"We have been taking animals to CAH on and off for probably 30& years, If that does not say it, nothing will LOL"
- Diane Erb
01/18/2019 19:55:23
"I have always appreciated your service. The doctor and all the staff are attentive, professional and caring "
- Phillip Wyzik
01/10/2019 13:14:40
"Great office update. We really enjoy working with the entire team."
- Kevin Oxford
01/05/2019 15:11:35
"I appreciate being greeted as I enter, even if someone says “We’ll be right with you”."
- Duane Towns
01/01/2019 15:37:54
"I'm always pleased with the care we receive from the moment we enter to the completion of our visit."
- Donna Borynack
12/24/2018 22:53:05
"Would not think of going to another vet. Love the staff and care they give our family pet."
- Glen D'eon
12/22/2018 11:49:07
"I was feeling so hopeless before HipHop's appointment and I thought the doctor wasn't going to be able to help us. That was not the case at all, and I was so appreciative for Lee's help, expertise and knowledge."
- Armene Margosian
12/21/2018 16:17:05
"Murray the cat recently had his teeth cleaned, and returned home full of energy and in good spirits. He ran around the house, chomped on his toys, and wanted to gobble down his dinner (not allowed). I would never have know that he had had anesthesia and dental surgery that day. He told me he tried to follow directions, and behave for the doctor and nurses. We are both happy with such a positive experience and outcome."
- Jane Cunningham
12/20/2018 16:52:01
"Getting us in for an emergency visit with our sick dog on the same day was wonderful!"
- Michael Breshears
12/18/2018 18:32:15
"You are allow wonderful, caring and compassionate. We especially love Dr Gauthier😍."
- Linda Walz
12/13/2018 22:10:34
"There is really nothing that comes to mind, other than wait times...but those are acceptable "
- Brian Mathey
12/06/2018 21:59:31
"Best care in Keene"
- David Painchaud
12/02/2018 14:38:35
"Everyone from the front desk and phones to the support tech staff and Dr. have been consistently kind and invested actually. It was a very scary and confusing situation with our dog to monitor. I felt cared for, heard, respected through it. Thank you for your generosity and team mentality. We all did our parts to hear what Rowan was needing from us and give him what we each uniquely had to offer him. You took good care of me while I was frightened also. I can't thank you enough. He's my very, very dear friend who is very attentive to us. I don't want to get it wrong when he needs me most. I truly don't believe he/we could've gotten this across the board level of care anywhere else, equipment, labs, meds on site, experience, expertise, consistency, emergency communication, options, hours, compassion, concern and follow through. Fees are reasonable also. He's going to be ok. You guys... 💗"
- Liberata Sinclair
11/29/2018 01:24:05
"You guys are doing great, that's why we keep coming back. The Docs are compassionate and thorough and our pets seem to be at ease when they visit. Thanks!"
- Ronald Trudelle
11/28/2018 23:11:14
"We are very happy to have our pet family under your experienced, compassionate, and friendly care. Whenever I call with a question, whether it's about a health concern or inquiry about food and nutrition, the person I speak with is always willing to take the time to discuss things with me. I also appreciate the follow-up call we get after Dolly, Lila, and Graybie have been in to see you. Thank you for all that you do. Sandy Taylor"
- Meade Cadot
11/28/2018 15:54:39
"I’m absolutely happy with the care everyone shows my dogs as well as me. It’s always a pleasant experience "
- Denise Edwards
11/27/2018 14:54:21
"You were able to work Jules in at the last minute before a holiday and the treatment has helped. She's on the mend."
- Arthur Knowles
11/27/2018 12:25:01
"I have always found the staff and doctors to be kind, caring, and accommodating."
- Tonya Towne
11/27/2018 09:19:07
"Receptionist were extra friendly with cute little jokes. Alicia, the vet tech was most excellent!! Very smart & gave valuable advise."
- Lisa Jacob
11/26/2018 17:55:28
"You were very thoughtful with care of our new 4 month old puppy. Appointment was on time and all members of the staff were knowledgeable and considerate of our needs"
- Judy Aron
11/26/2018 16:33:30
"Thank you to Dr. Pearson and the technicians who did the best they could to examine our very stressed feline. Even for a simple exam, she despises coming to the vet. We appreciate your patience with her needs and giving her the best care possible."
- Emilee Guyette
11/17/2018 01:51:33
"It took a bit long to be seen but it was well informed and the people polite and eager to help. "
- Jeanne Martell
11/16/2018 22:20:45
"You're always so accommodating when it comes to getting my pup in for an urgent issue and we appreciate that."
- Tammy McKane
11/14/2018 14:33:19
"I have been treated great by all of your Doctors and technicians, I wouldn’t bring my animals anywhere else but chesire animal! Amazing work by all of you "
- John Miner
11/14/2018 10:14:00
"ALL of the staff @ Cheshire has always been SUPER good to me and my pets. I have absolutely NO complaints and highly recommend them every chance i get! Keep up the good work!"
- Patricia Marotta
11/13/2018 20:15:47