of my questions in the equine center and getting us in around our crazy schedule! I love this vet office for all of my animals, big to small!"
- Susie Bonner
03/06/2019 18:10:55
"Very good care of our new cat and she is doing great"
- Lyn Couey
03/06/2019 14:44:21
"I have coming to Town and Country for 14 years and will continue to do so as long as I have pets. I will also refer my friends to Town and Country."
- Tim Wilton
03/05/2019 16:08:43
"This time was fine, I just stopped in to pick up flea and tick meds for Annie, Bingo and Daisy. All was good."
- Amy and David Moldenhauer
03/04/2019 17:17:23
"Everything went fine. Vet Assistant was knowledgeable and compassionate."
- Mike and Marilyn Andrus
03/04/2019 16:42:19
"Always awesome. So glad to know that you are there."
- Jerry and Linda Moore
03/04/2019 15:56:48
"The care has always been very good."
- Clint and Donna Dixon
03/04/2019 14:49:58
"We are always treated well by every member of T&C staff. I know our babies are in good hands when we bring them in for whatever. Dr. Chapman has been our furbaby vets forever, and even in the worse times (having to do the right thing and have a oldie put down) T&C is always caring. Can’t imagine having any other vets!"
- James and Lisa Allison
03/04/2019 02:51:34
"Dr Patterson and the staff are always friendly and helpful. They really seem to care about their patients and the "parents"!! I feel confident that my fur baby is getting the best care possible."
- Laura Robinson
03/03/2019 17:48:13
"We appreciate the fact that even though we are miles away in our RV, Cody is still getting excellent care and compassion as if he was right around the block."
- Red & Pam Beers
03/03/2019 16:33:27
"Genuine, capable staff-best vet!!"
- Beth McLaughlin
03/03/2019 16:10:36
"I appreciate the professional and courteous staff , techs and doctors."
- Maggie Schumacher
03/03/2019 15:44:24
"Equine and all of you are great thanks!"
- Carlos and Lala Menendez MD
03/02/2019 19:42:58
"I always trust what the best treatment and care is recommended"
- Pat Thornblom
03/02/2019 18:58:58
"As usual, great care for our Ella, by all there. "
- Kristin & Jonathan Lusher
03/02/2019 15:56:09
"Everyone is always so kind and attentive to Lexi. Everyone is sincere about his/her work and truly seems to enjoy it."
- Lisa Schreckenbach
03/02/2019 15:24:26
"The girls are very patient with Kiki and we appreciate them very much!"
- Steve Stoutamire
03/02/2019 14:31:00
"Doing a great job!"
- Melanie and Art McDonough
03/01/2019 22:32:30
"The whole staff is amazing and always so friendly. I wouldn’t want to take my precious to anyone else. "
- Brittany Lechuga
03/01/2019 21:13:00
"Wonderful. It is great to be able to come into town and have my dog stay with you all a few hours. That’s one of the key reasons I keep coming back."
- Jeff Mitroff
03/01/2019 21:12:34
"I would not take my horse any where else"
- Eva Armsworthy
03/01/2019 19:45:51
"Morgan and Dr. Symm are amazing at what they do. I have had multi pre-purchase horse checks with Dr. Symm. He is amazing, goes the extra mile, and provide great advice and guidance. "
- Charlene Curry
03/01/2019 17:05:37
"Everyone is always so warm and friendly. I know my baby is in great hands when there. "
- Michelle Poer
03/01/2019 16:01:18
"I am very pleased with the service I receive and the care given to my dog. Also boarding here is great and I really like the people running the boarding section."
- Richard Mero
03/01/2019 15:08:56
"Everyone took my concerns to heart and did a very good job with the situation. "
- Charlene Mudge
03/01/2019 14:14:00
"You guys are great !🐶✌🏼"
- Callie Lutz
03/01/2019 11:56:10
"Great job! Thank you!"
- Margie Dominguez
03/01/2019 01:38:37
"Thank you. It is always a good experience when I bring my dogs. I particularly like how accommodating everyone is with our temperamental Meatballs. "
- Marsha Baumann
02/28/2019 21:59:20
"Dr Symm very knowledgeable and spent time explaining the questions that we had about our dogs health."
- Ron and Cheryl Drumheller
02/27/2019 23:35:04
"We love Town And Country Animal Hospital"
- Peggy Maher
02/27/2019 20:04:01
"Excellent! Thank you. Prefer to use only Dr. Chapman or Dr. Patterson "
- Hugh and Deliah Murphy
02/27/2019 10:37:31
"Always friendly, caring and professional. "
- Mary Yarborough
02/26/2019 23:36:05
"I had a great visit. It was very professional."
- Evelyn Albritton
02/25/2019 22:47:49
"Very efficient and caring staff. The office was extremely busy on a Saturday morning - yet the staff was very attentive to everyone."
- Karen Flores
02/25/2019 19:07:09
"Y’all are all wonderful!"
- Anne Curran
02/25/2019 13:44:22
- Arthur & Jennifer Colvin
02/25/2019 02:47:04
"Vert thorough and patient with my most recalcitrant dog!"
- Bobbin Phelps-Gredell
02/24/2019 17:25:22
"Really appreciated that you came to the car to finish the appointment."
- Alice Vanderveen
02/23/2019 22:30:07
"We have been taking our dog here for 2 years for shots, exams, dental work and boarding. We are always pleased with the doctors and staff"
- Paula & Mike Samolsky
02/23/2019 02:45:21
"I have no complaints."
- Janice Lang
02/22/2019 23:28:50
"Super doctor assistant!"
- N/A Wagon Wheel Ranch
02/22/2019 18:05:47
"TCAH always gives the greatest care for my horses and I have been recommending them to my friends."
- Tim Lamberson
02/22/2019 16:36:54
"Town and Country is absolutely wonderful. The vets explain things exceptionally well. The technicians are so helpful and the receptionists are terrific. Everyone is so loving and kind. I feel that Town and Country is not just a business but a family."
- Robert and Patricia Rogers
02/22/2019 02:23:41
"Everyone is always so friendly! You are always quick to get us an appointment. Keep doing what you are doing!"
- Rhonda and Kendall Davison
02/21/2019 22:09:02
"We have nothing bad to say about this office or any of the staff. If we were dissatisfied with their services we wouldn’t go back. "
- Debbie Hayes
02/20/2019 19:05:09
"Best staff and Vets! "
- Ellen Kenalty
02/20/2019 12:38:36
- Rosendo Jimenez
02/19/2019 15:31:03
"Thank you, Dr. Chapman, for your great help with Rollie's recent problem. He is doing fine and "everything" looks normal. And, thank you to your staff for their prompt and friendly service. Aloha, HH"
- Harold Horstmann
02/19/2019 15:00:31
"The knowledge and service was great. "
- Ruben Gonzales
02/19/2019 01:58:14
"Y'all are doing Great! Thank you!"
- Nancy Seale-Jones
02/18/2019 22:42:32
"everything worked t great thank you so much"
- Kevin and Debbie Cooley
02/18/2019 22:42:24
"we really want to thank dr. patterson we are from abilene tx. and droped by with our dog not doing well . he saw her immediately and had a surgery set up within 2 1/2 hrs she is doing great and want to thank you and the staff for making the experince good thanks brent stephens"
- Brent & Chris Stephens
02/18/2019 21:19:50
"Chili doesn't seem to enjoy his visits to Town & Country as much as I do. My granddaughter accompanied Chili to see Dr. Chapman this time because it is more difficult for me to drive. She said she was seen immediately upon arrival by your receptionist in a courteous way and all staff were professional and friendly. We appreciate T & C !!"
- Ross Schultz
02/18/2019 20:24:41
"It was an after hours emergency visit with Dr. Chapman."
- Laura Batchelder
02/18/2019 19:24:54
"Kai loves it there would not take him any where else Ll"
- Barbara Lucas
02/18/2019 19:21:15
"Great interaction with very knowledgeable staff. Excellent care for our pet,"
- Glen and Irene Caldwell
02/18/2019 17:19:21
"So appreciated your willingness to see Dixie without an appt. the liquid laxative worked well and we all feel better. Thank you "
- Harriet Bailey
02/17/2019 21:08:58
"We have always been pleased with the services T&C provides. Great staff and doctors. Thank you for always taking the time to answer questions regarding treatment of our goat herd!"
- Barb and Bryan Bowers
02/17/2019 20:22:49
"Have been extremely impressed by all of the staff since first walking in the door. Always friendly, helpful, and supportive. Perfect experience, every time."
- Michelle Dreibrodt
02/17/2019 19:40:10
"It is always a pleasure to come in here.You people put up with so much and show such compassion.Please accept my gratitude. We’ve had 7 different pups there and all are treated with such kindness. Thank you so much"
- Jerry Acord
02/17/2019 16:03:13
"We're pleased with the care you've offered our pets."
- Erik and Rita Funk
02/17/2019 09:41:09
"Bill Symm is the best!"
- Rita & John Self
02/17/2019 00:52:20