" I trust the staff and feel comfortable leaving my “babies” with Lone Star. LOVE Dr Z and that she takes care of any medical problem as she did last visit with Max. "
- Blanton & Judy Wofford
02/13/2018 14:31:55
"Doctor Daniels is beyond amazing! I am so happy I found her and I feel so confident in the care she gives. "
- Emily Kucera
02/13/2018 02:56:35
"Your staff is always friendly and knows me by name when I come in . I can even send my husband in to get dog food for Echo and the kno what he needs so I don’t have to worry about him coming home with the wrong one . "
- Tim & Kim Futch
02/09/2018 15:08:49
"Wonderful experience. Extremely intelligent staff. My dog felt as though he was treated in a professional and courteous manner. I agreed. "
- Dave Salm
02/09/2018 05:18:34
"The techs and Dr. Daniel are all fabulous! They are all kind and very helpful with questions and can help calm my pets through their nerves."
- Samuel & Melissa Flores
02/03/2018 20:45:30
"Dr. Zeplin always takes her time when explaining problems and options. Our 14 year old cat first saw Dr. Zeplin over ten years ago when she was two, and I feel that Dr. Lee has treated her completely through all the stages and illnesses of her life. We drive past two clinics to get to the Lone Star Animal Hospital."
- Gary & Michela Short
02/01/2018 21:40:23
"As always, kudos for one and all at Lone Star Animal Hospital for providing exemplary patient care!"
- James Mohr
01/31/2018 15:19:53
"I love the prompt and friendly service I get every time I call to order food for medicine for my pets. When I call ahead, you always have everything ready when I get there."
- Jodi Pelowski
01/31/2018 14:15:44
"Fabulous job! From friendly welcoming faces to clean and sanitary throughout. Digger loves to go."
- Grant & Dana Taylor
01/31/2018 13:30:36
"Dr. Zeplin and staff were amazing in treating my dog Bella after she was hit by 2 vehicles, suffering 3 fractures. Dr. Zeplin made sure Bella was comfortable and cared for during her week and a half stay after surgery and called for daily updates along the way. I have taken my 16 year old dachshund to LSAH for years and they have always made him feel loved and well cared for as well. Lonestar is the Best of the Best!!"
- Max & Jenna Lopez
01/31/2018 02:01:00
"Excellent Staff. Excellent Doctors. The reason I would never go to another vet."
- Donna Tolbert
01/30/2018 15:52:41
"You are doing an EXCELLENT job! We would not trust our two little babies to any other vet. Thank you for your love of animals and your profession."
- Julius & Patricia Zatopek
01/30/2018 14:14:33
"Friendly caring staff. Appointments readily available. Great boarding. Medications are available in the office or by mail order. Food appropriate pets researched and suggested keeping price reasonable and available locally. Just total one stop pet care."
- Randall & Rose Mary Burk
01/30/2018 03:37:45
"Drs. Zeplin and Daniel and the staff are amazing. The love and care shown to their patients is outstanding and I feel my pets are getting the best care possible. "
- Charles & Darla Reithmeier
12/23/2017 06:13:37
"You are doing a great job! Jessica is awesome. She if very friendly and personable. I also am impressed with how quickly Dr. Zeplin herself, called me back."
- Dale & Rhonda Hildebrandt
12/15/2017 19:46:25
"Dr Zeplin & staff are a team of the most caring & compassionate professionals we could ever ask for! Highly recommend them for sure."
- Richard & Ruth Coykendall
12/09/2017 23:48:27
"We could not be more pleased with the level of care our dog Boo received at Lone Star. You saved his life and we are forever grateful. "
- William & Patricia Hastings
12/06/2017 12:07:07
"I think Lonestsr Animal Hospital is a model veterinary clinic. So pleased "
- Robert & Patricia Halepeska
12/05/2017 10:25:11
"It was so kind to call Pet Adoptions of Cuero and let us know that you saw this mistreated dog posted on our facebook page and that we were going to care for her and turn her life around. Thank you for making an appointment time available to us as I am sure your Saturdays are truly busy, busy, busy. Everyone at Lone Star welcomed us with open arms and showed sincere concern for the dog's well being."
- Pet Adoptions of Cuero
12/03/2017 19:18:14
"The staff are always welcoming, taking care of us and our needs. Love this place"
- Jennie Crable
12/01/2017 20:05:09
"Staff is always friendly. Y'all always take great care of our pets. There is very little wait time which is also a plus!"
- Toby & Brandy Garza
11/29/2017 13:42:03
"Such a relaxing place to bring our Bichon, Cricket and yet so professional about everything."
- James & Judy Shields
11/27/2017 21:42:00
"Everyone there is so helpful, caring and friendly. I have complete trust in Dr. Zeplin and all the staff."
- Billie Hawkins
11/22/2017 01:22:41
"We love Lonestar Animal Hospital!! I feel that we are in the best possible hands with Dr. Zeplin. She is knowledable and always accessible. Really makes me feel like my dogs are important to her. That's priceless, in my opinion! "
- Kenton & Julie McClellen
11/21/2017 20:03:59
"We love going here! Dr.Zeplin was suggested to me years ago for my sick dog, and we have been there ever since. The staff has always been fantastic as well."
- Roxanne Rodriguez
11/21/2017 17:39:15
"I love Dr. Zeplin and the staff. They always work with me and take excellent care of my animals."
- Joey & Misti Thompson
11/21/2017 16:48:19
"Dr. Daniel was very compassionate and honest. She explained what was going on with Polly very clearly and kindly. She also let me know that she was in contact with Dr. Zeplin which boosted my confidence in her knowing that I had two Doctors caring for Polly. Thank you so much for taking such excellent care of our Doodle Bug!"
- Gary & Michela Short
11/19/2017 18:21:51
"Dr. Daniel makes a GREAT addition to your practice! She is compassionate and was extremely helpful and informative. Thanks for all you do! "
- Lindsey Wright
11/13/2017 14:13:11
"We are very happy with the care that Niklaus received each time he is at the clinic. From the front desk to the lab we always feel like he is being well cared for."
- Stephan & Barbara Schmidt
10/30/2017 20:41:07
"I love Dr. Lee Zeplin more than I love my kids pediatrician. She treats my animals like she knows how much we love and need them and they are an actual member of our family. She has saved not only saved the life of my cat but made my dogs life much more comfortable several times. I can't think of any bad things to say about this clinic. The techs are great too. "
- Burt & Kelley Metzler
10/29/2017 21:21:22
"Everyone is always so friendly and helpful! We also love how you make us feel like our puppy is the cutest thing you've ever seen even though we know you must love all your patients equally. :)"
- David & Meredith Steves
10/28/2017 13:55:22
"I have not had any bad experiences at Lone Star Animal Hospital. Everyone that has dealt with my dogs have been kind and compassionate. All I can say is "Thank You""
- Sherry Chase
10/23/2017 19:29:39
"As always we have had positive experiences at Lone Star from the Drs. to the staff. They are courteous, very caring and compassionate. It is obvious to see they all love animals. Our latest visit with Murphy was no exception. Murphy received their undivided attention and we received the assurance we needed to know he was alright with helpful hints. And this is why we keep coming back. Thank you for all you do. "
- Vaughn & Pam Lambden
10/21/2017 13:54:32
"You and your staff are always so courteous and caring for our furry babies and it is greatly appreciated. Y'all are part of our extended family. Thanks for all you do. "
- Glen & Linda Brasfield
10/20/2017 13:57:08
"I don't have much constructive criticism. I've always had a wonderful visit; staff is friendly even when busy, Dr. Zeplin is always very informative, considerate, and I very much love and appreciate that she takes the time to explain what's going on thoroughly and wants to test out other alternatives rather than jumping into invasive procedures. "
- Megan Perez
10/07/2017 16:31:18
"Love everything about the place! Especially how you guys love my fur babies "
- Chris & Gwen Kucera
09/29/2017 17:46:12
"We continue to LOVE Lone Star Animal Hospital and all the wonderful staff! We know our beloved Moxie always receives the best care when she's there. Great job, as always!"
- Lucas & Molly Turner
09/28/2017 13:29:26
"Your staff is so friendly, and when I have questions, I feel like they want to give me the right answer, so will ask co-workers if needed. The waiting room is comfortable and clean. You're doing a fine job."
- Teek Miller
09/27/2017 18:40:52
"As always - y'all do a great job helping us to care for our old lady Holly!! Dr. Zeplin is so very special, caring and gentle plus her entire staff is so efficient and helpful too - we could not ask for more!"
- Richard & Ruth Coykendall
09/27/2017 17:31:46
"Y'all are great. Whenever I need something for Pirate, it is always available and easy to get. Front desk people are always so nice."
- Aaron McGuire
09/25/2017 03:02:52
"We LOVE LONE STAR!!! I've actually never experienced anything bad with staff or care of my animals!!! Yall have been great at all times!!"
- Ramon & Renee' Morales
09/24/2017 18:47:28
"We think you all are doing a great job. I chose you all because of your caring for you patients and are always there when we need you. Caring and loving people you are"
- George & Elizabeth Schmidt
09/21/2017 19:39:42
"We love Lone Star Animal Hospital! They always get our pets in quickly for appointments and take great care of them when they are boarded there. "
- Jason & Heather Leigh
09/20/2017 14:41:47
"I am extremely grateful for Dr. Zeplin and the staff at Lone Star for taking care of Wynter. I feel they treated her like one of their own and took excellent care of her. If I lived closer, I would use Lone Star for all my Veterinary Care. I still plan on coming back for some procedures. "
- Rayna Stout
09/17/2017 20:28:59
"We always have a great experience and are always leaving happy. Our rescue baby has part blue pit in her and everyone treats her just as nice! We love it there ❤️"
- Jeremy & Jayme Rojas
09/15/2017 21:17:43
"There is nothing that we could add or suggest. The care that has been given to our precious babies has always been excellent. Your compassion and concern not only for Bruiser, but for his Daddy as well, goes over and above any expectations we would have ever imagined. Thank you for seeing Bruiser as quickly as you did and for working him in. He is doing better and his Daddy is feeling less guilty after mistakenly giving him the wrong dish of food. Now that he and his sister are on the same exact food (dry and canned), we expect no future visits to your wonderful office. "
- Julius & Patricia Zatopek
09/14/2017 03:16:09
"Great as always! I live 100 miles away and wouldn't go anywhere else."
- William Stephens
09/12/2017 21:46:13
"You and your staff are super friendly, always attentive and provide excellent service. We recommend you to everyone we talk to. You are the best and we thank you for being so wonderful!!!"
- Jimmy & Lauri Young
09/12/2017 19:57:59
"I called in to see what options I had for flea, tick, and heartworm prevention. I wanted to switch from Trifexis after finding a tick on my puppy. They were amazing at answering my questions, and I was able to choose what medications for my dog I wanted over the phone. They were ready for pick up the same day. I am always pleased with how I am treated by the staff. They are all very knowledgeable and have always given me the information I need to make informed choices."
- Jonathan & Katie Parker
09/12/2017 19:30:28
"You are doing great. Thank you so much for letting us come at the end of the day on Aug. 24th. As you were preparing for the Hurricane, we needed to get the final shots for the dog flu. Thankfully, we were seen because our dogs were around other dogs for 6 days. I was confident because I knew they were protected because of your hard work. "
- Machelle Bush
09/05/2017 01:12:49
"I'm very confident in Dr Zeplen. Would recommend her highly. Besides we would never had are precious spoiled rotten Clyde."
- Stan & Missy Heckrodt
08/31/2017 21:37:05
"Lone Star Animal Hospital is the best!!! They take such great care of my pets. When our Hoppy was ill, they took great care of him and us. Thanks!!!"
- Bill & Janet Laas
08/31/2017 19:11:23
"AS always a very good experience and the techs and Dr. Zeplin are concerned about Bear and follow up to see how he is doing a few days after his visit. Glad I switched to Lone Star Animal Hospital."
- Betty Nozer
08/25/2017 17:12:20
"Our experience was great. Dr. Zeplin and her staff are very professional and caring! "
- Eddie & LaVerne Teague
08/25/2017 10:58:41
"We love Lone Star!!! I feel like everyone knows and loves my dogs there. I completely trust Dr. Zeplin. I have no complaints at all! "
- Kenton & Julie McClellen
08/24/2017 02:12:14
"Dr. Zeplin and staff provide the best of care for our dogs. From excellent treatment of problem conditions to routine care they do it all. We completely trust our dogs to their care. "
- Glen & Janice Wyman
08/22/2017 20:29:12
"Y'all are the most compassionate and thoughtful group of professional people I know. Not only do u take a wonderful job with all my furry babies but also care about their parents. Thanks for always being there for us."
- Glen & Linda Brasfield
08/16/2017 02:15:54
"Dogs locked the self in the truck with the engine running. Staff called and got my truck unlocked in lists than 30 min. Great customer service! "
- Randall & Rose Mary Burk
08/15/2017 20:46:25
"We have no complaints at all . I know my boys are in good hands when they come in for a checkup, shots or kennel. The Staff is always very helpful and knowledgeable and they really care . I appreciate that they will call and check on Bailey or Bentley if one of them are sick and I know I can call them anytime I have a question, concern or an emergency. Dr. Lee gives me a piece of mind and has always been there for us and for that I will always be loyal and continue to bring Bailey and Bentley to her for all their needs."
- Clint & Brandy Trampota
08/15/2017 18:33:36
"We have been taking our animals (3) here for about 4 years now! We love Dr. Zeplin and the amazing staff at Lone Star Animal Hospital, we always feel very welcomed when we visit. They are amazing with following up after a visit and making sure that your animals are doing wonderful! We will never go anywhere else! Thank you!"
- Stephanie Rosbottom
08/15/2017 17:51:01
"My experience so far with your clinic is excellent, which is why I have switched to it. I first came to Lone Star Animal Hospital when I had an emergency and my vet was not available. You all made quite an impression on me. Everyone is friendly and warm, and Dr. Zeplin is very down to earth, and I appreciate her honesty. I also know several people who bring their pets to you, and they have the highest praise for all of you. I also have to say, I love that you have separate entrances for dogs and cats. As a German shepherd owner, I am used to all the cat owners cringing when we come into the room, even though my dogs are scared to death, but it is really nice not having my dogs looked at like they'll eat anything smaller than they are."
- Bobby & Cindy Buchholz
08/15/2017 17:18:22
"Great service ... took your time with no rushing ... quality of care was excellent "
- Les & Alicia Hemby
08/15/2017 17:18:19
"The compassionate care is greatly appreciated. the staff in all areas are friendly and service oriented. The clinic is spotless. Our pets deserve the best and we always receive it from Dr. Z and staff. Many thanks, Melissa"
- Robert & Melissa Lyman
07/11/2017 09:27:06
"I love how personable and friendly all the staff is. "
- Brent & Larissa Niemeier
05/23/2017 11:19:06
"Thank you so much for everything! Y'all definitely understand the attachment we all have to our fur babies & treat them like your own. I couldn't be more pleased by your professionalism and compassion y'all showed to my Cat and my wild and crazy kid. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I've never been disappointed. "
- Ryan & Jennifer Rigamonti
05/18/2017 14:38:01
"I have nothing but good things to say about all of you!!! Jessica & Amanda are always so sweet & efficient at the front desk! And Lucy absolutely adores Dr. Zeplin!!! I think she's pretty darn awesome too!!! You can tell that you are all true animal lovers!! I'm so glad I finally started bringing my animals to you NINE years ago!!! I truly don't think Lucy would still be here with me at the age of 15 if it wasn't for Dr. Zeplin and all of you!!! Thanks for everything you do for me & my fur babies!!"
- Kim Conway
05/16/2017 11:18:22
"I love Lone Star Animal Hospital! The staff is always smiling, with great attitudes. They go out of their way to help us in any way possible!! Thank you guys and gals, you are amazing!!!"
- Brian & Helena Edgley
05/13/2017 13:14:26
"Always friendly and quick to get us in when we are due for check ups and vaccinations. They always do follow up calls to check on our frenchies. We love the doc's and the staff. "
- Joshua & Lisa Tabor
05/11/2017 22:04:27
"Y'all have always been wonderful to us and my sweet babies. Your kindness when we lost our sweet LC was heartfelt and ur sympathy will never be forgotten. Thanks for being there for us."
- Glen & Linda Brasfield
05/11/2017 20:35:33
"I've never had a bad experience! Devin (our vet tech) is always very sweet and attentive and Dr. Z is great. Service is nothing less than stellar."
- Skylar Byers
05/11/2017 20:24:26
"Always a great experience when I bring the pups in. I have very large dogs and the staff is always really good about clearing the waiting area of any other animals when we arrive"
- Glen & Melissa Gooden
05/11/2017 18:41:44
"I'm so pleased with Dr. Zeplin and the staff. Always so helpful and friendly. I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else "
- Troy & Donna Hamman
05/09/2017 20:17:13
"I picked up some medicine for Ava. It was ready and I was greeted with a smile and picked up the medicine. I really wanted to spend more time as it is such a happy place!!"
- Blanton & Judy Wofford
05/09/2017 19:16:06
"The staff is excellent! I can call anytime and everyone is so nice and willing to answer any questions I may have. "
- Oscar & Teresa Torres
05/09/2017 16:58:32
"Dr. Zeplin's willingness to discuss Oreo's condition makes a huge difference in Oero's care plan. Her sharing of knowledge empowers us to feel part of the process and helps us understand her geriatric health."
- Lloyd & Sue Hamilton
05/09/2017 14:54:43
"Very friendly staff. Fast and professional care and service. Always a clean and neat facility. I am very glad that we chose you to care for our dog, Brutus."
- Gregory & Cynthia Hook
05/05/2017 11:53:16
"We went in just for a weigh in and a lepto shot. The staff was knowledgeable and very helpful. Sully always loves coming to the vet. We were in and out in about 20 minutes. Amazing staff."
- Jonathan & Katie Parker
04/30/2017 09:27:57
"Dr Zeplin & team are just the best! And if Holly could talk, she'd say so too! And then a follow up phone call today to top it all off!! You guys really do care! Thanks for being there! So thankful to have "found" you how many years ago. "
- Richard & Ruth Coykendall
04/25/2017 19:49:43
"The vet & tech I saw in the first visit were fantastic. They seemed in no real rush to get us out of there. They appeared to love/like Omega as much as I do, and even had time to listen to a couple of Omega tales."
- Thomas & Dixie Christian
04/25/2017 13:54:57
"Honestly nothing bad to say, every time I've visited with Blake, Luke and Lola we receive the best service. Always a friendly staff and greeted with a smile. I live in Laredo, Tx but prefer to travel to Lone Star because I know my pets will be taken great care of. :)"
- Gilbert Balderas
04/25/2017 13:40:26
"I have always taken all of my animals to Lone Star and I love it! Everyone I have ever encountered here has always been so nice and everyone always has smiles on their faces. "
- Chastity Carnley
04/18/2017 15:25:34
"All the staff at Lone Star makes u feel like family. I know when I have to leave Marlei she is in excellent hands and I don't worry because I know as soon as Dr Lee knows something she contacts us right away and her follow ups to check how she is doing is very comforting. "
- James & Kristie Hiller
04/18/2017 13:11:46
"I love the personal care you give my pet. Dr. Zeplin is wonderful and I would recommend Lonestar to anyone who has a pet"
- Gail Cartmell
04/16/2017 10:29:57
"I took Lucy in for a bath. They cleaned her anal glands out, clip her claws, cleaned her ears out and gave her a bath. They called to let me know when I could pick her up. (That I like very much). When I picked her up they are a very friendly and helpful staff. I can't say enough how good they are."
- George & Elizabeth Schmidt
04/13/2017 15:51:54
"Extremely professional staff ~ very pleased and highly recommend to friends and family!"
- Danny & Debra Glaze
04/06/2017 10:09:47
"I continue to go back to Lone Star Animal Hospital because I feel I get the best care for my dogs; from the moment I am greeted at the front desk, to the knowledge and experience from the vets, to the compassion from the entire staff. You help me take better care of my dog by sending me emails reminding me of upcoming shots and exams needed."
- Christi Cornel
04/03/2017 08:35:02
"I am very pleased with your office and the efficient care Molly receives from the staff. I have seen several vets in the past and find your staff to be the most caring and honest out of all of them. You treat Molly as if she were your own and I appreciate and thank you for that. Thank you all for all you do!"
- Tom & Betty Tschoepe
03/19/2017 15:56:57
"Doctors and staff are amazing! I would not trust my pet family with anyone else!"
- Randy & Pam Price
03/18/2017 11:29:49
"I have only high praise for Dr. Zeplin and her staff! Our baby had a very serious condition and Dr. Zeplin helped him and provided me with text or calls with updates daily. Daren was able to visit Miken daily and everyone was so sweet! There's nothing bad to say only Thank you everyone for everything y'all did! I will continue to highly recommend Dr. Zeplin to everyone I know."
- Larry & Diane Gallup
03/16/2017 13:01:07
"Everyone at LSAH is kind to me and my dog. The doctors and staff are intelligent and trustworthy, and I know that you really care about your patients. I would recommend your office to anyone. "
- Noble Malik
03/12/2017 13:24:39
"We are new to Lone Star Animal Hospital, but we already feel like our dogs are treated like family when they are in the care of the staff. Thank you for your compassion and excellent medical care!!"
- Jeffrey & Lacie Otto
03/05/2017 20:32:06
"Lone Star Animal Hospital staff is the best around not only are they great with my pets they treat everyone like family. I will only take my best friends who are like my children to Lone Star Animal Hospital where I know they will get the best care. "
- Rodney & Sonya Anderson
02/26/2017 19:13:08
"As always, great everything! The care each employee gives is commendable- it's as if they were caring for their own pet. We continue to be blessed for you to care for our pets."
- Lucas & Molly Turner
02/25/2017 06:57:14
"The Doctors and staff at Lone Star Animal Hospital have always been wonderful to work with. It may cost a little more than other clinics but the service and caring staff are worth every cent. I really appreciate the calls to check up on my animals after any procedure has been done. The staff really cares about the animals that come through their doors. Thank you for everything!!!!"
- Anthony & Linda Dueser
02/22/2017 08:15:01
"Dr Zeplin and your staff are great. I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for taking time to be their for my pet family, always taking time to educate me or the care of my pets."
- Ron & Karla Potila
02/21/2017 13:01:13
"We have been bringing our pets to Dr. Zeplin for many years. We and our pets are always treated with care, friendliness and professionalism. The vets and the staff are outstanding! We can't imagine ever going any place else."
- Tracy Steves
02/20/2017 09:08:43
"Compared to other clinics I've been to here in Victoria, yours is by far the best and most friendly."
- Johnny & Lynne Vasquez
02/12/2017 10:59:39
"I have no complains at this time. Every since I started bring Lucy for baths and boarding I have been very pleased with the service and care that you give her. She is special to me and George and we expect her to be special to you all and get the best care possible and that is what we get. Thank you all for being there for us and Lucy. A very special group of people."
- George & Elizabeth Schmidt
02/10/2017 20:39:18
"In a few simple words...... :) Your clinic is hands down the BEST!!!!!! "
- Scott & Lori Rodgers
02/01/2017 11:15:27
"Our animals have always been well taken care, whenever they are brought in, the staff has always been extremely nice and very helpful. I would highly recommend the facility to any of my friends."
- Rusty & Yvonne Strickland
01/31/2017 20:28:01