"All is perfect. Y'all are great!"
- Sam Cockburn
01/24/2021 00:34:03
"Doing good!"
- Ashland Viscosi
01/15/2021 15:08:26
"We appreciate the friendly techs and drs at Brykerwood, especially their willingness to explain things to my daughter who usually asks 100s of questions. "
- Shawn Jones
01/06/2021 22:14:03
"Dr. Bonnie was very helpful with my puppies vaccinations, answering questions and helping manage her pain. Her explanations were good and I did not feel rushed. "
- Matthew/Karen Kleiman
01/01/2021 20:17:32
"Y’all have been awesome. "
- Matt Norman
12/31/2020 18:41:34
"I thought my first visit to your clinic with my cat during COVID went very well. I like the way your procedures went. It is a lot of phone calls for your staff but they are always courteous when I call."
- Maggie Williams
10/08/2020 23:29:45
"I feel like I always get excellent, friendly, professional and caring service from all of the staff at Brykerwoods. It’s why I have been taking my pets there for 23 years! Keep doing what you’re doing!"
- Louise Weil
10/08/2020 23:24:20
"very happy with support / services provided"
- Karen/Jim Gatto
10/06/2020 16:57:03
- Donna McCamant
10/06/2020 15:06:55
"As usual, all is good!"
- Cindy/Larry Nale
10/03/2020 23:14:28
"Getting Lisa vaccinated for her upcoming kennel visit was handled very well. Thanks. b"
- Bill Donohoe
10/02/2020 22:18:22
"Very smooth experience with the parking lot process. Great job!"
- Rebecca Gibbs
09/29/2020 21:20:08
"Great. It’s easy and safe"
- Steve & Leslie McConnico
09/12/2020 15:30:30
"You guys are great! "
- Ann/Hilary Johns
09/09/2020 16:22:18
"Who ever answers the phone is always cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Always such a treat to do business with your office. "
- Karen & Phillip Ingram
09/05/2020 19:29:36
"Our two dogs got their annual check-ups quickly and throughly and all our questions."
- Ben/Nancy Carssow
09/04/2020 23:23:57
"You guys are the best. Pre Covid, through Covid, and will be post Covid. I've referred multiple friends here and to Dr. Moore. "
- Joannah Hillebrandt
08/27/2020 23:56:33
"Y’all are Great! Thank you for taking such good care of our Riley dog ; )"
- Robert/Heather Kelly
08/26/2020 13:30:01
"Doctor was so helpful in prescribing a cough pill for Tucker over the phone. And pick-up was a breeze."
- Linda & George Henderson
08/16/2020 19:00:49
"Quick and helpful with my mother’s hospice cat and just keeping fluids in and comfortable. Life is crazy right now and I appreciate y’all taking Care of her fluids for me"
- Becky Layne
08/12/2020 22:08:37
"The efforts the team are going to to keep everyone safe and doing it in a very efficient and helpful way is really appreciated. Good job!"
- Stephanie/Jill Bush/Nilson
08/12/2020 14:19:50
"Friendly and caring staff always make us feel confident that our fur babies are receiving excellent care. "
- JJ Riekenberg
08/10/2020 21:31:30
"Thank you for extending your hours to accommodate people who work until 5pm. It was a great help to me. "
- Lisa Ahearn
08/07/2020 15:28:38
"Despite the limitations of the pandemic, I still feel that my cats' (Max and Thomas) needs were met with care and attention. It really helps to have the consultations with Dr. Heideman touching base."
- Alicia Garces
08/04/2020 22:38:32
"Our pup had a minor ear infection...they were able to see him the same day. Their COVID procedures are easy and efficient. We love Brykerwoods!!!"
- Brynn Rinehart
08/04/2020 21:13:41
"Dr. Heideman took excellent care of my cat, Charlie. She's a sassy cat but did well."
- Kaitlyn Heideman
08/04/2020 21:06:58
"All COVID things considered, I thought our visit went really well. It was on time and ran smoothly from phone conversations to payment."
- Debbie Gonzalez
07/30/2020 15:10:01
"You're doing a great job keeping everyone safe from the virus!"
- Pam Matthews
07/28/2020 20:43:48
"Supportive staff on phone, and techs to carry dogs. The vet for this appt was patient with me as I forgot my new dog’s medical history."
- Maureen Coulehan
07/25/2020 18:05:30
"Things were very smooth, given the times it was easy"
- Craig & Carol Dale
07/24/2020 16:34:56
"Curbside was quick and easy. Communication was great. Thanks for helping to keep our pets (and us!) healthy."
- William Norris
07/24/2020 16:10:12
"Everyone I spoke with was so friendly and helpful. I am convinced my dog got the best care available."
- Patricia Shampton
07/23/2020 23:12:20
"Sputnik has been coming here for years and we're very happy. Recent visit was just for picking up meds, but it went smoothly as always. I appreciate the care you take with social distancing and masks also! All the best to our Brykerwood Vet family <3"
- Katherine Sternat
07/23/2020 16:11:40
"I came by to pick up flea meds for my 4 pets. My order was ready & was delivered to my car quickly. No problems."
- Cherise Reese
07/16/2020 16:19:45
"Your vets and vet techs are always great and caring. We have been bringing our dog there for he are. However the increase in office visit fee to $76 is really high and we may have to go elsewhere in the future since we cannot afford such a high visit fee on top of paying for exams and care the dog receives. "
- Taylor/Blake Pate
07/10/2020 15:01:06
"You did a great job!"
- Bonnie Orr
07/08/2020 21:00:45
"All has been wonderful. "
- Steve & Leslie McConnico
07/08/2020 20:13:33
"I think Brykerwood does a great job!"
- Tom Elia
07/07/2020 19:10:23
"Easy instructions, good covid policies, quick appt :)"
- Kaitlin Tasker
07/06/2020 01:28:53
"We have been coming to Brykerwood for the past 5 or 6 years and have always received excellent care. From check ups to boarding to extensive care before and after surgery, Billy has always been in loving hands. Gratitude for this team and appreciation for their seamless adjustment to our current situation keeping our pets cared for and their humans socially distant! "
- Christiana Haddad
07/04/2020 16:46:11
- Judy & Andy Hyatt
07/03/2020 16:51:26
"Visit went very smoothly, thanks to staff giving clear information about procedures during the pandemic when I called. "
- Rob Thurlow
07/02/2020 17:27:40
"Scheduling an appointment is super easy and I'm always able to get my dog into the vet on short notice if I need to. I really appreciate all of the precautions Brykerwood Vet is taking during the COVID-19 crisis. Friends I have spoken to have mentioned that their vets are not taking similar precautions and I'm grateful that Brykerwood has their customers health top of mind!"
- Meredith Raico
07/01/2020 14:20:42
"My experience was very positive. The measures to protect me and to protect the staff were spot on. I was able to communicate with a doctor regarding my pet’s health via phone and was confident the care was exactly the same if I had been inside the clinic before Corona. Best care!"
- Kaaren/Hilmar Blumberg
06/27/2020 22:53:06
"I was really impressed with the new curbside service. I felt very safe bringing Tiki in to get checked, and would not hesitate to come in again if needed."
- Susan Nayak
06/26/2020 17:04:57
"I always have a pleasant experience when I bring my fur babies in to the vet. The staff is always friendly and patient."
- Shanayvia Smith
06/26/2020 17:04:47
"considering the current covid epidemic, you all are doing an amazing job and hope one day things will go back to normal. "
- Rob Fields
06/10/2020 17:23:55
"Our first time going to the vet during this Covid pandemic. We were able to drop our dog off in the morning for his annual, while staying in our vehicle and having a technician come outside to get him. The veterinarian seeing him called us and gave us great information on how he was doing, we didn't feel like we were missing out on anything by not being able to be there in person! And we were able to pick him up an hour later! It was much quicker than we were expecting which we were grateful for! Always recommend people to come to this veterinary clinic! Love yall! "
- Nora O'Halloran
06/04/2020 02:19:12
"No complaints! Appointment with covid precautions went smoothly, office seems to have adapted well"
- Emily Que
06/03/2020 20:57:29
"We think you’re doing great. The front office staff are always courteous. The doctors seem to really care about our pets and are generous with their time when explaining things to us. The pets hate going into the building, but they never seem traumatized when they come out so we know they’re being treated well. "
- Glenn Garvey
05/31/2020 14:45:12
"We have used BWV for all our dogs and we’re happy our pups are your new patients. You’re doing a good job working around Covid."
- Marc DelSignore
05/30/2020 23:08:40
"You’re a fantastic partner in raising my puppy to be physically and emotionally healthy "
- Mark/Michelle Edmunds
05/25/2020 14:31:36
"I’ve been going to Brykerwood for years and will never take my animals anywhere else! There’s some decent vets out there but you won’t find anyone better than Brykerwood! "
- Tracie Blau
05/23/2020 04:33:13
"Jessie and Dr. Moore were great. I really like the curbside situation went very smoothly. I appreciate the techs wearing masks. All staff were friendly and attentive!"
- Warren Mayberry
05/22/2020 22:07:47
"Picking up my dog’s medication with the new pandemic protocol was quick and easy. Thank you for all you do! Hope everyone is staying safe and well. "
- Donnie & Cindy Brooks
05/22/2020 18:03:39
"It was an easy visit. Picked up Trifexis. Very time efficient, friendly front desk staff. "
- Jennifer Ayres
05/21/2020 17:32:52
"I can not thank you enough for helping me get the medications that I needed for Rexi. I am a healthcare professional who works in far North Austin. It would be impossible for me to come in during your new business hours because that is when I'm working too. The front desk staff went above expectations by waiting for me to get there after hours to pick up the prescription. This was very generous and I can't thank you enough."
- Lisa Ahearn
05/16/2020 17:45:48
"Caring staff and excellent care."
- Linda Elford
05/16/2020 17:06:35
"Timely visit, in and out at the car, COVID safe experience. "
- Marion Forbes
05/15/2020 21:08:17
"Great! So nice to be able to pull up and have service during this time of Corona! My dog really needed some meds so I was so happy you all could make it work for us."
- Kate Hancock
05/06/2020 20:58:08
"all good!"
- Vada Dillawn
05/05/2020 02:06:01
"Thank you so much for staying open and finding safe ways to operate during the current crisis. I really appreciate all that you have done for my dogs over the last 8 years."
- Tim Werner
04/22/2020 15:10:25
"Thank you for making it possible to still care for our pets during the shelter-in-place order. KC's nails were getting so long!"
- Amelia & Tom Ashburn
04/22/2020 04:36:01
"You're the best!"
- Pam Matthews
04/17/2020 16:19:37
"All I needed was a refill of Lily's Heartgard; it was super-simple! Glad y'all are still there during this uncertain time."
- Mindy Vescovo
04/14/2020 18:22:57
"So awesome! You took such great care of us and went above and beyond. We are grateful to have you a part of our family of care providers. Thank you!"
- Amy Allen
04/02/2020 13:38:08
"Y’all are the best. Very patient with our dog who can be a little afraid of going to the dr. "
- August Harris
03/24/2020 22:09:37
"I can always count on getting professional consultations and treatment plans for my pets. My meetings with Dr. Heideman have always been collaborative which I appreciate."
- Alicia Garces
03/23/2020 19:34:22
"We just dropped the dog off, but all personal interactions were good."
- Linda & George Henderson
03/22/2020 00:05:47
"Best animal drs in town. I trust them and are always happy when Snickers, my dog, is treated with so much love and respect! Love the whole staff and it all starts with “Uncle Greg”. Glad he’s our dr and our friend! And thanks to everyone on staff for loving us!"
- Trey Kohlhausen
03/20/2020 21:34:42
"I love the people who work here!! "
- Kelsey Smith
03/19/2020 18:25:53
"All of the techs are so friendly and helpful. They truly love the pets they see, and it shows!"
- Michelle Rabe
03/10/2020 15:57:34
"You guys are awesome! Every team member has been so sweet with Weezy. Thank you so much!!"
- Lydia Brown
03/04/2020 16:33:55
"I was happy. I did not have to wait long. Everything went smoothly."
- Laura Ward
03/02/2020 17:50:19
"Everyone in this office is friendly, helpful and professional."
- Jeanne Cobb
02/26/2020 23:39:25
"Everyone is so Friendly & Takes Great Care if Mom & Puppy!"
- Robert/Heather Kelly
02/11/2020 00:19:44
"Everything and everyone was excellent."
- Cecilia Robertson
02/10/2020 23:51:35
"All good. "
- Mindy Vescovo
02/10/2020 23:33:33
"Brykerwood is my favorite vet clinic. The staff is knowledgeable, caring, and overall amazing. "
- Cole Glidewell-Westfall
01/27/2020 00:41:08
"so far my pet Cowgirl has received good care from Brykerwood Vet Clinic"
- Lillian Cowan
01/26/2020 01:36:54
"Dr. Schmaltz is the best!"
- Mary Ann Osborne
01/24/2020 19:40:54
"Y'all are the best as always. I've seen several vets over the years and I'm super happy with everyone :)"
- Katherine Sternat
01/24/2020 18:52:03
"We received prompt and friendly service from everyone in the clinic. Nothing critical to note, thanks y'all!"
- Marina Martinez
01/22/2020 18:39:17
"Love y’all! Thank you for continuing to take the best care of my fur babies and giving them so much love. "
- Corinna Archer
01/15/2020 21:17:29
"Love Brykerwoods and all the staff! You all are family to us and we appreciate all you do for Winston!"
- Stratt/Lisa Cyrus/Jardine
01/15/2020 17:06:05
"Everything was great."
- Ben/Nancy Carssow
01/11/2020 17:22:41
"Simply love the place; I have been there for years with my pets! All doctors are great; techs great and office staff first rate! Count me in as a long term supporter and happy Daddy with Snickers!"
- Trey Kohlhausen
01/07/2020 17:13:24
"I've had zoro complaints in the many years I've been taking my cats to you. The waiting time is short and if I have any questions I'm satisfied with the answers. Also I appreciate your sylmpathy when I've lost a cat. And there have been cats who I'm sure would have died earlier if not for their good care from you. That's a great cat and god picture."
- Alice Hart
01/07/2020 16:20:56
"Excellent service. Friendly staff "
- Tom Duffy
01/04/2020 01:47:38
"Great care"
- Norma Garza
01/03/2020 19:42:20
"We always really appreciate the personal care you give to our dogs. We especially appreciated the kind note you sent after the passing of our beloved Tyson. It really meant a lot to us. "
- Tori Davis
12/18/2019 17:37:18
"I feel like you guys provide great care!"
- Amy/Matt Walker
12/16/2019 20:48:05
"Literally the best Vets & Staff in town :)"
- Marcel Bensch
12/12/2019 20:30:56
"We love to bring our English bulldog Bubbles to your vet establishment. She loves it! The staff is very friendly and accommodating. "
- Lisa Miller
12/11/2019 15:03:06
"Greg and the staff are the cat's pajamas!"
- Bob Turner
12/10/2019 19:41:39
"All great, as usual!"
- Alice York
12/07/2019 18:46:17
"Great! "
- Bonnie Orr
12/04/2019 22:36:08
"Great visit! Promptly seen and the doctor got right back with me with details."
- Ann/Hilary Johns
12/04/2019 21:30:06
"Y'all are great!"
- Jackie Workman
12/01/2019 21:21:59
"I love brykerwood...... have been using you all for over 20 years. Staff is super helpful esp in an emergency!!!!"
- Becky/Ken Blaker
11/27/2019 03:10:43