"The vets and staff are great! We know we're going to get top quality care here for all our animals! "
- Theresa Neuman
10/25/2017 01:04:49
"Enjoyed our first visit. Very friendly and welcoming. Love the cat wandering about. Obvious to see who is really in charge!"
- Michael Gooding
10/17/2017 13:31:11
"Everyone was very nice and very kind with my dogs. You can tell that they love what they do. This was my first experience with Animal Hospital of N. Gwinnett and I am very pleased. "
- Toni Whiteside-ARK
10/12/2017 14:08:00
"Great service. Always a pleasant experience. Always recommend to all my pet lovingly friends "
- Carl Booth Jr
10/11/2017 21:35:54
"I always appreciate being able to get a same day appointment and being seen quickly."
- Melissa Copeland
10/07/2017 21:06:42
"Great staff, great service! Very quick and professional!! 5 stars all the way!! "
- Christopher Brown
10/07/2017 19:09:46
"Very friendly and helpful staff"
- Craig Gates
10/07/2017 17:10:10
"we are always satisfied with the service"
- Grace Sanders
10/06/2017 01:39:33
"Everyone is so friendly and caring and professional"
- Jeff Perkins
10/05/2017 16:42:53
"It’s obvious they all love animals!"
- Patricia McNulty
10/05/2017 14:44:57
"You're doing great! Wonderful staff answered all of our questions and made us feel right at home. "
- Geno Lipscome
10/02/2017 18:32:23
"I made my appt, showed up and they took me right in, they explained everything to me and also called to update on how my dog was doing. I couldntt ask for anything else, the service was right on and the price was great, im very happy with Dr and the staff Thank you"
- Regan Koploff
09/27/2017 17:22:48
"As always, courteous, caring, knowledgeable and efficient. Visiting this office is like visiting with family! "
- Rhonda Freeman
09/25/2017 12:50:53
"I called in the same day I needed an appointment and they worked me in. My dog was seen AT the appointment time! The Dr. spent a good 15-20 minutes answering all my questions. Great service and staff!"
- DJ Hardee
09/19/2017 17:09:02
"You folks have always provided us with excellent service for almost 20 years. Your doctors and staff are excellent and friendly. Your office is always very professional. We used your groomer for the first time this week. She did a great job with Misty, our long-haired Shih Tzu."
- Sue & John Fox
09/15/2017 20:30:55
"I am very pleased with the grooming of both of my dogs. I have no complaints at all :). Everyone I encountered were all very friendly and helpful."
- Mark Thompson
09/07/2017 20:56:55
"Everyone was happy and very outgoing!!!"
- Brad Sullivan
09/06/2017 00:56:51
"Had a great experience and Jackson did very well. I appreciate all of the staff."
- Tammy Harris
09/05/2017 20:43:02
"My husband took our dog Chomper in yesterday morning as a walk in and he only had great things to say about the visit. "
- Felicia Barrette
08/29/2017 16:17:45
"I love how quick appointments are when you call. All of the staff is friendly. "
- Lisa Berkhan
08/27/2017 17:56:09
"I have always received exceptional care from front office, vet techs and Drs.Crosset and Witt for at least 15 years for my dog, cats and several strays. My visit with Duchess yesterday was as expected!"
- Jamie Clark
08/25/2017 20:00:11
"There is no bad! We have been using you as our vet for many years and would not still be there if we were unhappy. We fully trust you with all four of our cats and love the care and attention you give each one of the, (and us!), and have recommended you many times to others looking for a vet. Thank you!"
- Leyon Stone
08/23/2017 14:39:44
"We have moved several times and it is very hard t0 find a good vet that can handle a Mastiff. They have done a phenomenal job caring for our pup and we would recommend them to everyone!!!"
- Michael Macalady
08/22/2017 23:24:13
"I'm happy with all the support i received for my sick Annie Oakley. Even the big hug I got on the way out😊"
- Pam Oakley
08/22/2017 17:29:11
"We have been coming to Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett for about 13 years. When our first Boston Terrier, Belle developed mast cell tumors and was diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Crossett took such great care of her....and of us. When we got our second Boston Terrier, Gracie, we brought her to AHNG......We would not use any other veterinarians. - Lea Johnson"
- Wayne Johnson
08/21/2017 02:12:06
"We are very pleased with the care our fur-babies get when they come there! Thank you so much for taking great care of them!!"
- Monica Wilson
08/11/2017 20:51:21
"Love your clinic. Excellent staff and services"
- Michelle Martin
08/05/2017 01:15:42
"I think that you are doing great! I do not just trust anyone with my cat's care but I trust Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett. The front office staff and the technicians always make me feel part of the family when I come in."
- Kimberly Wright
07/30/2017 15:34:09
"Great front office staff, compassionate technicians and friendly competent doctors. "
- Joe Gladski
07/28/2017 18:58:08
"Thank you for all of the love and support. It's not easy to have to make that choice, and I was happy to be surrounded by people who loved Gus. "
- Jennifer Samuels
07/28/2017 14:58:38
"You are doing GREAT as always! Tony and Roscoe love coming to get bathed! You can tell they feel they are well-loved!"
- Geneva Edwards
07/28/2017 14:18:35
"Doing great, have been a loyal customer for 20 years"
- Barry Pullen
07/28/2017 14:00:38
"I love that my vet is honest about what my dog needs and does not need. I trust him to make the best decision for my dog. He and the other staff members are friendly and helpful. "
- Katrina Hursey
07/25/2017 20:59:39
" Always an excellent experience. Every visit "
- Gary Lear
07/25/2017 16:40:20
"Always very helpful when I call. The staff is very nice."
- Cay Davis
07/25/2017 16:37:46
"We love you all"
- Christy Causey
07/25/2017 10:33:53
"I am very pleased when I make an appointment, that I dont get to sit down and wait. I am taken into a room right away. The vet techs are awesome, always very polite and care about my dogs. The Vets are also awesome, they will spend as much time with you as you need to answer all your questions."
- Laurie Rozar
07/25/2017 10:33:05
"Love the front office staff"
- Kathy Scott
07/25/2017 10:32:58
- Jack Lynn
07/24/2017 10:54:58
"We are happy with the care. Thank you!"
- Linda Wunderlich
06/01/2017 11:14:59
"You are doing great. No complaints"
- Eric Sr. Vazquez
06/01/2017 10:14:31
"Staff is very pleasant, knowledgeable and caring. Dr. Wit was great, per usual!"
- Ginnie Wiggs
05/31/2017 14:50:46
"Absolutely wonderful experience dr. Crosset's honesty, confidence and surgical abilities saved our dog!"
- Amy Edwards
05/27/2017 15:19:49
"Excellent friendly staff! Seemed very organized. I was really impressed!"
- Linda Hudek
05/25/2017 17:01:27
"Helpful, friendly staff!"
- Cindy Beaulieu
05/25/2017 09:31:21
"I have no complaints! The care that Lucy, Lucky receive (and that Lady received) are the BEST! Our experiences are the BEST! We feel like family every time we visit!"
- Richard Wood
05/21/2017 06:03:48
"Very kind and attentive people."
- Richard Feggeler
05/18/2017 12:44:19
"Always a great experience, been going 8years for grooming and checkups!"
- Keith Booker
05/18/2017 12:31:15
"She did very good i liked the lady's and so did coco"
- Jackie Maddox
05/17/2017 20:16:48
"I always feel like my babies are well care for and we have never had any sort of issue."
- Beth Thornton
05/15/2017 16:35:45
"When I came in to pick up the relaxation med, I was upset at first because it wasn't at the front desk like I had been told it would be. However, it only took a short time that they found it, and all the staff was so nice. My cat, Patches, passed peacefully on the night before she was to be put to sleep, sparing both her and me from having to go through that. My sister called for me to cancel the appointment, and let you know. Within a couple of days, I was so comforted by the sweet condolence card you sent with all the staff's signatures. "
- Mary Craton
05/14/2017 14:47:53
"As always, great service."
- Monica Tipton
05/13/2017 22:00:29
"The employees was very helpful and friendly. "
- Marcia Elkins
05/13/2017 16:43:29
"You guys rock!!!"
- Brett Hughes
05/11/2017 16:40:08
"Absolutely love the girl at the front with the black hair. Always easy to get an appointment. Nice work."
- Farrah Lee
05/05/2017 12:01:52
"Always awesome! Everyone is pleasant and professional. "
- Denise Smith
05/04/2017 21:48:32
"Doing a great job listening to clients concerns "
- Jackie Hutton
05/04/2017 12:40:34
"You have a very loving and caring practice. "
- Kim Magaldi
05/03/2017 20:37:36
"Doing a great job. Giving me best service and the best things for my dog"
- Jeremy Chandler
05/02/2017 09:12:21
"Everyone was very nice, helpful and knowledgeable. "
- Gina Priest
05/01/2017 08:50:49
"The staff is always caring and eager to help. The doctors are wonderful. They really take the time to get to know your pet and keep a year over year assessment to ensure they catch any changes that may be going on with your beloved pet. Unlike other places, these vets do not over test at the drop of a hat. I know I can trust when they say my pet needs something, they do. We love this practice!"
- Corrine Baxter
05/01/2017 08:23:57
"My experience was very nice. Nurse and doctor were both great and very helpful when I had questions."
- Brianna Washington
04/30/2017 16:47:15
"Wonderfully "
- Brittney Eubanks
04/30/2017 09:14:34
"The staff is always friendly and helpful and the doctors are also kind and seem to really care. No complaints!"
- Douglas Smith
04/28/2017 13:00:14
"I am very pleased with your care and service. I have been taking my pets to you for about 11 years now and plan to continue."
- Scott Lewis
04/26/2017 14:27:55
"My visit was a potential disaster...large sick dog and a two year old. I walked in, was met at the counter, the gal took the dog and put us in a large room where Boomer could sniff and Karlissa could look out the window. Our tech was super helpful, and Dr. David is always kind and knowledgeable. Everyone made this visit easy and quick. (Thank goodness...)."
- Paul Harrison
04/25/2017 19:42:06
"Everyone was great! "
- Amanda Lusk
04/23/2017 14:11:10
"Love you guys. Always great when I come in. Friendly, professional and fast."
- Ana Rusch
04/23/2017 11:56:32
"I appreciate the treatment from AHNG! "
- Patricia Lewis
04/21/2017 17:06:25
"The vets make you feel like your animal is their only patient. I love them and depend on them. Most of the staff do too."
- Joy Barrett
04/21/2017 12:36:09
"The service is great. Staff always ready to help. Ordered meds last week, and as I live in Florida, had to ask the folks to keep them ready for my call in. As always went well."
- Carol Heap
04/19/2017 13:33:48
"First visit was a very good experience and all the staff I interacted with were great!"
- Virginia Phillips
04/18/2017 15:41:43
"We were greeted warmly when we walked in and someone came out immediately to take Buster back to be weighed and given the shot he needed. His toenails were trimmed while he was back there as well. While we waited for the rest of his meds, I asked several questions, all of which were answered professionally and courteously. Great staff!"
- Lenna Applebee
04/17/2017 09:11:26
"Awesome! Y'all always do a great job! And Scarlet and Dixie Lee love everyone there! "
- Lisa Oplinger
04/17/2017 08:29:55
"My family's needs have been handled with care, sensitivity and excellence from day 1. I appreciate the staff and will continue to bring all of my babies to you for any future needs. thanks for the great work!"
- Jill Pintihueque
04/16/2017 14:18:51
"You are all great!"
- Tracy Rupp
04/15/2017 12:29:39
"Awesome very friendly! "
- Megan Rivera
04/13/2017 18:59:51
"Awesome "
- Sarah Floyd
04/13/2017 14:02:14
"Very convenient office with outstanding employees and wonderful veterinarians!!"
- Camille Moss
04/13/2017 13:21:15
"Staff has always been amazing and super polite. The veterinarians are incredible and very knowledgeable. Not only have they taken fantastic care of our dogs but also our large breed cats."
- Theresa Neuman
04/12/2017 13:11:09
"Staff is wonderful with the dog and cat"
- Gena Evon
04/12/2017 12:17:00
"Excellent service and care. The staff are polite and kind. Great place to take your pet."
- T. Scott Leazer
04/11/2017 19:27:05
"Excellent care for my pets and meet my needs even when outside the norms of business. Thank you all."
- James Franzese
04/11/2017 14:12:01
"I've not had a bad experience in the entire time you having been taking care of my baby. Thank you for taking such good care of her and making me feel at ease when she visits."
- Eleanor Foster
04/09/2017 06:14:34
"Dr. Wit is awesome and the staff is always friendly and professional."
- Amanda Jansen
04/08/2017 16:13:01
"You all are always so wonderful to Ghost and I! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your service. Our kind vet always answers my silly (and normally paranoid) questions about any pet related issue. I love my dog so much, and it's so wonderful that you all do, too!"
- Elizabeth McElwee
04/08/2017 15:55:44
"Very friendly and helpful staff and doctors. The ladies up front are always there with a smile."
- Sara Yuille
04/08/2017 14:32:44
"Always a very good experience here. Very caring staff."
- Cheryl Blalock
04/08/2017 13:08:03
"We want the protection of our dog while we are away on vacation. They do a great job in taking care of Bella. The staff is timely in providing care for her when she is sick. We are always greeted by the staff with friendlyness and caring. We are confident that she is safe and getting the best of care. "
- Pat Kennedy
04/08/2017 10:54:10
"I've been taking my dogs to the Animal Hospital of North Gwinnett since 1996 and don't plan on chNging any time soon. Very satisfied."
- Fred Parlato
04/07/2017 14:25:52
"All staff are friendly and care about your animal. "
- Patricia McNulty
04/07/2017 14:22:48
"great service"
- Ron Artelli
04/07/2017 11:25:48
"We always have a great experience!"
- Amie Sakmar
04/05/2017 21:30:34
"Our dog has been a patient at AHNG for over 14 years. The staff is always friendly and has cared for our dog as if she was their own. "
- Jennifer Pierce
04/05/2017 20:59:52
"Doing great"
- Craig Gates
04/03/2017 19:42:07
"Thank you for letting us walk right in without an appointment!! We were worried about one of our dogs who had gotten in a fight and was beaten up pretty badly. Your staff was so nice and took care of us right away! They took her back and started working on her right away. Thank you so much!! "
- Tommy Darrah
04/03/2017 15:00:58
"My experience was great! Staff was super friendly and helpful! "
- Malorie McInturff
04/02/2017 14:32:18
"Great Service! "
- Maressa Willard
04/01/2017 21:17:32
"Nothing to complain about, next day schedule, quick check in and everyone was super friendly "
- Hailey Waller
04/01/2017 12:36:21
"Staff was understanding and caring while treating my pet's medical issue."
- Jennifer Greene
03/31/2017 18:47:35