"Y'all are excellent "
- Alexis Lopez
12/19/2018 22:18:58
"Drs are wonderful and the staff is also wonderful!"
- Shannon McReynolds
12/18/2018 02:33:24
"Every one from the staff to the doctors are courteous, caring, and professional. They make me feel confident they are giving my pets their full attention to their health and care."
- Leslie/ Doug Joyce
12/18/2018 02:26:47
"Excellent customer service from start to finish!"
- Claire Corkill
12/17/2018 22:37:12
"Front desk staff has good customer service. I really like the doctor too."
- Kim Norwood
12/15/2018 18:28:44
"I am very impressed with your clinic. I have used Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Dabeau, both which I have the upmost confidence. I very much appreciate the affordability of the clinic and I am excited thereโ€™s a new app with loyalty points! That makes me want to use your clinic exclusively - as sometimes I go to a closer vet office. "
- Chris Mclain
12/13/2018 01:02:56
"I loved it. I will be back."
- Kesha Tran
12/11/2018 02:35:36
"Killer loves coming there so we are happy. Thank you for the service you have provided us for three of our dogs for over 15 years. You took care of both dogs - both from their birth to their death. And now you are taking care of Killer from his birth to now. I recommend your establishment to all I know. Your staff is excellent - always pleasant."
- Leonard Harris
12/08/2018 18:43:02
"You are all great! I can't think of bad thing to say about this place. Thank you!"
- Jasmine Briones-Ramirez
04/21/2017 13:43:19
"Everybody was nice. Quick and straight to the point.Really Great Experiance."
- Alan Portillo
04/19/2017 10:36:58
"Great job! We have trusted your services for many years and appreciate your dedication to our "pet family"."
- Stacey Merritt
04/19/2017 10:20:06
"Excellent job "
- Gail McAdams
04/15/2017 13:07:35
"I love everyone there. I would not let anyone but you handle Foxy. Have no dislikes."
- Beverly Parrish
04/12/2017 11:58:49
"You all r doin a GGGRRREEEAAATTTT job keep up the gud wrk"
- Johnifer Roberts
04/11/2017 13:15:11
"My dogs, my moms dogs have always been patients of long drive dog & cat. Dr. Shelby is awesome. My daughter now also uses long drive. We trust our beloved dogs in the hands of the staff and veteranarians there. "
- Brenda Pacheco
04/09/2017 20:27:53
"I always receive great assistance from the front desk staff. Dr. Shelby always goes above and beyond with his services. I am very grateful for that relationship with him. I refer everyone I come in contact in the rescue and shelter world to Dr. Shelby. He does many surgeries. heartworm treatments, and injuries for me. I help the hurt ones or sick ones to give them the best chance at a furever home. I could not do that with out Dr. Shelby's Compassion and help to people like me. He also has been my own personal Vet for 20 years. You get Excellent and Truthful Care. Their Pricing is affordable and very fair."
- Melissa Harahan
03/29/2017 16:43:21
"This was my first time to the facility and it was excellent. From the girls working up front to the doctor and the assistant. The doctor treated my fur baby will lots of care and very gentle. Answered every question I had. I would recommend this facility to everybody that has a fur baby."
- Gracie Rojas
03/29/2017 15:05:59
"You are doing fantastic! Providing quality service at affordable costs are important! Additionally important, the friendly and courteous staff makes my visits stress free and comfortable! Sorry, but I did not have any bad news!๐Ÿ˜Š"
- Sheila Gatterson
03/25/2017 16:17:18
"I want to thank the whole team for always taking care of us. No matter how busy you are, we are always greeted with a smile and our questions are always answered. THANK YOU!"
- Sherrie Young
03/24/2017 14:49:33
"Well the fact that I've been coming here with my pets since I was a little girl, even though I've moved out of the county says alot! Dr Shrlby and his gang are the best!"
- Myrna Sanders
03/22/2017 15:05:25
"I've been bringing my dogs here for at least 10 years. I've always received great service and personal care."
- Patti Tolar
03/22/2017 11:31:15
"I boarded my dog for 5 days when I went on honeymoon- it was our very first time at Long Drive. All in all - it was perfect! Stella's caretaker seemed to really care about her and I felt comfortable leaving my doggy in her care. She sent photos of Stella periodically which made me feel so much better too. When I got back my Stella she was clean and relaxed. I will DEFINITELY be bringing Stella back here as a Long Drive patient for all of her healthcare and maintenance needs. Thank you all so much for taking good care of her <3"
- Kelyn Allen
03/19/2017 14:43:21
"I have been coming to your clinic for several years and I have always had good experiences. However, the last few visits have been exceptional, both from the doctors and the staff. I also want to comment on how much I am enjoying the phone app. It is very helpful."
- Debbie Bowyer
02/22/2017 08:14:36
"Thank u for making my lil girl feel so welcome and comfortable thru her surgery."
- Lori Rodriguez
02/17/2017 13:35:18
"Keep up the friendly smiles at the front desk. It is a much more pleasant experience, especially when you're worried about your most loved pet."
- Paris Gideon
02/14/2017 08:32:06
"I've been to many vets, and Long Drive is the best by far. Everyone is so friendly and helpful! When I'm there, I know my fur baby is getting the best care possible. "
- Nita Bales
02/11/2017 16:58:44
"I love Long Drive, Dr Badeau and everyone there. I send my friends and have for years. Mrs. Denice Kelly says she can't believe she didn't know about you. "
- Beverly Parrish
02/10/2017 15:06:53
"Everyone did great. The cost is affordable and we were in and out."
- Jessica Lopez
01/20/2017 19:25:28
"I think that I receive excellent care for my pet."
- Casilda Hernandez
01/18/2017 21:06:55
"The vet I saw was great. She listened to my concerns from last year when my pup's shots made her almost not able to move without me picking her up and moving her for a good day and a half which has never happened before. She assured me that she used the smallest needles, did the shots only on her backside not up near her shoulders and made sure I had meds for the weekend...just in case. Also the wait was not too terribly long either so the timing was good. The ladies out front are always very helpful as well."
- Laurie Knutson
01/17/2017 14:32:17
"The office is doing great! I have been coming to this office for many years, and I love it. Keep it up guys!"
- Angela De Arcos
01/17/2017 08:52:04
"Everything is great as always. Thanks Dr Badeau."
- Bob/Leticia McGuffey
01/16/2017 19:14:22
"My Sabrina needed a teeth cleaning and a bad tooth pulled. I didn't know how many teeth might be bad but I knew she wasn't eating much and needed fast help. Other vets who do dental were booked in advance into February and it was only the middle of January. I didn't want her suffering that long! Upon learning of Long Drive Dog and Cat Hospital I called and they could take her in as a walk-in on my very next off day. I arrived early and the vet saw me quickly upon her arrival. The she was friendly to me AND friendly to my cat too!, and very compassionate. I was en route home when the vet called me and told me that Sabrina needed only 1 tooth extracted and asked for my agreement. I gave it. When I picked Sabrina up that evening she was alert if groggy. After letting her settle that evening and recover from her anesthesia I gave her some food...and she went right at it! Amazing since she had just had a tooth pulled and her teeth cleaned, but apparently the vet did minimal damage during the cleaning and tooth extraction and so her mouth was no where near as sore as when she had the bad molar in. The price was MUCH lower than I had been quoted elsewhere too. My cat is eating and healing and seems much better some 4 days on and I am absolutely happy with this result and with the affordable cost of it! I would rate my experience the very best it could be and have already told others of Long Drive Dog & Cat Hospital and will continue to do so! "
- Joseph Noble
01/16/2017 16:33:56
"I love this clinic, have always taken my animals there for as long as I can remember. The staff are great and dr. Shelby is beyond amazing."
- Cindy Casanova
01/16/2017 12:32:44
"We were pleased with the service and the hours. "
- Emma Gonzalez
01/15/2017 15:03:40
"Great! Waiting room was clean and I didn't wait long. Dr. Shelby was very nice."
- Cortenay Colling
01/14/2017 20:21:50
"Always brought my pets here and found you guys to provide excellent care with low to little wait and front desk staff very patient and friendly and as far as vets go pricing reasonable. "
- Ginger Kern
01/11/2017 13:56:05
"I love the fact that this clinic is walk in, the wait ranges from 5 minutes - 1 hour but it's well worth with. The doctors are amazing, my favorite are Dr.Shelby and Dr.Erckman. They practice amazing medicine in my opinion. Their prices are great! The clinic smells great all the time, and when it doesn't they're quick to asses and make it smell clean again. I don't plan on changing vets anytime soon. "
- Cristal Hernandez
01/08/2017 12:23:07
"My experience with you guys was more than excellent Your ppl save my dog thanks a lot For sure i will take my other 2 dogs to your place More than excellent service"
- Victor Rojas
01/07/2017 16:57:21
"I am completely satisfied with the services that u provide. From the time I check-in, to the thorough examination my dog receives. The examinations are performed with sincere concern and compassion. Afterwards, the waiting is short. I receive the medicine, then I pay, and I'm out within the hour. When there has been a delay longer than an hour, it's understood because you are extremely busy. But the staff has always been very professional and with a positive attitude."
- Rudy Reyes
01/06/2017 15:23:50
"Always appreciate the staff and will I willingness to help. We're long- time customers."
- Trinidad Rodriguez
12/30/2016 16:02:38
"We love DrBadeau she is amazing very good to our babies "
- Christina Valdez
12/29/2016 14:02:44
"All the doctors are the best. Drs. Shelby and Badeau have a wealth of experience that I rely on as an, often times, very scared mother of kitties. I wholly trust them to care for each of my kitties...even the ones who aren't always so cooperative. ๐Ÿ˜Š"
- Wendy Fitzgerald
12/27/2016 15:21:33
"Dr. Castro has been our vet for 8+ years. She is always checking on Allie my senior Great Dane and always will take my phone calls and listen to what I may have to say about her health and updates. She will start at square one to try and see what the easiest approach is to daignose what may be the issue for my dogs. Never does she try and run numerous tests and diagnostics that may not be needed. She is always calm and takes her time with us in the examination room even when the lobby may be packed full as it usually is due to the nature of the services provided. We drive over 45 minutes one way to see Dr. Castro and the team , and you have always been a pleasure. The lobby and exam rooms are always clean. The one thing that I used to always make sure of, was if there were men working that day that could lift my Dane on or off the table if needed for X-rays or surgeries. But it now looks like there are a great group of guys working and makes me feel good knowing there is the strength there to help lift the dogs and make sure they are stable so they do not hurt themselves in the operation/exam room. Love the new social networking that you are also providing. :) You guys are great! Stacey "
- Stacey Pauwels
12/27/2016 14:27:09
"Great vets and staff. Would recommend you to anyone."
- Jerry Pekar
12/16/2016 13:22:19
"Awesome vet clinic. I really appreciate being notified the minute my dog was out of surgery and responsive...it really helped to put me at ease. "
- Becca Sargent
12/16/2016 12:48:22
"We have been with y'all for years and have always been wonderful. Thank you for all that you do!"
- Dinorah Delgado
12/10/2016 13:57:28
"As far as I'm concerned, you all are doing a great job. Haven't met a Dr. or staff member yet that I didn't like. Keep up the good work."
- Marie Watkins
12/09/2016 10:36:04
"Overall, the care our dogs have received from Long Drive has always been great. The front desk personnel is.... eh. The techs are very caring. Dr. Castro is phenomenal. Dr. Shelby is fantastic. I will continue to take my dogs to Long Drive as long as I possibly can and will always recommend this facility."
- Joe Siller
11/30/2016 06:21:50
"I wouldn't trust anyone else with my furrbaby! Long Drive Dog & Cat Hosp. has very friendly and knowledgable vets and employees. "
- Alma Estrada
11/26/2016 18:29:35
"You guys really care about animals and the people who live them. The vets there are knowledgeable, professional and caring! You guys are also affordable!"
- Carla Covarrubias
11/26/2016 18:18:32
"Was an excellent experience, the staff was really helpful and knowledgeable.. I'll definitely recommend them to my friends and family."
- Maureen Rodriguez
11/26/2016 17:25:59
"no issues so far, front end customer care is good so far. Doc Shelby is great as always. "
- Zac Daniel
11/23/2016 10:24:22