"Very kind and caring treatment."
- Susan & Craig Caldwell
09/26/2018 13:00:22
"Very professional and pleasant. "
- Melvin Richolson
09/22/2018 18:20:36
- Tyler & Simone Munson
09/22/2018 13:42:28
"Sean took all the time I needed to explain everything about post op and home recovery. "
- Liz Miller
09/20/2018 16:08:14
"The vet took good care of my kitten "
- Sandy Stanford
09/20/2018 13:48:14
"I am so thankful Panda was so well taken care of. They got us in right away in the morning and did everything they could think of to help him out. While he was there, it sounded like he was treated like he was one of their own. I really appreciate that they took my calls throughout the day to check on him and gave me updates. And the picture text I got the next morning of him was very appreciated too. On top of that, he got a fancy bandana to wear home. I'm so glad you were able to help us!"
- Dana Moe
09/19/2018 17:10:27
"everything explained well, treated my dog as if she were special, very caring."
- Diane & James Betkis
09/19/2018 03:54:53
"Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Roger loves the attention he gets. You can tell that everyone there really cares about your pet. "
- Vicky Breunig
09/18/2018 13:35:07
"Very efficient. Dogs smell and look and feel great. Friendly staff"
- Lisa Schell
09/18/2018 01:21:31
"Roxie loves her visits to the vet and daycare."
- Steve & Chris Paske
09/17/2018 18:57:44
"As always the people in charge of the "pet resort" were very friendly and professional. It is clear that they LOVE animals. They were even concerned about pronouncing our cat's name (Myrddin, pronounced Mer'-r-r ' thin, rolled r, th as in that) correctly. (I'm sure he was not worried about that detail.) When we arrived to pick him up, he was very clean--had just had a bath--and happy."
- Mary Williams-Norton
09/17/2018 18:26:00
"Everyone is very helpful and patient which, with me, when one of my pets is sick, is very important. The staff and the Dr.s are great!"
- Evan Asleson
09/14/2018 11:48:59
"I am always happy coming to SPSAH. Everyone is so friendly and professional. I can tell that you truly care. Thank you"
- Janet Fisher
09/13/2018 17:43:29
"We travel from TN every year and this is the only time we board our dogs. We love + trust everyone here. We have always been treated with great respect and find the prices to be very fair. "
- Kate & Tony Alger
09/13/2018 00:51:50
"You all are always great! Keep up the good work!"
- Debbie Giebel
09/12/2018 17:20:25
"Dr, Erica is amazing, as always, with Cooper! I am so thankful for her and her ability to give me my "baby" back!"
- Chrystin & Brian Luetkens
09/12/2018 03:58:40
"The experience with Henry was as good as we could expect for the situation. Even though you are not our regular vet, we felt comfortable coming to you. Also, it is nice to have a relationship established in the event that Henry would have an emergency and not be able to again go to his regular vet. Thanks!"
- Valarie & Eric Lorenzen
09/09/2018 13:39:29
"Wonderful! You guys are always so outstanding and treat our dog wonderfully. "
- Kinsey & Houston Tucker
09/07/2018 12:34:15
"We love Dr. Abby! "
- Brian & Jean Berger
08/30/2018 18:36:30
"Your staff is so caring and friendly - the best vet service we have ever experienced!"
- Linda Taylor
06/03/2018 10:38:23
"Staff is very kind and very friendly"
- Carole Fuller
06/02/2018 22:38:18
"Always professional, helpful, and friendly"
- Craig McNutt
06/01/2018 13:16:34
"Your office is working very well as it has for many years now."
- Christine Amos
06/01/2018 11:24:32
"You are doing great! from the moment I walked in I was greeted and felt my pet and I were important. The procedure for my dog was explained and I felt I could ask any questions and was not pressed for time. Everyone there treated my dog as if he were their own. On the day of surgery I received a text update that he was ready for surgery and doing well, this text included a photo of him which really made me feel like he was in good hands. I was referred to you by New Horizons Veterinary. Thank you for your care and concern! I can't think of anything I would improve upon. "
- Chris Parks
04/20/2018 13:58:38
"You are doing great! Wilhelm loves to come whether it is to see one of the Doctors, get groomed or play time. He starts squeaking as soon as we get to the turn on HWY 12."
- Dennis & Kathleen Thurow
04/15/2018 00:32:14
"Excellent: We like coming here we like Dr Joe and his Staff. Very Friendly very clean place;) Keep up the good Work!!! Thank You The Denton’s "
- Dale & Amy Denton
04/14/2018 02:51:49
"I really like Dr. Erica and her Assistant, Emily. They are so nice and easy to talk to. I hope they both can be the ones to come to my home when Buster faces end-of-life."
- Marilyn Brecka
04/12/2018 17:25:25
"The care the staff & Doctors provide is excellent! Dr. Abbey has been there to support us & guide us through all ranges of pet ownership from adopting a new family member to the hardest time in our life of having to say goodbye to our 18 year old 4 legged baby. That time was harder than I could have ever imagined but Dr. Abbey and the staff helped us to do everything we could to take care of our pet and when the time came they helped us know it was the right thing to do. "
- Michele Henry
04/10/2018 15:23:23
"Well, I can’t help you out with anything bad at all. I have only good news to report. Very friendly staff with helpful service. Working with the Vet was a very good experience. She was patient, open, conversent and took the time to answer all of our questions. That is what is most important to me and I would give her high praise. Thank you for the great overall experience!"
- Wes & Dia Wilcox
04/05/2018 18:22:41
"Lola always loves coming to Shamrock! We always feel good knowing she is loved and well cared for"
- Sarah & Ryan Kotila
04/05/2018 15:44:33
"Very good service and nice people"
- Ines Dominguez
04/05/2018 15:00:09
"Great experience. Emily was extremely helpful. She went above and beyond to take care of my needs. "
- Darcy Richard
04/05/2018 02:24:41
"It was great having Dr. Joe work on the" Boys " They were so relaxed today and didn't stress out, which is great. Always a pleasure, thank you and keep up the great customer service."
- Ellen Czerkas
04/04/2018 11:27:51
"Very impressed with the staff knowledge and quick response time "
- Erin & Jason Daly
04/03/2018 21:12:56
"I boarded Curly, Lacey & Chico over Easter weekend. I was happy that they treated Lacey differently as she is recovering from ACL surgery. Instead of joining the others in doggy day care they walked her and let her rest, she's 12 1/2 yrs old and needed that."
- Bobbie Berk
04/03/2018 15:31:51
"Lily was happy to ne there and tired when she left. Life is good "
- David & John Lay
04/01/2018 12:04:29
"Great staff, loved Dr. Kelly Pertzborn! The best!"
- Chris Pertzborn
03/30/2018 20:36:03
"I am always impressed with how smoothly the process runs in terms of drop off and pick up. We can tell percy has a great time because he always needs a nap on the way home. We love his report cards and have a bunch up on the fridge! So much fun!"
- Sara & Isaac Hoffmaster
03/29/2018 21:13:26
"You are doing great. my dogs love coming to your business"
- Ted & Peggy Miller
03/29/2018 18:51:25
"As usual Jody gave the dog a fantastic haircut in the girls that took care of him during the day did a fantastic job"
- Kelly Gavin
03/20/2018 02:07:33
"You all do a great job of listening to me "the owner" and show love and compassion to my girl."
- Debbie Giebel
03/19/2018 18:32:23
"It's always a pleasure. "
- Julie Helmer
03/19/2018 16:41:11
"I am very thankful for your vets that they care for exotic animals. Dr. Erica is an awesome vet, she really cares for the animals she sees and does a great job with them."
- Ross Copper
03/17/2018 16:50:29
""Mitzi" and I receive special attention whether shopping for dog food or receiving veterinarian care at SPSAH. "
- Mary Paddock
03/17/2018 13:12:49
"I love bringing Charlie Christmas to you! You are always able to squeeze us in and are pleasant and kind. Dr. Erica has helped us greatly with Charlie and we appreciate you all very much!"
- Tana Klemm
03/16/2018 13:27:01
"Everyone at SPSAH is so friendly and professional and we feel very welcome on every visit. Love having all of you taking care of my little girl. I feel like she is in great hands."
- Andrea Grosse
03/16/2018 01:06:44
"You really care! My dog had a couple surgeries and every time the staff was genuinely concerned and knew all about her! You are thoughrow and great at giving information. I love that you are able to text pictures after surgery! Definitely recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their baby!"
- Nicole Callewaert
03/13/2018 03:10:39
"I can't imagine a better place to take my boys! Love the staff, the environment and the facilities!"
- Jennifer & Brian Hamre
03/12/2018 14:01:11
"Harley enjoyed his week at the resort☺️"
- Beth & Jeremy Patterson
03/08/2018 02:23:55
"Callie loves not only day care and the staff, but the dog park. I’m so happy you’ve added such a wonderful facet to the community and helping to improve our dogs happiness and lives. Thank you. "
- Jacob Frey
03/01/2018 22:59:15
"excellent help with Gabi. everyone that we have worked with has been understanding and professional. thank you for all your help."
- Judy & Gary Lahmers
03/01/2018 20:09:37
"I was very happy with the experience. You did an excellent job with Simon. Thank you "
- Kurt & Lauri Kindschi
02/28/2018 00:05:59
"Best vet visit ever."
- Susan & Craig Caldwell
02/26/2018 06:16:08
"I have a great experience every time I take Rocky there. The staff is wonderful with him."
- Tom McKune
02/24/2018 04:26:19
"You're doing great and I appreciate the friendly, caring staff."
- Cheryl & Theresa DeVault
02/22/2018 02:41:13
"We feel that the staff at Sauk Prairie Small Animal Hospital always provides very high quality care to our pets."
- Mary & Tim Healy
02/19/2018 23:56:46
"My experience with your veterinarians and the doggie daycare have always been excellent it’s always a pleasure to come in there "
- Angela & Fred Pfeffer
02/19/2018 21:46:46
"Frankie seems to like staying with you. He obviously gets the attention he needs. Your service is also great , you are flexible when plans change and always very nice on the phone. "
- Mike & Nina Boss
02/19/2018 19:51:07
"You are all the best. I have no complaints."
- Marilyn Fuss
02/17/2018 19:20:52
"Frank loved coming to see you guys! He’s looking forward to coming back soon!"
- Halyee Chovan
02/16/2018 20:33:22
"You guys are the best! Ace just loves his time at the daycare. Ace is so tired when he comes home. I love the report cards on Ace after each visit. The staff is always super sweet to me & my dog. "
- Donna Brunner
02/14/2018 18:35:48
"I love bringing Bash to play and having the staff there to answer my questions. They are very knowledge and friendly every time!"
- Aftyn Wilke
02/13/2018 20:47:50
"Away kind and professional! Very accommodating with schedules!❤❤❤"
- Wendy Soenksen
02/13/2018 13:45:30
"Vet and vet tech were very thorough with the inspection of my hedgehog, and very helpful in communicating what they were doing "
- Megan Zurfluh
02/13/2018 04:05:01
"Great job. You took very good care of Trooper. That's why I trust you with my animals. Thank you very much for your care towards my animals. "
- Brian Lehmann
02/13/2018 03:25:17
"Dr Pertzborn is friendly and professional. "
- Alex Clark
02/12/2018 12:48:26
"I think I said this before but I live in baraboo and there's a reason I use you guys. I trust you and no matter how much time passes one of the receptionist remembers who you are, who your pets are and many things about my crazy boys that come. I also enjoy the guidance on the phone. I've called while at.work and even from wyoming with concerns. You are the best! "
- Trevor & Jori Ruff
01/31/2018 04:51:22
"Doing a great job. Short wait time. "
- Lexi & Ben Wankerl
01/28/2018 03:05:57
"Very helpful and compassionate in caring for our cats. Front desk girls very nice."
- Mary Howard
01/28/2018 01:29:35
"Harper and Griffin had received wonderful fur cuts last week. I'm very pleased."
- Debra & Fred Marty
01/18/2018 16:38:29
"I truly appreciate the care and attention Bogie & Senna receive each time they are at the Sauk Prairie Animal Hospital. "
- Barb Petrzelka
01/25/2017 14:25:19
"We think you are doing great! The dogs are happy to go to daycare. We love the info sheet letting us know what the dogs were up to during the day. Staff is always friendly~"
- Cindi & Rick Kekula
01/25/2017 13:12:58
"Very professional and caring. "
- James & Patsy Ziegler
01/25/2017 13:10:39
"I appreciate how helpful and kind your tech and front desk were. I am so thankful that Dr. Joe agreed to work us into the schedule on a busy Saturday. "
- Sara & Doug Kures
01/22/2017 17:49:57
"We believe everyone is doing an excellent job, always going one step further. We appreciate all the help you have given our pets and still are over the years."
- Peter & Stephanie Graeber
01/19/2017 16:01:42
"We have taken our pets to different vets over the years and find that you out rate all of them. Bisquit feels at home at your place and we respect service you provide, friendly and professional. Plus you have the best vets with current knowledge. Thanks"
- Joseph Marinan
01/19/2017 12:19:26
"Your pet day care is super important to us and to Miya. She loves it there! The employees there are wonderful."
- Shelly Roosa
01/19/2017 12:14:39
"Great experience. Did surgery on my dogs tendon and helped with her current pancreatitis issue. You took her in at closing time and were kind about it. She's is feeling great right now. Thanks to your team. All at a reasonable price. Greatly appreciated!"
- Jill Mortimer
01/17/2017 14:29:19
"I think your staff genuinely cares about the owners and the pets. Staff takes whatever time is necessary to answer questions. Thank you!"
- Jill & Jeff Filter
01/06/2017 15:14:47
"It was a great experience. Extremely friendly staff and knowledgeable vet. Definitely glad this is my neighborhood vet :)"
- Eileen Brunken
12/31/2016 13:09:03
"Receptionists were kind and professional. Doctor called and discussed at length answering all my questions. Grooming was well done. Very satisfied. "
- Bethany And Nate Keiser
12/30/2016 16:31:42
"We love taking Sophie there. Susan is always so kind and helpful."
- Liz Kennedy
12/29/2016 17:29:17
"I am very glad that you have Genesis (I hope I spelled her name correctly) because she is familiar with parrots. I also appreciated how helpful Megan was to us. This last stay was a very good ones for our birds, so thank you!"
- Barb & Mark Graupman
12/28/2016 12:04:17
"Extremely friendly and helpful at the desk!!!!!!Very informative, efficient, and caring people from beginning to end. "
- Diane & James Betkis
12/26/2016 22:11:29
"We think you guys are the best and have recommended your vet hospital to our friends who have pets."
- Kara McCarty
12/26/2016 12:16:34
"Every aspect of Shamrock pet hospital and resort has been exceptional. Dr Joe's care, Jodi's support, Sebastian's obedience classes and resort boarding and daycare. Everything under one roof."
- Betsy & Wade Hanna
12/19/2016 21:20:53
"Lucky always gets the best care! The staff has always been very friendly- Just picked up some pet food on this visit, but always enjoy the staff and the pets behind the desk!"
- Sid & Lisa Cook
12/12/2016 07:39:54
"As always a great experience! We have recently moved to Reedsburg but are willing to make the drive because we appreciate all of the wonderful care Scooter receives."
- Ben & Hannah Halverson
12/11/2016 21:00:17
"We could not be more pleased with the care of our feathered friends at Sauk Prairie Small Animal Hospital. The staff there goes above and beyond to make us feel our birds are well cared for by a knowledgeable and competent vet. Thank you for being there Dr. Joe and staff."
- Gerald Bogenschuetz
12/07/2016 14:11:48