- Dana Taylor
11/06/2019 18:37:41
"Harley loves to come see you guys, she races me to the door and never says away even when it comes to getting her shots. Like most females she is shy of the scales. Lol. Keep up the good work."
- Stacey Joy
11/03/2019 18:35:22
"I often reccomend Excelsior Springs Vet Clinic because I and my 4-legged babies have always been treated with love and respect. "
- Barbara Tittle
10/31/2019 18:47:42
"Excellent service"
- Tina Duttenhefer
10/30/2019 23:51:03
"Shows care for my pet. "
- Linda Smith
10/29/2019 05:37:42
"So glad to get in, Saturday! Dr Rucker is great with animals of all kinds (took in baby squirrel I brought to clinic 4 yrs ago that fell from tree at apt complex in Liberty)... Appreciate the care Johnny and Jessie got Saturday and both seem to be doing much better on the Predisone. "
- Marsha Stollings
10/28/2019 19:38:41
"Always takes time to listen, examine thoroughly. Asks questions to help understand "
- Jeanine Ansell
10/28/2019 18:46:28
"I think the clinic is wonderful. So many kind and caring professionals, caring for your animals, and rehabbing others. Just an amazing bunch in every way."
- Meredith Bennett
10/25/2019 00:58:32
"Dr Gardner, Dr Rucker, and the rest of the ESAC staff are wonderful to work with. They genuinely care about the welfare of our pets and work with us to determine the best treatment when there is a problem. I never have trouble getting an appointment quickly, and if the situation calls for it, we have been able to get in the same day. "
- Terrie Williams
10/22/2019 15:41:05
"We loved that everyone was compassionate & understanding. "
- Julie Poling
10/21/2019 12:59:56
"You all show you truly care about the animals you treat. Good service and clean clinic. "
- Danny Russell
10/19/2019 02:16:58
"Always wonderful!"
- Carl Dopson
10/17/2019 18:37:56
"I absolutely love your vet practice! You make me feel confident we can figure things out and fix them!"
- Ronni Tranter
10/17/2019 18:28:40
"You guys truly are amazing! There’s nothing I would change about your vet office."
- Sara Munsterman
10/17/2019 01:05:39
"Everyone is extremely compassionate. I love that I feel my dogs are well taken care of as they are a part of the family. "
- Melodie Snedigar
10/15/2019 22:04:42
"In and out quick, doctor very professional and thorough with exam. Friendly place to bring our pets too!"
- Rosemary Tate
10/14/2019 15:10:46
"I thought everyone treated Lucy and Boots like their own and was very gentle with them. I have nothing 'bad' to say about you. "
- Anita Heckenbach
10/12/2019 18:39:34
"Always a good visit."
- Fred Welch
10/11/2019 15:33:39
"You guys are the best."
- Bonnie Runyan
10/08/2019 13:40:40
- Sue Cansler
10/07/2019 18:26:21
"We always feel welcome! "
- Kristi Shewell
10/07/2019 01:29:48
"We love Dr. Rucker and Dr. Gardner, along with the entire staff. I cant say enough good things about them as we have had nothing but the best experiences with all of our furbabies... of which we've have 7 over the years. From the puppy stage to hospice care, they are extremely loving and concerned for nothing but our babies well being. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for all that you do for our family, as well as our community in general :)"
- John Quinn
10/06/2019 18:36:37
"Everyone was very friendly, answered my questions and I felt that my dog, Hank received the best of care."
- Nancy Gingery
10/06/2019 02:41:49
"We arrived early and were taken to the exam room in a timely manner. We really appreciate the prompt service given at Excelsior Springs Animal Clinic. when Pogi peed on the floor - I offered to clean it up. The receptionist said she would do it. Great service all around."
- Aurora Wright
10/03/2019 22:11:33
"Have been using your clinic for over 30 years. "
- Betty Bissell
09/30/2019 21:01:38
"Janis and I so appreciate the way you have cared for our cats over the years. We have brought our animals to this office for over 20 years. And what you did to care for Princess Jasmine was awesome. All of you are awesome. Thank you for all you do."
- Janis Truckowski
09/27/2019 18:31:14
"The service here has improved so much. I was really happy that the front desk lady seemed to care enough about my dog's flea problem to get him in ASAP even when they were busy. Dr. Gardener is the best vet I've ever used. Fast, prompt, yet answered all my concerns. The medicine is helping my dog after only one day. "
- Linsay Hoffman
09/23/2019 18:35:50
"Thank you for working us in Jewels was in a lot of pain. She is doing better. We have always been treated so nice and our fur babies too. Would recommend you to anyone needing a vet. Having trust in your vet is very important. We have that trust with you. Thank you"
- Pat Casey
09/20/2019 20:17:18
"Everything was great. Good treatment and good service on my last visit. The one issue I had was the 2 times I had metaprol given to me for Sparrow it was supposed to be enough for 8 days but it was only enough for 4. I think the liquid/powder mix just sticks to the side of the container. Just might want to make sure, in the future, that you provide more than enough of the medicine."
- Julie Taylor
09/18/2019 14:51:45
"I have always had great experiences here. Even in the hardest times. Every single person that my fur babies encounter are just as loving as you are towards your baby. "
- Traci Slack
09/17/2019 22:54:33
"I REALLY appreciate that you care for my pets very nearly as much as I do. My elderly cat is in poor health, but he has so much love in him!"
- Janet Cochran
09/17/2019 03:32:28
- Kathy O'Dell
09/15/2019 03:44:55
"You have done excellent, especially in helping to get Dutchie in the truck."
- Virginia Fassnacht
09/12/2019 15:08:35
"I have been taking my dogs to Dr. Rucker for over 25 years. He and all his staff have been professional, caring, and kind. Any time I have had a problem, they would answer my questions on the phone. I would give reference. "
- Nancy Elliott
09/11/2019 09:11:20
"Very Happy with the service. "
- Sondra Kasserman
09/07/2019 03:54:16
"I love coming in, everyone from the front door to the back is always super friendly."
- Cori Phipps
08/31/2019 12:38:13
"I appreciate their taking the time to answer my questions "
- Carla Jones
08/29/2019 17:56:48
"Don’t change a thing "
- Phillip Still
08/26/2019 23:58:06
"Everything went fine on our last visit. I appreciate the time our Veterinarian spent answering questions and explaining things. Thank you! "
- Rod Tucker
08/26/2019 13:35:14
"You guys are great Loved how you called to check on aspen to see how she’s doing after her surgery and if we had any questions!! I highly recommend you guys!! Thank you "
- Courtney Kennedy
08/22/2019 01:51:59
"Everything was great! The staff is super nice, the Dr answered all my questions and they took great care of my Little Lulu! We will be back for sure! "
- Sharla Uehling
08/18/2019 09:05:13
"You’re doing great! We have zero complaints!!"
- Pat Owens
08/11/2019 23:35:37
"Dr. Gardner saved my dogs life. Didn’t know how sick she was. Molly is a changed dog. Doing so well after surgery. "
- Wayne Stanley
08/10/2019 16:39:09
"A great group of people who come together to give the ultimate care to your pets. "
- Roberta McKay
08/08/2019 21:26:43
"I love this place. I always feel like I have their full attention. I never feel like they are trying to get out. "
- Heather Steakley
08/02/2019 19:21:31
"Everything went great. The dr and staff were great, Stryker likes them all."
- Susan Poor
08/01/2019 23:55:03
"I have nothing negative to say.... I wouldn't bring the boys to you if there was.. they were taken care of completely and happy"
- Debbie Clark
08/01/2019 20:52:50
"We are very happy with the care that our Nikki receives at this office!😊"
- Bob Naylor
07/25/2019 19:09:04
" No complaints, here. All staff is friendly & concerned. "
- Connie Sander
07/23/2019 18:21:53
"I really appreciate the care you give Hank...thanks"
- Jered Porter
07/23/2019 17:12:42
"I appreciate that they always take time in examining my dog. He has hip problems and allergies. The techs and Dr Gardner are always gentle and thorough in caring for him. "
- Janell Coleman
07/23/2019 12:52:03
"You were so good to allow Pepper to be a work-in when Pete was really busy. He has taken care of Pepper all along and we never have any issues when we are there. And............Pepper is doing great with the diabetic shots. Feels much better! Thanks."
- Nancy Teer
07/19/2019 20:30:05
- Dana Taylor
07/15/2019 14:30:42
"I have brought many pets here over the years and have always trusted the people there with my fur babies!"
- Sherri Howard
07/12/2019 21:22:43
"I love everything about your clinic. You listen to any concerns I have for my pets, and always come up with suggestions to help with the situations."
- Angie Briggs
07/12/2019 15:29:59
"The staff was friendly, helpful, and had good bedside manner. "
- Celia Farr
07/12/2019 13:56:55
"Staff is very helpful and friendly. Always have a great experience each time I take my dog "
- Joyce Glenn
07/12/2019 03:16:37
"I am very happy with Rylie’s care. Everyone is very friendly and concerned about Rylie’s health and care."
- Randy Collins
07/11/2019 23:13:47
"Sorry, I can't think of even one incident where there has been anything happen that ticked me off. You all are great folks and it definitely shows that you love dogs."
- Donna Arnett
07/06/2019 00:53:30
"Amazing couldn't ask for better care"
- Diana Prince
07/05/2019 17:25:27
"No complaints. Everyone is cordial and takes all the time needed to answer questions and explain things."
- Jane St.John
07/04/2019 23:40:51
"We have 3 dogs. All of our dogs are lovers of the people. However one of our dogs has become timid around men. We were afraid she wouldn't do well with the vet. They were great. They worked well with her and she even let the male vet pet her. 👍 "
- Rosie Goetz
06/28/2019 14:17:11
"We have always been treated well. Professional but personal. Good prices. Glad we found you. "
- Pat Casey
06/23/2019 20:30:09
"Love Dr. Gardner! Very satisfied "
- Lisa Brown
06/21/2019 01:30:24
"I drive almost an hour to get to this clinic when there’s an animal clinic every 2 miles away. This is by far the best staff and medical care you and your pet will ever receive. It was a only by sheer luck that I found these guys! Years ago my sister lived near there and when her dog had some problems I just happened to go with her. I was so impressed by the care of the staff that I decided I’d never go anywhere else for my fur babies!"
- Elizabeth(Beth) Johnson
06/17/2019 14:26:03
"We’ve had all good experiences. They are knowledgeable and compassionate. "
- John Simmons
06/17/2019 01:13:22
"Always pleased and greatful for patience,time, and service when our pets have an appointment with ESAC!! Thanks for treating them like your own!! They are the best!!"
- Tina Duttenhefer
06/16/2019 22:40:26
"Dr. Rucker is so wonderful with our furbaby! She is a rescue and VERY scared of the vets office and strangers. He is able to get her to calm down enough so she can be examined. He will talk to us and answer any questions we may have. This place is the best vet I've ever taken my fur-family to!"
- Derek Anderson
06/12/2019 19:06:22
"The quality of veterinary care is top tier. As someone who studied animal science, working for many years in the animal health field, I am always impressed with the up to date level of care we receive from Drs. Rucker and Gardner. "
- Kristi Mirkowski
06/07/2019 11:35:56
"Always feel welcome and like family!"
- Kristi Shewell
06/06/2019 01:25:12
"Always there to answer questions. Great place "
- Roberta McKay
06/05/2019 14:29:22
"You guys are great. "
- Barbara Schuette
06/05/2019 14:26:51
"I do not have one bad thing to say about this clinic. Everyone has been prompt and efficient with serving us!"
- Kim Arial
06/04/2019 00:40:13
"Excellent visit...Dr Gardener and staff took great care of my dog."
- Mary Pittala
06/03/2019 23:18:57
"The staff is very helpful and caring."
- Sherry Robinson
05/31/2019 18:32:57
"I love both Dr. Gardner and Dr. Rucker. They are both very compassionate and show great empathy. They have taken care of all of my pets and when my tawnie passed away they took great care of her. As long as I live here they will always be my babies doctors. "
- Heather Steakley
05/31/2019 18:15:32
"It's always really easy to make an appointment that fits my schedule. I feel like the staff remembers my pets and treats them like their own."
- Julie Hale
05/31/2019 17:52:43
"No complaints. All we had contact with were concerned, caring, & respectful. All always treat Toby & Levi like one of the family. "
- Connie Sander
05/22/2019 01:08:35
"We were just in for a quick puppy booster shot, Danielle was kind and efficient, as usual! :)"
- Kerry McLendon
05/21/2019 22:03:32
"Great care for my cats Roxie and Tillie who are getting older now! Great people too! Can't ask for much more! No complaints."
- Kris Bernard
05/20/2019 13:08:14
"Thank you for always being able to work me in, especially since last Friday was so busy! You guys are awesome."
- Amanda Noble
05/13/2019 14:23:29
"I like that you take the time to listen to concerns and are so patient with our babies!"
- Janell Coleman
05/12/2019 21:56:09
"Great 👍 "
- Ellen Pattrick
05/08/2019 18:36:23
"Always prompt and friendly"
- Carl Dopson
05/08/2019 12:20:12
"To us, it's the best care available."
- Kathleen Brintzinghoffer
05/06/2019 20:51:23
"You guys are amazing!"
- Sara Munsterman
04/27/2019 03:19:13
"I was so happy they were able to address a reaction Major Buckee had to his shots. I was beyond petrified when his little face swelled up and my poor boy was itchy. They could tell i was worried about leaving my 'baby' for observation, I asked them to please make sure he's around people and pet him often, which they absoltuley did. they not only comforted my little man, they comforted me with the degree of care I needed as well. I couldn't recommend a vet more highly. Better yet, now we pretreat with steroids and benadryl when we get shots so my Little Man doesn't have to go through that pain. I love them!"
- Misty Hollis
04/22/2019 18:18:54
"Great help and communication from a 1st time cat owner who gave birth to kittens. Professional and care for my animal. Thank you. "
- Brian Mason
04/22/2019 13:20:04
"They are so sweet with our babies! Always willing to answer our questions and make our boys calm when getting treated"
- Katelen Moerschel
04/18/2019 17:43:35
"We were able to get an appointment quickly and Dr Gardner was efficient and very kind as usual. "
- Terrie Williams
04/16/2019 08:41:46
"Staff great. Doctors great. Very helpful"
- Debbie Jarman
04/15/2019 17:52:27
"We have always taken our pets here. You are kind and courteous."
- Terry McKown
04/07/2019 12:03:25
"Everyone there is always awesome!!!! Your warm, friendly and know us, which means a lot! Thank you for what you do for Buddy! "
- Debbie Napier
04/05/2019 21:21:08
"You guys always take good care and are very patient with Sherman while he is covering you with slobbery kisses."
- Larry Minton
04/01/2019 14:05:02
"Pete and Daily did a great job. Always a pleasure to talk to and they listen to any concerns "
- Phillip Still
03/31/2019 22:02:26
"I’m very please with the service."
- Sue Cansler
03/28/2019 22:25:36
"Always a pleasant experience, Dr. Rucker is wonderful, as is everyone in the clinic. My dog gets highly stressed, but within a few minutes he was calmly sitting in Dr. Rucker's lap. "
- Adriene Brookes
03/27/2019 16:19:30
"We got Nugget in right away and everyone was very caring and thorough with her."
- Christina Sundin
03/27/2019 16:04:31
"I appreciate the appointment reminders. The best is to see employees faces light up when I bring Sunny in the door. Sunny gets excited too!! Thanks for caring. "
- Marcia Alexander
03/16/2019 15:07:01
"The staff really seemed to care about my pup, and really took time to explain things to me!"
- Katie Frost
03/15/2019 16:57:33