"I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for my Louie and he always comes home from boarding so happy! Love everyone at Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett and thank you for loving Louie!"
- Mindy Nix
04/16/2020 12:08:03
"You were courteous, as usual. The order & payment was handled by phone easily. And you prompt in bringing out the order when I arrived. Thank you."
- Annetta Curtis
04/16/2020 02:02:56
"Nothing bad, I’ve always received prompt medical services for my cat. Very pleased and people take good care of my animal. "
- Daniel Waycaster
04/14/2020 21:32:17
"I was very impressed that the vet that saw Daisy didn't jump right to Xrays and expensive options, he suggested a small treatment option, see how she does and then go from there. It felt like he was caring not only for my dog, but for me as the pet owner and not trying to be excessive in treatment plans/options. So glad I made the change to this practice!"
- Cassandra Callan
04/14/2020 20:04:22
"Because of the special circumstances due to Covid 19, I could not go in with my dog. Am employee came to the car to get my Boston Terrier to take her in. Then, the vet came out to talk to me about my dog’s check up and shots. My dog was brought back out and was very calm. I was so pleased with how smoothly and professionally everything was handled."
- Lea Johnson
04/13/2020 02:49:13
"Great job getting help for my dog and social distancing. Thank you for being there."
- Wantha Johnston
04/13/2020 02:35:35
"Thanks for taking care of our Cassie during this pandemic. You are always available and kind to us and especially our Cassie. "
- Rodney Garcia
04/12/2020 20:02:03
"Always so very kind and helpful. "
- Pam & Ted Roof
04/12/2020 19:26:09
"I've been coming here since Jade was 3 months old and now she's almost 12. Love both of the doctors here and I get amazing service when I come. My old neighbor actually told me about ya'll and I have love coming to ya'll. I may live 50 minutes away instead of 5 , but ya'll are worth the drive. "
- Elizabeth Goff
04/12/2020 00:39:16
"The staff is incredibly kind. Dr. Crosset is not only caring, he is a skilled surgeon!!! I know our dog will be cared for with the same love we give him at home. During this Covid crisis the staff provided curbside service, wore masks, kept their distance, handled all the paperwork business over the phone and STILL the experience felt personable. It is evident they are taking every step neccessary to provide care for animals and do their part to adibe by the government guidelines to keep everyone safe."
- Amy Edwards
04/11/2020 21:35:29
"Very good "
- Larry Hudson
04/11/2020 17:17:00
"So grateful for Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett to be there in our time of need! Their staff is always friendly and takes the most amazing care of our pets!"
- Amy Degoey
04/11/2020 16:05:01
"Always a wonderful experience. "
- Frank Stubits
04/11/2020 03:34:23
"Your guarded use for people in this time of crisis was impressive "
- Deann Seeley
04/10/2020 21:34:50
"Always so friendly and easily accessible. We were so nervous having to just drop off our fur baby and not being able to go in with him. You made it so easy and he went in all by himself with ease. That helped us as fur parents to stay calm and trust that he was taken care of. "
- Kaylee Lusk
04/10/2020 16:21:02
"No complaints at all, I have been taking my pets here for many years and don't plain on changing. "
- Tina Collyer
04/10/2020 01:57:18
"I am always pleased with all the staff at AHNG. I have gone there for years and, considering how I love my pets, they must give the best treatment I could ask for. My last visit was so different than ever before. Even during the terrible pandemic the world is going through, the doctors and staff were no less than fantastic! We were there, treated and checked a couple of things and were gone in less than 1/2 hour. GREAT SERVICE for my little Fateema!!"
- Nell Ogles
04/09/2020 21:06:10
"We had a sick puppy and needed care that day! Thank you so much for getting our baby in to see the Doc. You also had a good system in place during this virus out break."
- Christina Black
04/09/2020 19:08:17
"First visit was great, informative and helped us a lot. Laney got up and walked around after taking the prednisone 2 x. "
- Amy Pugh
04/09/2020 14:20:23
"Always friendly, always caring, always great care of fur babies and owners. Highly Recommend"
- Glynis Bowes
04/09/2020 13:00:49
"My little dog is a rescue and is absolutely terrified of strangers due to her past life, causing her to come across as a mean dog. The kind folks at Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett always handle such a vicious-seeming dog with patience and kindness!"
- Wendy Stephens
04/09/2020 01:25:19
"So happy you all are open during this health emergency and you were able to see our new kitty without giving you much notice. She got her shot and she is almost back to new!"
- Pam Dimaio
04/09/2020 00:35:04
- Kim Lawrence
04/09/2020 00:29:52
"We have been going to Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett for over ten years now and the staff have been the best you could ask for. They truly care for you pet . They are caring and at the same time very professional. We would not go any where else."
- Joyce Bearden
04/08/2020 22:20:13
"I LOVE you guys! I refer you and speak highly of you whenever the occasion to do so arises."
- Yvonne Ostyn
04/08/2020 21:25:53
"I love the staff at the animal hospital They all are sweet and Oscar loves to see them"
- James Thompson
04/08/2020 21:23:47
"The entire team of North Gwinnett Animal Hospital are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I really appreciate your creativity in continuing to meet the needs of our pets during this unique season."
- Susan Carter
04/08/2020 21:12:37
"Thank you for keeping your services available. "
- Chris Clark
04/08/2020 20:46:06
"Everyone at Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett has always been professional and caring to me and especially Lucy each time I have taken Lucy in! No complaints whatsoever!"
- Sellers Carmack
04/08/2020 20:44:56
"I have no complaints! Every trip is always quick and efficient and everyone is always very sweet to my dog who is a little nervous, which I appreciate. "
- Victoria Cecil
03/29/2020 00:24:17
"Very nice. Meds were ready and waiting. Thanks"
- Mindy Morris
03/28/2020 19:21:42
"I know Reese is in excellent hands with Dr Jeff and his staff!"
- Amy Pace
03/27/2020 22:49:26
"Everyone was very helpful."
- Marie Crocker
03/26/2020 02:02:33
"Everything is good"
- Elaine Kelley
03/18/2020 19:41:54
"I love bringing my pet here. The staff and Drs are always very nice and professional."
- Sean Sullivan
03/18/2020 13:11:37
"We love coming to the vet! Both my dog and cat have great experiences every time they come. Friendly staff and doctors that make the vet experience much easier. Products and services offered and not over-priced. "
- Lyndsey Gibson
03/16/2020 19:22:06
"Customer srv is excellent, I can tell that this team knows my pups and cares about my pups. Even though I have moved 45 min away from AHNG, I will continue to bring to this place because I don’t play with the health and well being of my fur babies and feel most comfortable bringing them here for their healthcare. "
- Tracey McDougal
03/16/2020 19:02:38
"We have always had good care bringing our kitties to Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett. Thanks for all you do!"
- Deborah Rasa
03/16/2020 18:51:50
"Always appreciate the vets and staff. "
- Charles Jeferson Spraggins
03/13/2020 17:38:40
"Everything was great! It always is perfect. "
- Susan Richardson
03/13/2020 03:31:55
"Flower's Doctor is excellent and very caring and concerned (also very friendly). Of course he also possesses a lot of expertise. We are lucky to have him caring for Flower, as he has done, for quite a while now. The rest of the staff, nurses and office personnel are also very helpful. It is an excellent staff."
- George Schwartz
03/12/2020 23:26:04
"Just keep on doing what you are doing now you are polite ,courteous and friendly. You can not get better than that so I hope all of you have a super day."
- Mary Emch
03/12/2020 23:18:52
"The staff was super kind to me and my dog! They went above and beyond the service they were providing. I left feeling very good!"
- Debbie Poitevint
03/12/2020 23:11:19
"Outstanding service s always. "
- Mike VanWie
03/10/2020 06:17:22
"Best animal care I have ever experienced! I would recommend you all to anyone! Thank you for all you do for our pet and us!"
- Thomas Lingerfelt
03/06/2020 20:07:55
"Vanessa has ALWAYS been treated with love, compassion and very sweet techs."
- Ellie Giesen
03/03/2020 16:25:09
- Charlotte Trawick
03/02/2020 00:00:00
"The care provided for my pets has always been excellent."
- John Burthus
03/01/2020 21:33:22
"Love your techs - since they spend the most time with the pets. "
- Beth Vaughan
02/29/2020 01:24:31
"We see the care and love all of you have for the pets. They are a family member and we feel safe to bring our Mikio to your office "
- Verona Wilson
02/28/2020 20:28:07
"Over the years as a client since 2003, The staff and doctors at AHNG are very knowledgeable. They basically helped me keep my first dog ‘Murphy’ happy and healthy for 14 years of his 16 year life span. My pet is my family. Being greeted by a helpful staff member at an animal clinic is very reassuring. AHNG seems to be aware and ready to handle any situation my pet gets into. I like receiving my subtle reminders to keep me informed of what is best for my little Fiona girl. She is skittish of office visits but she warms up easily by the gentle approach of each of the staff members. I would recommend this office to anyone who is searching for an animal clinic with caring Doctors in a safe and honest environment. "
- Cheryl Phillips
02/28/2020 02:06:33
"Always great service and so good to Lilly"
- Barry Pullen
02/27/2020 19:14:41
"Friendly and caring staff. They take the time to answer all my questions. "
- Cindy Beaulieu
02/26/2020 12:34:14
"I have used this clinic for ours animals for over 15 yrs. we board our dogs numerous times a year. They are very reliable & caring. I never worry even if we are out of the country."
- Martha Jung
02/25/2020 21:59:33
"Doing a great job. "
- Leslie Shaw
02/25/2020 18:33:35
"I love everything about AHNG. The care that you have provided to my dogs over the past 20 years is first rate. You consider what is best for the dog, while also considering my wallet. The Office Staff and Technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. If I could think of something bad, I would let you know. But my experience with AHNG continues to be awesome."
- Susan Hitchcock
02/25/2020 13:55:47
"It's all good"
- Gina Patrick
02/24/2020 12:07:55
"They have always been attentive to my and my fur babies’ needs. Trustworthy and like family."
- April Turner
02/23/2020 21:30:52
"Dr. Crossett is wonderful, he fully explained my dog’s condition to me."
- Jessica Moon
02/22/2020 19:08:45
"Great folks to deal with. Been using them for probably 17 yrs."
- Cecil Gregory
02/21/2020 21:01:58
"I feel comfortable taking my animal to AHNG. I feel that they get great care "
- Linda Brown
02/20/2020 23:19:38
"I know of any bad. I explicitly trust the doctors. The girls up front and the vet techs are all so friendly and helpful. They all seem to really live animals "
- Joy Bruce
02/20/2020 22:33:28
"Never had a bad experience there. Everyone there is caring. "
- Sharon Mokris
02/20/2020 19:52:28
"I had an excellent experience I think the team of employees are doing a great job"
- Sonya Jackson
02/19/2020 22:51:17
"Mollie always gets loving care when she visits AHNG!"
- Carol Kilroy
02/19/2020 00:17:50
"The staff is great and all treat customers in a friendly professional manner"
- Mary Harter
02/18/2020 22:53:18
"I am very thankful with all the staff! My dog is very nervous and gets very anxious, I feel that here she is understood and treat her the best you all can. Especial thanks to Lisa from the Grooming depart that has the patience to work with my dog. "
- Carolina Garcia
02/18/2020 22:27:32
"Appreciate you all being able to fit Mackie in for an "emergency" appointment."
- Jennifer Brady
02/18/2020 19:27:24
"Ladies up front all very nice and personable. Tech and Jeff great. I am very pleased with the atmosphere and service. "
- Crissie Gravitt
02/18/2020 14:50:16
"Appointment was right on time. No complaints. "
- Lisa & Kevin Parnell
02/14/2020 22:17:59
"Doing a great with our cats. Very professional and loving approach to your work. Very detailed in your explanation(s) of the findings, etc. I have no complaints."
- Dennis Buell
02/12/2020 22:41:43
"I think you guys are great( even if you are Auburn graduates). I went to another Vet for a while when I kept Leopard Geckos and needed a Reptile Vet. After a coupla yrs. I came back to you. I prefer the expertise and sensitivity you show my dogs. To the person, everyone of your staff is nice and professional. I have had dogs (and taking them to Vet.s ) for 35 yrs. You are the best. "
- Michelle Martin
02/12/2020 20:04:24
"Great service from all!"
- Brian Brand
02/12/2020 19:13:18
"Everything was great! Got them in and out quickly and addressed the procedure for Bella "
- Tracy Hayes
01/27/2020 00:15:05
"Same day appointment and in and out very quickly. "
- Stephanie Garrett
01/25/2020 15:57:04
"Our Pets have become part of a Great Family like you that we can trust to take care of our fur babies!"
- Monica Wilson
01/22/2020 15:46:13
"Staff is always friendly, professional, helpful."
- Cheri May
01/21/2020 20:18:05
"The staff provide warm, friendly and courteous service. My pets are well cared for and I am absolutely confident of their expertise."
- Sandra Peterson
01/21/2020 03:15:38
"very professional"
- Gary Crawford
01/17/2020 20:10:10
"No bad, just good. All of the employees are friendly and make me and my dogs feel good about being there. "
- Bill Cox
01/17/2020 19:19:42
"Excellent, attentive care from veterinarians and a helpful, friendly, experienced staff. Knowledge and skill combined with superb attitude and compassion. "
- Laura Majeske
01/17/2020 16:48:35
"You have a very caring staff! Very polite and understanding! "
- Stacey Purser
01/16/2020 21:48:12
"We always have a good experience when we bring our fur babies "
- Cay Davis
01/16/2020 13:13:53
"We love you guys! no complaints at all!"
- Starla Abernathy
01/15/2020 20:40:01
"I LOVE this animal hospital. The front office staff are as much a part of why as the actual vets and vet techs are. I am always comfortable when I come in as well as when I am calling in for questions. I would have never trusted anyone else to come to my house when I had to put my dog, Casper, down this summer than your office. Thank you for your hard work and compassion!"
- Donna Duceatt
01/15/2020 18:36:33
"I love that I never have to wait! You are always on time with appointments and that makes it easy to care for my pup with a busy schedule!"
- Kerstin Houbrick
01/15/2020 18:21:12
"Very professional and caring"
- Jeff Perkins
01/12/2020 01:03:04
"All good, everybody there is caring, friendly, and accommodating. I’m always met with a smile. They treat my dogs like they are theirs. Very happy with this vet practice."
- Lorri Denman
01/10/2020 23:40:33
"China is 10 yrs old bein taking her there ever since.I wouldn't take her anywhere else."
- Lillian Oliver
01/10/2020 22:52:43
"Great "
- Francis Keck
01/08/2020 11:13:35
"He gets excellent care and we always find solutions to whatever problem he has."
- Bud Amerson
01/07/2020 21:20:23
"Boarding the dogs, but never had a bad experience."
- Matt Russell
01/06/2020 20:38:43
"Overall the service is great. Thank you."
- Kirk Whitworth
01/04/2020 14:30:49
"Rocky gets so nervous when we visit but you guys are so patient with him. We are always seen quickly with very little waiting."
- Lynn Loo
01/03/2020 21:22:29
"A great visit as always."
- Vivian McLemore
01/03/2020 19:36:12
"The girls in the office are always happy to see swiper. She just needed a nail trim this visit so it was a quick visit for her. We got in and out fast. "
- Jessica Houpt
12/26/2019 12:54:18
"Always great service and love the staff "
- Wendy Frank
12/21/2019 20:53:05
"Everybody is very caring & wants what’s best for all pets. They go out of their way to make sure everything is taken care of "
- Betty Price
12/21/2019 17:14:17
"My experience was excellent as always. Vet was professional and carefully explained Cuddles problem."
- Jerry Parks
12/21/2019 15:43:21
"Absolutely love this office.... Dr Crossett is the best and he has a wonderful staff"
- Carmen Smith
12/21/2019 02:38:06