"My visit was quite pleasant and service was promptly provided. Very professional and kind staff!"
- Diane Kelly
02/07/2019 17:58:28
"Fridays visit was perfect. My appointment was for 10 and they were ready for me as soon as I got there. Nicely in and out without any trouble. "
- Chauncey Mann
02/03/2019 19:12:09
"I love the vet techs. They always listen to our needs and genuinely love our dog. "
- Pelepe McDowell
01/28/2019 00:24:57
- Kathlena Klopf-Ruffino
01/24/2019 18:37:30
"No problems-they were on time and took care of my dog- I was pleased."
- Mary Starr
01/17/2019 16:21:10
"doing great. "
- John Smyser
01/15/2019 18:59:17
"Great like always "
- Luis Gaytan
01/15/2019 13:51:00
"Very well! I’m pleased with the service"
- Nicole Johnson
01/06/2019 17:40:11
"Great service. "
- Katrina Porter
01/01/2019 11:41:33
"Everyone is always so nice and my pup (Ziggy) gets spoiled with love and treats!"
- Stephanie Chavez
12/29/2018 19:15:55
"Doing well. "
- Shawn Shelton
12/24/2018 18:35:46
"I have nothing but praise for your Vet's and your Staff. I will spread the word. "
- Lauren Fritsche
12/22/2018 16:05:41
"Good staff, office needs attention cosmetically."
- Glenn Taylor
12/21/2018 11:08:11
"This office has friendly knowledgeable people and the doctor is great I love all of them"
- Diana Lewis
12/20/2018 12:37:04
"Very good,"
- Veronica Tellez
12/19/2018 11:11:03
"Well I have 2 dogs and 1 cat and we have had nothing but good experience so far. Even when I thought my new puppy Shilo was really sick with Parasites. "
- Robin Oechsle
12/12/2018 22:03:52
"Everyone was very professional and courteous. You really cared that my pets got the proper attention they needed."
- Karen Cook
11/30/2018 03:20:21
"No complaints from me. Very satisfied with the service."
- Mary Anne Willett
11/29/2018 03:42:31
"Staff was very nice and helpful. "
- Sandra Garza
11/26/2018 18:04:18
"very good"
- Roy Burchfield
11/08/2018 18:03:00
"We had the last appointment for the day and the staff was great even though we were getting a lot done at the last minute plus the puppy was being dramatic; which made the visit longer than needed. Yet ... staff being patient and providing great care/service. I am happy with our appointment."
- Melissa Gonzales
11/07/2018 21:39:47
"The experience to date has been great. There is never a wait at appointment time, the puppies are very comfortable and I appreciate the reminder emails. "
- Michael Slagle
11/07/2018 19:48:51
"Your staff is always very pleasant and helpful. The only suggestions I can offer is for you to put together special pricing packages for repeat patients, and offer some promotions. I have 2 dogs, so it gets expensive for their annual shots, heartworm meds, and flea prevention, times two."
- Gloria Allen
10/24/2018 03:10:54
"The doctor and nurse were both very helpful and made our babies feel better. "
- Alejandra Mattingly
10/23/2018 00:59:56
"I like the service, convenience near to my neighborhood:)"
- Rosalia Sapon
10/19/2018 01:31:06
"I didn’t have to wait too long. I just walked in. Receptionist was very nice."
- Angela Gusman
10/09/2018 18:11:32
"Everyone is always very nice and courteous each time We come in. We are always in and out with little to no wait time. "
- Kelly Skaggs
10/07/2018 01:26:03
"Everyone was very nice!"
- Cindy Roman
10/04/2018 15:57:57
"Everything went well! Very pleased with service."
- Yolanda Arellano
09/27/2018 23:04:47
"Friendly staff and quickly in and out. Great service!"
- Curt Noble
09/27/2018 13:33:11
"Everyone is so friendly in so glad I found this place for my animals and I highly recommend anyone to try corner vet and see what a great place it is"
- Andrea Ormond
09/17/2018 23:56:45
"I was able to get a last minute appointment and the vet took excellent care of us."
- Robin Falke
09/17/2018 15:44:19
- Christopher Williams
09/13/2018 15:00:21
"I was satisfied with the appointment."
- Dolores Gonzalez
09/12/2018 01:35:52
"You always do an excellent job. Thank you!"
- Guadalupe Villareal
09/09/2018 09:34:53
"Quick and simple."
- Shirley Lawrence
09/07/2018 18:12:08
"All good, reasonable prices, friendly thorough service, good way of dealing with Lily."
- William Davis
08/28/2018 18:38:27
"Everyone is so friendly. Even, Joe, my ratter is happy to wak in there!"
- Denise Williams
08/25/2018 14:31:41
"Great staff!!! Very informative and cared for my pet "
- Alicia Koehler
08/24/2018 20:24:31
"All good! Convenient hours, friendly staff, great doctor's!"
- Teresa Ahmadi
08/24/2018 12:06:11
"I have never had a bad experience here! My Bennie is very shy when it comes to shots and vet visits! I decided to stay here because everyone is helpful and polite. And I have never heard my Bennie cry while he’s receiving shots and getting examined. I just wish the Trifexis was a littl mor accesible ($$) as in other clinics. Thank you!"
- Miriam Spears
08/21/2018 20:01:25
"The vet was excellent with my dog and the whole experience was very quick."
- Tiffany Suarez
08/17/2018 23:55:12
"This was our first time coming here, we didn’t have an appointment and they worked us in same day. We were very impressed with the staff and effenciency of our first visit with our new puppy. The doctor was very nice and explained everything to a T... we are very appreciative for all tre information that was give for our sweet Maddie. We definitely give this place 2 paws up!!! "
- Kelly Skaggs
08/09/2018 02:16:13
" I just walked in because I needed some flea medication for my dog. I got what I needed and left. Easy-peazy!"
- Debra Powell
08/05/2018 15:58:25
"Every thing was awesome. Only thing is they misspelled my dogs name. Albus not Albys. "
- William Clifford
08/04/2018 01:42:10
"Doing great! Scheduling appointment was easy, we were seen right away. Dr explained everything very thoroughly!"
- Yesenia Gonzales
08/03/2018 21:32:28
"I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. John and his assistance. They are good to my dogs and they’re very nice to me. Dr. John is very thorough and very knowledgeable about his patients."
- Diana Lewis
07/25/2018 18:29:13
"Love this place and won't take my doggies anywhere else. Great service and staff. Every time I go in they've changed around the look of the facility to accompany a new look and its great! Prices are awesome and so are the nurses and docs!"
- Aja Barto
07/25/2018 17:58:32
"I have no complaints "
- Manny Zepeda
07/16/2018 22:40:27
"Felt that the Dr. and tech really listened to my concerns and treated BuddyLove very well. "
- Melissa Stedorro
07/16/2018 22:32:16