"Miss Daisy is treated as though she's a small child. Such a loving, good hearted staff! I love the new interior!"
- Pamela Meissner
09/21/2018 02:56:59
"Everything was good; our questions were answered and the examination was thorough."
- C. E. Kimball Jr.
09/20/2018 07:50:12
"Excellent and friendly staff. Very knowledgeable and very patient with Bob. Plenty of space in lobby also. "
- James Halpin
09/19/2018 02:58:58
"Austin was very reluctant to go down the hall to treatment room. Staff was great and encouraging."
- Mina Marsden
09/17/2018 08:15:00
"This time I only bought the Sentinel for my dog, but overall my experience with the new owners has been excellent. My pets always come back happy when they stay overnight. All the improvements you have made to the place are amazing."
- Sandra Elizondo
09/16/2018 20:03:51
"We are very happy with Eleanor she is great with our Bichon Frise. All the girls at the Reception are great."
- Kimble & Susy Knowlden
09/16/2018 15:24:02
"I did not go to the appointment with my daughter, but she did state the new appearance of the clinic and stated that it was very nice. She was pleased with the appointment of Valentina."
- Carmen Saenz
09/15/2018 20:01:23
"Great customer service and knowledgeable information provided."
- Dennis Gutierrez
09/13/2018 21:28:00
"So far since I’m fairly new Great Northwest is doing a excellent job. Very nice as soon as we walk in. Place looks amazing. Staff have been truly nice and the vet explains everything in detail what is going on with my pet. He is a senior so he’s super delicate but they treat him with such great care. This place is a blessing to me compared to my last vet. I’m very happy. Thank you. "
- Samantha Ellison
09/13/2018 16:29:46
"Very satisfied by the services received for Tutti."
- Nancy Comesanas
09/13/2018 11:50:00
"Everything was great! Love how they work with me and allow me to drop off my babies for care while I go to work. Dr Michelle is the best !"
- Diane Castellano
09/11/2018 20:56:13
"Quick wait time and very direct. Didn’t nickel or dime me or pressure me to get stuff I didn’t need. All prices upfront so no surprises. Overall great experience. Will continue to come here for future pet needs."
- Melanie McCarty
09/11/2018 20:21:19
"Very pleased with how we have been treated"
- BeverlY Zoricic
09/10/2018 16:36:27
"Everyone was so friendly "
- Susana Matthews
09/09/2018 20:47:06
"We had a good time but it took a long time. "
- Jan Lasley
09/09/2018 16:36:42
"I have taken my dog in for a vet visit (healthy dog for vaccinations and check up - new patient) and for grooming. Both have been great experiences. I have no complaints. The care and services may be why I go, but the staff is why I'll keep coming back. "
- Brian Dempster
09/09/2018 13:43:31
"The staff is very nice! Overall a great office!"
- Matthew Hersum
09/08/2018 05:48:47
"Love your facility, however the cost of pet care is high."
- Lisa Giunta
09/07/2018 19:41:36
"Excellent service"
- Steven Lipton
09/07/2018 01:10:15
"Best grooming that Meg has ever had! I really appreciate you getting her out as early as you did."
- John R. Johnson
09/06/2018 22:29:00
"Great. Everyone was friendly and helpful. "
- Suzanne Irvin
09/06/2018 14:32:32
"Everyone is so friendly and willing to step in. It was hard for me to transition because the old Doc was my vet for so many years but everyone has really stepped in to make me feel good about keeping my vets here. Thanks a bunch!"
- Oralia Lara-Vargas
09/06/2018 02:04:43
"Great customer service both employees front desk nice and smiling. "
- Laura Burrus
09/05/2018 09:23:38
"I absolutely loved everyone at Great Northwest! I just recently moved to the area and I couldn’t have asked for a better staff and vet to take care of my furbaby!"
- Samantha Pettus
08/30/2018 02:30:45
- Pam Axtell
08/29/2018 18:45:37
"Everything was great!"
- Rhonda Estes
08/27/2018 01:09:52
"Dr. Wright and her tech did an excellent job taking care of Nikki with her exam and we will continue to take our animals to this clinic. I would recommend anyone else to take their pets to the Great Northwest Clinic."
- Christine Pike
08/23/2018 23:02:06
"A wonderful place to take my pets.."
- Carol Fisher
08/23/2018 18:09:12
"You’re doing great, that’s why we trust the care of our fur babies to you."
- William Mann
08/23/2018 18:07:44
"I always feel welcome and that Porky is safe. No complaints."
- Clayton Mallory
08/22/2018 20:43:38
"Everyone was super nice and I loved how fast everything went. Thank you!"
- Stephania Galan
08/22/2018 18:08:49
"Phoebe was groomed. Wonderful job done by groomer."
- Sharon K. Zimpher
08/22/2018 17:33:16
"Everything is good and personnel is attentive and seem concern to the health wellness of our pets "
- Consuelo Ramos
08/22/2018 00:25:11
"You doing great. Very friendly and cares about the pets "
- Kathy Juhl
08/21/2018 00:44:00
"I just love everyone there! They all love my animals and take the time to explain everything, especially Dr. Michelle. They were very sweet when my Scrappy died, and I know they did all they could for him. I’m glad to have such wonderful vets and their staff close by. "
- Tracy Andrews
08/20/2018 19:54:09
"We had a great experience and the fact that your office took us in as a walk in right away and took the time to make a personal call to see how Oso was doing. We will definitely keep coming back. "
- Sonja Ramirez
08/20/2018 15:48:29
"Our last trip there was excellent. Very prompt and courteous. "
- Kris Weese
08/20/2018 15:32:22
"Love the attention and care provided by all the staff members and doctor. Must say that I appreciated the follow up call from the staff the next day to make sure Oliver was doing ok."
- Javier Martinez
08/17/2018 23:36:00
"Every aspect of Buddy’s and my visit was great from your receptionists,to vet techs, and, of course, seeing Dr. Ehrlund. "
- Brenda Buchanan
08/17/2018 21:13:22
"We are so happy with the service here at this veterinary clinic . They always treat us very kindly and treat our dog amazing. They care for our and many other pets very nicely. We know if we have a question they will gladly answer. We are so grateful for how amazing they are. "
- Guadalupe Alvarez
08/17/2018 18:28:20
"The service and treatment ofmy multiple working canines is excellent."
- Global K9 Solutions Herman Haynes
08/14/2018 23:55:03
"Excellent care, excellent service. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I feel like you really care about my babies! "
- Angie Reznicek
08/14/2018 21:41:03
"Yall took the best care of my puppers last week. The directions to give Mollie her medicine were explained very clearly and thoroughly. Thank you!!!!"
- Chelsea Schwartz
08/14/2018 21:36:52
"Great experience and I truly appreciate how thorough and friendly everyone was... Love the report card and notes email after visit!! Thanks and I look forward to coming back!"
- David DeLuna
08/14/2018 21:23:49
"The best thing I can say is more tests and other screening was not done just to make more money. We love our dog and the pain she was in hurt us very much, and not having to add to another bank account ment a lot for us. Thank you for not wanting to make money and only giving our baby care first. "
- Michael Hicks
08/14/2018 21:00:35
"Everyone we encountered was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We sensed a genuine love for animals. Thank you."
- Victoria Lamfers
08/10/2018 16:22:40
"Awesome experience! Great job!"
- Giovanna D'Ambra
08/09/2018 00:51:06
"I was surprised that the wait time was not too long. Our dog was getting boosters but we were seen within 10-15 minutes."
- Danielle Ramirez
08/08/2018 02:37:21
"I was impressed with the new facility. The staff was professional ,courteous, and at my appointments I was clearly informed of what was going to take place that day. Both medical and grooming appointments exceeded my expectations and I will be referring all I know to your hospital. "
- Vicente Ayala
08/08/2018 01:03:37
"I took my skinny pig for a check up and came out finding out I was going to be having 4 more skinny pigs and my pinky pig had many test done and the price was very reasonable. I have not one bad thing to say about this vet clinic awesome service and awesome people thank you so much :) "
- Marisa Zepeda
08/07/2018 22:36:22
"Great, the staff is super friendly!"
- Apolinar Vargas
08/07/2018 21:50:41
"I love that everyone is so friendly and sweet with our pups, even when they are nervous the staff does a great job of comforting them."
- Kayla Torres
08/07/2018 21:10:14
"I loved how thourough and passionate and friendly the staff was! Great facility, staff, and of course Vet!! Felt at ease and comfortable!"
- Denise Jaramillo
08/07/2018 19:53:32
"Doing great, love you all."
- Katherine Hinkle
08/05/2018 15:06:11
- Fernando Alvarez
08/03/2018 21:52:46
"Excellent facility. Staff is friendly & they made us feel welcome as soon as we step in the door. Thank you for the good care & great experience. We were very impressed."
- Mary Lou Gomez
08/01/2018 01:28:14
"Clean area Fast appointment Fair prices We love this facility "
- April Medellin
07/31/2018 21:06:31
"Staff is very caring & takes the time to understand what is going on & explain how to treat. Really appreciate the post treatment follow-up. "
- Marion Fraser
07/28/2018 02:43:10
"Love the care my furbabies get . Whether its basic nail care, preventative care or urgent care, they treat them like they are their own. "
- Marina Morin
07/26/2018 22:36:43
"I love Dr. Michelle. She’s amazing, compassionate, realistic and honest. I recommend this office to all my friends and family."
- Jillian Inman
07/26/2018 20:17:51
"I absolutely love the work you all are doing. My dogs are my children and I have the utmost faith in Dr. Travis and Dr. Michelle to care for my boys. They are always gentle and loving, but also honest and attempt to advise me on the least expensive options while still benefiting my dogs best interest. Most of the staff knows us the minute we walk in or call. They are always joyful and friendly towards me and my dogs. I would highly recommend this place to everyone who loves their pet like family. "
- Bridget Ernest
07/26/2018 19:49:27
"The doctor took the time to talk and answer our questions and we were/are very appreciative of her time."
- Robyn Carley
07/26/2018 11:56:07
"Don't have anything bad to say it's all good"
- Lora Salyer
07/25/2018 22:19:43
"GNW Animal Hospital always know my pet's and my name when we come through the door. Personnel are thorough and gentle with my pet. They explain any issues in laymen's language and answer any questions I may have. We are very satisfied. Won't take my pet anywhere else. Furthermore, GNWAH is full service. My only suggestion would be to change the grooming service hours from Tuesday through Saturday so those who work during the week can take advantage. "
- Richard Boyles
07/25/2018 21:57:26
"I am most satisfied No issues at all. Prompt atrention, diagnosis and hopefully correct treatment. Time will tell on that part "
- Paul Reynolds
07/25/2018 18:50:37
"The visit for Biscuit and Cupcake was excellent!!! Excellent staff!!! Keep up the great work."
- Felicidad Ramirez
07/22/2018 14:34:41
"No complains."
- Charles C. Murphy
07/22/2018 03:23:43
- John Smith
07/21/2018 23:29:19
"Did a great job on Molly’s nails. Quick service and Jon well done."
- Gloria Peveto
07/21/2018 21:23:00
"You are an excellent Doctor and we love you! I guess my email crossed with this survey. Your staff is always so friendly, cheerful and very professional. I have not met the other Doctors, however I bet they are great just like both Drs. Michele and Travis."
- Herlinda Zuchel
07/18/2018 22:45:16
"Dr. Ehrlund, the med team and administrative team have been amazing in the care of Riley! My experiences at the hospital have always been pleasant and addressed with concern and compassion. Thank you for all you do!"
- Roxanne Beavers
07/18/2018 21:41:20
"Great, excellent..........very pleased"
- PaulA Martinez
07/16/2018 14:45:08
"Dr. Loretta is very loving and gentle with all our babies every time we come in. "
- Alma Dowdle
07/14/2018 15:45:19
"Very caring and helpful "
- Lisa Guillen
07/13/2018 20:32:03
"Everyone is Always so kind and helpful"
- Diane Castellano
07/13/2018 14:33:59
"It is so rare to be able to state clearly and honestly that we have complete trust and satisfaction with the care our pets receive. We have found a veterinary practice that is delivered with great professionalism backed by high integrity and honesty. We are so grateful."
- Lee Richard
07/12/2018 22:35:17
"I love the new office. We are new to you since we followed your mother Loretta over. She has been our vet since she and your father were located on Marbach in the 80's."
- David Coulter
07/12/2018 18:15:30
" Great experience I feel that Dr Wright cares about my pets ."
- Anita Katzberg
07/11/2018 14:33:35
"you’re the best: staff and DVMs...previous and new. Very knowledgeable, caring, professional, friendly and thorough. Also I like the new facility. "
- Erma Wilcoxson
07/09/2018 03:25:04
"So helpful and caring. Always ask about my pet and to see if he’s ok "
- Logan Jones
07/08/2018 13:55:34
"I think you are doing very well. Every time i attend the scheduled appointment, there is always a greeting and always seems to be pleasure when seeing us. There is always patience for my dog regardless of what he is doing and there are tips given all the time. "
- Ryan Valdez
07/07/2018 04:32:46
"No complaints at all...staff very knowledgable and so good with my pup!!"
- David Sherrell
07/06/2018 02:08:05
"Doing great!"
- Ed Valentine
07/05/2018 22:53:51
"I love your office. Everyone is so nice and very understanding of my Bear Bear and his not so nice behavior sometimes. It’s top notch service with amazing staff"
- Carolina Barrera
07/05/2018 21:46:44
"You were amazing. My dog was bleeding from her head and you immediately too her back and help stop the bleeding. I was able to see my favorite Vet within an hour and schedule my baby girl for her surgery. You explained the cost and calculated high so there would be no financial surprises during care. I am looking forward the the actual cost being less since I am on a tight budget. All staff were friendly and supportive."
- Charles Russell
07/02/2018 17:53:01
"All was great when we visited! Thanks for loving our fur babies!"
- Kay Bruce
06/30/2018 01:56:44
"Appreciate the prompt and friendly service"
- Robbie Nelson
06/29/2018 02:03:44
"I have absolute confidence in dr Wright. My pet can’t talk to me so we go to dr Wright who must be able to communicate with her l. He always takes care of her problems. She apparently confides in him because she always feels better very soon after seeing him. "
- John Gallegos
06/28/2018 19:46:47
"Every visit has been great! Going to miss coming here after we move"
- Rebecca Neitzke
06/28/2018 19:12:00
"Great experience!! "
- Brenda Farias
06/26/2018 23:46:36
"My first time at the new office. Everything went great. As always. "
- Nathan Fowler
06/26/2018 21:49:49
"Excellent customer service! So grateful they were able to get me in within an hour of me calling and answered all of my questions thoroughly. Definitely will be the place I go to from now on. "
- Sarah Hobson
06/26/2018 18:35:33
"We have loved the experience in the clinic since the first day and the follow-up given to our Tutti always after his visit. THANK YOU! Excellent service!"
- Nancy Comesanas
06/23/2018 01:25:25
"Everyone was great "
- Leticia Ibarra
06/22/2018 18:44:39
"Great experience. My dog is doing very well into his old age thanks to regular check ups and attention from you guys."
- Scott McDonald
06/21/2018 18:57:41
"I have 100% trust and confidence in the staff. Always so wonderful to us. Straight forward & honest!!! You couldn't pay me to go to another animal hospital! "
- Jessica Hunter
06/20/2018 03:12:40
"I have been going to Heritage Vet for 6 yrs and followed Dr Ehrland to Great Northwest. I like the bigger facilities, and everything is so new, frsh and clean. I boarded Chulo for the first time and was pleased with his care. He seemed to be happy and was happy when we brought him back after taking him out for a visit. Have not met all the staff yet, but everyone I have met has been helpful and professional."
- Elizabeth Sloma
06/17/2018 22:17:27
"Excellent is how I describe your services. Dr. Michelle is the ultimate professional. She cares about Daryl and his brothers in their efforts to lose weight. I highly recommend their services."
- Robert La Farge
06/16/2018 20:59:06
"Everyone was wonderful. Eleanore, Karla."
- Kimble & Susy Knowlden
06/15/2018 10:30:26
"It was good the vet we saw today was very detailed and caring great experience "
- Stephanie Gordon
06/15/2018 03:08:15