"I always have a great experience when I take my dogs in for visits. They know my pets' name when we walk in the door. Great and friendly staff who are allows attentive to their needs."
- Bonita Embree
05/26/2019 03:00:20
"Excellent love my experience they are wonderful people!!! And the dogs love them too 😍"
- Michelle Schnepp
05/17/2019 17:54:55
"Everything was great from beginning to end. Staff was amazing and treated me and my puppy so well. I would definitely recommend to others! "
- Amy Jauregui
05/16/2019 19:10:02
"Absolutely a wonderful experience. I could tell everyone there cared about pets and their wellbeing"
- Nathan Tran
05/16/2019 17:32:27
"The staff and doctor were great Dorian Gray helped them by being an A+ patient "
- Pat Gentry
05/15/2019 21:39:02
"Very friendly environment!"
- Clarissa Castillo
05/15/2019 21:26:45
"Dr. Lynn addressed all concerns and offered advise where needed. Thank you."
- Aurora Del Rosario
05/13/2019 15:09:49
"Very knowledgeable and sweet to our dogs"
- Nicole Hoover
05/13/2019 02:20:48
"The service was great "
- Curtis Etherly
05/11/2019 20:00:54
"Dr Logan is awesome ! Always attentive , caring , & helpful . "
- Judy Helbing
05/11/2019 02:24:36
"Experience was very good as always and the services are affordable. Hoping you’ll have surgery services soon. "
- Brett Simmons
05/10/2019 23:21:11
"My experiences have always been wonderful. The staff is so caring and spends time listening to concerns. "
- Leslie Bullion
05/09/2019 12:46:37
"Always easy going staff and very honest about our pets and prices. Love the vets!"
- Lyndsey Blacklock
05/08/2019 15:20:10
"Glad you have more open hours now."
- Beth Jones
05/06/2019 22:38:48
"I'm satisfied with the care that my three cats have received for the last few years. I wish you can provide additional services like dental cleaning for pets. "
- Nhora Forst
05/04/2019 21:23:06
"We love bringing T-Bone to Corner Vet. He loves everyone there and so do we!"
- Jeanette Batten
05/04/2019 15:36:31
"I like the fact that you are asking. So far very happy with your service. "
- Joy Zeh
05/04/2019 14:19:10
"In 1 word WONDERFUL!!!!"
- Laura Cairo
05/03/2019 23:36:15
"My pup LOVES coming to the vets, he is wild and crazy but the vets accept him as he is, and they all give him a little love. I couldn't ask for a better place to take him, and Im sure if it were up to Odin, he would want to stay at the vets all day if he could lol. Thanks for being so amazing!"
- Kristina Phillips
05/01/2019 20:17:59
" Loved the way we were welcomed and the patience of listening to my concerns on my 🐕. I was well taking care of and glad I camr to you guys. Thank you for the care!"
- Samuel Jegede
05/01/2019 15:11:14
"Keep up the caring and compassionate work y'all do!!"
- Stephanie Geffs
04/29/2019 16:35:44
"Pretty perfect!"
- Karen Marrs
04/27/2019 20:56:08
"Excellent. Thank you for taking your time with our girl, Samantha. She is big, but friendly. Your staff is wonderful. Dr. Logan is the best."
- Cynthia Lanfear
04/26/2019 21:19:57
"The new help ar the front desk seems very efficient. Former employees did not bother to look at or input vaccinations for pet reminders. Rusty and I love Dr. Logan! She demonstrates a real concern for our furry boy! We will keep coming to Corner Vet. Several members of our family go to Dr. Logan."
- Lorrie Nelle
04/26/2019 21:02:46
- Claudia Rodriguez
04/26/2019 20:05:36
"all was great!"
- Gloria Cook
04/26/2019 14:38:02
"Our dog is doing great and we thank you for all your. Help"
- Ron Baise
04/25/2019 19:57:09
"I absolutely loved this clinic! I was very impressed with the vet and vet technicians. Everyone was so nice and professional and even though Cupcake is a handful, you guys handled her so well and lovingly. She was so sad to leave lol. You guys put me at ease about her health, gave me advice, options, discounts, and personal stories. Honestly if every visit is as good as her first visit there, I wouldn’t have any negative things to say. So thank you for being awesome! "
- LaShauna Coley
04/23/2019 01:06:04
"We had a great quick visit! The staff was so kind and took such great care of my Ruby, they spoiled her with treats! We will definitely be coming back! "
- Airiel Lee
04/22/2019 23:18:47
"I really have had odd experiences with vets and love bringing my dogs to The Corner Vet. Doctors and Staff are wonderful."
- Michael McNamara
04/22/2019 19:20:35
"The place is very reasonable and great care "
- Susan Forrer
04/22/2019 18:46:55
"We love our local Corner Vet. The staff is very personable & always willing to answer our questions. You can tell they truly care about our furbabies. Prices are very reasonable! I always recommend The Corner Vet to family & friends. "
- Sarah Tremaine
04/22/2019 18:20:51
"Very good. Would recommend your services to others. "
- Michael Griffin
04/19/2019 14:58:59
"Everyone is great and teddy is such a divo! Th ask for loving him! "
- Rhonda Pointer
04/19/2019 14:41:01
"Great location, Loved the vet. She was very personable, knowledgeable and excellent in working with my dog. The staff was very nice as well. "
- Tammie Hagood
04/18/2019 21:42:29
"Nothing but praise for your clinic. Everyone who works there are always friendly kind and considerate. "
- Dana Rodriguez
04/16/2019 21:52:31
"It was great"
- Dennis DeBoom
04/16/2019 20:35:27
"You all are doing an amazing job the atmosphere as well as the staff is always pleasant and welcoming. I just love all the staff. You guys are awesome."
- Linda Rhea
04/16/2019 15:10:00
"Everyone there is great! Im so glad I found this office. Thank all of you for beingso nice. Taking such great care of Kiarra. Nothing bad to say. "
- Charlotte Lane
04/16/2019 01:03:33
"I was very happy with the treatment of Sasha and the instructions on how to administer the medicine."
- Betty Gilmore
04/15/2019 19:48:35
"Everything we hoped for."
- William (Pirate) Lanford
04/15/2019 17:30:16
"Great Job "
- Melanie Robinson
04/15/2019 17:17:38
"The staff,especially the doctor are always very very friendly and welcoming!"
- Promise Egbu
04/12/2019 19:24:29
"Everyone was great. The dogs were happy and so was I. "
- Lavell McCollum
04/12/2019 14:21:55
"I enjoy bringing my dogs there. Y'all are so good with them, One is getting better every time I bring her, Didn't have to muzzle this time was great"
- Tammy Gravitt
04/12/2019 12:48:42
"Staff and vet are great!"
- Cecilia Perez
04/12/2019 00:07:32
"Dr. Logan is amazing. "
- Billie Blize
04/11/2019 18:38:03
"Doing great!"
- Cassandra Robertson
04/11/2019 15:28:44
"I love Dr. Logan and the care she gives to my sweet senior doggy. She always listens to me and answers my questions."
- Bonnie Ponce
04/11/2019 13:42:40
"Awesome staff! Great experience!"
- Tonya Hazen
04/10/2019 20:48:21