"I had a great first experience. I was moved to the exam room with in 5 minutes of arriving. The Dr. and the staff were all very friendly. He explained what my dog needs and the procedure that he would perform in writing for me to understand. They answered all of my questions. Thank you for the great service!!"
- Donna Richey
07/22/2018 22:05:06
"Y’all are a great team of professionals. Dr McCoy is so caring, knowledgeable, and honest. I really trust him. I would highly recommend him. "
- Karen Stone
06/28/2018 17:38:33
"Very friendly and caring staff. They took very good care of my pup. Would recommend this facility. "
- Gerry Kelley
05/06/2018 16:48:49
"Krystal received the best care from the Texas Veterinary Dental Care team. Thank you for treating her like family. "
- Julie Wright
04/20/2018 16:55:44
"Love the doc and staff. Glad Emma will be in good hands. Thank you! "
- Jacob Wilson
03/25/2018 13:09:36
"Thanks for caring for our baby. I also appreciated the after care call. It was comforting."
- Neema Modi
03/20/2018 21:15:17
"Thank you for making our first experience with your clinic a good one. We are really happy with the results and felt very comfortable leaving our dog in your care. The personal touch was great!"
- Monica Mykyte
03/09/2018 01:55:24
"Staff was very caring for my pet, and that's important to me."
- William Tallichet
03/03/2018 01:13:54
"Very prompt in getting information to the pet owner. Doctor McCoy was very thorough, took his time examining Nugget and explaining forthcoming procedure. He easily answer all my questions and described in detail the forthcoming procedure. Amy is also very knowledgeable, helpful and so very cheerful. I left feeling I had selecting the correct place to treat my Shih Tzu."
- Millie Burt
02/16/2018 08:11:39
"Everyone was so professional, informative, and nice. They went above and beyond my expectations. "
- Paula Fleming
02/13/2018 21:13:02
"After the consultation with Dr. McCoy I felt confident that I was leaving my poor puppy who had a broken jaw in good hands. He explained the procedures, addressed all my concerns, and took care of her difficult dental problems. I absolutely would recommend this facility."
- Karen Wells
01/31/2018 19:51:44
"great experience"
- Sally Bassler
01/25/2018 13:31:02
"The entire process was excellent! Amy was so kind when setting up my appointment and followed through sending documents and answering questions. The techs and Dr Mcoy were great to work with answering all questions and providing options for my dogs fractured tooth. I felt very comfortable with leaving my dog in your care. Thank you so much!!"
- Katie Braun
12/30/2017 22:34:33
"My experience with the entire staff was excellent and helped ease the anxiety of surgery to my beloved Buster. I have to give Dr McCoy the upmost compliment with regards to his "bedside manners" with patient care. I only wish he would specialize in other aspects of pet health so that i could continue to bring my Buster for all his medical needs! Once fully healed and recovered, I plan on seeking a cataract consultation for my beloved pet. The ophthalmology specialist has some big shoes to fill to be on par with the care that Buster received with Dr McCoy and his staff!"
- Teresa Ramirez
12/19/2017 20:13:15
"I have nothing but great things to say about Texas Veterinary Dental Center and have already given your information to several friends."
- Pam Leslie
12/08/2017 15:29:46
"The clinic is clean, quiet and the staff very caring. I felt it was a safe place for my little dog to have major oral surgery. They have followed up everyday since and she is doing very well. We were referred by our veterinarian. After they started the procedure they realized it was too difficult to continue. I am very grateful for Dr. Mccoy and his staff."
- Valerie Johnson
12/02/2017 00:56:14
"Besides being the nicest and caring office people, Dr. McCoy is extremely caring and took all the time in the world to explain all of Sweetie's problems. We were treated like we have been coming here for years. Thank you all for your extreme kindness."
- Dorothy Johnson
10/17/2017 14:56:21
"I was very apprehensive prior to meeting with Dr. McCoy because I had spoken with several people about why I was going to a dental specialist and what I considered to be a possible outcome and I almost had decided I wouldn't have a total extraction done. However, I left the hospital feeling much better about leaving Bella with all of you for whatever she would be encountering in the way of care. You are all extremely professional and experienced. Thank you, ~Pamela Moore "
- Pam Moore
10/05/2017 14:53:22
"It was a pleasure to meet Dr. McCoy and staff and I greatly appreciated the consultation. Dr. McCoy did an excellent job of explaining what to expect for our dog's dental / surgical treatment. Very kind, caring and patient and we look forward to future visits. Thank you, Lisa & Brandon"
- Lisa Tsokos
09/29/2017 18:02:31
"I'm very happy with the care and sincerity shown towards my Airedale. Her serious dental issues are now resolved and she's going to have a healthy happy life and for that I am grateful. Thanks to all of you! "
- Gary Mott
09/16/2017 00:16:41
"Dr. McCoy was great. Very confident in his capabilities and highly experienced, which put us at ease immediately. Staff was exceptionally courteous and helpful, which isn't as common these days as it once was, unfortunately. A rare find. Will recommend without hesitation!"
- Tammy Banks
08/24/2017 15:32:42
"Compassionate and knowledgeable staff. "
- Agnus Broussard
07/19/2017 08:00:27
"I was extremely pleased with the ENTIRE staff and felt very confident with Dr. McCoy. Amy especially made me feel very relaxed with a nice personal touch! Thank you! "
- Robin Berry
07/07/2017 13:18:27
"Every thing about my visit with Cody was exceptional, except for the bad news about his teeth. Everyone I came into contact with was friendly and helpful. Dr. McCoy did such a wonderful job of explaining about all the problems with Cody's teeth that I could only think of a couple of questions to ask him for additional information."
- Kathy Huizinga
06/10/2017 16:57:44
"Major dental issues require an extremely knowledgeable doctor. Dr. McCoy was not only knowledgeable about the problems associated with bad teeth, he was personable. He was also gentle and respectful to my fur baby. I found my new doggy dentist!"
- Kelly Baker
05/18/2017 11:57:04
"The entire staff was very friendly. Made me feel good I was in the right place "
- Mike Huckabee
05/03/2017 19:43:52
"I was incredibly pleased with how you treated us! I was extremely nervous about dropping my cat off somewhere I'd never been, with people I've never met. I did not expect to leave that morning feeling so comfortable leaving my baby in your hands! You guys are amazing! Thank you!"
- Stephanie Frawley
04/07/2017 13:03:01
"Dr. McCoy is an excellent doctor. Our dog made an amazingly quick recovery thanks to the professional staff."
- Dennis Bienski
04/04/2017 19:18:35
"Riley is doing well and we are extremely pleased with the service and the care you provided!"
- John Bickham
04/03/2017 08:59:48
"Although my dog was not in a good place with periodontal disease, I appreciated the way Dr. McCoy led me through his various troubles, and I knew my dog was in very good hands. "
- Lisa Littlefield
03/16/2017 12:55:20
"Found Dr., nurses, receptionist very knowledgeable. They seemed genuinely concerned about Prognosis of K. O., our dog. Will be taking our other pets to this vet. Thank you, Angel "
- Angel Rawlins
03/09/2017 11:57:20
"Very professional and courteous! Procedure explained and pis care instructions were very clear. Staff follow up the next 2 days was a plus. "
- Cindy Patrick
03/09/2017 09:50:32
"Really appreciated how the staff interacted with both our canine "kid," and us as we navigated Bandit's dental care experience. Without their support, it would have been overwhelming to have dealt with his multiple teeth extractions and aftercare for our guy. Not to mention, they got us in in a timely manner! (The other clinic we contacted had us waiting for 5 weeks, just for the consultation visit!). Our fellow is back to his normal, energetic self, and that makes us very happy! Thanks Texas Veterinary Dental Center Staff!!!"
- Karen Turner
03/05/2017 10:20:31
"Dr McCoy, Lisa, and Amy were friendly, professional and pleasant. Thank you for taking good care of Harry. He is recovering nicely"
- Joan Scott
03/01/2017 15:27:49
"Very courteous personnel. Nice and clean office and exam room. "
- Denise Bryant
02/22/2017 18:04:27
"I am very appreciated everyone working in the center with caring; patience and friendly. "
- Mei Che
02/21/2017 23:40:20
"We were so pleased with this experience...from the 1st telephone contact to leaving with our precious husky, Rocky., the following "care" call the next day. Each staff member was genuinely kind, patient and thorough. When your pet is sick - cracked teeth, etc. it is so comforting to find an experienced, caring and professional dental operation such as Texas Veterinary Dental Clinic. We can't say enough positive remarks about this medical team. Thanks to each of these amazing individuals."
- Marilyn Jolliff
02/14/2017 11:36:36
"I loved how caring everybody is, you made me feel like you have been taking care of Frida for the longest time. I truly appreciate how honest the doctor was giving me all scenarios regarding my cat. All of you were great! Thank you "
- Oswelia Leonard
02/13/2017 15:21:03
"Very professional, friendly staff. Very caring toward my kitty Emily. Good experience. "
- Jean Weaver
01/18/2017 12:17:37
"OMG! I'm usually not at a loss for words but this experience was beyond "perfection" - considering the horrible periodontal reason for seeking Dr. McCoy and staff - but the professionalism far outweighed the bad. Thank you so much!!"
- Gerard Aubert
01/14/2017 18:56:39
"I was very impressed with my visit and how smoothly the whole office worked with each other. The atmosphere was wonderful and the staff all seemed to be happy and I didn't feel like I was being rushed through. Dr. McCoy was very patient and explained everything that needed to be done with great care and compassion."
- Judy Ray
01/11/2017 12:32:46
"Clinic was very clean. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. "
- Jordan Grimes
01/07/2017 14:24:07
"Very impressed with Dr. McCoy and his staff! "
- Mary Garner
01/03/2017 13:14:54
"Snowball was treated like a queen so that was the most important thing to me Bonnie Flippo "
- Bonnie Flippo
12/05/2016 20:07:58
"Thank you for helping us with Tigger. We will confidently and happily refer anyone to you who may need your specialized services in the future. Our experience at your clinic was awesome. Tigger passed away on Thursday, so from Monday when we had our consultation with you, to Thursday, she went downhill very quickly. I thank God that we did not subject her to a procedure from which she may not even have survived, and had she survived, would likely had no more and perhaps fewer days than she had with no action. I am grateful for the three days we had with her beyond our visit. You and your staff are awesome, and I appreciate your wonderful ways of being. Sandy "
- Sandy Olson
12/03/2016 08:22:43
"Your care for our little dog Harley was wonderful. Will look to you for all future dental care for all of our pets. Thanks so much!! "
- William Hardin
11/26/2016 18:07:46
"Dr. McCoy and the two assistants I met are all very personable and professional. I am very comfortable with leaving Ginger in their care."
- Linda Woodruff
11/20/2016 14:45:32
"Thank you for taking such good care of Mr. Meow!"
- Daisy Lee
11/15/2016 16:50:51
"I loved the professionalism and the kindness of all the staff. I was comfortable that my dog was in good hands and receiving expert and experienced care."
- Ann Pittman
10/31/2016 14:00:03
"I have already told three other pet loving families about how wonderful y'all were to Toby!"
- Pattie Huey
10/26/2016 12:46:15
"Should the need arise for dental services again for any of our pets, Texas Veterinary Dental Center will be our first call. I have already shared information with family and friends. Very, very impressed with doctor and staff. "
- Charlene Irey
10/24/2016 08:51:48
"Super service and nice people!"
- Karen Hillier
10/23/2016 21:34:19
"The doctor and staff were very caring and accommodating. It was such a comforting experience. Thanks so much. "
- Ronnie Ip
10/15/2016 09:19:13