"Everyone was great "
- Leticia Ibarra
06/22/2018 18:44:39
"Great experience. My dog is doing very well into his old age thanks to regular check ups and attention from you guys."
- Scott McDonald
06/21/2018 18:57:41
"I have 100% trust and confidence in the staff. Always so wonderful to us. Straight forward & honest!!! You couldn't pay me to go to another animal hospital! "
- Jessica Hunter
06/20/2018 03:12:40
"I have been going to Heritage Vet for 6 yrs and followed Dr Ehrland to Great Northwest. I like the bigger facilities, and everything is so new, frsh and clean. I boarded Chulo for the first time and was pleased with his care. He seemed to be happy and was happy when we brought him back after taking him out for a visit. Have not met all the staff yet, but everyone I have met has been helpful and professional."
- Elizabeth Sloma
06/17/2018 22:17:27
"Excellent is how I describe your services. Dr. Michelle is the ultimate professional. She cares about Daryl and his brothers in their efforts to lose weight. I highly recommend their services."
- Robert La Farge
06/16/2018 20:59:06
"Everyone was wonderful. Eleanore, Karla."
- Kimble & Susy Knowlden
06/15/2018 10:30:26
"It was good the vet we saw today was very detailed and caring great experience "
- Stephanie Gordon
06/15/2018 03:08:15
"We appreciate the detail and concern the docs and techs show when taking care of Rockamundo"
- Gary Rakestraw
06/13/2018 15:32:25
"No complaints. Always provide excellent service."
- Deborah Lewis
06/13/2018 12:18:03
"Great experience. "
- Socrates Garza
06/12/2018 04:26:23
"Very happy with the service and care we get for our babies at Great Northwest."
- William Mann
06/12/2018 02:37:25
- Vida Frausto
06/11/2018 23:12:22
"Honestly everything was wonderful. I was really nervous about my cat and afraid but was given comfort by the doctors and staff. Overall I couldn't ask for a better experience. The explanation and breakdown of all treatments necessary helped me learn what needed to be done. I appreciated the updates and gentle care taken to make my cat comfortable. I love Great Northwest Animal Hospital! Your compassion and care for animals definitely shows. I cannot thank you all enough!"
- Andrea Jimenez
06/10/2018 06:31:09
"I truly think that you provide excellent service. "
- Kris Weese
06/10/2018 02:28:51
"You are doing great. That is why I keep coming back. "
- Cindy Cash
06/09/2018 04:05:58
"Great- easy to contact by phone; quick response to questions concerning care and availability of medications; professional demeanor. Bad- Thinking, thinking, thinking. Nope, can’t come up with anything. "
- Barbara Talbot
06/08/2018 17:14:16
"Great experience and the best care anyone could ask for both Asher and Pluto. Thanks to all!!! 🐶🐶"
- Ronnie Sul
06/07/2018 02:06:08
"Awesome experience, location and care. Was not crowded and the visit was short but to the point. Keep up the good work!"
- Javier Martinez
06/06/2018 07:43:47
"Very friendly and accommodating."
- Fred Martinez
06/06/2018 02:09:48
"Friendly staff. Efficient check in process."
- Susan Mahkorn
06/05/2018 23:13:43
"Very friendly Fast service Helped me with getting my an out of control, over friendly, giant puppy into my car!"
- Maria Torres
06/05/2018 11:34:19
"Y'all are always good to our critters and to us."
- Gena Johnson
06/05/2018 02:40:05
"It's been the best experience I've ever had at a vet. I felt comfortable and that my cats were in good hands. I have given your cards out to as many people and recommended your hospital to anyone looking on Facebook. I wouldn't go anywhere else"
- Jennifer Pollman
06/05/2018 02:32:37
"Drs Michell and Travis and the rest of the staff always do an excellent job caring for my dogs. "
- Katherine Friedrich
06/03/2018 18:59:08
"You answered my questions, filled prescriptions same day and they were all available for pick-up. Very satisfied. "
- Kirsten Hawley
06/03/2018 17:59:08
"Dr. Ehrlund and staff have cared for our pet family for over 10 yrs. They have always provided excellent services."
- Yolanda Viveiros
06/02/2018 09:10:05
"Very impressed by the care and concern for my dog, Chloe. 🐾💜"
- Carol Fisher
06/02/2018 02:05:34
"Suzie was in for grooming, bath, etc. She was beautiful when I picked her up, and was happy. I was very pleased with the service that Eleanor provided."
- Kathy G. Tamayo
05/31/2018 15:49:58
"Rebel and Raina love coming here and the attention they receive is excellent. The staff treats them as if they are their own."
- Lauralee Townsend
05/30/2018 15:32:17
"Missy was very happy when she left. The grooming was top-notch and her grooming makes her look awesome."
- Judith Furman
05/30/2018 15:13:20
"This was my first visit and I would follow Loretta any where, well almost. I have no idea when she retires who can handle birds. I forgot to ask. :-) "
- Bonita Blayney
05/30/2018 13:09:33
"Excellent customer service from the front desk to the tech that gave my dog his shot. Have been with Dr. Erlund since she was located with her husband on Marbach Rd. Always makes me feel like part of the family. Thanks, Gary J Seaton"
- Gary Seaton
05/29/2018 20:14:39
"Like the renovations, the treatment rooms are very comfortable. The staff is fantastic too!"
- Marguerite L. Provencher
05/28/2018 19:05:05
"Doing great...Love, love, love Dr. Michele and Dr. Travis"
- Katherine Hinkle
05/26/2018 02:24:12
"From check in to check out, everything went very well."
- Michael Schofell
05/26/2018 01:50:24
"Boris (the cat) was exceptionally well treated. His appointment was scheduled efficiently, his surgery procedure was completed in a timely manner, and staff was professional but caring. Boris gives 2 paws up. Thank you."
- Victoria Lamfers
05/25/2018 21:12:49
"Waiting room wait long for no one else in the office. "
- Julie Nocker
05/24/2018 02:38:07
"Awesome! We've had nothing but great service. "
- Fernando Alvarez
05/24/2018 02:03:07
"The reception was welcoming and my dog did well in the exam room."
- RobyN Carley
05/19/2018 17:36:25
"Dr, Lorette has been treating my pets for many years because I trust her judgment and diagnosis. She cares for my pets as if they were her's."
- David Boyer
05/17/2018 19:12:03
"Very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and their concern for my pet. All questions were answered to my satisfaction and all options were fully discussed."
- Michael Clay
05/17/2018 02:23:53
"Everything was just fine. Needed to pick up some meds. for our dog they were ready and waiting when we got there."
- Sherry & Paul Aughinbaugh
05/17/2018 01:17:51
"Service is great. For babies are treated well. Great work by all staff."
- Marina Morin
05/14/2018 03:14:43
"I have complete confidence in Dr. Travis. He has always gotten us on the right pathway to solve a problem and for that we are grateful. Although we have a drive, it is worth it."
- Lee Richard
05/12/2018 12:24:15
"I like that you anticipate who's coming into the lobby, so there's never a bottle neck in the lobby. I like that you are sensitive to my dog's personality. I like that you take the time to discuss treatment and that you don't talk to me like an idiot."
- Julian Labit
05/12/2018 00:54:13
"Love the friendly staff and vets .. Even if Dr Michelle said Georgia was to fat ..well Dr Michelle Georgia heard you loud and clear and has lost weight and has lots more energy she really wants to thank you her self but she don't have thumbs and can't type ...lol "
- Lora Salyer
05/11/2018 13:25:36
"Everything is above satisfactory,"
- Gary Johnson
05/11/2018 01:43:48
"I find the wait time has gotten longer, but the time spent with us (dogs and me) is much longer and very thorough. "
- Cindy Tarver
05/10/2018 15:12:56
"You guys are great! Followed you from office to office. It is hard to find a vet that is caring and you guys are very much so. I appreciate the care that my best friend gets. "
- Anita Katzberg
05/10/2018 14:11:43
"Like the new clinic and everyone was friendly and caring."
- Gary Shelton
05/10/2018 02:46:36
"I was very pleased."
- BeverlY Zoricic
05/09/2018 21:00:52
" The last visit was to board my two Beagles. I was happy with their condition at time of pick up. Merlin was given a return checkup by Dr. Michelle and she called me to report on Merlin's skin condition and medicines that were to be refilled and/or added to treat his allergy. I am completely satisfied with GNAH treatment of my animals. "
- Charles Bartels Jr.
05/09/2018 17:54:55
"you did good, and there was no bad"
- Neal Serdar
05/09/2018 14:10:09
"Thanks for helping me pick the right food for my furbabies and always taking the best care of us"
- Sarah Williams-Kemp
05/09/2018 04:06:54
"I love the new location. The staff is very nice and attentive to the customers needs. The love and care they provide to each pet is simply beyond expectations. "
- David Coulter
05/08/2018 17:20:48
"You guys help me so much with by sweet Metro! He sends his love."
- Charlotte and Steven Potter
05/08/2018 04:07:08
"Everyone was so kind and comforting to Bella. Dr Wright, you're great! I'm glad I found your clinic."
- Becky Coers-Smith
05/08/2018 03:03:13
"Michele and Travis are not only great veterinarians, they are wonderful people. The staff are always kind and courteous. My fur baby is always treated as a member of my family."
- Amarie Chambers
05/07/2018 23:56:44
"Blaze is my "problem child" fur baby. She had a rough start with 2 rectal prolapses that required intervention by Dr. Ehrland early in her life. She was feral and has never been very affectionate and hates to be confined in a crate. With my daughter's assistance we were able to stresslessly capture her and get her to the office where she was calmly and expertly handled. My late husband used to handle the vet visits due to our work schedules. I felt very nervous about getting Blaze there and how she would react once there. Baseless fears as it turns out. I am very grateful! "
- Nancy Mifflin
05/07/2018 15:59:35
"Dr. Michele Wright is the best veterinarian! The staff are great! The new offices and remodel look amazing!"
- Wendy Padilla
05/07/2018 15:17:57
"Had 5:30 appointment. Was taken to room at 5:45 and vitals were taken. I sat there for awhile...heard vacuums going, people laughing/carrying on. Thinking I may have been overlooked, I peeked out to front desk and mentioned I was waiting.....mysteriously the Dr came in. While checking out, I was then told that a few emergencies had come in and that's why we were sern late. It just would've been nicer to have been updated or told from check in that Dr was running late. "
- Marianne Hay
05/06/2018 13:38:26
"Always a great visit when I take my Bear to be seen. Our last visit was because he was ill and everyone was very nice as usual. Bear is a rescue and has been having some issues with aggression and Dr Michelle Wright provided a lot of information on how I could help him manage his aggression. Thank you to you and your staff for always making Bear feel like he’s family. Carolina Barrera"
- Carolina Barrera
05/05/2018 09:39:07
"My experience with the intake receptionist, vet tech and the Vet Dr. was an very pleasant experience. I went in feeling like I had to put my pet down. Dr. Wright calmed me down enough and explained that my dog was not exhibiting signs of distress and we might consider a blood test to confirm her findings. Everything came back fine. With some medication and cleaning her ears she would likely be fine. A few days later and she is back to herself. "
- Kelly McDonald
05/05/2018 03:37:26
"Very pleasant when you walk in very helpful and caring"
- Rosie Hermes
05/04/2018 23:26:56
"Dr.Travis Wright always takes his time to explain things to us. He is very gentle with my dog and calm. When we call the office with questions, he always takes the time to call us back personally. We have been long time clients of Dr. Loretta and we were nervous about the new office. But we could not be happier with the new staff! "
- Lisa Daigle
05/04/2018 20:55:11
"I have not had enough experience with you since I came from Heritage but I am sure it will be great."
- John Thomas
05/04/2018 20:02:52
"My cat went for a dental cleaning. The only thing I would have liked different was knowing that the “DNR/ R” question was on that paperwork. I don’t like making desisions that quickly. And would have liked a day or more to think about it and talk it out with someone. "
- Sheryle Austin
05/03/2018 08:16:30
"My dog seemed to enjoy his visit with y'all. The communication with staff was great. When I asked questions the front desk staff where nice and explained it to me. The on My comment I have is that when I picked him up his harness was on wrong. My dog didn't seem in pain, it just is hard to walk him when the harness is not on or on wrong especially when he is excited. But I was actually okay because then I knew that it wasn't left on him for the weekend."
- Amy Cameron
05/03/2018 04:08:29
"You have been doing a fabulous job for 9 years for Charlie & Buddie and I will never be able to thank you all enough. "
- Debbie Van Metre
05/03/2018 00:43:46
"I like the personal service, the office staff & techs are friendly with the humans and are especially patient with the animals. I never feel rushed by the vets and feel all my questions are answered. One of the best things that I appreciate is that the vets give follow up phone calls to check on your pet and to answer questions you may have forgotten at the visit."
- Tia Ake
05/02/2018 15:45:12
"Everyone was excellent. "
- Jackie Marinelli
04/30/2018 21:35:30
"We're very happy with the care our cats (Will & Cali ) are getting. "
- Karen Bott
04/30/2018 16:20:12
"(really love the new office!!the vet we have was very kind and attentive.) but I'd also love to have more affordable care plans though.. Maybe even credit at your office where Financial payments or pre-payment credit is available. Having 5 pets who all need medical attention and annuals is not easy in one lump sum.. "
- Araceli Salinas
04/30/2018 12:08:58
"Great service. Everyone is really polite and helpful with questions I have had. Thank you"
- Ruben Garcia
04/27/2018 23:01:42
"We love this vet clinic. The staff is awesome and so nice. The doctors are friendly and knowledgeable. "
- Allison James
04/26/2018 23:42:15
"I love that I was read the report on Chica how she did during her boarding. Being her first stay she did so well when she came home. Normally it take her awhile to stop whiney. She was glad to be home as tho she never left home. Thank you"
- Rosa Long
04/24/2018 03:50:12
"Excellent service."
- Steven Lipton
04/24/2018 03:10:46
"I love how friendly the staff is. The techs and the front desk staff are always personable and make me feel like my pet is just as important to them and they are to me and that is the whole reason i have kept coming here. Dr Michelle is awesome and always takes the time to explain my options and what can be done. I especially appreciated the sensitivity she showed towards my sister when we lost our beloved Zoey . She did everything she could and even worked dillegently with another doctor to find the best course of action. We will never forget what she did and how sensitive she was during this difficult time . Thank you for all you do !!!"
- Diane Castellano
04/23/2018 01:42:10
"It was all good thanks. I'll see y'all again soon"
- Bernie Schurade
04/20/2018 02:35:01
"We are relatively new clients, but we have been impressed with Dr Michele and the staff. Everyone has been friendly and professional "
- Kim McDonald
04/19/2018 21:44:58
"Everything was explained very well."
- Pam Axtell
04/19/2018 19:53:52
"I love bringing my pets here and I think this vet will always strive to be the best office. Cost wise, I wish prices were discussed upfront so i could manage the financial impact a little better. I have spent a lot on my animals this year, as they needed to be cared for, but not knowing how much the boosters or wellness checks were was a little frustrating. I believe everyone in the office truly cares about their role in my pets care and appreciatw everyone. "
- Jacob Walsh
04/19/2018 18:25:52
"Great staff!! Great experience. The new office is really nice."
- Robert Colunga
04/19/2018 17:15:29
"It’s been a great experience each time I have visited this office I’ve only been in twice. "
- Val Ortiz
04/19/2018 17:06:57
"I came to pick up Jack after boarding him there and everthing went just fine from getting my bill to getting Jack. Receptionist was polite and helpful."
- Mary Ringer
04/19/2018 01:38:36
"Dr. Michelle explained everything and was very thorough. Glad we found you! Thank you nursing our Shadow back to good health. See you soon!"
- Frank Whitmer
04/19/2018 00:39:30
"I'm very pleased with the services I have needed for Beamer. The interest and care given Beamer was very reassuring.. Thanks to Dr. Michelle for her genuine care and concern in being sure Beamer would recover from his recent experience."
- Pam Baker
04/18/2018 21:31:26
"The Doctor was very thorough, caring and took her time answering all my questions (and I had a lot of them), and concerns. The assistant was very cordial and attentive as well. Pleased with this hospital. "
- Cecilia Gonzales
04/18/2018 19:10:20
"Doing. Great! Duncan loves y’all!"
- Frank Weaver
04/17/2018 22:54:01
"first visit went well, excited to take my pet, to an amazing tean "
- Erika Salazar
04/15/2018 02:34:04
"Every time Blu had any issues Y'all have been great in treating my little buddy. He seems to love it there and i think its due to the Doctors and the staff that makes him feel the love. Keep it up!!!"
- Larry Brann
04/14/2018 22:38:44
"Awesome, the facility was clean, the staff was very nice and makes me trust taking my dog for visits"
- Shaun Miller
04/14/2018 19:13:47
"Before, I went to Heritage Vet and when they combined with GNW the results was Great! When I take Cooper in I know that he will be taken care of. All the people there are wonderful."
- Peggy Montesi
04/13/2018 16:58:31
"I love how friendly everyone is. The staff treats us like family and takes the time to answer questions and provide suggestions."
- Stacy Cooper
04/13/2018 14:45:34
"Our last visit was just a short kenneling visit, great as always. "
- Ruben & Karrie Melendez
04/13/2018 13:46:03
"Sometimes the wait time is longer than desired. I suspect it is due to the merger. Many more clients. "
- Vida Frausto
04/13/2018 06:13:36
"I was a little worried when "management" changed since I am a creature of habit but I still feel at home every time I walk in the door. The new building looks good. Change is good. It just takes time to gets used to it. Keep up the great work! Don't listen to the naysayers! You are doing wonderful things for our pets!"
- Oralia Lara-Vargas
04/13/2018 02:39:17
"Our first experience was amazing and my dog was healthy! It’s a great feeling to have that if she has an issue in the future, she will be in great, caring hands. "
- Rebecca Chilton
04/13/2018 01:24:22
"From the front office to the back everyone is so attentive and caring. Very thorough and complete."
- Ruth Rowland
04/13/2018 00:46:06
"Dr. MICHELLE has an excellent and loving way with my cats. I admire her professional methods. Working with her I believe my cats are getting the best care possible. "
- Robert La Farge
04/12/2018 22:48:25