"Your entire staff has always gone over and beyond with Beaux. There is always someone there to help me get beaux to and from the truck. They take care of him like he’s their own. Y’all are so awesome, and I can’t imagine going anywhere else 😁👍"
- Elissa Watson
02/23/2018 00:57:18
"I called 7:00 a.m. the day of the visit asking for an appointment and told immediately that I could come in. I just recently moved back to Webster area after almost 5 years and hadn't been to NASA Pet Hospital approx. 2 years before then (approx. 7 years). My cat, Chopper, was still in the system. The receptionist, tech, and doctor were extremely nice and helpful. I was very impressed w/Dr. Simpson who was kind and was very thorough with recommendations as well as what was done for Chopper. She really put my mind at ease. She followed up the next day (as she said she would) to go over Chopper's lab results. Again, she was very thorough. Although there are many vets throughout the area and closer to where I live, I chose NASA Pet Hosp. because I have always been impressed w/the hospital, which is definitely my Vet of choice!!!"
- Barbara Spriggins
02/22/2018 21:50:14
"I needed a same-day appointment; on a Saturday, as Sasha had an upset tummy. Thankfully, I was accommodated and we were seen that morning. Doctor Simpson was wonderful..... as always! I am glad that she decided to join Doctor McCoy's staff!"
- Wendy Warren
02/20/2018 11:37:48
"I am so glad to have Dr. Simpson as Allie's vet! She never discounts my concerns and spends as much time as I need to feel comfortable with what has been done and what may need to be done in the future. Excellent vet and excellent staff!"
- William & Claudia Stein
02/15/2018 19:03:17
"Absolutely love this place. Everyone there is extremely nice and Dr. McCoy is excellent. Feel my dog is in great hands."
- Kristine Jones
02/12/2018 16:24:04
"Staff and service are always excellent! "
- Lisa Devereaux
02/10/2018 18:36:43
" There probably needed to be more than one girl at the front desk when I was leaving. She was checking out the person ahead of me and it took several minutes--I didn't keep track. All in all, for my 4:30 appointment, I was leaving at 6:00. I will say, though, that everyone was very apologetic for any delays. Oh, and I LIKE Dr. Sierra."
- Angela Kresse
02/09/2018 22:38:17
"The staff at NASA Pet Hospital are outstanding. They are always helpful and caring."
- Teresa Sullivan
02/09/2018 16:53:43
"We have been coming to your clinic 25 years! Everything has always been excellent! The entire Staff is absolutely wonderful! We feel like we are one big family! We have recommended your clinic to our friends! Every visit has been an extremely pleasant visit! You all are the greatest and we love you all! "
- Susan Raeihle
02/05/2018 17:37:46
"We love the entire staff and the care we receive here!"
- Kimberly & Richard Hardy
01/31/2018 22:32:52
"A+, We were very satisfied with the care, attention and attitude of all the staff. Maddie is healing nicely and did not seem traumatized when we picked her up. As soon as the anesthesia finished wearing off she was back to her old self (expect for the cone around her head). We were very touched by the follow-up phone call on Saturday, just to check on how she was doing. Thank you staff."
- Linda Belcher
01/29/2018 01:56:00
"The doctors and staff are always very professional and kind. My grouchy, sick cat was in good hands."
- Melissa Clark
01/27/2018 15:45:48
"As always, Dr. Simpson was wonderful. I couldn't imagine my babies in better hands. The staff was friendly, they always seem genuinely interested in the safety of their patients. Thanks for making this and every vet visit a pleasant experience. "
- Misha Montemayor
01/27/2018 03:55:49
"Bella's visit was a no scheduled/drop-in visit. The office worked us in quickly and with what we could consider minimal wait. Everyone was very attentive to Bella's condition and helped us go home feeling Bella's condition would improve."
- Diane & Brian Busch
01/24/2018 16:33:49
"I had a good experience at NASA Pet hospital. I have been going there since around 1997. Dr. Sierra was very helpful when I talked with her on the phone. Nasa Pet Hospital is my choice Veterinary Hospital for my pets."
- Mario Martinez
01/24/2018 05:25:43
"Dr Simpson was/is always very personal and truly cares about my babies. The front desk ladies are always very sweet too. They ooh and ahhh over my pets 😊 "
- Summer Bullock
01/22/2018 20:57:58
"Always great! I like all that work there.They have always been there for me and my dogs. Of course, if my dogs could talk they would answer differently, since the door doesn't open fast enough for them to leave.. Thanks to all. "
- Judy Purtee
01/16/2018 16:16:17
"We've been bringing Ms. Pussyfoot to Nasa Pet Hospital for over 10 years for vaccinations, exams and nail trimming. That should be the best indication of satisfaction with her care there."
- Karin Gordon
01/14/2018 13:15:15
"Great place"
- Martin Dyess
01/09/2018 18:09:00
"My Doctor & Technician were very caring & knowledgeable. Will come back....."
- Robert Dale
01/09/2018 02:09:21
"I was disappointed when Dr. Sullivan left the practice and it was time for Allie to have her annual checkup. We made an appointment with Dr. Simpson and she was delightful. She was friendly, thorough and she sure can climb around on the floor. She spent lots of time with Allie and we had a vey nice check up."
- Terri Shafer
12/26/2017 20:04:47
"You all are great. We will not be taking Jo to any other Vet. We love Dr. Simpson! "
- Shazeeda Alikhan
12/21/2017 21:35:45
"Everyone in the office is wonderful! Always caring and very gracious!"
- Janet Griffith
12/21/2017 20:28:44
"Great job!"
- Maury Price
12/21/2017 19:44:22
"great place to take Ginger"
- Marla & Tim Sullivant
12/15/2017 18:52:59
"I can't find anything to ask you to correct. I'm very happy with all we encountered. I had a "people" emergency and had to cancel/change my original appointment. Joi was so kind, understanding, and helpful ... urging me to just call when I could come in and it would probably work. It did. I know this is difficult when people do this kind of thing, but everyone was very helpful. It was more than I deserved. And when I left (in the dark and rainy night) I was helped out the door and felt safe."
- Edna Meeks
12/09/2017 02:33:40
"I am very pleased with all the staff and care of my fur babies. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. I recently had to put one of my dogs down and everyone was so caring and compassionate helping us in the grieving process! "
- Natalie LaPorte
12/07/2017 22:30:48
"Always had a good experience when I brought my pets to visit the vet. "
- Pete Meyn
12/05/2017 19:52:31
"We have been coming to your clinic for 24 years! Each and every communication and visit has been excellent! Your entire staff is soooo awesome! We always have the best visits whether it is just picking up meds or bringing our pets in for exams. We love you all! Susan, Scott, Daisie, (Maggie and Jessie in puppy heaven). "
- Susan Raeihle
12/04/2017 14:21:49
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I love it here "
- Andrea Alvarado
11/30/2017 13:51:32
"I absolutely love Dr. Simpson. She is very caring and genuine. She took care of our kitten Xena when we first found her. She was almost dead and Dr Simpson saved her. She even called me at home to check on Xena. That was last year and now our kitty is thriving. "
- Glenda Moseley
11/28/2017 21:28:53
"Excellent! We love Nasa Pet Hospital! "
- Jennifer Kuhl
11/28/2017 18:05:59
"You always take great care of our pets!"
- Tammi Campbell
11/28/2017 01:39:28
"Always a good experience at Nasa Pet Hospital!"
- Jean Cozma
11/22/2017 18:29:07
"Everyone was helpful and explanatory. Very good experience! "
- Laurie Painter
11/19/2017 18:55:46
"We thankfully don't have to come in very often, but when we visit for our annual check up everyone is always very friendly and understanding of our dogs nervous behavior"
- Samantha Sherman
11/19/2017 18:14:20
"Doing fine"
- Paula McLemore
11/11/2017 18:21:22
"Vet asked about health of our two dogs. Very nice."
- Rainer Lukoschek
11/11/2017 10:52:39
"Excellent Dr McCoy and excellent staff. "
- Dorothy Johnson
11/03/2017 15:47:27
"Loved the doctor that attended to my girls. Very knowledgeable and girls loved her"
- Julie Barker
11/01/2017 16:28:44
"This clinic is awesome! My Chihuhua was in distress and Dr Simpson saved her life...can't thank her enough"
- Kimberly Adam
10/29/2017 12:38:16
"Great place with great caring people!"
- Kathy Arnold
10/19/2017 20:29:21
"So happy I switched to Nasa Pet Hospital! It was a much better experience than I'm used to. The doctor took her time to really talk to me and explain preventive options."
- Stacey Bailey
10/19/2017 13:01:41
"Keep up the great work, it is very much appreciated"
- Connie Vaughan
10/18/2017 18:07:25
"Always great customer service"
- Monica Lopez
10/18/2017 00:44:32
"Very excellent doctor, very excellent staff. Prices may be higher than places like PETCO."
- Diane Jones
10/17/2017 22:48:19
"This visit was just a nail trim, at least initially. However, I forgot to ask that my pet be weighed. Jessica graciously took him back and weighed him. Also, I was able to renew our flea protection. So I received service plus, as always, with many smiles!"
- Brigid McVaugh
10/17/2017 21:13:56
"Great service!!!"
- Mary Laheye
10/11/2017 23:07:30
"Love Dr. Simpson and staff!"
- Lora Barnett
10/10/2017 01:44:09
"Excellant'. I came in as a work in as they had a full house. This is the only pet clinic that I have ever used. 20 years are more. Wonderful people!"
- Judy Purtee
10/09/2017 23:31:52
"I have always been pleased with the staff at NASA Pets. They are helpful and courteous. I feel my pets get the best of care."
- Pete Meyn
10/08/2017 04:22:49
"I actually did not see a vet. It was just a tech appointment, but everything was great - my cats were seen promptly, and the staff is always super friendly :-)"
- Lisa Devereaux
10/07/2017 19:41:41
"We have been coming to Nasa Pet Hospital for 30 years. That speaks volumns all by itself. "
- Maury Price
10/05/2017 16:31:48
"I love Nasa Pet Hospital. Everyone is so kind and helpful. It is always a pleasure bringing my pets. "
- Autumn Munoz
10/05/2017 03:55:35
"We are so grateful to the Doctor and his entire staff. They have been so kind and helpful through our baby's condition. We appreciate their patience and kindness and their willingness to help us with any questions we have."
- Gineth Mata
10/02/2017 21:05:56
" Our Dearest Friends , Frank and I are always greeted with a friendly smile and at the same time professionalism. Frank and I are so thankful and appreciate everything you have all done for our Precious Melanija. We are not ready to talk about her yet. We miss her a lot. Dr. McCoy you are the best. Even writing this is unpleasant. Thank you for understanding. We hope all of you are well. God Bless. Bubba does need to come in for a teeth cleaning his breath is bad. All our gratitude . Again thank you and God Bless.MG"
- Mary Garcia
10/02/2017 17:37:39
"I had great experiences with each staff member I interacted with. Keep up the good work!"
- Annette Hamala
10/01/2017 23:19:42
"I was very pleased, Susan came out to the car to give Sophie the shot. This made it so much easier for me and Sophie. Susan was wonderful. "
- N/A Happily Ever After Dog Rescue
10/01/2017 19:08:10
"Extremely courteous staff. Very important to me that time is taken to examine my pets and explain everything in layman's terms which they did. I also liked getting a copy of the detailed examination with all my pets information included. Did not feel rushed. Would refer in a heartbeat. "
- Mark Clapp
09/29/2017 19:07:10
"I love ❤️NASA Pet Hospital, they saved Gypsy' life and I am forever grateful "
- Linda Keyworth
09/29/2017 17:46:49
"It's a pleasure to come into the clinic. As soon as we walk in we are made to feel as if we are long time friend. In which we think we are. It comes us confidence in how Bogey is treated and the quality of care he will receive. Thanks for all you do."
- Jean & Ron Price
09/28/2017 21:04:10
"Awesome staff!"
- Denise & Michael Eisenbise
09/27/2017 16:53:34
"all was good"
- Jody Shirley
09/24/2017 19:28:36
"At this time I can only say I am very happy with your services. You office personnel and doctors hav been very attentive and I am agrateful and so is Tasha for your care and attention."
- Nina Unruh
09/23/2017 21:13:01
"Everyone is always extremely helpful and always greets me and Goofy by name."
- Susan Larson
09/22/2017 19:37:24
"I love the new vet!"
- Sally Williams
09/22/2017 02:59:47
"In the wake of Hurricane Harvey and having experienced damage themselves, all of the staff provided excellent care and treatment. "
- Carla Saunders
09/19/2017 18:09:36
"I have been satisfied with Georgia's care so far. And I am amazed that a hurricane and a flood did not seem to affect the quality of care. "
- Melinda Yancy
09/18/2017 14:19:21
"Always receive extremely courteous responses to inquiries and appointment requests."
- Teresa Sullivan
09/15/2017 22:13:25
"Excellent "
- Sheila Bass
09/13/2017 00:54:24
"I am so happy with the care you all have provided for Smokey. You all are the best and I appreciate all you all do for us."
- Alicia Barry
09/12/2017 00:29:13
"You guys are awesome !"
- Sheryl Stealey
09/11/2017 14:39:10
"Wonderful clinic. I've been a patient for 15 years! Staff is always polite and friendly. "
- Amy Schneider-Miley
09/10/2017 17:28:57
"We love Nasa Pet Hospital. My dog and cat have always been cared for and handled well there. The staff is always friendly and efficient."
- Rachael Layne
09/09/2017 18:24:22
"I love Nasa Pet Hospital! Dr. McCoy, Dr. Simpson and Dr. Sullivan are all very polite and knowledgeable. The reception staff and vet techs are all very friendly. I have been taking my pets to Dr. McCoy for at least 15 years - maybe longer! I am always satisfied with my visits to the clinic. Keep up the good work! Allyson Jackson"
- Allyson Jackson
09/07/2017 16:58:58
"As always, the attentiveness and compassion of the staff and Dr McCoy far exceeds my expectations. As usual, we discussed options for 'next steps' with our Senior family member, we we confident that we were making the best decision for the recurring ailment. We are happy to report that she is just fine and dandy with this course of action!"
- Wendy Warren
09/01/2017 13:39:56
"You guys are awesome "
- Peggy Syslo
08/26/2017 23:24:55
"My first experience was excellent. Everyone was friendly and I felt like the doctor was more realistic with care, not trying to make me get treatment for my pet just to make a dollar. Will be returning back for sure."
- Sarah Parker
08/25/2017 17:41:43
"My experience is always as if I'm dealing with clients and family bit with the expertise of professionals. "
- Kellie Brock-Adams
08/20/2017 18:08:50
"I have had to call for an appointment on the day I needed it and have always been successful in obtaining one. I so appreciate the concern of the staff and their efforts to assist me and my dog. "
- William & Claudia Stein
08/11/2017 16:51:23
"We have been clients of Nasa Pet Hospital for 15+ years and we would not trust anyone else with our pets. We have never had any issues and the vets/staff are always understanding, caring, helpful, and knowledgable. "
- Manuel Rivera
08/10/2017 00:57:18
"Loved the experience and the staff! My only struggle was pricing, but I would take that over unattentive care any day. Will definitely be coming back. "
- Emma Dousay
08/09/2017 00:06:37
"It means the world to our family to have affordable, caring, and knowledgeable Veterinary Services. Nasa Pet Hospital strives to exceed expectations--and the Wonderful Vets and Staff Succeed! Thank You for Your Care & Concern. All Our Best--BK, Morgan, Echo & Pi."
- Brenda Silva
08/05/2017 02:03:25
"I brought my dog in for vaccinations. We were greeted promptly and the technician took the dog in for her shots within a few minutes of arrival (we did not have to make an appointment). The front desk staff is cheerful and helpful and our dog likes the doctors and technicians. "
- Jill & Jeff Gilbert
08/02/2017 23:03:16
"Great visit. Everyone was friendly and helpful. "
- Kay Hobstetter
08/01/2017 19:48:47
"We drive from Missouri City to see your staff!"
- Lora Barnett
08/01/2017 19:08:11
"We love the treatment we receive when coming to Nasa Pet Hospital. They are excellent!"
- Brenda Sykes
08/01/2017 16:24:03
"Love all the vets at NASA pet hospital. All are warm and welcoming. "
- Lisa O'Brien
07/28/2017 23:41:22
"Great job very helpful and courteous Thank you Keep up the good work"
- Maury Price
07/26/2017 09:12:01
"The staff is amazing!!!!! Friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and they really care about the babies that they treat there. "
- John Wilkins
07/25/2017 10:06:44
"I'm already please with the care we receive at Nasa Pet. I've been going there for nearly 40 years, so I trust you all. "
- Lori Stanley
07/17/2017 08:29:47
"We love Nasa Pet Hospital and especially Deana! We always make sure to schedule our appointments when she is going to be there. Yesterday was an especially busy day for the staff and they never made us felt rushed. Our questions are always answered and she is always so sweet with our babies. "
- Tammi Campbell
07/16/2017 15:38:58
"Always excellent service."
- Jennifer Christian
07/16/2017 13:13:26
"Great smiles"
- Beverly Gaines
07/16/2017 00:08:19
"We arrived a few minutes before our appointment and were greeted by name! As we finished checking in, we were called back. We weren't in the lobby even for a minute before going back. Great service for our "son". :-) "
- Kristin Konvicka
07/15/2017 12:57:54
"Quality of service and care by all staff members is outstanding. Joy is especially helpful and always answers questions and returns calls promptly. Thank you all!!"
- Teresa Sullivan
07/14/2017 14:40:50
"I had a very positive experience here. The staff was very polite and courteous the entire time. I was able to get an appointment the same day, I greatly appreciated that. The staff took care of my fur babies and treated them with care and compassion. "
- Brittany Harmon
07/13/2017 13:39:32
"This is the best experience we have ever had. I always feel very comfortable and like family when i bring Smokey. Dr McCoy is the best!!!! All the staff are excellent and so helpful and kind in assisting you in every way possible. "
- Alicia Barry
07/12/2017 13:26:33
"The kindness, the courtesy, the caring, and the service for both myself and my animals is comparable to none. I have been coming here for 15+ years and have loved every moment with these amazing people. Much love and appreciation to my "family" at Nasa Pet Hospital. You are the BEST!!!"
- Patricia Babin
07/11/2017 04:40:32
"Excellent service with caring for my pets!"
- Rosalie Neese
07/10/2017 20:33:32