"No complaints! Your team is always very kind to me and especially my pets. I am very grateful and wouldn't trust them with anyone else. My cats are my only family so it means a lot to me. Thank you!"
- Kelly Quinn
09/18/2023 17:34:37
"All went well with Sunny's teeth cleaning and extraction. As always the staff was friendly and helpful and all appeared very competent."
- William Capps
09/16/2023 15:06:49
"All of you are awesome!! Never over charging, while taking excellent care of our Cate!!! Love all you🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️"
- Patricia Perry
09/16/2023 14:09:15
"Meridianville Pet Hospital is always professional and goes above and beyond to take care of my two pups. "
- Ondrea Neal
09/02/2023 13:53:24
"We love Meripets! "
- Joanna Pease
09/01/2023 11:18:15
"I love taking my fur babies here. They are always happy to see us. The experience the whole staff has is priceless to me. "
- Karla Hubbert
08/30/2023 11:15:12
"Wonderful, caring staff "
- Cheri Sowash
08/26/2023 13:59:07
"This team is awesome. Very kind and understanding. And doctors very knowledgeable. I highly recommend."
- Joyce Gray
08/21/2023 17:15:51
"Service was great. Walked in and was immediately greeted and helped."
- David Kelley
08/16/2023 19:51:39
"Very caring vet and great at answering any questions I have."
- Aaron Chow
08/11/2023 21:33:11
"Outstanding staff and care. Such a welcoming and happy place to bring Sophie and gracie"
- Sue Shepard
08/08/2023 23:06:24
"I have nothing bad to say everyone has treated me very professionally and always kind to me and Cali (I never makes me feel like I’m an overprotective dog mom)😊"
- Lisa Sparks
08/08/2023 18:46:43
"Dr Dougia is wonderful!!! And so is all the staff. Very caring and kind to my dog Bootsie… "
- Shelby Schmidt
08/08/2023 17:20:12
"I live everyone I n my his clinic. I can tell they love animals and would take care of mine like I would. I wish they had boarding"
- Reanee Onder
08/08/2023 16:43:58
"The fosters always get the best care. "
- Rescue Friends of Rescue
08/08/2023 15:00:19
"Excellent staff and Excellent Doctors who love ❤️ and care. Thank you "
- Rita Lufriu
08/01/2023 22:41:11
"I love the staff. Everyone is nice and takes good care of Breezy. And everyone has a good attitude and works promptly.. "
- Casey Krupko
07/31/2023 16:38:29
"Everyone was efficient and professional. They were very good and thorough with our pet."
- Denise Atchley
07/30/2023 17:34:11
"the care is excellent!! "
- Shantel Jensen
07/28/2023 14:36:32
"easy to get an appointment, friendly staff (front office and vet tech), solved my dogs issues"
- Melissa Bauer
07/22/2023 21:23:32
"everyone was friendly and demonstrated concern for my pet. Dr Rice very nice and professional and answered all questions. "
- Christine Lacourse
06/27/2023 12:46:55
"I started an online chat first thing this morning to get meds refilled. I received an immediate response and was able to pick our pups meds up within 30ish minutes. Overall fantastic service"
- Casey Moore
06/26/2023 16:22:45
"Everything went well as always. Kind, friendly staff. Y’all always take great care of my dogs and I appreciate it!"
- Nelwyn Walles
06/26/2023 14:25:00
"The doctors and staff are always a pleasure. Everyone is so good with my dogs and I really appreciate it. Always a very nice experience. "
- Sharon Saunders
06/24/2023 03:06:20
"Dr. D is awesome!"
- Cassandra Wilkins
06/23/2023 16:03:35
"Y’all do an excellent job. I have zero complaints."
- Jincy Lewter
06/03/2023 12:58:52
"Good, caring… excellent!! "
- Rita Lufriu
06/02/2023 19:52:02
"great very caring"
- Cynthia Pratt
06/02/2023 11:07:43
"I have no complaints. Everyone takes really good care of our Chloe."
- Denise Atchley
05/30/2023 17:36:18
"The staff and Doctor were very professional and courteous towards the care of my dog . "
- Richard Higgins
05/30/2023 12:33:56
"Always professional and always takes good care of our dog. You have gone the extra mile for us at times helping us with our medicine adverse dog. "
- Aaron Garmon
05/28/2023 08:22:15
"Dr. D loves her clients. Excellent care/treatment, puts your mind at ease "
- Jackie Alexander
05/27/2023 16:51:33
"The staff is always amazing and very informative as well as compassionate. "
- Christy Weeks
05/27/2023 12:58:38
"You have been one of the most helpful and the cleanest vet offices that I’ve visited. I love having the separate cat rooms to make Spirits visits more calming. I believe Spirit’s life has been extended due to your care. "
- Vicki Brigman
05/26/2023 12:44:14
"The vet did a good exam on Tim. Answered all the questions. It was cute how everyone loved his tongue sticking out. One thing I remember from a previous visit when Angel had to be put down. They were so caring. Wrapped her in a blanket and took care of the rest."
- Donna Mayes
05/23/2023 12:49:34
"Very friendly staff. Showed up at my appointment time and was seen immediately. Extremely happy with the services provided. "
- Johnathan Parsons
05/23/2023 11:22:53
"There is nothing to complain about! Staff is so friendly and accommodating, they always try to do their best to help with everything. Dr. D and the medical staffers are so warm, friendly and professional. I’ve told many people about this practice!"
- Erin Keniston
05/21/2023 18:14:47
"I have found the staff members to be friendly and helpful. I have not been coming there long, but so far I have had only good experiences."
- Ann Dunn
05/17/2023 18:33:57
"Cate is a very nervous fur baby and scares easily. You guys have been her Vet since we rescued her at 11 weeks old. The doctors, techs and receptionist are always wonderful and she loves coming to see all of you. Thank you for being awesome!!"
- Patricia Perry
05/15/2023 15:05:00
"Doing Great."
- Barry Roberts
05/11/2023 01:51:37
"We absolutely love this pet hospital! Our dogs are treated so sweetly, and all of the staff is beyond kind and loving with our fur children. 10 out of 10 ⭐"
- Stephen Hayes
05/09/2023 19:39:15
"We had a wonderful experience on our first new puppy visit. No complaints"
- Jennifer Celeski
05/09/2023 14:41:32
"Everyone is so personable and caring."
- Kathy Sutton
05/09/2023 11:49:24
"Great visit. We were disappointed with our previous vet and after reading reviews we decided to try out Meridianville Per Hospital. We’re glad we did. Clean clinic with attentive staff. We were quickly checked in a moved to our our exam room. Dr. Dougia was great with our two dogs. Everything was completed in the exam room, including payment. So much more convenient. "
- Collin Lucas
05/06/2023 14:29:55
"I LOVE that you’re open to honest feedback. Y’all are amazing, my dog LOVES y’all, your prices are insanely phenomenal, care is top notch, I feel like I complain a lot in general because I’m extra and I have 0 complaints "
- Megan Wheat
05/05/2023 19:25:16
"You are great "
- Melanie Swartz
05/03/2023 22:41:48
"It was very sweet thank y'all gave Komi an award for being a good girl."
- Amanda Orneck
04/29/2023 15:36:27
"MeriPets is the best vet ever. Not only are they state-of-the-art and keep such a clean facility, but they have an awesome app and a very responsive staff. I can text a request and have it answered in under an hour, most of the time within minutes. Dr. Dougia is so smart and compassionate and the staff is caring, thoughtful, professional and so friendly. Twice in the last three years, we have faced two situations where we had to decide on surgery and/or expensive treatment. Dr. Dougia gave us all our options, the pros and the cons. She didn't really push the expensive treatments or surgery like some vets might. In retrospect, with her help, we made the right decision both times and no regrets. They know and love our girls. But just a few weeks ago we had to let one of our girls go. The agony of making the decision was made better because of the support we received from MeriPets. Dr. Dougia was available for questions and helped us make an informed decision. We scheduled it for a Friday afternoon. Not only was the office empty of other patients, but when we left the room, all of the staff were waiting in the hall to give us a hug. I'm tearing up now writing this. I wanted one last look at my girl, and it was of her laying there peacefully, as Dr. Dougia stroked her fur. You could not ask for a better practice to let treat your loved ones."
- Glynn Goble
04/26/2023 23:20:06
"Excellent care when we visit, wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr. Dougia spends time explaining things and answering questions which is very important to me."
- Debbie Bill Broadway
04/25/2023 18:41:25
"I’ve always had a great experience here. The doctors and staff are always so very nice to my dog “Bootsie” and me…. Compared to other Veterinary Hospitals that I have used, this one is the very “best”…. So glad I found you!!!"
- Shelby Schmidt
04/25/2023 13:12:02
"Great visit, everyone was nice and professional, happy to have you taking care of my pets."
- Ricky Power
04/21/2023 22:07:14
"Doing a great job "
- David Bradford
04/21/2023 13:59:55
"We absolutely love Dr D and her staff. They love the animals and take such good care of everyone. "
- Beth Griffin
04/18/2023 18:30:26
"Y’all are the best in the business. I’ve never met a more caring staff. You make everyone especially everyone’s fur babies feel very important with the quality of care that you provide. "
- Mary Roberts
04/18/2023 18:15:02
"Very thankful for all of you at Meridianville Pet Hospital. You’ve always been so kind and gentle with our babies! "
- Alexandra Johnson
04/18/2023 17:39:35
"The staff and doctor are excellent. They really care about my fur babies. "
- Erika Worley
04/18/2023 17:39:02
- Vickie Davis
04/12/2023 15:22:55
"Outstanding service always!!!!!!"
- Jerry Hammonds
04/11/2023 13:24:48
"The doctor and staff were very gentle with my dogs. I’m glad that I found this vet. "
- Mattie Blackburn
04/08/2023 16:57:00
"I have a very nervous and reactive dog, especially when she's at the vet. Everyone was SO incredibly patient with her on her first vet visit. They went at her speed, encouraged her, and still did a very thorough exam. Everyone at the clinic is also so easy to ask questions of and helps calm any concerns I may have as a pet owner. "
- Jordan Mcdonough
04/06/2023 16:16:36
"The staff is very friendly and I trust the doctor's advice. They really seem to care about my pets, and that means more than I can explain."
- Mary Dixon
04/05/2023 17:15:58
"Love Love Dr D and James! They are Amazing!"
- Jeff Fisher
04/05/2023 14:37:36
"Everything was explained to me what needed to be done. Excellent care. Friendly staff"
- Donna Dixon
04/03/2023 17:09:27
"We are so pleased. Y’all really care about our fur baby"
- Reanee Onder
03/31/2023 20:02:47
"Though she was not there when I visited, I am glad that Megan is back. She knows everyone and seems to keep the front area in smooth working order. Staff is friendly and caring. Dr. Dougia is knowledgeable and compassionate. She does not seem rushed even when her office is busy."
- Pat Martinez
03/31/2023 12:37:56
"We love how patient you are with Maggie❤️"
- Juli Burtner
03/29/2023 18:54:11
"Really enjoy bringing Bailey in to see Dr. D and her staff as they are so pleasant and professional to deal with."
- Tony Perry
03/29/2023 12:18:53
"I would highly recommend! Everyone is always super nice and extremely helpful! Apollo loves it here!"
- Natasha Townsend
03/27/2023 16:13:21
"All my visits to Meridianville Pet Hospital have been great. I have 3 Swedish Vallhunds & 1 Corgi, I have quite a few visits. The staff is always kind to my dogs; and kind and helpful to me."
- Janice Shavor
03/25/2023 16:54:16
"Good people and good with our dogs."
- Tammy Hornsby
03/25/2023 15:33:56
"Everybody as always is so amazing friendly professional , very helpful ! I’ve been taking my fur babies for the past 10 years "
- Carla Lowdell
03/25/2023 13:54:51
"Wonderful and personable and clean offoce"
- Vicki Brigman
03/25/2023 12:25:27
"I love Dr Dougia and her staff. They go above to provide care and comfort for my fur babies and me. They are caring, kind and supportive of my fur babies. They have been there to provide living support when I have lost a baby. They keep my babies healthy so I get to have them live long lives. "
- Kathy Barron
03/24/2023 13:39:40
"Very good"
- Wanda Layton
03/23/2023 17:11:37
"My children are always well taken care of and loved by everyone at the practice. Megan is extremely helpful when I have all of my children with me and she always comes around from the counter to love on them. Thankyou everyone❤🐕🐈"
- Jackie Siniard
03/22/2023 19:03:09
"Very professional."
- Wendy Hancock
03/22/2023 18:47:02
"All was great. The doctor and staff are friendly and efficient."
- William Capps
03/22/2023 18:22:28
"I appreciate the love and care my animals receive here. Knowing that my questions and concerns will be handled professionally and compassionately always eases my mind when I'm worried about my fur babies!"
- Miki Bowman
03/22/2023 16:07:06
"Don’t have any complaints. "
- Joan Bloomberg
03/22/2023 15:07:23
"Dr Dougia and staff are wonderful!!! Great service and they really care about every animal that comes through those doors!! Thank you soo much!!"
- Gail Whelan
03/22/2023 15:00:00
"Overall I am delighted with MeriPets - not only with the clinical staff, but the administrative staffers as well. EVERYONE is unfailingly polite and friendly, always trying to be helpful and accommodating. Questions are answered quickly. The clinic is always clean and welcoming. I have no complaints. "
- Erin Keniston
03/22/2023 14:54:25
"I truly love taking my cats here and feel comfortable knowing they are well cared for. The wait for them to be seen is never long and communication outside of the office is always prompt."
- Tania Riley
03/22/2023 14:42:06
"Charli loves coming to see ya . When I told her I was going To drop her sample off Monday she wanted to go. She set by the door which meant she wanted to go. She is very smart. That means a lot when your pet wants to go to the vet. Ya check on my pets after procedures and explain what’s going on with my pets with care. I’m very pleased with my veterinary doctor and her workers. Wish the cost was a little lower but our pets are by our Children. TY for caring!!!💗🙏"
- Patti Howard
03/22/2023 14:32:36
"We love you guys!! Everyone is always so nice and sweet to our babies!"
- Bonnie Gronkowski
03/22/2023 13:47:49
"We enjoyed our first trip to the Pet Hospital. Dr D and James was very good with Jaja. He get very nervous going to the Dr. Office or or groom. But you two was able to get him over being nervous there. I'll give your office a #10 for his first visit. See ya again on his next visit. "
- Terry Springer
03/22/2023 13:30:07
"I absolutely love this clinic! The staff has always been helpful and friendly. Dr. Dougia is the best veterinarian this side of the Mississippi :) There is no other clinic I would trust my fur children with. No issues at all. I am very happy knowing this place is here if and when needed."
- Rick Courtney
03/22/2023 11:26:58
"You all do a great job managing the waiting room and getting us in on time!"
- Laura McDonough
02/07/2023 00:23:55
"Daisy was sick and they were booked up that day but they kept her all day and gave her the treatment she needed. Very thankful for the excellent care she was given."
- Ann Durfee
01/29/2023 23:16:57
"Rocky loves coming here! He knows the great attention he will get from all staff."
- Maria Harris
01/26/2023 20:31:46
"So far I have found everything to good."
- Linda Cowdray
01/24/2023 15:56:05
"Meridianville pet hospital is the only place that we will take our fur babies to be cared for. Every person that works there obviously cares deeply about the animals that they care for and they are very knowledgeable and helpful with my pets needs. Kayla and her entire staff are not only excellent with the pets but also with people that are owned by the pets. I could not recommend them highly enough. "
- Bonnie Newsom
01/19/2023 19:19:49
"I absolutely love the Dr. Dougia and her staff. They're always friendly and helpful and great to my sweet pups!"
- Carla Hartman
01/18/2023 22:59:02
"Bella experience was great and enjoys the techs. Friendly staff and easy check out. Roomy waiting area. "
- Donna Dixon
01/17/2023 17:29:43
"Love coming to Meridianville Pet Hospital!! Everyone is so friendly and caring!!! "
- Camilla Osborne
01/17/2023 14:32:12
"Excellent job! As always our visit was great."
- Ronn Wetherall
01/16/2023 15:32:03
"It went quick and smooth!"
- Miki Bowman
01/14/2023 22:08:22
"I absolutely love the return of the follow up phone call!! "
- Jennifer Kennedy
01/11/2023 02:05:35
"Welcoming environment, with obvious love for pets. We have no doubts that our fur babies are receiving great care. "
- Jessica Hogan
01/10/2023 17:41:56
"Great very friendly "
- Cynthia Pratt
01/07/2023 17:36:29
"You do a great job, the entire staff is very caring and takes a lot of time with my animal."
- Fred Campbell
01/06/2023 19:19:31