"Great staff and response time. Patient and friendly with all questions and concerns "
- Chenaye Pifer
07/11/2024 10:21:47
"Everyone was very polite, cheerful, helpful and, in short, WONDERFUL!"
- Walter Wible
07/10/2024 15:28:01
"Great job everyone "
- David Bradford
07/09/2024 16:33:09
"We had an amazing first visit! Don’t change a thing!"
- Judy Dodd
07/03/2024 18:39:08
"Dr Dougie and her staff are amazing and kind"
- Chris Charlton
07/03/2024 16:21:15
"Henrietta was calm and relaxed. The staff was very nice and took great care in handling her. Thank you for seeing her so quickly. She is doing so much better."
- Kay Warren
07/03/2024 12:10:44
"I’ve always had excellent service. You demonstrate care and concern for Loki and I appreciate that. You respond quickly to our needs and that makes a huge impact."
- Carla Biggart
06/29/2024 13:32:37
"I appreciate the professional and caring interactions that Syd and Mel received during their appointment. The cats were stressed after entering the vet exam room. Syd walked around after he came out of his kennel, but became afraid and somewhat aggressive behavior when receiving his shots. Mel was so stressed that he would not come out of his kennel. He showed aggressive/defensive behaviors due to overwhelming stress/fear. Both Syd and Mel are never like this at home, so it was stressful for me too. The care they received was excellent and a plan is now in place whenever they need a visit to help relieve their stress before appointments. I also was made to feel less stressed by the caring ways in which the boys were treated even though their behavior was not at all like their calm, purring sweetness they exhibit at home. "
- Susan Buckelew
06/28/2024 13:48:31
"Amazing as always!!! "
- Hagan Smith
06/27/2024 19:11:37
"Great! "
- Rita Lufriu
06/26/2024 15:55:27
"Everyone was really nice!! Very nice and clean facility! Highly recommended! Plus, they have an app that makes it more convenient!!"
- Chanae Lacy
06/26/2024 13:21:29
"All staff professional and caring"
- Christine Lacourse
06/25/2024 12:25:01
"It was a great experience, even though Willow is a screamer and unfortunately I have been homebound since April and not able to get them taken care of until now; the techs were very patient with them!! "
- Anne Page
06/25/2024 12:02:00
"Each experience has been exceptional! This is easily the most thorough, caring, attentive doctor we’ve used for our cat. The entire staff is always friendly and helpful and shows so much love and concern for our pet. Dr Dougia is the best vet we’ve ever used for the care of our cat. "
- Ted Martin
06/23/2024 20:57:16
"Good website. Good access by telephone. Excellent service and advice."
- Karl Dunn
06/23/2024 12:15:44
"We love you guys! You're all perfect in every way!"
- Kelly Snyder
06/21/2024 17:41:13
"Happy with everyone I have dealt with and with the way they have treated us."
- Eric Guerin
06/18/2024 20:27:56
"Excellent care. Friendly staff. The vet is awesome. Very informative and calms my concerns about my pets health. The only vet I place my trust and care of my pets"
- Donna Dixon
06/18/2024 11:07:35
"This place is amazing. Each of you have always been wonderful. Please take a minute and know that you guys are doing a super job and we appreciate you!"
- Paul Davis
06/12/2024 13:54:36
"As always our trip MPH was delightful! Daisy was as happy as could be to come in and see ya’ll and get her vaccinations! We love you you guys❤️"
- Heather Alvey
06/10/2024 16:07:32
"Love yall so much! Amazing service. "
- Chris Weir
06/09/2024 02:10:05
"Love Meridianville Pet Hospital "
- Keith Walter
06/03/2024 20:46:33
"The vet and staff are amazing. They make sure to listen to concerns and keep you informed on what they think is the best course of action when discussing your beloved furry family member. They treat you and your pet like close family and you never get the sense that they’re there for the money! I can never say anything bad about this Vet! "
- Ruthie Baker
06/01/2024 15:16:34
"Our visit today was great. Dr. D and her staff were kind and supportive to Hope and to us. We appreciate all of you!"
- David St. Lawrence
05/29/2024 18:52:45
"Everything went very well. Everyone is so friendly. Glad we switched to you."
- Erin Fernow
05/29/2024 12:22:33
"We have had excellent service each time we come in."
- Casey Moore
05/22/2024 11:04:57
"As always we were all treated extremely well."
- Becky McNutt
05/21/2024 23:17:58
"I am so grateful you were able to work Marcus into your schedule. "
- Patsy Langford
05/18/2024 19:02:55
"We are consistently treated well by all staff everytime we visit. "
- Leah Packard
05/13/2024 20:47:08
"No problems. Staff and service is efficient and helpful. "
- Donna Bozee
05/13/2024 16:09:52
"It’s been a great experience!! "
- Chenaye Pifer
05/11/2024 23:16:13
"Kind people who are good with people and animals. I have two cats and its hard to take them but the help the team offers is always wonderful and aporeciated. My cat gets nervous and pees, they clean her, and while ahe was in surgery washed the items for her return home. I cant express enough how wonderful the whole team is! I only wished they did house visit's cause my cat stresses out. But you can see the love of animals they have. Thank you!"
- Kelly Quinn
05/10/2024 17:16:56
"Captain refused to leave the vehicle. At 137 pounds, he isn't easy to move. The tech offered to to his Librela shot in the vehicle to lessen his stress, climbed in with him and did so painlessly. We were on our way without a hitch! Whew! Saved me and Cap from a showdown that would make our day so stressful."
- Sheri Bowlen
05/08/2024 11:15:56
"Y’all do a great job and take good care of my baby! "
- Jennifer Rhodes
05/04/2024 17:00:44
"My dog & I have never had anything less than exceptional experiences w Dr. Kayla & staff. They truly care for my dog just as I do. They communicate very well about the best plan of care in every situation."
- Toni & Tobias Kelley
05/03/2024 16:08:37
"Have never had a bad experience. Doc and her team and wonderful and caring. "
- Alicia Sharp
05/03/2024 15:12:24
"Great I love the customer services you provide."
- Valorie Robinson (Burwell)
05/01/2024 17:57:23
"Amazing as always :) "
- Kenna Loveday
04/29/2024 17:45:13
"My experience was great! We were in a room right away and didn’t have to wait long between each thing going on. They listened to my concerns and explained everything well! "
- Kristin Wilt
04/27/2024 13:36:17
"I just feel so completely comfortable and confident in the care my pets receive here. The staff, all of them, are so friendly, compassionate, thorough, and generous. The quality of the clinical care is outstanding. I know my animals are in the best possible hands."
- Erin Keniston
04/26/2024 18:40:19
"The doc and staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and caring."
- Marje Huffman
04/25/2024 13:39:44
"We arrived for Drew's monthly Selencia shot, and I mentioned he was also suffering from consitpation and may have something going on in his ear. We didn't have an appointment with the Doctor because the techs can administor the shot. However, the staff was quick to get the Doctor to see him and get him all fixed up. He ended up being dehydrated and having an ear infection. I am so glad they took the time to see him at that moment instead of asking me to make a follow up appointment. Love this place."
- Deborah Lee
04/25/2024 13:25:47
"The care and compassion shown to us today was exceptional. "
- Katie Miller
04/23/2024 18:08:00
"All of you all are great with Charlie And very helpful and nice to me. I, m glad you are my vet "
- Wanda Layton
04/23/2024 16:24:03
"Rocky loves coming to see all of his Friends! Very friendly and caring. "
- Maria Harris
04/22/2024 17:33:53
"Our visit was great, everyone was very caring and helpful"
- Pam Marshall
04/21/2024 02:00:45
"I trust Dr. Dougia with Buddy and Lucky. She seems to take a personal interest in their health. Her staff is the best I've dealt with. They are super nice and have a sense of humor. "
- Mary Dixon
04/20/2024 14:04:17
"Wonderful all around, as always!!!"
- Tana Davis
04/20/2024 13:15:06
"Everyone was very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful!"
- Justin Schafer
04/20/2024 11:19:53
"The visit from entering the front door to exit was great. Greatly appreciate the way we were treated and the help given."
- Eric Guerin
04/19/2024 16:49:59
"Everyone is so kind and friendly, and they are so good with my dogs. I really appreciate them. "
- Sharon Saunders
04/19/2024 11:06:56
"Your entire staff is awesome! Wouldn't trust Cate's care to anyone else❤️🐶"
- Patricia Perry
04/18/2024 14:06:18
"Everyone was very professional and caring. Continue the way you have been doing."
- Ann Durfee
04/17/2024 17:14:56
"Just the absolute best!!"
- Jennifer Kennedy
04/16/2024 17:26:11
"Very professional. If you arrive on time, there's never a wait. Staff is very friendly and able. Answers questions without hesitation. "
- Tom Echols
04/15/2024 19:55:35
"Caring pet doctors!!! They listen to you to help with the treatment "
- Pamela Howard
04/15/2024 17:36:14
"Absolutely no complaints, and thoughtful in the care given. "
- Britt Clark
04/15/2024 15:38:06
"Very friendly and caring staff, excellent facility, love Dr. Doughia."
- Ricky Power
04/13/2024 15:27:39
"Excellent Staff "
- Wendy Shannon
04/12/2024 13:08:57
"Sadie was well taken care of by the doctor and the staff!!"
- Robin Marshall
04/11/2024 13:09:27
"Great team. Great care "
- Jeremy Kramer
04/11/2024 11:24:02
"Doctor Dougia and her staff are attentive, personable, professional, and compassionate. "
- Debbie Mazenko
04/09/2024 18:47:43
"The entire staff was helpful and friendly. It made the first visit a very good one. Smokey even approved and felt safe . Thank you to all, Charlotte Sims"
- Charlotte Sims
04/08/2024 19:56:32
"I always receive excellent care for Archie! He loves coming in and seeing everyone. He always gets lots of love when he comes. The vet care is always spot on! "
- Tina Anderson
04/08/2024 02:28:19
"I keep taking my babies to Dr. D as she and her staff have compassion and love for my children. Her vet techs are always gentle with the babies as they are old and when we found an 8 week old baby, Dr. D and her staff immediately took great care of the new young one and have helped us with everything for her. We love and respect all the staff, you could not wish for better people."
- Jackie Siniard
04/07/2024 15:19:45
"Honestly the best vet we have ever been to with our pets. They really treat you like family and really care for your pets like they are their own"
- Caleb Miller
04/06/2024 13:37:38
"Yall are the best! I never have to wait longer than 3-4 minutes to get into a room; you know my pets; and you know me!! "
- Kim Lay
03/25/2024 16:09:12
"You all have exceeded our expectations as always."
- Bert Childs
03/20/2024 15:29:14
"Everyone is extremely nice and glad to see your pet. They do their best to accommodate your pets needs on short notice. They take very good care of my two babies. "
- Erika Worley
03/20/2024 01:55:14
"Great experience!!!!"
- Jerry Hammonds
03/15/2024 13:37:55
"We were very very pleased with the attention and care given to Gus and to us. "
- Faye Winter
03/14/2024 13:17:26
"Though I now live much farther away, Meridianville Pet Hospital is still where I live to bring my dog. She gets excellent care from all the techs and from Dr. D. Thanks for being the best!"
- Kelli Johnson
03/10/2024 01:13:24
"We just took our new rescue, Minnie Pearl, for her first visit and the MeriPets Crew is DA BOMB! They all treated her like they have known her forever. We had two sweeties that we had to let go six months apart. How compassionate and loving the whole crew was during those times have bonded us in ways I cannot describe. I would not consider going anywhere else."
- Glynn Goble
03/08/2024 16:56:43
"My dog is a newer patient with you and every visit has been exemplary. Both he and I are treated with compassion and respect. The entire staff has been welcoming and friendly every visit so far. Appointments are kept on time. The facility is always clean. The staff is knowledgeable and the doc’s diagnostic approach is excellent. So far, I honestly don’t have a single even slight complaint. "
- Stacy Morgan
03/06/2024 14:25:24
"Exception al service. Very friendly and caring staff. I have has the pleasure of seeing all of their Veterinarians and they are all awesome would definitely recommend them to care for your pets. "
- Renee Knox
03/05/2024 13:07:58
"Dr. Dougia is very caring and always provides good advice and options on health concerns of our pets."
- Pat Martinez
03/05/2024 11:19:36
"Dr Dougia is the best!"
- Marina Lakkaraju
02/29/2024 20:09:54
"The moment I call I feel like I’m talking with caring wonderful family that cares for my Copper & Reggie. Thank you, Sherry., always wonderful. And all my requests needed for Cooper I received… thank you Doctor & Sherry $ all!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
- Rita Lufriu
02/27/2024 15:17:50
"I have never had an issue"
- Amanda Hearn
02/27/2024 12:18:34
"Excellent caring staff "
- Cheri Sowash
02/23/2024 12:27:31
"I was very impressed. I loved how well Dr. D and staff loved on my Samson. "
- Emily Smith
02/23/2024 12:10:57
"I always know my dogs will be well taken care of when I take them here."
- Dawn Poch
02/21/2024 17:22:41
"Lovely clinic w with wonderful people. Every member of the staff is super. Doc D gives each animal her total time and attention. "
- Tana Davis
02/20/2024 16:56:11
"Y’all are wonderful!!! Keep up the good work! "
- Katherine Osborne
02/20/2024 13:22:28
"Dr. Dougia and all her staff are the best in the business. They are knowledgeable, kind and just plain FABULOUS. They treat your animal as if it were theirs. LOVE Them All!!"
- Mary Roberts
02/16/2024 16:45:50
"Always do a great job. Thank you "
- Traci Lassiter
02/16/2024 12:42:02
"As always, everyone is kind and welcoming. Dr.Kayla is my hero, caring for all my babies as if they were her own. Thru good times and bad, I always know that they will do their utmost to help me and my children."
- Sharon Carter
02/15/2024 17:01:44
"You all are the best. I love that you know Drew so well. You understand how much he means to me and you take good care of him. You always try to get me into the office as soon as possible if the need is more urgent than routine. I can't say enough good things. I appreciate all of you."
- Deborah Lee
02/14/2024 13:05:31
"Always pleased with the care."
- Joan Breault
02/12/2024 22:00:42
"I love how attentive you all are to my pets needs. That you actually read previous information in his file, that you know my Lucky! I wish we could get human Doctors to do that. Thank you all for caring."
- Lori Merrell
02/12/2024 16:05:00
"I called on a Wednesday afternoon to get an appointment to look at my dog's foot because she was limping. Appointment was made for Thursday afternoon. Did not have to wait long in the waiting area or in the room. The vet assistant, James, came in and was extremely nice. I could tell he really loves animals and his job. Dr. Dougia came in soon after and gave my baby a thorough exam. I was in and out within an hour with a diagnosis and plan to heal a sprained knee. "
- Kathy Shores
02/09/2024 14:42:50
"I have always had a good experience and the staff has always been outstanding."
- Kara Pearcy
02/07/2024 16:55:48
"I love the staff and Dr. D. By far our favorite office and doctor for our fur babies! "
- Heather Alvey
02/07/2024 16:03:46
"You guys are just awesome!!!"
- Patricia Perry
02/07/2024 03:50:04
"Every time there has been great. No complaints."
- David Kelley
02/07/2024 02:39:27
"You are all wonderful. You treat my dogs like they are yours. You are so gentle with them and take your time. You explain everything so I understand and it helps me take care of them better."
- Tracy Johnson
02/06/2024 21:13:07
"We have has nothing but good dealings with your office and care. "
- Tammy Hornsby
02/06/2024 19:40:18
"You guys are awesome!! Thank you for caring about my babies so much."
- Donna Randesi
02/06/2024 19:26:22
"Meridianville Pet Hospital is absolutely the best pet hospital I have ever been associated with. The staff are really concerned and caring when it comes to their fur babies. Dr. Kayla is phenomenal. I would never go anywhere else. We recently had to put our oldest dog to sleep. The amount of caring and understanding the staff showed us was so great. The kindness and love they showed us made a terrible situation a little better. We are very grateful for Dr. Kayla and her staff."
- Robin Stewart
02/06/2024 19:13:39
"Everyone is just wonderful and I'm grateful that this clinic in is Meridianville and appreciate the care they give to my dogs. Couldn't ask for better. "
- Sharon Saunders
02/06/2024 19:07:35