"Your team is fantastic-you show genuine caring for all of the pets I’ve brought to you!"
- Ed Robinson
02/13/2018 05:44:52
"You were able to work us in quickly when our dog was having an urgent need. You explained the plan well and gave us a heads up on what to expect as he healed"
- Abby Phillips
02/12/2018 01:22:27
"My experience has only been Excellent!! Your all so friendly and care for my dog as one of your own.. "
- Kandi Stegmeier
02/10/2018 16:39:51
"even though you always have to squeeze me in I always feel like you take your time too. answer all of my questionsand treat my little Coco very well! thanks again =)"
- Susan Potter
02/08/2018 19:00:55
"You guys are the best!!"
- Rene Bogue
02/01/2018 02:58:31
"The staff is always welcoming and professional. We especially appreciate all the time that Dr. Dax takes answering all of our questions."
- Steve Avery
01/28/2018 17:49:25
"I love this place. Everyone I've interacted with is so caring, easy to talk to, and competent. Gold star! :)"
- Heather Marsh
01/26/2018 19:00:33
"I always trust you’ll make my Hobo Kitty well. I wouldn’t take him anywhere else. Thanks for being AWESOME!! 😊"
- Becky Pengraph
01/24/2018 02:07:42
"We feel really welcome at the clinic, and especially love Hannah:)"
- Steve Hess
01/22/2018 14:45:24
"Wonderful experience. Dr. Jarret was great and very informative. The front desk staff was also great to deal with."
- Laurie Ritson
01/19/2018 04:22:56
"Dax and Jarret are amazing vets who put your pets health first. We love working with these two and the office as a whole. "
- Misunderstood Mutts Rescue
01/17/2018 15:10:05
"Excellent service from beginning to end!! I'm more than please with the care and attention my cat received. And very happy the process was affordable."
- Ronda Yates
01/16/2018 18:49:53
"We appreciate everyone’s kind and profession demener. Thank you for also valuing Our treatment plan, even if does not include surgery."
- Michelle Murphy
01/14/2018 17:18:16
"We just love Birch Street Animal Clinic and Dr. Dax! Very loving and knowledgeable but practical and down to earth. They give wonderful care, sound advice and our dogs love them!"
- Lori Gayhart-Spurgeon
01/12/2018 22:20:27
"We love that our pups are well cared for at Birch Street. We wouldn't trust anyone else!"
- Corina Kanen
01/11/2018 05:01:51
"I have always been very satisfied with my visits at Birch St. I am a pretty fussy dog owner and i am comfortable having them taken care of there"
- Carol Jean Pare'
01/06/2018 17:37:47
"Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and willing to answer questions. I felt comfortable leaving my cat in your hands. I like the hominess of having pets in the office. Overall, a good experience."
- Diane Dillavou
01/05/2018 19:50:16
"Sophie was very well taken care of at her last visit for a black widow spider bite. The Dr. took a lot of time with us and gave me a lot of information about spider bites. He was very re-assuring & caring, and did not order a lot of unnecessary tests and lab work. I always appreciate the special time and care given when we are at your clinic."
- Sandy Price
12/30/2017 21:19:54
"I really appreciated how friendly and kind everyone was. We felt very welcome and I felt confident that all the employees that worked with us were interested and kind to my sick rat, thank you very much. Doctor wasn't very knowledgeable on rats (he was honest about that, and it was super appreciated), but she got the treatment she needed and that's what I cared the most about."
- Drusella Lane
12/30/2017 03:32:34
"We love everyone at Birch Street and so do our animals. Thanks for treating us like family! "
- Kate Bates
12/21/2017 17:29:39
"By far the best clinic I've ever taken my dogs to. It's a noticeable difference in experience taking your furry family member to a place that has people who are not only passionate about what they do but who are obviously passionate about the welfare of their patients."
- Michelle Moore
12/19/2017 21:35:25
"You guys are great! Always friendly and helpful in all my animal needs. Would not go anywhere else! Thank you for the way you take careof my fur babies and me!"
- Jan Tatom
12/16/2017 01:20:07
"I can't say enough about them and how wonderful they are and how well they treat you and answer your questions...love them all!"
- Maggie Kuchenski
12/10/2017 22:48:35
"Thank you for all you did to make loosing our dog Bear easier for him and us. We won't go anywhere else!"
- Jan Mantei
12/03/2017 18:27:49
"The customer service from the staff is always excellent; polite, friendly, and efficient."
- Bob Burns
12/01/2017 16:22:22
"You guys are always so friendly and helpful!! You don't have to change a thing...well except maybe a bit more help! You guys are getting busier and busier! But really, keep up the good work!"
- Paula Hotaling
11/28/2017 21:11:28
"Kodak was treated wonderful. His neuter was a quick and painless procedure for him and he didn't seem like he was even bothered by it. We were treated with great care and even received a nice follow-up phone call from Patricia today to check in on Kodak. Thank you!"
- Jamie Netter
11/28/2017 01:29:45
"Your staff are some of the most knowledgeable people I know!! You are also caring and compassionate. Deacon and I are lucky to have you all!! "
- Elie Enderle
11/21/2017 17:52:57
"Thank you for taking such good care of lady and answering all my questions "
- Lisa Barnett
11/19/2017 19:29:40
"Great service, don’t change a thing!"
- Suzie Larson
11/18/2017 23:28:19
"We brought Ginger in urgently as we thought she had had a seizure or stroke as soon as the clinic opened on Saturday. I felt we had outstanding care and compassion for our dog we love. I don’t think the clinic could have done anything differently the whole staff showed professionalism and compassion towards us and our pet. Dr Dax is the best. Thank You Birch Street Clinic for helping us with our beloved Ginger home. "
- Timothy Faist
11/12/2017 20:46:58
"I was pleased with your pragmatic and practical approach to palliative care for an old dog."
- Andrew Margeson
11/07/2017 20:09:40
"My visit was exceptional. All my questions were answered and I had a lot of them. The entire staff was friendly and very informative."
- Brenda Blair
11/05/2017 21:59:07
"You are all AWESOME!"
- Jan Curtis
11/04/2017 12:36:43
" The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I am grateful for getting a same day appt. The vet tech. (I forgot her name) was esp. great in cleaning and treating my dog’s infected, stinky ears. Dr. Dax is amazing in his wealth of knowledge and ability to relay his findings in a way that non-medical people can understand. All of the staff put my dog at ease in a way no other vet has done.....that says a lot! Thank you!"
- Lisa Schnorenbergh
10/30/2017 03:04:48
"I’ve been to many different vets and this one is by far the best. You guys are nice, knowledgeable and are a great value!"
- Chris Carey
10/29/2017 15:23:04
"Everything was very good. Staff all professional and seemed to really care about Sushi. Your prices were very good as well. Thank you for your fine care for our pet. "
- Melissa Ornduff
10/23/2017 20:45:20
"Everybody was very pleasant and kind to deal with. Mac and I had no waiting. Her exam went well. Her doctor was very caring and understanding. He explained diagnosis very well. "
- Lori Harlan
10/20/2017 16:46:12
"I love this place! A whole bunch of common sense and the best bed side manner that I’ve seen at any vet. "
- Laura Miller
10/18/2017 23:26:28
"I felt very comfortable for my first visit to the vet. I am hoping the plan of action for my senior dog works and that he will be around a long time. The vet was comfortable to be around although with my old brain sometime he talked too fast for me to catch everything. He was nice, and the office staff was wonderful. "
- Toni Bowes
10/17/2017 14:44:06
"Great! Everyone is very nice and helpful. Very thorough. And y'all seem to love my pets as much as I do! 😊"
- Kelsey Short
10/08/2017 18:56:29
"We no longer live in Canby but continue the extra drive to bring our two cats to you for their needs. We talk about changing to a closer vet but wonder whether their care would be as good."
- David Lebakken
10/07/2017 17:07:54
"Thanks for taking so much time with us, Dr. Jarret! We really appreciated your patience with all of our questions (as new dog owners). We're thankful to have found such a great vet in Canby."
- Lindsay Steinke
10/02/2017 00:23:09
"From start to finish the whole experience with Sweet Pea's first dental appointment was fantastic. As a concerned puppy mom I was a bit nervous but all of the staff made me feel so comfortable and I could tell they really love dogs. And now- my dog's teeth have never been so white! And I can tell she feels so much better. You guys are AMAZING!"
- Carrie Cryder
09/27/2017 14:31:50
"You take time to get to know the patient and their person and I believe you saved Fifis life. "
- Sally Frese
09/21/2017 12:59:13
"We love, love, love all of the staff at The Birch Street Clinic. Amazing vets that genuinely care about our animals. Keep up the great work!"
- Shelly Morris
09/15/2017 21:46:32
"Birch Street Animal Clinic is like "family" to us!"
- Stephanie Frye
09/15/2017 20:07:58
"I've never had a bad experience with the care or personnel at Birch Street Animal Clinic and my current dog is a pill. "
- Linda Cheyne
09/09/2017 04:13:24
"Jesse and I were very welcomed into your practice, and all of my questions about my new puppy were answered. Unlike my previous puppy visit at another clinic, Dr Jarrett had time to answer my questions and tell me what to expect with a new puppy. Very satisfied. "
- Karen Sky
09/08/2017 17:15:16
"This is the best vet clinic I've ever used. My dogs are special to them. And when I watch the staff with others' animals they are all special to them. Dr Dod diagnosed my JRT and literally saved her life after I'd tried 4 other doctors. I'm so grateful to them that I cannot find the words to explain well. They're cheerful, personable, helpful, and the most competent group I know of for animal care. "
- Burr Robson
09/06/2017 21:55:08
"Great visit. Doctor listened and explained our options. Didn't push an overwhelming treatment plan. Thank you! "
- Marianne Taylor
09/03/2017 13:50:22
"You guys are totally awesome!"
- Scott Jensen
09/01/2017 00:28:09
"GREAT!!! We love our new vet, Dr. Dax!!! The dogs also don't seem to be as nervous/anxious as they were when taken to our previous vet office."
- Sandy Mendonca
08/28/2017 16:29:21
"Very friendly, helpful, and affordable! "
- Brittany Orick
08/27/2017 20:38:21
"You know I love you guys. My only regret is telling people about you so now it isn't as easy to get an appointment. However, I know that if I had an emergency your staff would get me in, so no problem. "
- Vicki Anselmi
08/26/2017 23:56:01
"All the staff are wonderful, fancy is doing well. Dr.Dax is, as always, kind and knowledgeable. I love a vet willing to share what they know and care about our family as a whole. Happy to be apart of the Birch street clinic family !"
- Deanna Anderson
08/21/2017 14:55:10
"I love the staff there! They are very knowledgeable and friendly! "
- Chantell Sisco
08/20/2017 19:35:32
"Very caring place. Really love the animals. "
- Jan MacDonald
08/19/2017 18:09:05
"You provide amazing care. Everyone is so happy, kind and helpful. This is why I drive 45 minutes just to have my animals taken care of by you."
- Kori Muth
08/15/2017 20:55:42
"Gizzy was very anxious during her visit; Dr. Dax did a great job, as did the tech who was helping also. See you next time!!!"
- Linda Schwerzler
08/09/2017 19:10:38
"I had to leave my cat all day due to a full schedule and that was the hardest part for me knowing he was in cage all day. All went well and wasnt as bad as it could of been, so very grateful. Everyone was great to deal with and handled us with care. Looking forward to future business."
- Jennifer Knight
08/06/2017 10:21:28
"I DRIVE 30+ MINUTES EACH WAY TO TAKE MY CHIHUAHUA TO BE CARED FOR BY THESE LOVELY PEOPLE. Cindy at the front desk is such a wonderful addition to an already amazing team! Both Dr.'s are kind and thoughtful while still being proactive about my pet's health. The front desk/tech team is THE BEST and have always given us the best care, at the lowest cost. "
- Amy Edwards
07/30/2017 16:31:26
"There is no bad! If anything you all are loved so much sometimes it's hard to get in sooner than later. Which is not a bad thing, just means I'm selfish.. ♡"
- Patty Finch
07/29/2017 13:29:58
"You saved Buddy's life! Literally. Your care and concern for Bud, along with delving more deeply into how to save him even as we stood there, were phenomenal. I can't thank you enough. The entire staff was excellent."
- Rene Bogue
07/19/2017 08:00:39
"Your clinic is and will always be the only place we take our furry children! Thank you for all that you do."
- Anna Lightfoot
07/11/2017 14:20:13
"I love you guys and wont take my pet anywhere else."
- Susan Seiger
07/11/2017 13:34:39
"The care we get from the Drs is amazing. I have been bringing in my dogs for several years and no matter what is going on they solve the problem. I give them 5 star rating! Michele McCormick"
- Michele McCormick
07/10/2017 13:50:31
"You guys are Amazing! I wouldn't go anywhere else. Best of all, Zoey Loves going to visit your office."
- Karen Snyder
07/07/2017 14:00:09
"Everyone is super friendly and my dog has never been so calm!!"
- James Serlin
07/02/2017 10:53:09
"It is important to trust someone with the lives of our fur babies. We trust you all totally. The only problem is that you've become so popular, as well you should be, I have to wait a bit to get an appointment!! Love you all."
- Carl Holmes
07/01/2017 08:02:40
"I have been to several vets over the years and so far my experience with you guys is the best. You not only care deeply for our loved ones, but you make it affordable for us to care them as well. Thank you"
- Sharlene Webb
06/30/2017 20:20:09
"From the moment we walked in we felt so welcomed and cared for! I absolutely love that I found this facility. They got me in so quickly for an issue I was having with my pup and their prices are incredibly reasonable. I love you guys already!!!"
- Kelly Mansfield
06/11/2017 15:01:40
"I feel like I have been going there for years. Dax is awesome. He considers the financial side of pet care and always gives more then one option and let's me make the decision. He never makes me feel guilty about my choice. They send me reminders not only for appointments but also for when it's time for flea treatments. The staff is usually friendly and remembers my name. I won't ever go anywhere else. "
- Launa Adams
06/10/2017 13:42:04
"The wait times have increased, appointment availability has decreased but those are things to be expected with a successful practice. I am very happy with the care that my pet receives and will continue to be a loyal customer :)"
- Cara Hawkins
06/06/2017 08:14:38
"Entire staff is above and beyond amazing! Everyone stepped up in a really stressful situation and didn't give up. Love Birch Street! "
- Angela Hawes
06/04/2017 23:21:44
"Absolutely loved the staff! All so friendly and kind! Not only did they take amazing care of my dog but they also cared enough to offer colors and stuff to my toddler to help keep her busy! Love doc there very knowledgeable, kind and gentle... didn't try and sell me unnecessary things. Will definitely be going back and recommending them to all of my pet friends! "
- Chantell Sisco
05/22/2017 11:29:08
"Great job explaining things love the doc and everyone so nice 😊"
- Jayne Kirk
05/20/2017 14:30:42
"Every experience I have ever had with Birch street animal clinic has been wonderful. You are always so welcoming and informative! Thank you for being such an awesome team and loving our animals!"
- Betty Hodges
05/18/2017 15:59:00
"Birch Street Animal Clinic is by far the best vet we've ever been too. They're extremely friendly and knowledgeable. On our last visit, they were more than accommodating and didn't pass any judgement based on the situation. We live in Oregon city so it's a little bit of a drive but it's worth it!! "
- Brooke Baker
05/17/2017 23:16:31
"My visit was wonderful. Doctor listened to me and the history of the problem, he explained all the options and why he chose the course of action. He told me what to expect with the treatment and when to call the office if things weren't improving. Very thorough!"
- Sharon Madden
05/13/2017 16:14:48
"Chloe has severe allergies and this is the first vet that has tried every possible solution for her so I could take her off steroids. She is doing great on this new shot and I am so happy with the results so far. I couldn't be happier with all the dedication of this office"
- Michelle Buche
05/13/2017 12:31:52
"The staff was great! Bailey was well taken care of, I felt as if I walked away with a lot more knowledge than I would have any where else. Very appreciative of the fact that their not out there to just take my money and make me pay a bunch for random medicines or food. I got great advice on supplements to add to my dogs food to help her, instead of being told I need to buy the most expensive stuff! I had to take Bailey to a different vet clinic when she was stung by a bunch of bees and the difference in the two clinics is amazing. I felt so much better with just a phone call to Birch, all of my questions were answered, they took their time to help me and help me understand everything I needed. I will definitely continue coming here. Thank you !"
- Savannah VanBuskirk
05/08/2017 10:57:41
- Maggie Kuchenski
04/30/2017 20:17:57
"We were taken in on time for our appointment. The Vet Techs were very caring and professional. They even gave us some information on our Pomeranians and a contact for a groomer/breeder. Our pets test results were called to us right away. Thank you, Birch Street for your excellent, compassionate care!!"
- Steve Avery
04/30/2017 15:43:58
"I appreciate the great care I have received from your establishment for all my kitties. I've tried other vets in the area and found none so caring and helpful."
- Laurie Pedersen
04/14/2017 08:11:43
"Our experience at your clinic with Tess's spay was effortless and very good, as well as reasonably priced. The gals up front were very nice as well as professional. Thank you for taking good care of my Tess and look forward to you meeting my other pup Mick for his neuter very soon :)"
- Laurie Zeise
04/12/2017 13:06:57
"I was very impressed with ALL of the staff. From start to finish everyone seemed very invested with my dogs wellbeing and making sure I understood my options. I didn't feel forced into doing anything that wasn't necessary and left with a clear understanding of what needed to be fine and a plan of action for the future care of my dog. "
- Tyger Packard
04/09/2017 15:59:05
"I have never had this kind of caring attention given to my babies. What a great team you have!"
- Michelle Ellis
04/06/2017 20:58:26
"Your vets and team are the best. Always take the time to listen and I never feel rushed. Won't take my fur kids anywhere else."
- Pat Brister
03/22/2017 21:27:18
"Remembering names is always nice. I love how you guys call my dog and I by name! I don't care as much about mine as I do my friendly baby's. It makes me happy to know you care enough to remember my puppy's name :) Overall every single one of you has been so nice. I'm in there more then I'd like to be with my baby's issues so it's great being somewhere so welcoming. Thank you!"
- Joyelle Zauner
03/20/2017 11:18:07
"We had a most excellent experience. Very friendly and caring. We don't live in Canby...but we will never leave Birch Street Clinic"
- Sandra Blea
03/18/2017 10:11:03
"The best service ever!!"
- Damon Marsh
03/17/2017 11:46:01
"I love Birch Street. I've used them since LONG before Dr Dax and Dr Jarrett bought the clinic. They've always been very thorough and mindful of budget restrictions while recommending what's best for the pet. "
- Mark Odell
03/15/2017 08:47:53
"Great experience! Dr Dax and staff are knowledgeable and informative and seem to genuinely care about the animals and their humans! I just can't say enough good things about them!"
- Jazz Fish
03/01/2017 02:24:18
"We've had no problems at all. We appreciated that staff and doctor worked us into a very busy schedule to meet our need to attend a grandchild's basketball game in Salem. We've always felt doctor and staff are the best! We appreciate your care for Joey and we look forward to our appointments - not something we've always done elsewhere in the past. Thanks for being there for us!"
- Adrienne Stamback
02/26/2017 23:24:11
"I love the staff of Birch Street. I know my pets are getting the best care and I really appreciate that the very reasonable prices."
- Hellen Safronchik
02/22/2017 11:21:16
"Best care I could have ever wanted for my dogs. They are my family & so is Birch Street Animal Vets."
- Karen Snyder
02/18/2017 15:23:55
"I really like your office and staff, I have been taking my cats there for years. Very caring and professional treatment. Friendly family atmosphere. "
- Nick Kaiser
02/14/2017 09:33:06
"Nothing negative to say here - the Avery zoo of 3 cats and 4 dogs loves all you guys!"
- Linda Avery
02/12/2017 14:00:59
"I like that the staff was friendly and knowlegble. It feels like home when i'm there. It's a warm friendly environment."
- Carie Smidt
02/11/2017 11:33:02