"Everyone is friendly and seems genuinely interested in our family and in Reese. "
- Amy Pace
06/25/2018 00:14:31
"Front desk and clinical staff very helpful, friendly, and efficient. "
- Darcy Morgan
06/24/2018 21:00:28
"Our experience was top notch. Every single employee was very very kind and friendly. I can tell everyone genuinely loves both animals and people! We are so glad we decided to use you guys for our vet office!!!"
- Melanie Day
06/24/2018 18:48:40
"The doctors are great and so is the staff. Well worth the drive from Stone Mountain. "
- Steve Fleeman
06/23/2018 00:48:05
"Doing a great job! "
- Judi Gritz
06/22/2018 19:03:04
"Keep up the good work!"
- Michael Sink
06/21/2018 18:51:01
"Have been patients since 2012! The veterinarians and clinicians are very loving and care about our pets."
- Jessica Moon
06/21/2018 18:36:52
"The lady who helped was gracious to answer some questions I had. I appreciate that."
- Lorry De La Croix
06/21/2018 18:03:35
"All is good"
- Duane Brayton-ARK
06/14/2018 15:50:32
"Y’all are great!!"
- Hope Schobak
06/14/2018 15:15:46
- Summer Pridemore
06/14/2018 02:22:21
"I have always had a good experience when I have used the clinic. The staff is friendly and helpful. "
- Victoria Bowman
06/13/2018 21:48:47
"Very pleased with your services for Oscar and Mayer."
- Kim Lawrence
06/11/2018 16:21:42
"Doing great. Always helpful and courteous. "
- Carol Kilroy
06/09/2018 12:53:20
"I've been very pleased with how you have treated our dog. I have no complaints. "
- Lauren Rowland
06/08/2018 18:46:02
"Animal Hospital of NGwinnett was excellent! Ashley answered all our questions regarding our new pup Zoey and Dr. Witt was Great! Cindy and Jody are terrific up front support! Would not bring our dogs anywhere else!!!"
- Joe Denk
06/08/2018 18:14:00
"I really appreciate the compassion from the doctor and staff. I felt they were genuinely concerned and that my sick doggie’s health and well-being were important to them."
- Nancy Hays
06/02/2018 03:52:43
"My little dog and I have had nothing but positive experiences with this vet . The staff is so nice and very attentive . I have a special needs pup and they are so sweet and professional with her . And they are completely affordable ! I'll be returning for all of my pets health care in the future :-) "
- Stephanie Rodriguez
06/01/2018 09:48:50
"Excellent as always!"
- Amie Sakmar
05/30/2018 20:36:55
"Very friendly and helpful staff."
- Tina Beggs
05/30/2018 05:23:42
"We have always had a good experience. Our animals get excellent care"
- Richard Donegan
05/27/2018 11:37:06
"I think you're doing great!!!"
- Dana Gile
05/25/2018 15:41:55
"Great job with excellent customer care at front desk!"
- Debbie Pierce
05/24/2018 04:09:36
"Great service and friendly employees."
- Sharon Hill
05/23/2018 20:37:10
"Upon entering the office I was greeted by staff. The subsequent interactions and observations of the office, the clients and overall feel was refreshing. It made me feel like I had been a client for years. "
- William Daniels
05/22/2018 20:51:03
"Friendly personal, expressing concern, very helpful!"
- Becky Cook
05/22/2018 20:42:20
"We always enjoy bringing Mocha and Robin in to see you. You all do a great job taking care of them. "
- Deborah Rasa
05/22/2018 14:56:08
"Love the entire staff and their love of animals "
- Gena Evon
05/18/2018 01:46:14
"Excellent service. The staff is so good with Fuzzy. He now loves coming he knows he's getting that good bath."
- Vivian Bell
05/17/2018 15:02:21
"Great, the staff has always been really nice and caring. Would recommend everyone for sure! "
- Nicholas Turner
05/13/2018 02:36:14
"London and I loves y’all. Thanks to the whole team for the great experience . "
- Maurice Poole
05/12/2018 20:26:06
"everybody is very caring & remembers owners & pets. "
- Betty Price
05/12/2018 14:52:59
"Love the staff and everyone explains what is going on when it comes to treatments "
- Wendy Frank
05/12/2018 12:57:43
"There is no bad. We love all of you! You are absolutely the best. "
- Diane Bumgarner
05/12/2018 02:32:58
"You guys are doing a great job!!!"
- Jenny Jenkins
05/10/2018 10:53:30
"Both Cooper and Charley have had great visits to both Dr. Wit and Dr. Crossitt, we love them too!"
- Trey Terry
05/08/2018 11:11:46
- Amanda Peyton
05/07/2018 13:45:50
"We have been coming for years and the staff are nothing but nice and professional. It is always a plesant experience when we visit! "
- Erin Raeford
05/05/2018 16:16:52
"Seem like everyone there are pet lovers and do a good job ."
- Patricia McNulty
05/04/2018 23:24:57
"As usual my pets always receive top notch care!"
- Rachel Green
05/04/2018 19:23:55
"You're doing GREAT! Sasha loves going there."
- Joseph Scales
04/29/2018 12:10:46
"I think you all were very efficient and thorough. I have no complaints."
- Kelly Rennagel
04/28/2018 18:47:42
"Great experience as usual. The Doctors and staff are so gentle and attention to our dog."
- Henry Slack
04/28/2018 17:19:43
"Care is very good. "
- Brian Dennis
04/28/2018 00:37:58
"From a day “at the spa” or when our pets are having a medical issue the entire staff always has their best interest at heart and it shows. These folks aren’t working here because it is what they do, it is because it is who they are as people "
- Stephanie Biggs
04/27/2018 00:05:29
"I was greeted by your professional staff and moved to a room. I did not have too long a wait in the room. The vet staff took good care of my dog and eased my mind with my concern for my pet. "
- Christena Fleeman
04/26/2018 21:37:14
"You guys are great... and always happy, which is huge. "
- MaryBeth Montini
04/24/2018 11:16:41
"Employees are warm and welcoming"
- Bonnie Noble
04/19/2018 19:36:05
"You're doing EXCELLENT!"
- Lori Bisges
04/19/2018 11:46:53
"Wonderful!! "
- Marjorie Stogner
04/18/2018 21:34:10
"AWESOME!!! Let me see how else I can say y'all are doing? Every time Maccie and I come in we are greeted with smiling faces and helpful, knowledgeable folks. Y'all are so caring and make Maccie feel comfortable and Mommy too. The facility is clean and bright. We will continue to come to Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett and continue to refer everyone. Thank you for everything, Maccie and Stevie Shannon-Casady"
- Stephanie Shannon-Casady
04/16/2018 02:12:53
"your staff is incredible!! always welcoming and very inviting, i adore them!!!!!!"
- Marina Martinez
04/16/2018 00:48:20
"I have nothing but praise for the good people at Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett. No matter what problem one of my fur babies has, you guys always help my pet and help me. I wouldn't go anyplace else! THANKS to all of you."
- Marianne Wall
04/15/2018 17:13:05
- Gloria Johnson
04/15/2018 05:15:00
"Great care and friendly staff."
- Jennifer Kuca
04/15/2018 02:31:47
"You’re doing great. Dr David is very compassionate and thorough."
- John Hutchinson
04/14/2018 02:57:18
"Always pay special attention to shadow. It makes it a pleasant experience for both shadow and I. "
- Donna DiGregorio
04/13/2018 10:41:56
"I cannot think of anything bad to say about your practice. The doctors and staff are excellent and very nice. The location is convenient and the fees are very reasonable. Thank you for taking care of our two dogs: Lakey, a Border Collie, and Murray, a Lab, as they enter their senior years."
- Terry Ellis
04/13/2018 06:17:16
"All good. "
- Joe Best
04/11/2018 20:45:15
"I brought my shih tzu in for grooming (the beginning of April) and Lisa did a really good job. The staff at Animal Hosp. of N. Gwinnett are always sweet and helpful. The vets are excellent. I am glad that I have brought my pets here in the past and I plan to continue to do so. "
- Kassy Kearney
04/11/2018 19:57:56
"We have used Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett for pet care & boarding for over 12 yrs. Excellent care."
- Martha Jung
04/11/2018 19:53:31
"Very satisfied with my two visits. Groomer was great "
- Rick Upton
04/11/2018 17:25:43
"Always a good experience "
- Kristin Rodriguez
04/05/2018 22:35:25
"I’ve been coming there for 18 years, everyone has always been very compitent, friendly, helpful and caring. They always treat my pets great. I never have to wait to go into an exam room. The extra parking is a great addition. I’ve never had a bad expierience. "
- Leslie Steinlage
04/03/2018 12:33:44
"The visit was quick, efficient, and very satisfactory. The staff knew exactly what they were doing."
- Rebekah Fisher
04/03/2018 12:16:07
"My dog Hank has been going to this office for a year now, and every time we are there we have a good experience. I would recommend them to anyone. "
- Dominica Bowen
04/03/2018 11:15:21
"I really appreciated that the pups were taken back promptly upon entering the building so that all the animals in the office could feel more comfortable "
- Ashleigh Sprouse
04/03/2018 10:44:58
"Very good job. I've been with you for over 10 years, Keep up the excellent work that you all do."
- Carol Bremer
04/03/2018 09:55:02
"It was our first visit taking our dog Layla. I felt comfortable from the time we walked in, until the time we left. Our dog has been feeling bad and I really appreciated the fact that Layla was worked in that same morning. I look forward to using you as our new veterinary doctor. Thank you!"
- Lisa Stanley
04/03/2018 06:19:19
"Everything was great! Everyone was very nice and professional. Great Job!!"
- Brian Greene
02/17/2018 17:58:42
"FANTASTIC. We appreciate how you care for our dog and make sure he is well. Thanks"
- Amy Edwards
02/17/2018 14:08:24
"Great from the front desk with smiles and professional service, I love the groomers, they ask the perfect questions to get the cut correct. Prices are very good, thank you for 10 years"
- Keith Booker
02/17/2018 13:54:00
"Very happy with your service! "
- Mary Starner
02/17/2018 00:11:00
"We have two cats and both have been patients here for years! We love the friendly service, excellent doctors and sincere care our pets receive at every visit. We would not think of going anywhere else! Thanks to all for your wonderful care ! "
- Steve Waters
02/13/2018 02:38:19
"I always have a great experience when I come in with my pet. Keep up the great work!"
- Crystal Blake
02/10/2018 21:02:30
"Y’all have been our vet office of choice through several pets. We always know our dogs and cats are well cared for when they are with y’all. Samson always likes to come to doggie spa for a bath or boarding. If pets like to visit, they must get good care."
- Melody Davis
02/10/2018 15:54:26
"Great job as always!"
- Tammy Swank
02/10/2018 02:18:35
"I love the staff and veterinary doctors. Everyone is always kind and helpful, all the ladies at in the front are wonderful and very friendly people! I would recommend this place and have to many!!"
- Barkley Geib
02/09/2018 17:19:19
"Always Great!"
- John Shaw
02/09/2018 02:31:06
"Great staff"
- Gerry Mattox
02/08/2018 20:15:12
"Custer is in good hands with this vet. "
- Joan Roberts
02/08/2018 15:28:03
"There's no better feeling than taking your furry babies to a place where they are treated with so much love and gentle kindness. When my kitty had a catatonic-like episode and seemed like she would not survive, the concern and care Dr. Crosset demonstrated will never be surpassed. Even if I happen to move out of the area, I will continue to bring my kitties to Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett."
- Jennifer Jones
02/08/2018 12:55:21
"I can tell the staff truly loves our pets. "
- David Fillingim
02/01/2018 11:59:27
"Great experience, as always! Izzy didn’t like the table, so Sam held her and talked to her so Dr. Crossett could administer her vaccines. It’s a streamlined process and is always a pleasant experience with the staff and doctors."
- Patti Turner
01/29/2018 15:42:42
- Myrtle Burris
01/29/2018 15:09:28
"I have had no bad experiences while coming here. The staff has always been friendly and the Doctors alway have been knowledgeable about my pets problems."
- Charlotte White
01/27/2018 12:31:17
"My dogs and I are always treated wonderfully by your staff. "
- Pam Jenkins
01/26/2018 00:53:41
"The staff is always very friendly and helpful. The doctors are very loving & caring with the animals."
- Joy Bruce
01/25/2018 01:34:54
"Our whole experience was excellent! "
- Stefanie Nicely Reeves-ARK
01/24/2018 03:24:48
"Love your doctors and all the staff! THX "
- John Burt
01/23/2018 14:46:30
"I think everyone is very polite and always willing to answer questions. When I call for meds for my dog, they have them ready that day! Love the staff"
- Laurie Rozar
01/21/2018 17:43:36
"I love the care that’s given to Baxter. He’s treated so sweetly and kindly. I appreciate being able to get in when he’s not feeling well and knowing he will get the best care."
- Vicki Calhoun
01/14/2018 12:24:15
" I think it’s great. You’re always very flexible with scheduling, even last minute issues. And there is without a doubt, a sense of true of caring about the animals."
- Jennifer Stafford
01/14/2018 10:45:39
"Ali and I both think the very highest of both your personnel and care !"
- Gary Crawford
01/10/2018 12:16:36
"Your staff is great!"
- Cheri May
01/09/2018 19:06:44
"Great experience on first visit ! My first puppy so I felt good after tech answering my questions!"
- Kathy Fulginiti
01/02/2018 20:18:13
"Good job, efficient and professional. "
- Charles Banks
01/02/2018 12:28:18
"We absolutely love our AHNG family! We always feel so welcomed, and we feel like our fur babies are loved so much! We wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Jessica Thompson
12/30/2017 14:33:49
"Great experience- everyone was helpful, very friendly and prompt!"
- Tami Owen
12/29/2017 18:57:44
"Our experience was great. We did not wait long and the staff was so friendly and kind to both me and my pet. "
- Melissa Dobbs
12/20/2017 15:39:50