"Thanks for helping us take care of Hobbes! We will be back. "
- Simon Rouswell
06/04/2019 02:00:48
"Love taking my fur babies here! Friendly staff and knowledgeable vet. My only complaint is that your prices keep going up. I have a vet that I usually take my pets to for emergency situations but they are too expensive for routine checkups and shots. I feel like it won’t be long before you are as expensive as they are."
- Alice Gunn
06/03/2019 02:36:40
"Everybody is very friendly and always the best with our 4 dogs :)"
- Rodolfo Gauna
06/02/2019 23:30:13
"Coming to see y’all was the best vet experience we have ever had with Caesar. Y’all were great with him, and not once did y’all make us feel bad about the fact that his condition was so rough (other vets have never been as understanding about our financial situation). We are incredibly appreciative of the care Caesar received and look forward to bringing him back for all of his follow-ups and anything else he might need. My fiancé and I talked in the car on the way home about how blown away we were by the entire experience. Thank you guys so so much!! "
- Camille McConathy
06/02/2019 00:33:52
"The friendly way that we were treated made us feel very comfortable. "
- Janet & Jerry Crowder
05/31/2019 00:32:47
"TLC. Friendly "
- Jeanette Crater
05/26/2019 19:59:18
"From the moment we walked in the door everyone was very helpful and pleasant. We were taken immediately to our room and They took each dog individually and as they took them explained what they would be doing. Dr. Cruse and her staff are remarkable."
- Sharon Beach
05/25/2019 19:31:56
"I am pleased "
- Ginger Falcon
05/22/2019 23:17:23
"Always an excellent experience at The Corner Vet. The staff is very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. "
- Morgan Romero
05/21/2019 19:29:43
"Overall my experience was very good, walk in and they provide me with details on what shots need to be updated and provided me with health tips for my dog. I was in & out very quickly. "
- Jossie Roman
05/21/2019 00:06:39
"I have always received very professional yet courteous attention. The staff is great and show my animals love and have a genuine interest in their well being."
- Carol Marshall
05/20/2019 20:07:05
"Everyone is very nice. Love how punctual you are. Not sure what has changed but about 4 years ago heading to your office was a 4-5 hour affair. Happy i can now make an appointment, and dont have to wait in lobby with other animals, trying to keep them away from each other. Very happy with my experience."
- Lori Diaz
05/15/2019 17:32:07
"Friendly, compassionate staff. "
- Lyn Shimmin
05/11/2019 22:44:46
"The ladies are doing very well with taking care of my dog I haven't had any problems with him I no complaints so far so good I just hope in the future hey don't let me down thanks"
- Ron Rhodes
05/11/2019 17:10:12
"Everything was fine!"
- Sandy Phillips
05/08/2019 22:57:13
"Doing great, everyone is super friendly, experienced and your prices are better than anyone in the area."
- Monica LaFoy
05/08/2019 14:19:54
"I have been very happy with my experiences at The Corner Vet. Very happy to have affordable pet health care in my neighborhood. I sometimes wonder though how many people really know about them though. They should probably advertise around here to make people aware they are in the area."
- Christine Hodge
05/05/2019 18:27:00
"Really enjoyed our visit. Dr. Cruze answered all of my questions and gave Penny all her shots like a champ!"
- Kristyn Lester
05/04/2019 18:29:06
"I have no complaints...the staff is always friendly and very helpful! Kaylee likes them too and that’s what matters the most :) "
- Michelle Ayers
05/01/2019 22:15:16
"The receptionist was very professional and helped me with my meds for my dog."
- Eldonna Roberts
04/30/2019 18:00:14
"We had an awesome experience!! It was nice to see the vet and tech sit in the floor with our babies and get to know them. We have definitely found our permanent vet! "
- Jessica Curry
04/29/2019 13:24:14
"our first visit was very good, all questions were answered thanks to all the staff "
- Ursula Hain
04/27/2019 19:09:57
"I absolutely LOVE The Corner Vet, the office staff and of course Dr. Cruze! Everyone treats you and your pet as if you're part of the family. They care as much as you do about your furry friend. I moved from Keller to North Richland Hills and now Arlington and I'll drive however far I need to go to stay with TCV!"
- Marcy Collins
04/25/2019 21:59:47
"I have no complaints. My dogs were there for heartworm testing. They got their tests and their medication. Staff was friendly as usual."
- Layne Greer
04/24/2019 22:21:13
"We miss your walk-in service."
- Howard "Davis" Tubre
04/23/2019 01:56:42
"Dr. Cruse and her stay are very friendly. They explained the vaccinations and how the diseases are transmitted. Will be back for our annual teeth cleaning."
- Ilia Smith
04/22/2019 21:19:45
"Really great! My dogs are in amazing health condition!"
- Aletse Alba
04/21/2019 01:44:57
"Y'all are fantastic even my dog was happy about being at the vet. She was giving all the love to everyone there and they all gave it back! My bill was more than I expected, but still more affordable than other places. "
- Jasey Strause
04/17/2019 22:25:03
"I thought the vet and staff were excellent. They were very friendly towards me and my cats. I feel confident in the vet's assessment of my cats' condition. I really appreciate the little things everyone did to try to relax my cats, including teasing one of them with a toy when he kept sticking his paws under the door. :) I will definitely be bringing my two back for their future check ups."
- Toni Whalen
04/15/2019 18:11:24
"I love your vet. services that's why I got all my rescue friends all over DFW to use you but it would be nice for nail trims and such to be around $5. because we all have multi animals and after heart worm and Bravecto medication its hard on us to have $$ for other services "
- Tammy Schofield
04/11/2019 23:02:45
"Everyone is super friendly and helpful! Sophie lives her vet visits!"
- Danny Thompson
04/11/2019 00:21:59
- Melanie Soto
04/10/2019 21:32:32
"We drive about 30 min to visit the Haltom location because of Dr. Cruz. We love the thoroughness and compassion that is in the care provided. "
- Blake Chambers
04/10/2019 19:30:43
"Corner Vet is absolutely awesome! I can honestly say I have never had a negative experience and everyone there is always willing to work with me on my schedule to be sure Remmi gets what she needs. Zero complaints. "
- Brittany Good
04/10/2019 17:40:05
"I am so happy the way you check my dog "
- Jocelyn Baquier
04/10/2019 17:29:59
"Everyone is so kind and helpful. Everything is explained in detail and all questions are answered."
- Joyce McCurdy
04/10/2019 16:17:12
"I couldn't ask for a better place for my pets. Dr. Cruse and all the staff are amazing. I am so very happy and blessed to have found such a superb facility to take care of my pets. Thank you all so much! "
- Tracy Buck
04/10/2019 14:20:16
"I love the doctor( Dr. Cruse) and staff as well as the cost for inoculations, however, the wait time seems too long. "
- Sue Nelson
04/05/2019 23:19:29
"Great. The staff is great with my dog even though I know he can be a little bit difficult. "
- Hollie Perdue
03/31/2019 21:17:20
"I thought you all were great from the start of the process to the end. I felt like you all truely made us feel like family and you walked me through it all. It was the best cutomer service."
- Lori Herrera
03/31/2019 18:37:40
"I love you guys!"
- Denny Coldwell
03/27/2019 23:56:19
"fine always pleasant experience."
- Paul & Valerie Ransom
03/25/2019 14:09:21
- Jim Lambert
03/25/2019 00:54:14
"Everyone is so sweet and caring! I love how comfortable they made Athena feel. Will be back for sure! "
- Kelsey Martin
03/23/2019 22:23:35
"The emails sent to remind me about bringing Sasha in are of great value to myself and Sasha since I don't remember her due dates. Also the staff is wonderful with her and so very kind as she is getting older."
- Carol Marshall
03/21/2019 14:30:29
"Had an absolute great first visit with my lab babies!! "
- Tina Garretson
03/19/2019 20:39:04
"More seating in the waiting area would be nice"
- Chris Percy
03/17/2019 22:08:03
"Everyone there is sweet, knowledgeable and very good with animals. The veterinarians are very good about explaining in a language the "moms and dads" can understand, they ask questions and let you ask questions. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the floor, it always looks dirty even if is not."
- Mary & Jim Thelen
03/17/2019 18:52:08
"Great, caring staff here! My only recommendation would be that the facility could use a good cleaning. "
- Jessica Welch
03/16/2019 19:12:03
"The in office experience is always great! I do get weary of receiving emails indicating Hero is behind on services and/or prescriptions. Your system needs a better record of when we see the vet or purchase prescriptions. "
- Sharon Beeman
03/15/2019 20:58:55