"Dr. Morgan and staff saved our dogs life!"
- Deanna Robinson
06/17/2019 23:55:36
"Prompt, efficient, friendly and capable service all around. Thanks!"
- Jeff Miller
06/03/2019 21:14:06
"Our visit for Molly was thorough and friendly. We felt reassured about her health, knowing she is in good hands! "
- Derrel Blair
05/21/2019 04:01:20
"I love the new lobby so I can keep distance from cats or other dogs if needed. It is so clean and the staff is ALWAYS so nice!"
- Todd Larsen
04/29/2019 00:02:57
"I was very happy with my first intial contact and inquiry via telephone asking basic information. I was able to get in the same day with my kitty Geisha Girl. I was greeted with a smile and the examine went well and I felt valuable and my concerns were heard. I have already added an appt. for my other kitty too! Thank you for caring :) "
- Alicia Gonzalez
04/19/2019 08:38:21
"I'm so happy to have found El Camino vet hospital. I feel like I always receive complete honesty from everyone who works there. Richard has been so sweet to my Paisley, even though she can be shy at the vet. Also I feel like your prices are very fair. And don't remember names, but all the women who work up front are so kind! One thousand times better than any experience I've ever had at other vets. Thank you for being so amazing :)"
- Candice Clark
04/08/2019 14:21:08
"I appreciate the staff being so slow approaching whiskey, given she is never shy it really caught me off guard and your team handled it perfectly. "
- Brittany Souza
03/28/2019 17:45:20
"I love Dr Chen. He took time to answer all my questions including one for my other dog that was wnot there."
- Susan Ryerson
03/23/2019 19:47:11
"Excellent technician, excellent veterinarian, excellent front desk staff."
- Janey Alexander
03/11/2019 17:49:23
"The new remodeled hospital looks great, I received a warm welcome from the woman at the front desk, I was immediately taken back into a room rather than waiting in the lobby and I was informed of a pet emergency that delayed the vet and was assured I would be seen as quickly as possible. The staff is kind and knowledgeable, the vet friendly and helpful, I had a very positive experience. Erin "
- Casey Louis
03/06/2019 23:18:36
"Very pleased with all service. Recently exceptionally great assistance by the front ladies in helping get Heidi's Rx changed over. "
- Al Lamoure
02/24/2019 17:49:19
"Dr. Chen was very thorough and explained things to me clearly and in a way I could understand exactly what was happening with my pet. He was also very kind and compassionate."
02/15/2019 00:53:23
"We had an excellent experience last week when I brought in Bella for her shots! The location is convenient with plenty of parking. The office is clean and well kept! Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. We were seen right away. They treated Bella like a member of the family. Followup communication from the vet was prompt and thorough. The Silver Wellness Plan I selected has a lot to offer and is quite affordable in comparison to other plans outside. These were key elements our previous vet were lacking. Glad I listened to my neighbor's advice and came here!!!"
- Neal Albritton
02/13/2019 21:16:44
"Dr. Chen always gives excellent service. He is very good with my dogs and a really caring person, as are all the staff."
01/30/2019 18:32:05
"Helpful and friendly staff, we feel like they truly care about the pets and want to do everything they can to help. "
- Ramona Pop
01/28/2019 23:19:39
"They Treat me and our pets as family"
01/25/2019 17:45:41
"This was my first appointment with Dr. Labadie, and she was wonderful. I've been a client for more than 20 years, and have always been happy with the care my pets receive. Keep up the good work! And, the remodeled clinic looks great."
01/24/2019 03:44:55
"The new office is so nice and clean. The providers were caring and gentle with Murdock. Cool to get medications needed at the time of the visit."
01/21/2019 16:36:44
"I appreciate the genuine care shown to my two cats. "
- Margaret Christophersen
01/07/2019 03:52:35
"The front office staff were friendly and helpful, gave me assistance in getting the new app. The tech was great too!"
01/05/2019 16:38:27
"Place looks fabulous. Every single person we met was so great! Dr fixed up my pup! Great experience! Highly recommend. Thank you all! πŸ™πŸ˜Š"
- Casaundra Bruner
01/02/2019 04:30:39
"I was AMAZED how friendly the staff was in helping me with my last minute medicine emergency. I was SO THANKFUL to find out you guys carried my little one’s insulin. You saved her and us! Thank you so much for everything you do for our Gracie. "
- Llaurel Colburn
01/01/2019 23:45:49
"My dog and I have been seeing you for 11yrs. You have provided great care thru thick and thin."
- Mary Dietz
12/30/2018 04:35:32
"The attentiveness of staff was great! I felt like they listened to my concerns addressed each one."
12/18/2018 18:24:49
"The place was very clean and the staff was very professional. "
- Mary Stancyk
12/17/2018 17:54:21
"I had brought Bob back for an ear infection that appeared to not be clearing up. The vet staff are so diligent and I have complete confidence in them. "
12/07/2018 04:04:00
"As always the staff was friendly and they made my little dog happy. They are the only place I would ever take him to. Thank you. "
- Heather Baxter
11/27/2018 14:20:44
"I feel confident my pets are well taken care of when I bring them in."
11/26/2018 19:11:44
"All the staff is friendly and always a pleasure to see. The concern they show for my dogs is so appreciated and helps to calm me. It reassures me that my dogs are getting the best care they can get. Kudos to you all and thank you for all you do."
- Michael Dietrich
11/21/2018 02:11:24