"Our first visit, everyone was friendly and efficient. We saw a familiar face (Brandi) which gave us a greater comfort level. Most important, Holly seemed comfortable."
- Marcus Duffel
11/06/2017 23:24:19
"I'd loved the experience! Previously, the staff at another clinic had made me feel a bit bad about trimming my dog's nails because he is a Saint Bernard, and ofcourse, he doesn't like it done. There I paid for the trimming & still felt bad. Here, those services are free, which is such a blessing to our family and feels like a tremendous relief that the staff don't mind to do it at all! If we could trim them ourselves quite easily, we wouldn't need to go to the vet for those services. Recently, I saw the doctor, and she was AMAZING! I felt like she genuinely cared for me & my dog, Butler. She took the time to learn about our smallest concerns & provide suggestions. Never once did I feel rushed in any way. This is our new vet! "
- Mikelle Secord
11/03/2017 11:33:57
"Latte enjoys staying with WAAC. Her demeanor is happy and healthy after being picked up, and we are very grateful to you for making her experience a positive one."
- Bryan Hunter
11/01/2017 20:07:12
"As new puppy parent when your dog isn't eating much or drinking, I was really worried. You guys saw me 2 days before my scheduled visit on 3 hours notice. I felt a lot better after leaving since I knew she was ok. I can't thank you enough! Dr. Kim spent a lot of time not only warming up to Abigale, but coaching me as a new dog owner. She took the time to explain what I needed based on my breed, and also based on her current mental state arriving to a new home. Dr. Kim was gentle and caring, I really appreciated how thorough she was. I can't think of using another Vet ;-) "
- Brennon Salassi
10/28/2017 14:35:59
"Great. I drive 30 minutes to you guys because I like and trust you to take care of our pets. I’ve never moved to a closer more convenient Vet."
- Jennifer & William Meznarich
10/28/2017 12:27:55
"We came in with my mother who also brought her dog for a nail trim . As soon as we got in the car we all three said how great you guys are compared to who we used to go to . You really give the feeling that you all care about our babies from the front desk to the rest of the practice ..... thank you and keep up the great work "
- Ronnie & Jo Ann Anderson
10/25/2017 12:33:31
"We live nearby but came in to y'all from a previous vet after a neighbor's glowing review and we are glad we did. We got a kinder and more informative consult here than our last three visits somewhere else. We also appreciate that prices don't seem inflated, which makes getting more services possible. Thank you!"
- Lindsay & Apolinar Gonzales
08/28/2017 16:27:58
"Was a great experience!"
- Ryan Cecil
08/25/2017 17:35:33
"Thank you for the best care for our little Anna. You did a thorough exam and she came home already feeling better we will follow your advice for diet also. We love everyone at West Alabama and my sister now takes her cats to you. "
- Carolyn & Hal Means
08/20/2017 03:55:36
"Our first visit went really well and we were in and out quickly which was nice. Meghan was very thorough and easy to talk to which was great. We will be back again in a month with Zoey and hopefully soon with the cats to get their shots updated as well. Thanks again, Marcia"
- Marcia Gibson
08/17/2017 19:31:34