"We love Dr. E and always trust they do what’s best for our pets. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!"
- Lisa Daigle
02/24/2018 16:22:45
"The office was very nice and modernized."
- Florinda Castillo
02/24/2018 15:15:10
"The staff and doctors are all so caring and wonderful. I live on the other side of town and have chosen to keep coming to GNAH, after Dr. Johnson retired because of that."
- Katherine Hinkle
02/24/2018 14:08:07
"Excellent "
- Mary Melrose
02/24/2018 03:12:03
"Great!! Keep the good work."
- Apolinar Vargas
02/23/2018 14:27:24
"We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with Heritage’s extended family. Our girls, Penny and Duchess, love their visits. "
- William Scherff
02/23/2018 13:28:31
"I was new, to owning a pet and going to the vet, it’s important to not assume all customers know the routine, my experience was Good, just wasn’t sure what to expect "
- Edward Lugo
02/23/2018 02:47:02
"Everything was great during my last visit."
- Jose Rivera
02/22/2018 18:10:53
"Gabe is doing great,don’t have any complaints."
- Larry Montgomery
02/22/2018 13:50:01
"First visit at new facility...everything was fine."
- Marianne Hay
02/22/2018 09:31:45
"I feel thank my animals are very well taken care of at Heritage and look forward to the merger with Northwest. I have had to wait on occasion, however, I have never felt rushed and Dr. Ehrland qlways makes sue all my questions were answered. "
- Elizabeth Sloma
02/21/2018 02:39:47
"Your internet was down and the appointment took extra long. I warned you that my dog does not do well with vaccines and you did administer Benadryl; however, when I got her home, she could not even walk. Doctor (substitute) did call to give me blood results (which she had forgotten to do). She said she would make a note in Ginger's file for the next time."
- Rosemary Curiel
02/19/2018 20:39:17
- James Melton
02/16/2018 21:51:01
"You are the best. You take very good care of my Zoey"
- WandA Westrup
02/16/2018 20:52:29
"Everything was great! Thank you so much for saving my Cooper, I just can’t thank you enough. "
- Nina Veltri
02/14/2018 05:00:29
"The cost to remove the cyst is over priced. Blue cross animal clinic is willing to remove it and have it tested for $300 which will be the route we take. "
- Jennifer Gomez
02/13/2018 02:52:58
"Hello, We have been patients at Heritage for many, many years and very much respect Dr. Erhlund. We are happy for the merging of the two clinics/hospital and look forward to the future working with you all. I do hope that the Pet Portal will be updated soon and perhaps our files reloaded. "
- Terri Reynolds
02/12/2018 22:23:13
"Prince was difficult. Your staff and Dr Michelle were so professional and loving in dealing with him. I thank you so much for being there for him. Also thank you for the diet and medical advice. I am following the prescribed dry food plan for all the over weight kitties. Thank you so much. You are terrific"
- Robert La Farge
02/11/2018 16:52:40
"You guys are doing great. "
- Tara Arthur
02/11/2018 13:00:20
"My dog Shadow loves to come to the vet! Your staff is so welcoming and friendly. The doctors are knowledgeable and wonderful. Thank you!"
- Elizabeth Serna
02/10/2018 23:23:27
"Trimmed my dog's nails in the time it took me to trim one nail. Very fast service. "
- Reynaldo Solis
02/10/2018 04:15:16
"Great visit, doctor explained everything to me and answered all questions. So glad about the move and combo between Great NW and Heritage Vet."
- Peggy Montesi
02/09/2018 15:52:54
"Very satisfied, appreciated how all my questions and concerns were answered in a caring and professional manner, thank you."
- Luis Mauricio
02/09/2018 14:38:46
"Your staff is friendly,knowledgeable and professional. I’ve trusted you with my fur babies for many years. Looking forward to visiting your new facility. "
- Johna & Billie Dorries
02/08/2018 03:22:14
"It was a great experience. :)"
- Jennifer Kostel
02/08/2018 03:08:17
"All of staff is friendly, courteous, professional, knowledgeable and great with our pets"
- Hal Frey
02/06/2018 00:08:01
"I appreciate the care you provide for my animals "
- Irma Guzman
01/31/2018 03:39:54
"we have always loved the service you have provided to us over the years, our only negative is that it seems your pricing is high. the reason we don't change is because King is so used to you guys and you know his history. "
- Irma Vazquez
01/30/2018 18:48:21
"First time to the clinic, great customer service! "
- Nastassia Vensor-Monsivais
01/29/2018 15:42:36
"All around great. Keep it up guys! "
- Janine Duarte
01/29/2018 00:30:38
"The staff and doctors are great. Very understanding "
- Travis Miller
01/27/2018 23:56:16
"love you guys!Mollie and I felt at home!"
- Christy Elam
01/27/2018 23:11:38
"Always a great experience, the techs and doctors are great."
- Jennifer Herold-Bonilla
01/27/2018 16:03:42
" we are very happy with the service they give to our Tommy. Thanks so much"
- Diana Deras
01/27/2018 03:53:17
"My first visit was excellent. I was impressed with the care provider by all staff. "
- Hugo Salcedo
01/27/2018 03:00:38
"It’s always quick and efficient. Lucille likes her “nail job “ Staff is very nice. "
- Mary Hiland
01/24/2018 23:34:20
"Excellent service and the vet was very nice and knowledgeable, our little dog is doing much better today"
- Philip Andrews
01/24/2018 16:05:56
"Kite received immediate care and his pain subsided quickly. Thank you!"
- Oralia Lara-Vargas
01/23/2018 03:06:57
"We think everything about your place is great. Our only issue is that it is expensive."
- Keri Gullett
01/22/2018 14:00:39
"Dr. Michelle and her staff are amazing. She takes the time to make sure all of your questions and concerns are answered and takes your pets best care as if her own. I can't wait to see the expansion!"
- Ruth Rowland
01/21/2018 20:18:06
"Blacky had left his nail grow to long and they split. ////we took him to the vet to get the rest of his nails clipped and no longer will wait so long to get his trimmed again. "
- Keith Jorgensen
01/18/2018 15:41:52
"Pleased and the dogs aren't scared appreciate the teaching videos"
- Midge Putzke Docken
01/16/2018 15:04:56
"Staff was very friendly and courteous."
- Charles C. Murphy
01/16/2018 13:52:47
"My dog king was so excited to come. He's never been that happy before. You have a great team, wonderful customer service"
- Chevonia Smith
01/12/2018 15:44:17
"Every visit has been great. Happy to have found a place that not only I but my fur-babies are comfortable at. "
- Marina Morin
01/11/2018 12:39:28
"Love your friendly staff Dr Michelle and Dr travis are wonderful with my sweet fur babies"
- Lora Salyer
01/11/2018 10:28:17
"You are doing fine"
- James Wilde
01/09/2018 18:31:41
"I felt very welcomed when i first came in and it was a very friendly atmosphere! i really enjoyed how the informative my visit was! We will definitely become regulars(:"
- Emma Lewis
01/09/2018 16:45:08
"Excellent service, liked the day after follow up call. The only thing I didn't like was taking my dog in the back without me. Cocoa is very attached to me n gets separation anxiety especially with strangers."
- Tera Roberts
01/06/2018 16:29:48
"Looking forward to seeing all the changes at GNAH!"
- Kathy G. Tamayo
01/04/2018 16:16:10
"The techs and front desk staff are always great! Although I've been a customer for many years and my dog is on your semi-annual plan it is frustrating that because I was a little late on making her appointment that we pay almost $20 for a nail trim. "
- Amber Hutsell
01/04/2018 00:26:34
"The staff at GNW Animal Hospital treat our pets like they are part of their family. It is comforting to know that they are loved and well taken care of whether it's just a routine visit or we are out of town."
- Lauralee Townsend
01/03/2018 21:42:26
"The visit took a little longer then expected, otherwise everything was Great."
- Peggy Montesi
01/03/2018 21:27:58
"I typically wait awhile like 20-30 mins in exam room before being seen by vet. Overall, staff is friendly and courteous which I appreciate."
- Shirhonda Johnson
01/03/2018 05:02:37
"Thanks for always taking such good care of our pets. To us they are family. "
- Joshua Austin
01/03/2018 02:39:29
"Overall, I have no suggestions. You are doing a good job."
- Pam Baker
01/02/2018 15:03:09
"I trust the Dr.s @ Northwest with the care of my 2 cats Will &Cali. They're very knowledgeable & caring about animals."
- Karen Bott
12/30/2017 00:30:09
"We couldn't be happier with the care everyone provides for us here!"
- Jessica Hunter
12/29/2017 20:56:34
"I love how the Dr and the Tech are so sweet to my furr babies they cuddle them just like I would for comfort. I don’t feel rushed and Dr Michelle is so nice and answers all my questions as if she has all day even though I know she is busy she gives me her full attention. Thats why I trust no one else as much as I trust all of you there. Thank you all for always be amazing and putting a sometimes over reactive Mom to rest."
- Jessica Castellano
12/29/2017 20:19:26
"I needed to refil a prescription and it was taken care of very promptly. "
- Carol Bowman
12/29/2017 19:46:26
"Waited less than ten minutes for appointment and everyone including customers were happy. That is a true sign of the environment they are in. I admit I do not visit as often as I should but since my dog is getting older you have my trust for future visits."
- Sean Corbett
12/29/2017 18:40:31
"One word...Awesome....."
- Olga Cardenas
12/29/2017 05:29:38
"Everyone was great to work with. It was an awesome, efficient and streamline experience. Your fast response and experience handling and assisting me with taking care of my canines is beyond words. I am truely greatful and blessed to have met you and your staff. Herman"
- Global K9 Solutions Herman Haynes
12/21/2017 18:55:30
"Great Service!"
- Rene Ramirez
12/20/2017 03:49:04
"Based on the visit that Wolfgang and I had, it was very smooth and the service was excellent as were the explanations to the questions I had."
- Ryan Valdez
12/20/2017 00:32:47
"I appreciated the warm smiles and positive energy that all the staff provided. Baloo and I felt very welcomed the second we entered the door. Everyone was very professional and kind which made a stressful situation more manageable. "
- Karianna Creedon
12/14/2017 17:21:05
"No complaints. Every portion of Gypsy’s examination went as smoothly, courteously, expediently and professionally as desired."
- Michael Clay
12/06/2017 23:23:40
"Michele, was very precise in explaining the examination as she was checking Lucky over. This has been my first experience with Vets in the last two years and so I am not sure what kind of comments or questions I should ask. Maybe as time will pass and I get to know you better than it will be easier for me to do this. Lucky took well to his shots and tolerated them well. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. Sincerely yours, Marianne J Walsh"
- Marianne Walsh
12/06/2017 02:10:56
"To be perfectly honest, we had some concerns when we found out that Dr. Johnson was selling his practice. Over 20 years, we had come to trust him and his staff with our pets who are a part of our family. He had seen us through the loss of 2 of our beloved pets and taught us so much about taking good care of them. Change is always difficult, but you and your staff were patient with us and Dr. Travis and the staff have been gentle and loving with Cheeto, Weezer, and Major Bob. We look forward to getting to know Dr. Michele as we continue to bring our babies to you. We hope that physical growth in the practice will not affect the personal touch and reasonable pricing that we have appreciated. Letty and Brian Hicks"
- Leticia Hicks
12/05/2017 21:08:09
"On time and very caring staff!!"
- Gilbert Torrez
12/02/2017 22:42:05
"Dr's. Wright are thorough, professional, friendly, and HIGHLY skilled veterinarians who provide excellent care with compassion and for affordable prices. My babies love the office personnel and the super friendly environment of the clinic. I value their combined expertise and I trust them with my babies' lives 100%. I recommend them to EVERY pet parent!"
- Tonja du Bois
12/01/2017 19:07:00
"Wonderful experience. Everyone was kind, friendly and professional. I can tell that everyone loves animals and enjoys their job. "
- Ronnie Sul
12/01/2017 12:54:18
"All good! Super friendly people, excellent follow up call for my dog, Dr. Travis explained every innoculation my dog received, the technicians were gentle and careful with my dog's ears, glands, and toenails! I am very HAPPY!!!"
- Laura Herold
11/26/2017 02:44:40
"So far so good! "
- Leonard Tillman
11/23/2017 18:14:51
"My opinion of your service is excellent. I like the email notification of when my pets are due their semi annual visits."
- Catherine Porter
11/23/2017 13:28:37
"When we leave Duncan we have no worries. He loves to come and we can rest easy knowing he is loved. Thank you all for taking such good care of our fur baby. "
- Frank Weaver
11/22/2017 17:54:08
"Dr. Michelle was very nice and handled Messi with good care as well as Angel."
- Mike Rosas
11/22/2017 17:05:41
"Very kind to our pet and appreciated the extra dog treat."
- Michael Kellogg
11/21/2017 22:07:50
"Could not add anything to my experience to make it better. Your staff treated us and our pet as something special. Thank you and see you all again."
- Nancy Brandhorst
11/20/2017 03:56:26
"Very pleased with Sophie ‘s care."
- Charles C. Murphy
11/16/2017 20:05:14
"friendly and personble. I don't feel rushed through exams and check ups. great with my very shy dog."
- Josh West
11/15/2017 21:39:48
"Very pleased with all the support staff that we dealt with. Extremely pleased with Dr. Michelle "
- Midge Putzke Docken
11/14/2017 17:47:08
"As the Mother to a sensitive, emotional puppy, everyone at the Great Northwest Animal Hospital puts my mind at ease whenever I have to bring Zaza in to the clinic for whatever reason. Even when I am just picking up dog food or a prescription, it feels really great knowing the people there truly care about what happens to my dog. We are lucky we found such a nice place to go to during times that are stressful. I can't say enough about how wonderful the care my baby Zaza has been given by the doctors and the staff at the GNWAH."
- Monica Collier
11/13/2017 14:56:11
"I appreciate the love and affection you give to my boys when they visit. Having an environment where animals can feel safe and loved during their visits helps them to feel as if its not just another scary visit to the vet. My boys especially appreciate the treats! Keep up the great work! I've been a 12 year customer and I wouldn't go anywhere else. "
- Justina Trice
11/12/2017 18:56:57
"Nicholas and I have no complaints."
- Richard Boyles
11/11/2017 00:33:58
"I like the attention given to my pets. Thank you!"
- Oralia Lara-Vargas
11/08/2017 03:30:30
"You are doing very well. You care a lot about our pets and did a great job treating them. I highly recommend you services."
- Robert La Farge
11/08/2017 00:16:48
"New to area & needed a new vet for furbabies. Am very selective where I take them. Online reviews made the selection a little easier."
- Marina Morin
11/07/2017 19:54:16
"The GNWAH staff is always very prompt and attentive to my dog Chloe's needs when I take her there or pick up her medication."
- Dolores Rodriguez
11/07/2017 18:10:47
"I bring Joy and Faith to Great Northwest Animal Hospital because I know they get the attention they need, the staff and Dr. Wright are professional, efficient and generally enjoy treating and having our pets. Thank you for everything, Joy and Faith thank you too!"
- Drew Foster
11/05/2017 13:00:30
"We love your clinic. The personal attention and the follow up call make us feel our pets are important to you all and we appreciate that. Your front office staff is just lovely in their manner. Always terrific Thank you Rita "
- Rita Burk
11/03/2017 19:37:10
"We are very pleased with the great healthcare you provide for our dogs with complex issues. We appreciate all everyone there does to provide excellent quality care from the person who answers the phone to techs and doctors. Thanks!"
- Kathryne Mathews
11/01/2017 20:31:55
"Staff are friendly, courteous, and professional. I take Jack there for veterinary care and board Jack there because I trust he will be well cared for in my absence. "
- Mary Ringer
10/31/2017 19:30:41
"Both Doctors have provided what I consider the best examination and care possible for our dogs. We couldn't be more satisfied. "
- C. E. Kimball Jr.
10/31/2017 13:34:39
"I had the best experience with the Doctor and extremely helpful and friendly staff!"
- Nexis Novoa
10/24/2017 16:01:01
- Brian Bores
10/20/2017 20:27:45
"Very nice people and great service."
- Lisa Giunta
10/20/2017 19:23:04
"Been taking my dogs to your office for the last 6years your office has done a wonderful job .your staff is kind and friendly thank so much for your service"
- Lora Salyer
10/20/2017 14:29:38
"Great service! Got attended quickly and was given multiple options on how to treat my dog."
- Samantha Rivas
10/19/2017 22:48:09
"Everyone was friendly and welcoming. We really appreciated the care our cat received. "
- Julia San Miguel
10/18/2017 18:58:07