"I know that my pets will always receive the best care from Dr. Anna and all the staff."
- Paula Kissinger
01/09/2018 00:51:16
"Dr Johnson and Brent were both very caring of Nala and explained everything to me so I knew what to expect."
- Caitlin Coughlin
01/04/2018 19:22:36
"I really appreciate your service. You do an outstanding job."
- Ann Bruemmer
01/02/2018 21:47:41
"You are doing great - always helpful and answer all questions efficiently."
- Brian Stoddard
12/30/2017 02:54:52
"Transitioning from the same veterinarian (Dr. Kraft), who has cared for our animals for about 20 years, was an unsettling thought. We build up long-standing trust relationships in health care whether it be humans or animals. But, recent medical issues for one of our cats introduced us to Dr. Anna and we couldn't be more pleased and confident in the care, diagnosing and treatment our cat received. by her and the entire staff. "
- Susan Andersen
12/29/2017 20:41:02
"My visit was great. The vet tech and vet were very knowledgeable and helpful. They recommended products and precautions for introducing my current cat to a new cat. It was all very helpful information. They are always nice, gentle, quick and effective with my current cat during checkups and procedures. "
- Brittny Smith
12/20/2017 15:49:47
"I have no complaints! I have a positive experience everytime I take my dogs to the vet."
- Alexis Streeter
12/15/2017 21:07:17
"You guys are great! "
- Elizabeth Lutz
12/15/2017 17:50:30
"I love that the team handles my pups very well. My babies tend to get VERY excited with new people and like to jump. The team always handles them very patiently."
- Kiedelle Panzy
12/13/2017 22:49:36
"You guys are awesome. "
- Kevin Barone
12/06/2017 21:05:09
"My girls love coming to the vet. The staff and vet are so kind and really show they care"
- Cheryl Messerschmidt
12/03/2017 20:27:36
"Professional, friendly, and helpful staff. Clean environment. "
- Cherie Blanchat
12/03/2017 06:07:18
"I appreciate that I can always get in when I call and that I don't have to wait when I come in. I appreciate the time the doctor spends talking to me. Everyone is very nice. "
- Diane Owen
11/29/2017 18:55:48
"We love Lawrence Veterinary Hospital. Dr Anna treats Zoe like her own. I can always trust the care Zoe will get."
- Heidi Hulse
11/27/2017 19:45:30
"Overall I have only had WONDERFUL experiences with Anna and Brent. I have had no issue scheduling appointments and they always seem to be able to get me in to see the vet in a timely manner. My dogs are both very excited (at times crazy), and Brent does an amazing job with both of them. Additionally, the front desk assistants are so kind and just add to the overall positive experience I have had at Lawrence Vet the past couple of years. "
- Peyton Stensland
11/22/2017 18:21:42
"Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Dr Anna went above and beyond recently with a prescription for a medication refill for our dog, and we really appreciated that."
- Richard Lucas
11/19/2017 22:21:31
"I've always been impressed with the care my pet has received, not just the professionalism, but the kindness as well. "
- Patricia Bruce
11/18/2017 23:42:13
"Staff is always so kind and helpful and patient with Bama"
- Linda Baker
11/12/2017 20:37:55
"I have never had anything but what I consider to be best- and experienced care w/Dr. Kraft and Dr. Anna. One of the aspects of their care style is to provide me with as much information as possible and discuss advantages/disadvantages to all potential options. Further, I've found them to be honest and straightforward (while concurrently compassionate/empathetic in tough situations)...even referring to other specialists for problems they feel are outside the scope of their expertise. To me, this is the true sign of excellence in the medical field."
- Pamela Neidert
11/09/2017 23:07:27
"Love this clinic. So much caring and help! Even Teddy is always ready to go visit his doctor friends."
- Susan Drummond
11/07/2017 23:27:20
"No complaint whatsoever. You all are simply the best !"
- Paula Kissinger
10/28/2017 18:42:43
"I appreciate the time and attention provided to me and my dog, Fioness."
- Jim Saladin
10/26/2017 00:25:42
"Everyone is great from front desk staff to vet techs and off course Dr Kraft. Also like the assorted critters that are sometimes helping the front desk people😉"
- Daryl & Stephanie Giachino
10/20/2017 14:47:22
"Great vet hospital. Like Dr. Kraft's way with cats."
- Kristi Fender
10/18/2017 12:01:14
"We know our pets are well loved! "
- John Barnett
10/17/2017 11:48:19
"I trust you unwaveringly with my dog's life and his happiness. Need I say more?"
- Stephen Gibbs
10/17/2017 11:46:45
"Dr. Kraft and his staff are the best! Very kind and always ready to help"
- Cathy Tarr
10/10/2017 17:03:40
"Nothing bad. You are all the best!"
- Ginny Hedges
10/09/2017 18:55:02
"Everything was great! The receptionist was incredibly friendly, patient, and helpful! I loved the vet tech that came in first. Sorry, I can't remember her name, but she was working with Dr. Kraft the morning of 10/7/17. She immediately won my dog over and was incredibly patient with him (even though he was nervous). It is the smoothest weighing and temperature taking I have ever experienced with my dog. And, she reported after that the shots went better than usual too. I can only think this must be because she and Dr. Kraft were so patient with him and took the time to gain his trust first. Dr. Kraft, as always, was great too! He talked me through everything, listened to my concerns, and recommended treatment that was clearly for the benefit of my dog and not the business. Specifically, at first we thought my dog may need medication. However, after Dr. Kraft asked me some follow up questions, he decided to hold off as long as possible on medication. I appreciate that so much! Too often, I feel like vets will prescribe medication too quickly. I loved that he took the time to really assess the situation and make the best choice for my dog. I always feel like I am in great hands here and love recommending you guys to all my pet owning friends!"
- Kelley Harrison
10/09/2017 14:26:04
"The entire staff is very welcoming, helpful, and caring of every pet that comes through the door. The doctors treat each animal patient as if they were their own. "
- Elena Lisko
10/09/2017 02:22:22
"Doing awesome!! I always like coming in for you all to look after our dogs - excellent service all the way around."
- Brian Stoddard
10/08/2017 23:27:36
"Lawrence Veterinary Hospital is great for our pets' needs! "
- Angie Webb
10/06/2017 00:41:32
"I think you are wonderful. I couldn't ask for better care of my darling Francesca"
- Sue Beckley
10/04/2017 18:20:33
"The folks at LVH are really courteous, helpful and friendly. Our dog actually likes visiting. "
- Ashley Muddiman
10/04/2017 16:45:56
"I have always found the business to be professional and friendly. "
- Tim Davis
10/03/2017 19:11:44
"You all are so great! I have never dealt with fleas before and you guys calmed me down on the phone and gave me great instructions on how to deal with them. I was able to get a prescription right away for flea medicine and now there are no visible fleas on Jay! Thank you!!"
- Amanda Katzer
09/30/2017 16:34:11
"We love you! I would never consider taking Zoe anywhere else. "
- Heidi Hulse
09/27/2017 17:29:00
"you are awesome, I know my animals will always be well taken care of."
- Theresa Pipkin
09/24/2017 23:29:31
"I've been taking various pets here for over 30 years and trust Dr. Kraft, Dr. Anna & the staff."
- Nancy White
09/22/2017 16:54:10
"You are doing a great job of providing veterinary care for my cats K-10 and Lucy."
- Pat Miller
09/21/2017 20:13:39
"I have been so pleased with the care and attention we have received recently in examining and treating our dog Teddy's new seizure disorder. EVERYONE, from the front desk folks, to the techs, to the vets, have been very responsive, professional, and helpful. I have greatly appreciated Dr. Kraft's willingness to share information/explanation re: his condition, both in the office and by phone. Thank you for all you do!!"
- Nancy Espinosa
09/18/2017 19:44:42
"You have cared for our pets for more than 25 years, and we couldn't trust you more for the health and well-being of our precious pups and kitties."
- Joan Weaver
09/17/2017 19:54:52
"Very friendly and professional services."
- Craig Crane
09/17/2017 18:36:51
"Very friendly and informative. I felt LuLu was in goods hands. Even though it was our very first time there, I felt comfortable. "
- Shirani Perera
09/16/2017 17:34:56
"Spent time to explain everything thoroughly "
- Rachel Schwien
09/11/2017 22:17:28
"The friendly and informal atmosphere is perfect. Everybody's obvious concern for animal welfare is very reassuring. "
- Jim Carns
09/09/2017 13:32:28
"Always a great experience! Dr Kraft is amazing with my dog and the front desk and vet assistants always take great care to make sure myself and my dog are happy and taken care of! "
- Debbie Clarke
09/08/2017 14:51:46
"Convenient & always helpful 🐶🐱. Great staff‼️"
- Vicki Maykulsky
09/08/2017 04:12:43
"I really appreciate how everyone handled my timid kitty with patience and respect! She was feeling really sick, so the love they gave her made my heart happy. "
- Jordyn Koehn
09/06/2017 05:22:58
"I always receive great care when bringing my pets to you."
- Kris Bates
09/05/2017 20:19:30
"Wonderful staff and atmosphere, Ace loves it there!"
- Elysse Shaver
09/05/2017 19:38:24
"Barry had a marvelous visit to your hospital."
- William Tuttle
08/26/2017 20:53:36
"As always a great visit and very friendly and helpful staff."
- Elizabeth Pesek
08/23/2017 22:07:38
"Every experience with LVH staff has always been positive- we couldn't ask for better service! Thank you!"
- Leah Hansen
08/20/2017 12:27:31
"Everyone is always very thorough, professional, caring, interested, educated and personable"
- Paula Kissinger
08/19/2017 18:54:11
"Dr. Kraft is an awesome Veterinarian, and has always provided the utmost service when providing for our Addie Mae. I couldn't recommend a Vet service more than Lawrence Veterinary Hospital."
- David Day
08/18/2017 19:12:04
"Always a great personal and professional experience. "
- Vicki Stanwix
08/16/2017 19:13:31
"We continue to love your staff and your service! Thank you for all you do!"
- Laura Diede
08/15/2017 19:08:36
"We love the personalized attention from the front desk to the tech all the way to the doctors. I realize this personal touch often is not the most efficient from a business management perspective however, we walk away feeling cared for as a pet and a parent."
- Lisa Sutherland
08/11/2017 20:59:52
"You are all the best - nothing bad to say about you. :)"
- Ginny Hedges
08/09/2017 21:12:50
"Wonderful experience for Moose! He was super happy to be spoiled by his vet! :)"
- Kristen Caldwell
08/07/2017 16:16:50
"My experience was great. The staff fit my injured cat into a full schedule and gave him excellent care."
- Megan Fisher
08/04/2017 16:35:45
"You all are wonderful!"
- Carlena Haney
08/03/2017 22:53:31
"Everyone is friendly and good with our cats. "
- Nick Mosher
08/03/2017 19:14:14
"wait time is fantastic, care is very good. office is nice and open. I get great service by phone and in person. "
- Michelle Swain
08/03/2017 13:46:51
"I appreciate the patience of staff as I explain the needs of Louie and Rose, especially Louie with his anxiety issues. Leaving our pets is always difficult but I feel they are well taken care of at LVH. "
- Warren Berry
08/01/2017 23:54:14
"You are doing everything we could ask for, without us having to ask. Thanks"
- Dana Prijatel
07/27/2017 13:03:44
"I cannot say enough good things: the techs and support staff are wonderful and excellent with the animals. The front desk very sweet and helpful. Dr Kraft is smart, caring, discusses diagnoses and thoughts extensively, follows up on everything promptly and always finds the cheapest solution to accomplish the same result. Exceptional animal care!"
- Eleni Grammatikopoulou
07/25/2017 19:48:34
"Doing great, thank you!"
- Lisa Traver
07/25/2017 19:18:06
"Every time I call, the staff are so helpful and friendly over the phone. When I come in for Clooneys visits I experience the same. Clooney loves the staff members who very genuinely enjoy interacting with the animals. Would (and have!) recommend Lawrence Veterinary Hospital to all my friends and family. "
- Lane Miller
07/25/2017 15:49:53
"You are doing great. It is a comfort to know that Francesca has such excellent care."
- Sue Beckley
07/25/2017 14:24:54
"Everyone is kind compassionate and very helpful. Very accommodating "
- Linda Baker
07/25/2017 11:38:20
"Care you can trust. Everyone knows us and treats us like family. Not the cheapest but Dr. Kraft is the best!"
- Cathy Tarr
07/25/2017 11:16:03
"This visit was great. Everyone was friendly and were great with my dog. "
- Rose Murray
07/25/2017 10:41:17
"It was an A+ visit. Every person I interacted with was exceptional - the vet tech who answered my call first thing in the morning, the woman who checked me in and took my payment, the same vet tech who immediately ushered me into the first available room despite the fact that it was for dogs and I brought my cat, and of course Dr. Anna, who is always competent, warm, and knowledgeable. I recommend LVH to every pet owner I know. I never feel pressured to do any tests I don't want to do, and I always feel better (and so does kitty!) after we leave. I wanted to give a special shout-out to the male vet tech who helped me - his explanations were very clear and he was very straightforward and helpful in all of his explanations. Thanks for all of your help - we'll be back soon."
- Lauren Covey
07/20/2017 11:01:34
"The vet treating us and the assistant went well above and beyond ! Great service !"
- Regina Gardner
07/14/2017 20:43:18
"Our pets are NOT frightened when they visit Lawrence Veterinary Hospital and that is extremely important to us. Dr Kraft & Dr Anna genuinely seem to care about our pets and their health. They take extra steps to try to ensure there is no pet anxiety during visits. The vets and techs are very knowledgeable...full of information and tips to help us keep our pets happy and healthy. The office and exam rooms are clean and well-maintained. Staff members are personable and friendly and services are not overly expensive compared to other local vets."
- Dan Winsky
07/11/2017 08:15:33
"Always good."
- Diane Thomas
07/10/2017 19:22:14
" Everyone truly cares about the welfare of our pet. "
- Kathy Woods
07/10/2017 18:23:05
"All elements of care have been excellent."
- D. Ann Stanton
07/10/2017 18:14:56
"I love that appointments are on time. I get seen right away"
- Kathryn Prather
07/10/2017 09:55:22
"Dr. Kraft always takes the time to answer all of my questions and offers great advice. The vets and the rest of the staff make you feel like family. You all are awesome!"
- Julie Lowrance
07/01/2017 20:27:12
"You are all great!! Everyone works as a team with the best quality care in town. "
- Nancy Rhodes
07/01/2017 18:19:41
"You are always patient and helpful. You are available to answer questions and give sympathy. I am afraid I can not find anything to help you be any better since I think you're the best!"
- Susan Peterson
07/01/2017 14:55:31
"You are always patient with Barkley, and I am confident that you want the best for him."
- Pat McQueeney
07/01/2017 13:08:15
"Every time we come our experience has been wonderful. Dr Kraft is the best! All the Techs are fantastic and the front desk is always more than helpful!"
- LeeAnn Jahansooz
07/01/2017 12:59:35
"You guys are great "
- Alex Folsom
07/01/2017 12:02:04
"Sophie saw Dr. Anna in March and it was excellent as it always is with both Dr. Anna and Dr. Kraft. Yesterday I came in to pick up Bravecto for Sophie and that just took a minute so that was good!"
- Michelle Leeson
07/01/2017 11:55:10
"Our most recent experience was to pick up flea/tick prevention medication for our cat - it was quick with no problems! "
- Sean Bayless
06/29/2017 10:44:24
"As always all our needs were met. The staff were on top of the issues we presented. They are always friendly and really make as comfortable."
- Elizabeth Pesek
06/21/2017 19:23:48
"Dr kraft explains things very well,and has no problems with client imput or questions"
- Daryl & Stephanie Giachino
06/21/2017 17:31:00
"I like the proximity of the business and the doctors are very kind and knowledgeable. "
- Scott Young
06/12/2017 09:26:42
"Dr kraft is absolutely wonderful! My dog loves him and he takes time to explain things! The staff are always great and always remember my dog when he comes in! "
- Debbie Clarke
06/11/2017 19:23:43
"My furry boys don't necessarily like going to the vet. In fact, once we turn on to the street, they just know where they're going. Every time, without fail, someone greets them in the lobby with positive vibes and lots of hugs which suddenly helps them forget their fears! My pets have been going to LVH for years because they truly care about my furry ones. "
- Kristina Rosenthal
06/11/2017 13:59:02
"I am very pleased with the care my dog has received so far, not only did the visit go well but this facility provides the food my pet needs. Very nice visit with vet and the assistant did not hesitate to acquire records from previous vet since this was our first visit."
- Cheryll Steadham
06/11/2017 11:15:57
"The doctor's assistant (the one with the beard) was very sweet and helpful. He definitely knew what he was talking about and it matched up with everything the doctor said as well. Overall, very pleased! "
- Lauren Roberts
06/10/2017 22:16:08
"We have never had a bad experience at Lawrence Vet Hospital and we've been taking our pets there for 14 years."
- Brea Black
06/10/2017 21:02:53
"Very professional staff. Cost feels high at times but the care is worth it. "
- Al Hack
06/10/2017 19:10:12
"Superb...no matter what I bring up it is taken seriously and addressed, and I can be a tough customer 😈"
- Paula Kissinger
06/10/2017 16:05:26
"Rich and I were so scared when Dr. Anna told us Maggie had pancreatitis, but she made us feel good about what they would do to make her better fast, and then we felt so relieved. We have the utmost faith in Dr. Anna and knew Maggie was in the best veterinary hospital in town."
- Ginny Hedges
06/10/2017 15:04:54