"Elsa had a great experience! Elsa is super anxious. The vet tech let us do the oral shot she had to take outside, helped elsa alot. And the last time we came we went in the side door to help her anxiety. We have a special dog (anxious) and you guys help us keep her calm. Thankyou!! "
- Kady Balboa
10/01/2017 16:40:21
"Our visits are always great!"
- William Cartwright
10/01/2017 00:54:43
"I was waited on right away. Since it was a very busy time, 2 people took care of me. Margie greeted me and got the process started and then a second person retrieved items for me in the back and rang me up. We had a good conversation and I left with my dog food and medications and a smile on my face!"
- Rudelle Crowley
09/30/2017 18:49:42
"Love you guys! Dr Sheller is the best! "
- Nigel Clark
09/30/2017 16:48:35
"I made a mistake and showed up for my Friday appt on Thursday and you still worked me in. THANK YOU!! "
- Debbie Owczarzak
09/30/2017 16:35:51
"Vale Park is a wonderful pet hospital. I recommend everyone that I can to them. The facility is very well kept up and the people there are so compassionate and caring. "
- Steve Schiller
09/30/2017 14:48:02
"You have always been an amazing place. When we had to put down Brissa you made the transition as smooth as possible with you compassionate staff. "
- Lisa Baisden
09/30/2017 14:33:41
"Love Dr Kim! She is very understanding and explains thing very well!"
- Sandra Hall
09/22/2017 21:30:40
"I have total confidence in Vale Park. They have taken care of our furry babies for years. "
- Joann Urschel
09/22/2017 19:33:12
"Keep up the good work!"
- Stephanie Lasayko
09/22/2017 19:25:54
"We always receive such great care! "
- Marie Gottschlich
09/22/2017 19:01:00
"You're wonderful!"
- Douglas Norris
09/22/2017 16:22:42
"Always greeted when I come in. My pets get the utmost professional care . Couldn't ask for anything better."
- Janet Szalmasagi
09/22/2017 10:51:07
"We love it here! You all are great 😊"
- Jillian Speckhard
09/21/2017 16:52:57
"I really have nothing to complain about. The entire staff, including Dr. Jerry, is friendly and courteous. "
- Lisa Kusbel
09/20/2017 13:53:36
"The waiting time was very short, the tech "Cami" did the blood work and nail trimming on Abbott and Trudy. She was great, so nice and explained how Abbott and Trudy reacted to the procedures. We felt very comfortable leaving our cats in her hands, you could tell she loved animals. Thank You."
- Lawrence Wronka
09/20/2017 00:05:20
"Awesome! We love the attention to detail. Thank you"
- Jamee Swanson
09/19/2017 21:57:08
"Doing great! Keep it up!!"
- Pam Dombrowski
09/19/2017 20:45:52
"As always we had an excellent experience from start to finish. The gals on the phone are always so accommodating to our needs and friendly when we come through the door. The techs are always organized, thorough, and knowledgeable. The facility is always spotless in and out. Dr Bill is an absolute blessing to our kennel with his positive attitude, excellent teaching skills, thorough exams with realistic plans of care, and science based rationales for the care he provides and recommend. The clinic's interventions always appear to be at the cutting edge of the standards of care and scientific best practices. Vale Park is top notch and the only place for my kennel's healthcare needs."
- Erin Davis
09/19/2017 17:17:02
"I love the staff at your clinic...especially Dr Booth....my pet is at his worst behavior, and you all "put up" with his bad behavior...kind, understanding,,,you, not him...and I hate when he acts his worst, but you guys always do your best"
- Karen Miller
09/18/2017 16:30:44
"The staff is always friendly and genuine. "
- Laura Golembieski
09/18/2017 01:13:31
"Appointment was close to the scheduled time (Good). Dr. Bill Was very forthright about the gravity of probable problem that our dog has. Dr. volunteered to find a discount card for some very expensive testing at Purdue University vet school. Staff were friendly and helpful. KEEP IT UP!"
- John Steffen
09/17/2017 19:27:22
"I called at 8 and got a same day appointment at 11. Carole answered the phone and she knew I was worried abd she got me the next open appointment "
- Karen Steininger
09/17/2017 16:46:21
"We are very happy with the attention and care you have provided for Wall-E."
- Shelly Gavaller
09/17/2017 04:30:49
"Just needed a heartworm dose. Just called one day. And it was ready and waiting the next. I appreciate that."
- Mike Hyndman
09/16/2017 16:59:47
"We've been with Vale Park for 15 years. Moved from Valpo to near Chicago a couple years ago and still bring our pets to Vale Park for care. Worth it. "
- Jason Miller
09/16/2017 14:56:41
"Great customer service!"
- Erin Hawkins
09/16/2017 13:05:04
"It's been really easy to get appointments since you added the later hours. Plus, once I get there I'm not spending half as much time in the waiting room or even waiting in the exam rooms. It's really helped and I'm very grateful for it."
- Kristie Hill
09/16/2017 01:13:27
"We love it here. Everyone is very nice and takes the time to answer questions."
- Bill Moxey
09/15/2017 20:07:33
"Staff are very friendly and helpful"
- Ashley Kuder
09/14/2017 15:18:04
"Everyone from the front desk reception area to the Doctors are exceptionally pleasant to interact with. Very good customer service all around."
- Kathy Johnson
09/14/2017 14:41:05
"Everyone has always been very friendly and helpful. "
- Erin Lawler
09/14/2017 10:48:46
"Terry is the best at cutting Bear's nails! I won't let anyone else do it! She is patient and not afraid of him. Calm so that he is calm. Can't say enough good things about her."
- Jim Williams
09/14/2017 02:08:25
"Just excellent! :)"
- Paula Schmidt
09/13/2017 16:03:28
"The staff has been helping me with a internet pharmacy request and keeping me informed about some problems with that. I appreciate their help."
- Donna Ellis
09/13/2017 00:21:30
"We had no problem at all. Everyone is always so friendly and so good with my cat. And Dr. Jerry is the best. "
- Yvonne Hersh
09/12/2017 21:08:39
"Both the tech and Dr. Sheller are very proficient at handling a scared cat. This made me feel better about bringing him to the Dr. The staff at the front desk are really friendly and helpful when I need to buy Tippy's food. Keep up the great service."
- Connie Thiel
09/12/2017 21:05:37
"Dr. Jerry spent time during the visit and in the subsequent follow-up phone call to fully discuss Wrigley's condition. I very much appreciate his responsiveness, caring, and professionalism."
- Mary Marvel
09/11/2017 17:53:08
"Everything was great. "
- Chad Schuitema
09/11/2017 17:41:08
"We have had very positive experiences at Vale Park in the last 20 years we have been taking our animals there. The office managers are friendly and work well with people if there are any problems. I love Dr. Bill! He is always open and available to talk."
- Rose Hakes
09/09/2017 17:02:33
"Friendly, helpful and amazing people!!!"
- Donna Love
09/09/2017 15:34:06
"As always, the Best !!"
- Richard Griffith
09/09/2017 12:46:15
"Keep up the good work"
- Richard Sexton
09/08/2017 16:39:06
"The last time I was there was a couple weeks ago for a nail trim for Blu. The assistant did abeautiful job & made him feel at ease it was great! "
- Diane Redlarczyk
09/07/2017 17:33:58
"I always have a good experience every time I visit."
- Denise Longden
09/07/2017 13:50:29
"We love the staff at VP!!!"
- Amy Rodriguez
09/05/2017 22:18:56
"Everyone was very helpful, considerate and friendly."
- Sharon Jackson
09/05/2017 20:01:52
"I have had very good experiences with Vale Park. "
- Susan Chell
09/05/2017 19:56:02
"I have nothing bad to say about your service. I love taking my pet to see DR. Bill"
- Latonya Lopez
09/02/2017 14:47:09
"I always feel like the entire staff cares about me and my pets."
- Nancy Gifford
09/02/2017 02:33:01
"We just love Dr Bill. He is so kind and caring. "
- Ron Ziulkowski
09/01/2017 06:05:17
"The staff behind the desk is awesome. They always make me feel welcome."
- Dawn Curtis
09/01/2017 02:02:51
"The Doctor took all the time needed to answer all my questions."
- Gary Fischer
08/31/2017 20:08:28
"Great, couldn't imagine taking my pets any other place."
- Trudie Nelson
08/31/2017 20:02:52
"Always treats my pet well. Courteous and thorough in treatment. Keep up the good work "
- Barb Patterson
08/31/2017 19:55:56
"I always have a positive experience. The doctors and staff always treat my dog well. You can tell they care."
- Diane Krueger
08/31/2017 19:40:14
"While your technicians were taking care of Fritz, I asked the young lady at the front desk about allergy medication for Fritz. She happily fetched a copy of all the allergy medications and their dosages for dogs. "
- Leland Will
08/31/2017 19:12:32
"Dr scheller and Rachael are awesome! The assistant that helped me when I brought in the fecal sample was amazing. So helpful and answered all my questions. "
- Kate Gong
08/31/2017 19:10:40
"I am so grateful I chose Vale Park, and am extremely happy with the care and staff. Thank you!"
- Stacey Kellogg
08/29/2017 23:05:39
"Casey being a new patient, I feel that the entire staff at Vale Park Animal Hospital are very caring and professional. I feel Casey is good hands."
- Lou Lindinger
08/29/2017 20:44:21
"We were so thankful that you opened your doors well before office hours to see our injured dog! We were beside ourselves with worry and your whole staff put our fears to rest and the doctor took care of the situation. We can't say thank you enough!"
- Daniel Knoop
08/28/2017 11:22:34
"You all are doing a wonderful job! everyone that works here are extremely nice helpful and compassionate...my husband and I think Dr. Bill is awesome!!! Your all really great and I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart...my animals are my children and I love them more than life and to see them sick or hurting is devastating so thank you again for the great care you provide. Sincerely, Cathy Shomo"
- Cathy Shomo
08/27/2017 18:43:24
"Everyone very kind and Bella doing better. Thanks to Dr. Bill and all staff."
- Nancy Carmody
08/25/2017 13:37:30
"The staff is Great! Always upbeat, friendly, and helpful. "
- Kathleen Jacobs
08/25/2017 02:11:44
"Very little waiting time as compared to past experiences. Always enjoyable visit with Dr. Bill! He's the best! :) "
- Amy Cory
08/24/2017 16:48:21
"The service was excellent, We will always come back to Vale Park."
- Cydney Knight
08/24/2017 01:10:46
"Love Dr Kim"
- Joanne Berry
08/23/2017 18:04:00
"The staff I was in contact with was courteous, efficient, knowledgeable, a real pleasure to work with and the merchandise I needed was in stock, a great experience all around (: Dana McGuire"
- Don McGuire
08/23/2017 17:17:28
"ALWAYS courteous and caring for my pets! I would strongly recommend Vale Park Animal Hospital!"
- Julie Dalton
08/23/2017 17:00:10
"Great experience! Thank you!!"
- Dawn Delahunty
08/23/2017 16:39:31
"Excellent all the way around "
- Leeann Campaniello
08/23/2017 02:10:46
"Always feel that I'm with the best there is with Dr. Bill, and the VP staff! "
- Charles Naumowich
08/22/2017 22:12:34
"Personnel are courteous and professional. Always a pleasure to have Dr. Donahue caring for our dog during her visit. "
- Craig Tkach
08/22/2017 20:48:18
"Th visit was good. It moved along and the wait time wasn't bad at all. Everyone was friendly and very helpful."
- Elizabeth Arizpe
08/22/2017 17:15:46
"Absolutely love Dr. Boothe. She has been great with our dogs. Vet techs and office workers are wonderful and helpful as well."
- Jennifer Estill
08/21/2017 21:38:35
"Excellent as always!"
- Lisa Peterson
08/21/2017 17:22:26
"The staff that I have had the pleasure seeing have always treated not only my animals with care but also me which truly means a lot."
- Amanda Osvalds
08/20/2017 18:40:07
"Dr Bill is always so caring to our 3cats. "
- William Hall
08/20/2017 01:41:11
"The staff is awesome. The receptionist was so helpful and accommodating. She got me in right away & did not make me come back to update shots. I came in just for nail clipping & end d up getting everything that visit. All my questions & concerns were take care of. In the past, the facility took care of my other pets & also my parents pet. My Mom passed away & then their dog (Buddy Jackson) got bad. We had to bring him in to put him down. Dad was heartbroken & very low on money due to the loss of my Mom. Everyone on yourstaff was so companionate that I will never forget. "
- Sherry Martin
08/19/2017 17:06:30
"Dr. Sheller is amazing. Explains test results in a way that anyone can understand it."
- Robert Barnes
08/19/2017 14:46:47
"your staff rushed the order so i didnt have to make a separate trip...i really appreciate that. everyone was professional and welcoming."
- Jane Cooperman
08/18/2017 00:55:09
"Dr Schiller's expertise is awesome. She takes the time to talk to me, and if there are any questions I have, she is more than willing to find out the answer if she doesn't know. "
- Kim Smith
08/17/2017 22:43:45
"Vale Park Animal Hospital is THE best!"
- Frank Berger
08/17/2017 19:50:56
"Therese was a very competent tech and Dr. Booth very professional and thorough in her exam and ability to answer questions."
- Jeanne Trifone
08/17/2017 18:36:02
"Very personal and professional care, from office staff and techs to the Vets. Thanks!"
- Jennifer Garfin
08/17/2017 17:02:42
"Great! Staff always friendly and helpful."
- Richard Lapis
08/16/2017 19:55:10
"I'm always very pleased with the care and the attention my pet and myself receive every time I come in! "
- Melissa Piette
08/16/2017 19:18:33
"You should be very proud of your veteran practice. We feel very confident in the care our Dobermans received and everyone is very helpful. We have rescued many dogs in the past at our previous home in Pittsburgh. We have never felt this confident in our veterinarians as we do with Vale Park. Your doctors and staff are always top notch "
- James Tommarello
08/14/2017 23:32:11
"No complaints or issued with ValePark. We drive 30 mins out of town just to go to this vet. You guys are always avaliable to take our pup and everyone is very friendly. We highly recommend ValePark to anyone we run into with pets. "
- Megan Arehart
08/14/2017 00:14:00
"You are doing great. I am impressed with the knowledge and the communication skills of your staff."
- Dr. Jay Karol
08/13/2017 20:24:52
"Always a great experience. Qualified knowledgeable staff. Couldn't ask for more."
- Jake Wagner
08/13/2017 18:56:57
"the entire experience was great: awesome vet tech, awesome vet and my dog was treated as the loving family member, that she is :)"
- Kelly Hogan
08/11/2017 23:18:12
- Jennifer Kasperek
08/11/2017 16:58:52
"Always helpful and knowledgeable with your pets. Pleasant staff to talk to and be around. Norhing ever to say about Vale Park. A+ in every aspect. "
- Chris McMillan
08/11/2017 14:47:19
"NEVER been accused of being SHY, so here goes. Have been coming to Vale since Otis was 6 months old and he's now 11+. Have never had a bad experience and the staff goes above and beyond as far as mailing out meds and being helpful and courteous. As long as Otis exists, Vale Park will be our go to. Also, Dr. Jerry is our vet and don't tell him this but we think he's the greatest but I don't want him to get a big head. He has always been there for Otis and explains everything and is very thorough. Recommend all my friends to Vale Park, you guys are fantastic. Joanne Ferro"
- James Ferro
08/11/2017 01:02:52
"This is Vicky responding. Coach is our third dog, and we've been coming to Vale Park since 1995. Everyone goes out of his or her way for the animals and owners. I love to go in and see my pals. Debbie Hanberry has a heart of gold and a personality to match. I also want to mention how sweet Carol, Jamie, and Margie are. I highly recommend Vale Park to everyone I know with a pet!"
- Dan Roberts
08/10/2017 15:28:21
" Just want to say Thank You!! We have been with you for many wonderful years and have come to know a lot of your staff as our friends. Thank You, Gary and Diane Justice and( Jingersnapp and Bentley Bear)."
- Diane Justice
08/09/2017 22:35:03
"Bleys was in for a recheck on removal of an anal gland tumor. Dr. Sheller really does a spectacular job and that's not just because no regrowth was felt! "
- Susan Cleveland
08/09/2017 20:21:04
"Taffy's always very nervous when she's at the vet. Everyone tries their hardest to make it as easy as possible for her. This time she even took a treat! She usually doesn't want anything except to get out to the car!"
- Kathleen Springer
08/09/2017 02:54:48
"Positives are all I really have. Staff, physicians-all are kind, gentle, patience and a smile when appropriate. I dislike the costs, but understand the needs. As I used to tell my kids and now my grandkids, you get what you pay for and, apparently it is still that way. Thanks for your wonderful services."
- Hope Mcginty
08/08/2017 20:56:08