"Everyone was personable and friendly from the desk to the vet tech and vet. They all took the time to explain all the details of treatments and care and really listened to my concerns. It was a great experience and it put me at ease to find such a friendly and considerate vet. It’s nice to have providers also understand the financial factor in care as well. "
- Jessika Moury
11/08/2018 21:03:02
"Our chihuahuas get the best of care from all your staff "
- Susan Bagnall
11/06/2018 03:18:47
"Our dog, Romeo, was very sick when Dr Shank saw him for the first time. She and her staff were very professional and attentive and did everything possible to help him get better. Romeo actually would try to follow Dr Shank when she would leave the room after seeing him. Thank you all at Fort Meade Animal Clinic for the concern and care you during Romeo's last few days with us. "
- Mary Thompson
11/02/2018 10:06:31
"It's been a long time since I've needed the services of a vet and taking my grand dog to Dr. Shank was a good experience. I feel JoJo was given excellent care and a complete checkup. I highly recommend Dr. Shank and her staff."
- Frankie And Tom Churchwell
11/01/2018 21:19:04
"I always know my Mollie Sue is in good hands when I take her to FMAC. Not only does she receive excellent care while there, but the next day follow-up phone call to check on her is much appreciated. "
- Pamela Swilley
10/10/2018 16:17:49
"All the people involving my visits are wonderful and the follow up call the next day is great. "
- Helen Fiveash
10/10/2018 16:15:41
"Sorry, No bad here. I am beyond more than pleased with Dr. Shank and her skills as a surgeon. The staff is super friendly and genuine. I know they care about my fur babies. My only regret is not bringing them to ya'll sooner."
- Brandy Nagel
10/10/2018 09:12:53
"The experience was overall awesome from the moment I called in to ask to see the vet, to the moment the vet tech came in and examined the dog to the vet actually coming in. Everyone was very welcoming and compassionate about their jobs. Thank you for taking such good care of my sweet girl and getting her feeling better. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. "
- Halley Marshall
10/05/2018 12:26:28
"Doing an awesome job, love it when Luna is well received once she enters the office. It shows the compassion the staff has for our pets."
- Maria Buentello
10/04/2018 21:39:04
"I love the staff here, Michelle and Becca are my favorite."
- Angela Radford
10/04/2018 01:53:40
"Everything was great, Thor seemed very comfortable when receiving his exam and shots, He did fine when we left no issues or problems."
- Rebecca And Edward Medley
10/03/2018 22:17:38
"Well, you are still in the processes of taking care of my Kitty, but so far my experience with you all has been one for the books. I want to thank Dr. Shank and her crew for truly treating her as if she were their own. They have called multiple times a day to update me on Kitty's condition and have kept me calm and hopeful in a pretty stressful and upsetting situation. Thank you for truly caring about the animals you care for..I will be switching to you all for all of our animal's needs. "
- Kaitlyn Swope
10/03/2018 20:32:08
"I don't need to say much... when I call to order my pets meds you allow me to come in on the same day I call. What is there to complain about.. you all do an amazing job Oscars Smith pet mommy"
- Dale & Heather Smith
10/02/2018 12:17:16
"I personally feel that you guys are great! I can see that all of you love our animals and are committed to the best care possible for them. Thank-you for being so compassionate and kind to our animals and also to us (the family) as we bring in our little loved ones for treatment and medical care. "
- Lisa Weems
10/01/2018 13:47:10
"Love the care for both of our dogs"
- Jayne Bates
09/26/2018 21:53:39
"We Fort Meadeans are blessed to have such a wonderful animal clinic in town! Dr. Shank, Ryan, and staff do a superb job and are genuinely concerned for our pet's wellbeing."
- Elaine Logue
09/26/2018 18:18:21
"We’ve been so satisfied with the clinic and all the staff!"
- Stephanie Miller
09/26/2018 14:51:54
"Dr, Shank and her staff are amazing. They are great with my hoard of cats and the random animals I have brought to them to help. I know so many that take their fur babies here that I now feel like a part of a great of our community. "
- Jennifer Wilson
09/22/2018 21:39:38
" Shadow has never had better care. You keep him healthy and make sure I pick up his meds so he stays healthy. Thanks so much!"
- Barbara Leboeuf
09/22/2018 15:14:05
"Everyone is always nice and interact with the dogs so they seem a little less stressed."
- Lisa Beote
09/20/2018 16:43:25
"We always feel at ease bringing both our dogs to Ft Meade animal clinic. The entire staff always makes us feel welcomed and we know our pets are in great care. They do everything they can on-site to save in expenses but if needed they will send you to the best facilities to have your pet taken care of. We love our entire vet staff at Ft Meade."
- Tina And Shane Jones
09/20/2018 14:47:55
"We have never had a bad experience or bad service at any point in time of bringing the dogs there. We always get professional and friendly service and good information about the cafe of the dogs."
- Darrell Smith
09/19/2018 23:56:02
"Awesome we love each and everyone of you "
- Debra Taylor
09/19/2018 01:33:01
"Thanks for always making time for Miley that's very important. Thanks for the love you shared when I had to let go of Missey that was so hard but you cared and understood. "
- Faye Taylor
09/18/2018 12:22:40
"Our dog was very well taken care of. The staff was helpful and kind to him.yall were great. "
- Kevin And Diane Chioma
09/12/2018 18:07:38
"From the front desk to the exam room we love all the staff. Its always clean and sanitized. A smile always and of course can't forget the basket of your favorite chocolate!"
- Lynn Devane
09/11/2018 21:08:10
"I love my Vet and her staff. That is all. 😍😍😍"
- Lisa Rice
09/10/2018 20:08:22
"The staff is amazing and always treats my Goldendoodle Tucker as if he is their own. The vet at this location is very knowledgable and is thorough in every examination. Facility is always clean and structured to where no animals come in contact with each other to prevent stressed interactions. "
- Amaris Garza
09/10/2018 14:52:07
"I'm very satisfied with your service and love the friendly staff...Thank you for taking such good care of my Snick y girl..💟"
- Sandra Casey
09/08/2018 23:24:53
"Excellent, couldn’t ask for better service!!"
- Gail and Alan Adams
09/06/2018 16:20:22
"I was very pleased with the staff and Doctor. I’m so glad I decided to switch Riley’s care. "
- Becky Davis
09/05/2018 23:31:18
"Dr. Shank took extra care of Godiva knowing she is aging. We discussed treatment and future care. Godiva didn’t complain too much, either! "
- Janet And Tim Scarbrough
09/03/2018 01:34:19
"I love everything about Fort Meade Animal Clinic, anytime I have a problem or question about my animal or my acct I just give them a call and they are always willing to help. Best service ever!"
- Tracy Caruso
08/30/2018 19:10:19
"Great customer and patient service"
- Arlene Barnes
08/29/2018 13:10:31
"Y'all are awesome!"
- Debra Conklin
08/27/2018 18:03:55
- Renee Filliez
08/24/2018 14:18:21
"The visit and experience was outstanding. The staff are very knowledgeable and caring."
- Carmen Davila
08/23/2018 19:48:48
"Love all the staff , always very friendly and helpful!"
- Shannon Thompson
08/21/2018 21:25:30
"Dr, Shank and her staff CARE! You are not just a source of funds they CARE about your animals!"
- Faith Hargis
08/10/2018 13:27:19
"Everyone was very nice and I was in and out, didn’t wait long at all. They answered all of my questions and handled my nervous dog very nicely. Overall great experience!"
- Megan Quackenbush
08/04/2018 12:01:03
"You guys always do a great job with our fur babies (even though the little one likes to bite)."
- Juan Jose Sanchez
08/03/2018 20:46:40
"As always you do the very best. never any problems we love Dr, Shank and the entire staff. Wouldnt go any place else."
- Rebecca Rouse
07/31/2018 18:57:54
"So happy to get our pet’s healthcare here now!"
- Tara O'Cain
07/26/2018 19:38:18
"You’re doing great - like visiting family "
- Susan Bagnall
07/24/2018 22:18:11
"I love the staff and love how well Zacky is taken care of there"
- Christie Fuller
07/24/2018 22:15:50
"Very friendly and great with Bella. They took their time explaining everything about Bella. Thank you"
- Timothy And Sharon O'Neill
07/24/2018 18:58:03
"I’ve been very happy so far with the staff and service at FMAC. Thank you so much! "
- Ashley and Josh Johnson
07/21/2018 02:41:55
"Awesome each and everyone are fantastic I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our furbabies ❤️❤️❤️Y’all "
- Debra Taylor
07/20/2018 22:20:29
"Good friendly service"
- Mary Adsit
06/13/2018 22:33:34
"I love everyone there! Everyone is always so friendly and loves my fur babies."
- Julie Douglas
06/13/2018 19:35:04
"GREAT staff. Professional, pleasant and informative. "
- Gloria Bineau Jameson
06/13/2018 03:27:00
"Sadie just went in for a visit and had dental work and teeth cleaned. Her teeth look awesome. I want to thank them for seeing her so quickly. Grady people at this clinic. "
- Sheila Brumley
06/12/2018 09:48:57
"Your doing great, the people that are working for you are very friendly and my Tia likes you and that means the world to me."
- Joanne And Douglas Tulloh
06/08/2018 10:35:08
"We love Fort Meade Animal Clinic ❤️"
- Denise Bates
06/07/2018 20:38:37
"I love you guys. Everyone is always very nice and helpful!"
- Catalina Rhoden
06/07/2018 20:09:18
"Nice to have staff that know and remember my cat and her history. "
- Laura Friedline
05/26/2018 13:22:08
"There wasn't anything bad. Be my first time there I thought everthing was just fine. When you told me you handle the rescue greyhounds that was even better for me because of my whippets. Not all vets know there background so I get up tight when I have to take the whippets to someone new. You guys are great in my eyes. Thank you again. Linda."
- Linda Palermo
05/20/2018 18:56:05
"All staff are excellent with my dog - and with the owner!"
- Diana Youmans
05/09/2018 02:20:17
"Seriously? I love everything you do for me and our crybabies. "
- Lisa Rice
05/07/2018 21:45:57
"Great visit...as usual. Took Josey in to get her nails trimmed. She jumps up in the "people" chairs...and sits there very quietly like she's having a pedicure. Maribel always does a great job❤️"
- Linda Reeves
05/07/2018 09:57:39
"I have nothing but good things to say about Fort Meade animal clinic. They take excellent care of my dogs "
- Bryan Patterson
05/04/2018 15:41:20
"I enjoyed the care shown toward my kittens, the courtesy shown to myself and my husband, and the efficiency of the Dr. and staff"
- Sue And John Kilcrease
04/18/2018 23:26:52
"awesome, love ya'll!!!!!"
- Annette Morelock
04/16/2018 19:09:10
"I enjoy bringing my pets to your office. Everyone is a joy to work with and they all take the time to answer my questions. I would recommend to anyone who ask which vet to use "
- Helen Fiveash
04/15/2018 21:31:18
"I would recommend ft Meade Animal Clinic to any one who has a pet. "
- Barbara Leboeuf
04/09/2018 19:19:21
"I always have a great experience when visiting clinic. Everyone is friendly and they treat my pets wonderful. "
- Sheila Brumley
04/09/2018 17:54:22
"Awesome place to bring pets for care. Staff really cares about making and keeping pets healthy. "
- Rose Ellen Forsythe
04/06/2018 00:16:34
"I liked the care that we got right from the start. Everyone asked questions about our Little Bit along the way. This was our first visit after adopting him 3 weeks ago from a shelter. All my questions were answered. I was very pleased with this experience. I can't think of anything negative at this point."
- Carol Bashford
04/05/2018 09:01:42
"Great friendly andcourteous service. Excellent professional treatmeent for pet."
- Melissa Fort
04/03/2018 16:56:09
"Everyone was wonderful. It made us feel completely satisfied with the way you cared for Bella."
- Timothy And Sharon O'Neill
04/01/2018 20:50:47
"Always feel that Ranger is well cared for and that your office keeps track of what is necessary for him to be a happy, healthy dog."
- Beth Vandermeer
03/31/2018 00:24:51
"You treat our pets like they're yours. We really like that."
- Marlaine Sims
03/30/2018 20:06:36
"All were incredibly professional and treated my pet as if she were the only one with which they dealt!"
- Jim Nunnallee
03/24/2018 16:09:02
"Wonderful staff. Caring knowledgeable doctor. Modern equipment. This office is always a pleasure to visit "
- April Williams
03/24/2018 02:27:06
"I'm always confindent that my doggies are in good hands "
- Angie And Al Bennett
03/22/2018 18:22:27
"Honestly I had an awesome experience you guys even called me today to see how Rocco was doing. Thanks "
- Manuel Valdez
03/19/2018 18:42:02
"You are the BEST PERIOD Our oldest cat, Milkyway was seen at another clinic and we were told to kill her because she would not make it the 15 miles home. We brought her home and brought her to doctor shank the next day. Dr. Shank saved Milkyway and over a year later she is still alive and doing well. We put her on the VIP plan and enrolled 5 other cats in the VIP plan. There is nothing bad that I can say about Dr. Shank or any of her staff. The at Forte Meade Animal Clinic are the very best and love animals and the work they do."
- Rebecca Rouse
03/18/2018 02:15:50
"I'm very pleased with your clinic on how they treat my dog(s) when we still had Gus too. I feel safe and secure with bringing Molly into your office for all her shots and medicines for the season when we are in Fort Meade."
- Linda Shorter
03/17/2018 22:49:34
"We love coming to see Dr Shank. All the staff is courteous and very knowledgeable. They’ve made taking care of my pets easy and enjoyable. "
- Denise Bates
03/17/2018 21:38:28
"Your vet office is the best I've ever been to. The staff is kind, efficient, and professional. My pets are so much less stressed going to your office then any other they've been to. Which makes me more relaxed. For anyone who's never been to the Fort Meade Clinic, give them a try. You won't be disappointed. "
- Teresa Gangi
03/16/2018 21:37:03
"Always top notch friendly service."
- Joanne Ackley
03/15/2018 17:33:23
"I really enjoyed my experience at your facility. I think Buddy enjoyed it too. Thanks for making us both feel comfortable."
- Shane And Jennifer Benitez
03/15/2018 00:37:25
"I love my vet and all her staff. "
- Lynn Devane
03/14/2018 23:44:38
"I have never had a bad experience at Fort Meade Animal Clinic. The staff always goes above and beyond to accommodate our needs. My dog is healthy and happy and FMAC has a lot to do with that. I could not be more grateful!"
- Pamela Swilley
02/23/2018 13:51:24
"Ya'll are doing great i wouldn't take my pets any where else."
- Joey Ellis
02/23/2018 01:22:39
"I always feel like my dogs get the best of care by Dr. Shank. She is very knowledgable and I like her bedside manner. Her staff is friendly and great with my dogs. They know their stuff too. "
- Deborah Peterson
02/19/2018 21:51:38
"I have never had any bad experiences with anyone in your office they treat my girl like babies and they have always treated us as family love them all"
- Judith And Lowell Frank
02/16/2018 23:31:24
"Really liked the personalized attention to my cat. I felt Doc had her best interest in mind. "
- Susan Snyder
02/09/2018 21:21:24
"Great staff and vet. Trust everyone there with my furry family members. Very caring. "
- Sheila Brumley
01/31/2018 18:34:16
"You are doing very good. You were the first people I thought of when my Shadow got hurt, I would not go any where else. "
- Yadira Buentello
01/29/2018 02:25:29
"Every time Moe and I come in to the clinic the staff treats Moe like one of their own and always asks how I’m doing. It’s always a pleasant experience."
- Michael Cloud
01/11/2018 05:14:59
"All of you are the most caring and gentle group of animal caregivers I could ask for. "
- Penny McQueen
01/09/2018 02:50:21
"Very good with animals. And a very friendly office. Many Spots showed up at our house about 2 years ago. She did not trust people and it took us 2 years to tame her down so that she will sit in your lap now. But if anyone comes to the house she disappears. I was amazed that doctor Lori and staff was able to pick her up and she didn't throw a tantrum. I highly recommend Dr. Lori and Staff."
- Janet Langham
01/08/2018 19:04:24
"Love everyone at clinic, all are caring & seem to enjoy their job & the clients, you are very much appreciated :-)"
- Jackie Ayers
01/02/2018 13:51:21
"I like the fact the wait time is not overly long and that Dr Shank never makes us feel rushed. She is excellent."
- Deborah Peterson
12/21/2017 17:16:06
"Service and hospitality are great."
- Derek Richardson
12/19/2017 20:25:17
"We are well satisfied with the care and attentipn we get with your services."
- Ron Householder
12/12/2017 23:24:18
"Always have a pleasant experience when going there. Love the staff. "
- Tracy Caruso
12/10/2017 19:01:47
"I have no complaints at this present time everyone is professional if they don’t know your answer they will find it out for you they treat you and your pets with the upmost respect the office is clean everyone is very friendly from the moment you walk in until you leave"
- Sue Williams
12/02/2017 18:18:43
"Very informative and tentative throughout the examination. The staff were respectful and just an overall good experience. Felt very comfortable and trusting while at the facility. "
- Hardee County Sheriff's Office
12/01/2017 00:53:45